Academic Training

PhD Entomology, Auburn University

M.S. Botany, University of Tennessee

B.S. Biology, Humboldt State University

Contact Information
T'ai H. Roulston
Blandy Experimental Farm
University of Virginia
400 Blandy Farm Lane
Boyce, VA 22620
540 837-1758 ext. 276

As a researcher, I am interested in the ecology and evolution of plant-insect interactions. Along with my very hard-working students, I study the feeding ecology and basic biology of insects, the contributions of wild pollinators to agricultural systems, and the potential impacts of human activities on insect populations.

As curator of the State Arboretum of Virginia, I work with skilled colleagues to maintain a diverse plant collection and provide learning opportunities for the public about the diversity of plants and their associations with insects.

A parasitic conopid fly takes a break from chasing bumble bees to sip some milkweed nectar.

A bumble bee sports an RFID tag that records its identify each time it leaves the colony.