LuAnn Williams

Past Student Director

Sociocultural Anthropology

Regional focus: Anglo-Caribbean Diasporas, the U.S.

Topical interests: Medical Anthropology, gender, gentrification, migration, ethnicity and transnationalism.

My research is primarily concerned with how race and class articulates to the lived experience of black ethnic groups like Anglo-Caribbean immigrants in the United States and the ways in which they negotiate their identity against the American context of blackness. I propose that these ethnic negotiations are most salient in clinical settings where disease screenings as well as presumptions about disease risk are often specific to ethnicity and to historical narratives of diseased immigrant women. Extending from this is my inquiry into the politics of place in Brooklyn, New York that intersects with immigrant disease narratives to form the literal and metaphorical landscapes of health and disease.

Undergraduate Degree: BA Philosophy, Brooklyn College – CUNY

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