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Rates & Curriculum

Infants and Wobblers


Discovery Preschool



For additional information on enrichment programs and fees, contact the Center.

Special Activities, Field Trips & Special Programs are offered.

  • Additional fees will be posted at each Center.

Learning Adventures


  • A variety of math concepts are taught. These include numbers 0 - 5 and 6 - 10 as well as Patterning and Geometry.
  • Students will explore math manipulative's, engage in open ended discussions about math possibilities and will work with an individualized plan to make the connection of math to real-life experiences.


  • Consists of "lesson blocks" which include letter recognition, letters and sounds, letter writing, small word sounds, vowels and sound blending.
  • Children will hear stories and play listening games to further develop the auditory skills in order to hear and identify the unique letter sounds.


  • An interactive class which consists of singing, dancing, musical instruments and a variety of rhythm and listening activities.
  • Each lesson emphasizes a different area of childhood development including: confidence, coordination, vocal expressiveness, careful listening and an early exposure to reading skills.
  • Every other month a music kit with a CD and a book as well as a new instrument are included.