November 10, 2015

To the President and Board of Visitors of the University of Virginia:

We are pleased to submit the annual Financial Report of the University of Virginia for the year ended June 30, 2015. Management is responsible for the objectivity and integrity of the accompanying financial statements, which have been prepared in conformance with the Governmental Accounting Standards Board Statement No. 34, Basic Financial Statements — and Management’s Discussion and Analysis — for State and Local Governments, and Statement No. 35, Basic Financial Statements — and Management’s Discussion and Analysis — for Public Colleges and Universities. The financial statements, of necessity, included management’s estimates and judgments relating to matters not concluded by year-end. The financial information contained elsewhere in the annual Financial Report is consistent with that included in the financial statements.

Management is responsible for maintaining the University’s system of internal control that includes careful selection and development of employees, proper division of duties, and written accounting and operating policies and procedures augmented by a continuing internal audit program. Although there are inherent limitations to the effectiveness of any system of accounting controls, management believes that the University’s system provides reasonable, but not absolute, assurance that assets are safeguarded from unauthorized use or disposition and that the accounting records are sufficiently reliable to permit the preparation of financial statements that conform in all material respects with generally accepted accounting principles.

The Auditor of Public Accounts for the Commonwealth of Virginia, using the reports of independent certified public accountants for the component units, provides an independent opinion regarding the fair presentation of the financial statements of the University’s financial position. Their examination was made in accordance with generally accepted government auditing standards and included a review of the system of internal accounting controls to the extent they considered necessary to determine the audit procedures required to support their opinion. The Audit, Compliance and Risk Committee of the Board of Visitors meets periodically and privately with the independent auditors, the internal auditors, and the financial officers of the University to review matters relating to the quality of the University’s financial reporting, the internal accounting controls, and the scope and results of audit examinations. The committee also reviews the scope and quality of the internal auditing program.

Respectfully submitted,

Melody S. Bianchetto
Vice President for Finance

David J. Boling
Assistant Vice President for Finance and University Comptroller