All University employees have the option to participate in the University’s self-funded, comprehensive medical care benefits program. The cost of medical care is paid out of employee and employer contributions. The market value of investments on June 30, 2015, was $58.9 million. Claims and expenses are reported when it is probable that a loss has occurred, and the amount of the loss can be reasonably estimated. Those losses include an estimate of claims that have been incurred but not reported and the future costs of handling claims. The estimated liability for outstanding claims on June 30, 2015, was $13.4 million. The University has contracted with several third-party claims administrators: Aetna for its medical claims; United Concordia for its dental claims; and CatalystRx for its pharmacy claims.

University employees are covered by a self-insured workers’ compensation benefits program administered by the Commonwealth’s Department of Human Resource Management. Information relating to this plan is available at the statewide level only in the Commonwealth’s CAFR.

The University’s Office of Property and Liability Risk Management manages all property and casualty insurance programs for the University, including the Medical Center and the College at Wise. At present, most insurance coverages are obtained through participation in the state risk management self-insurance plans, which the Virginia Department of the Treasury, Division of Risk Management, administers. Risk management insurance includes property, mechanical breakdown, crime, employee bond (employee dishonesty), general (tort) liability, professional liability (includes medical malpractice), aviation and watercraft coverage, and automobile liability. The University is self-insured for the first $100,000 of each property and mechanical breakdown loss, and for physical damage to all vehicles valued up to $20,000. The University also maintains excess crime/employee dishonesty insurance, network security and privacy insurance (response and regulatory), and insurance for physical damage on vehicles valued in excess of $20,000. Separate insurance coverage is maintained as appropriate on subsidiary organizations owned by the Medical Center, such as the Community Medicine, LLC.