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Students and Thesis Topics – Human Biology Class of 2013

Michael M. Bechara TBA
Kristina A. Burger

Vascular Risk Factors in the African American Population

Jordan D. Burnette
Getting Appalachia Active: An Assessment of the Facilitators and Barriers in Promoting Physical Activity Behaviors for Improving Health in Rural Populations
Charlotte H. Campbell

Properties of Lipin 1 in Binding Phosphospecific Antibodies and Its Relation to the Metabolic Syndrome

Leah F. Caudell-Feagan

Brain Drains in Lower Income Countries: Rwanda as a Case Study

Mary Allison Kramer
Microtubule Motility in ALS and Related Neurodegenerative Diseases
John S. Kubinski
Proposed Regulatory Functions for Unannotated Evolutionarily Conserved Sequences in the Human Genome
Dasha A. Malinina

Differential NFκβ Activation by Transposon Generated Clostridium difficile Mutants and Distributive Justice of Treatment

Suraj K. Mishra


Eric D. Morris The Burden of Clostridium difficile on the University of Virginia’s Health System
Sophia S. Urban Mapping the Interaction of Tegument Protein ORF52 in the Rhesus Monkey Rhadinovirus
Caroline K. Vines US Healthcare Past, Present, and Future: How Can We Avoid Past Mistakes with the Population of Newly Eligible Patients?


Students and Theses Topics – Human Biology Class of 2012

Annesha Basu Biological Toxicity and Gene Expression in Signal Transduction Pathways of Squamous Oral Epithelial Cells Exposed to Commercial Smokeless Tobacco Products
Stephen N. Holby

Electronic Cigarettes: Physiological Effects and Real-World Implications of Nicotine Delivery Systems

Taylor J. Huntington
Netrin1b as a Glial Cell Migratory and Survival Signal within the Peripheral Nervous System of Zebrafish
Nona M. Jiang

Malnutrition, Poverty, and Child Development in Bangladeshi Children: A Longitudinal Study

Dana M. Lapato

Barred from Altruism: A Look at the Regulations Governing Prisoner Participation as Donors in Living Organ Donation

Claudia D. Kraft
International Experiences with Health Technology Assessment: Lessons for the United States
Simone E. Miller
Characteristics of Repeat Emergency Department Users at a University Medical Center
Katherine C. Moriarty

Demographics of and Attitudes towards Non-Medical Prescription Stimulant Use: A Study of UVA Undergraduate Students

Danielle S. Murishige

The β-TRCP-mediated Degradation of Lipin-1 and Its Implications for the Metabolic Syndrome

Merritt G. Tuttle Exploring Trans-splicing as a Possible Mechanism for the Origin of the FUS-CHOP Chimeric Gene

Students and Thesis Topics Human Biology Class of 2011

Camille H Anoll

Diabetes and Post-Prandial Glucose Spikes

Rosa E Bauer-Moshi

The Relationship between Religiosity and HIV Risk among South African Women

George C (Cam) Coleman
Investigating Novel Energy Expenditure Agonists in a Mouse Model of Insulin Resistance
Megan E Gutierrez

The Effect of Socioeconomic Status on Adherence to Recommended Care for Pediatric Spina Bifida Patients

Elizabeth J Hinken

Water Analysis in Central Tanzania: A Microbiological Examination Linked to Diarrheal Episodes and Anthropometric Indicators

Nora Jamil
Human Body Parts in the Lab and Their Distribution
Min Young (Danica) Kim
The Effects of Gardening as an Approach to Obesity Prevention / Nutrition Education in Middle Schools
Lauren E McQuillin

Weaning foods and Malnutrition: A Nutritional Value Survey of Maize in the Haydom District of Tanzania

Claire H Montaigne

A Healthy Appalachia from the Start: Applications of Telemedicine for High-Risk Pregnancy in Rural Virginia

Yasameen E Pirooz Integrated Healthcare Systems in Madagascar
Sarah A Salama Effects of Malnutrition on Development in Bangladeshi Children
Jennifer Tran Protein Release from a Contact Lens System
Emily R Trauernicht Risk and Compensation in Egg Donation, Kidney Donation, and Non-Therapeutic Research



Human w/DNA Shadow Image courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Energy Genomics:GTL Program