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updated 2-17-10

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Graduating Class of 2005 and Seminar Faculty celebrating completion of public presentations of student thesis projects. Back row left to right: Jim Childress, Ruth Gaare Bernheim, Melody Russell, Megan Lohr, Frances Liu, Meaghan Bailey, Caitlin Knotts, Erin McDermott, Breanna DiGiammarino, and Tom Marron. Front row left to right: Jalan Washington, Jessie Silver, Sharon Rubin, Julia Pizzi, Kaveh Ardalan, Liz Machunis-Masuoka 

Kaveh Ardalan
Meaghan Bailey
Breanna Digiammarino
Caitlin Knotts
Frances Liu
Megan Lohr
Thomas Marron
Erin McDermott
Julia Pizzi
Sharon Rubin
Melody Russell
Jessica Silver
Jalan Washington

Human w/DNA Shadow Image courtesy of U.S. Dept. of Energy Genomics:GTL Program