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Honduras Blog Computer Technology Empowering Rural Development
JPC in Honduras

This JPC group wishes to set up self-sufficient internet kiosks in three small villages in Honduras. They hope that the kiosks will allow community members to access healthcare information, markets for selling goods, and increased communication opportunities.
ecoMod4 ecoMOD4 Monitoring and Performance Analysis
In order to help low-income homeowners reduce their electrical bills, this JPC group will expand on U.Va.’s ecoMOD housing project by designing a web application to simplify energy monitoring technology. In collaboration with Habitat for Humanity, the group will install an updated system of wireless sensors to measure energy usage within the house.
Water and Health Water and Health in Limpopo
This group of JPC students will seek to improve access to safe water and sanitation services in the villages of Tchibvumo and Tshapasha in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Their research will study prior water schemes and seek to determine best methods for providing adequate clean water to the villages. By increasing access to clean water, the project aims to reduce childhood morbidity rates.
Composting Research, Education, and Implementation of Composting
Seeking to reduce the burning of organic waste in Bluefields, Nicaragua, this JPC group will research an effective sustainable composting model. Working in collaboration with students and professors from Bluefields Indian and Caribbean University, they will seek best practices for composting model for the city and promote the benefits of composting instead of burning waste.