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Current JPC Students

Information for Students:

Current JPC Students, please put these dates in your calendar. To earn recognition on your transcripts as a Jefferson Public Citizen, your group will need to publish its work and present its findings. We have created two venues for you to accomplish this:

UVA Student Travel Restriction: Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Nicaragua:


JPC Projects and Students Highlights

Winners of the 6th Annual JPC Presentations Announced!

The reCOVER initiative for the design of a secondary school in the El Pantanal community in Granada, Nicaragua will establish a scalable-structures framework that will foster education and community development.

The Grundy Youth Center is a ground-breaking, community-focused focused planning, design and construction project that establishes a unique educational model:  undergraduate architecture students will work collaboratively with a Southwestern Virginia community to design and build a public community center that facilitates support for at-risk teens.

Capacity-driven Evaluation of a Water Distribution System
Drawing on their established relationship with Bridges to Community, this JPC team will analyze and evaluate the water distribution system of Rosa Grande, Nicaragua. By conducting interviews withthe involved parties and examining the infrastructure from an engineering standpoint, they will uncover which capacities for success were not appropriately addressed during implementation of the system. The team will propose a budgeted solution to both the community and the Building Goodness Foundation.

Student Testimonials

"We have been able to participate in a one of a kind research experience and are excited to pursue many publication opportunities both in the United States and South Africa." JPC Group in South Africa

"A special word of appreciation from us (Venda partners) on the way you conducted yourselves working with other local students and community members. Overall, I thought you were able to seek and listen to local advise, adapt and adjust, with some level of sensitivity. These all are important indicators of good collaborative community work - never perfect, very intricate but worth doing and doing better the next other time!! " Community Partner in South Africa

"This summer has been the best of my life, and I owe it to JPC! Thanks for the help!" Daniel, JPC Group in Honduras

"The JPC program is a vital community outreach, because not only does it empower UVa students, but it also helps empower those without the voice to do it themselves." JPC Group in Nicaragua