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Recipients of the 2011 Jefferson Public Citizens Awards

Eighty-one University of Virginia undergraduates have received Jefferson Public Citizen Awards, which will assist them in conducting public service projects during the 2011-2012 academic year. This is the third year of the JPC program, which was identified as a University priority by the Commission for the Future of the University and approved by the Board of Visitors in October 2008. This year, there are twenty projects, twelve faculty advisors, nineteen graduate mentors.

  • JPC Group: Jennie Williams, Erika Lee, Roxanne Campbell, Lauren Mims, Jessica Foster
    Faculty Advisor: Winx Lawrence
    Graduate Mentor: Janelle Suzanne Summerville
    Community Partner: Charlottesville City Schools, Gertrude Ivory
    Project Title: The YWLP Sister-to-Sister Project

    The YWLP Sister-to-Sister Project focuses on enhancing at-risk Charlottesville City and Albemarle County middle school girls' sense of themselves as global citizens by pairing each YWLP group with a group of girls and women from another country for a year of cultural exploration and exchange using a research-based curriculum. We will evaluate the current YWLP global connection pilot, develop more effective and engaging global activities and exchanges, and implement and evaluate the new curriculum next year with ten YWLP groups.

  • JPC Group: Katie Hempenius, LeeAnn Li, Tyler Slack, Shreya Soni, David Griggs
    Faculty Advisor: Dana Elzey
    Graduate Mentor: Ethan Heil
    Community Partner: Bridges to Community, Rusty Pedersen
    Project Title: Development and Studies in Water and Sanitation, Siuna, Nicaragua

    The proposed project will involve two weeks of arranged service and community immersion in Ticuantepe, Nicaragua, with established community partner, Bridges to Community (BTC). The team will then implement a photovoice project, which will engage community members to discuss ways in which water and sanitation affect their everyday lives. The results of this project will form the basis of a long-term project that will be facilitated by BTC and Engineering Students Without Borders (ESWB).

  • JPC Group: Maria Colopy, Molly Osborne, Samantha Webber, Alexandra Malis, Lauren Kanipe
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Community Partner: ProNino, Elizabeth Williams
    Project Title: The Art of Recapturing Lost Voices: Helping an NGO Find a Sustainable Way Forward

    Art therapy has been used worldwide to help children overcome trauma. ProNino Honduras, a community-based organization focused on the plight of street children, has effectively employed art therapy in the past; however, this experience was not sustainable for a number of reasons. We will research contributing factors for non-sustainability in a co-participatory fashion. The objective is to evaluate the reasons for past failures, collaboratively brainstorm a framework with our partners, and implement a sustainable art therapy program.

  • JPC Group: Madeline Tolmie, Colleen Farrell, Dagney Pruner
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Graduate Mentor: James Ngundi
    Community Partner: Amass Centre for the Disabled, Jan Vermeulen
    Project Title: Using Context and Perspective to Improve the Lives of the Disabled In Rural South Africa

    The aim of our project is to assess the needs of the mentally and physically disabled in the rural, marginal communities of the Bushbuckridge region in the Limpopo province of South Africa. In a number of cultures, including Bushbuckridge, disabled people are often seen as a burden. We, along with our community partner with Amass Centre, a previously established community-based organization established to aid the disabled, will educate locals in the community and implement sustainable education alternatives.

  • JPC Group: Colby Cashen, Michael Jordan, Lacey Williams, Carolyn Pelnik, Jennifer Bergner
    Faculty Advisor: David R. Burt, MD
    Community Partner: UVA-Guatemala Initiative, Jessica Ohana Gonzalez
    Project Title: Assessing the Feasibility of Installing a HydrAid Biosand Filter Aggregate Manufacturing Facility in Guatemala

    The project will examine whether it is feasible to install a HydrAid Filter aggregate manufacturing facility along Lake Atitlan. HydrAid Biosand Filters have been installed in Tzununa, one of the many communities along the lake; once the team determines the extent of water contamination in other communities and an interest in the expanded use of these filters, this will motivate the creation of a model for developing a more sustainable way to provide them.

  • JPC Group: Amanda Below, Andrea Maddox, Ashley Samay, Denson Staples
    Faculty Advisor: Richard Handler
    Graduate Mentor: Jonathan Abelson, Catherine Herrington
    Community Partner: UVA-Guatemala Initiative, David Burt
    Project Title: Community Water Assessment Based on Best Practice Models in San Lucas Toliman

    The purpose of this project is to evaluate and assess various aspects of water health in three communities surrounding San Lucas Toliman in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala. Those aspects of water: community perspectives, access, quality, education, etc. will be evaluated through stratified levels of community assessment. This project is intended to develop a model of assessment and collaboration to identify and address problems concerning water health in the partner communities.

  • JPC Group: Lauren Taylor, Christopher Chu, Maximilian Brenner, Phillip Redpath, Valeria Rivera Deneke
    Faculty Advisor: Anselmo Canfora
    Graduate Mentor: Aja Bulla-Richards
    Community Partner: Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH), Kaki Dimock
    Project Title: reCOVER: Thomas Jefferson Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH) Transitional Housing Project

    The Thomas Jefferson Area Coalition for the Homeless (TJACH) Transitional Housing project will focus on the design, construction and testing of transitional housing in collaboration with TJACH and The Haven on Market and 2nd Street that serve the homeless population in the Charlottesville area. As part of an established partnership with TJACH, Initiative reCOVER will develop transitional housing as a prefabricated, panelized system that can be deployed as a flat-packed unit to a Charlottesville site.

  • JPC Group: Lauren Webster, Hallie Eilerts, Kaylie Wallace
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Community Partner: Healthy Appalachia Institute - UVA College at Wise, David Cattell-Gordon
    Project Title: Touchscreen Tablet Technology for Health Information Dissemination in Southwest Virginia

    This study uses touchscreen tablets to administer health knowledge assessments in Southwest Virginia communities, in conjunction with Healthy Appalachia (affiliated with UVA and UVA at Wise). The pilot program will evaluate diabetes knowledge. The participants' answers will determine what information is presented in the tutorial following the quiz. Participants will gain access to video-on-demand programs as an incentive for completing the tutorial. Results from quizzes can be used to focus health education interventions.

  • JPC Group: Annacrizelda Funtelar, Lena Shi, Corrie Sutherland, Yee Ka Wong
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Graduate Mentor: Ethan Heil
    Community Partner: Madison House (UVA Student Volunteers),  Elizabeth Bass
    Project Title: Examining How a Local-Run Student Organization is Bridging the Gap

    A pilot assessment survey is proposed in order to gauge the level and quality of community interaction within one of the many UVA service programs: Madison House. Through qualitative analysis of Bridging the Gap's recipients and working closely with out community partner, we can develop a better understanding of the way in which student-run organizations interact with the local refugee community. Through surveying Bridging the Gap, we hope to be able to facilitate a more holistic assessment of various programs within Charlottesville.

  • JPC Group: Shivesh Puri, Charles Adams, Anna Margaret Graham, Julian Henderson
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Graduate Advisor: Infrid Hakala Isin
    Community Partner: Arpana Charitable Trust, Raghu Gaind
    Project Title: Connecting Marginalized Communities: Computer Literacy in Himachal, India

    Arpana, a well established Indian community based organization (CBO), works with marginalized rural and urban populations to promote socio-economic equality. Arpana has identified computer literacy as a major problem within these populations, especially within the rural state of Himachal. We will supplement Arpana's extensive social capital, with our perspective and enthusiasm to design and implement a four-week course that will teach basic computer skills to community members to increase competitiveness in job and education markets.

  • JPC Group: Matthew Jungclaus, Elizabeth Engel, Alexandra Lauzon, Effie Nicholaou
    Faculty Advisor: John Quale
    Graduate Mentor: Jonathan Coble, Ethan Heil, Michael Goddard, Leah Wener
    Community Partner: Falmouth Heritage Renewal, William C. Marlatt
    Project Title: ecoMOD5: Preservation and Design in Falmouth, Jamaica

    This interdisciplinary project will feature the design and build of a 'wet module' and the historic preservation of a home in Falmouth, Jamaica. A wet module houses a kitchen and bathroom and will be put alongside a home which lacks these necessities. The team intends to give the design to a local company after implementation in order to benefit the local economy and spread basic sanitary needs in the area.

  • JPC Group: Sarah Culver, Claire Cororaton, Carlin Tracy
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Graduate Mentor: R.D. Smith
    Community Partner: Mongolia Innovation Commons Partners (M-ICP), Nergui Dorj
    Project Title: Adaptive Reuse of Waste Materials and Social Entrepreneurship in Rural Central Asian Communities

    This JPC project will create a model for rural trash management through the collaborative building of a greenhouse from recycled waste glass in a rural Mongolian community. By using co-participatory community engagement and intelligent borrowing, the community will be able to maintain, adapt, and replicate the project to improve their agricultural productivity and economic livelihoods.

  • JPC Group: Natalie Roper, Erica Stratton, Anne De Chastonay
    Faculty Advisor: Suzanne M. Moomaw
    Graduate Mentor: Carla Jones
    Community Partner: Market Central, Cecile Gorham
    Project Title: Collecting and Analyzing Data to Foster Expansion of Charlottesville City Market

    The JPC group will work to increase access for vulnerable populations to the Charlottesville City Market. By completing surveys that examine demographic information of the current market customers, the group will begin to analyze potential areas of improvement. The team will then work with the community to create a solution that addresses problems realized through data collection in Phase 2.

  • JPC Group: Leah Coates, Arianna Parsons, Katie Athaide
    Faculty Advisor: Richard Handler
    Community Partner: Called to Serve, Vicki Cooke
    Project Title: Developing a Sustainable Business Strategy for Women in Monduli, Tanzania

    Our project focuses on a group of widows in Monduli, Tanzania, that gathers to make jewelry. The aim is to create a business model and establish market connections for them. First, we plan to create a website to promote the jewelry and establish relations with local retailers. Then, we plan to travel to Tanzania to train these women in the hopes of creating a self-sustainable business. This will be a case study aimed at determining the economic feasibility of internationally operating a small community business in Africa.

  • JPC Group: Ying Wu, Erin Webb, Rachel Knee, Ellen Buckley, Candace Pearson
    Faculty Advisor: P. Paxton Marshall
    Graduate Mentor: Helena Khazdozian
    Community Partner: Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), Cynthia Adams
    Project Title: Documenting the Benefits of Home Energy Retrofits

    Our community partner, the Local Energy Alliance Project (LEAP), is seeking to achieve 20-40% energy reductions in 30-50% of the buildings in the Charlottesville area by guiding building owners through cost-effective energy savings retrofits. We seek to assist LEAP to achieve this goal by collecting, archiving, and analyzing data on the costs and benefits of retrofits.

  • JPC Group: Molly Tyeryar, Caroline Hackett, David Harsh, Theresa Hackett
    Faculty Advisor: James Smith
    Graduate Mentor: Lydia Abebe
    Community Partner: University of Venda (South Africa), V. O. Netshandama
    Project Title: Establishment of a Ceramic Water Filter Factory in Limpopo Province, South Africa

    Research from Summer 2010 supports the building of a ceramic water filter factory in Limpopo Province. We will work with local organizations to facilitate a distribution process by completing a cost analysis, market analysis, and educational lesson plans for potential consumers. The result of this work will provide Limpopo with a sustainable technology for clean water and a model for other rural areas when researching sustainable water treatment technologies.

  • JPC Group: Robert Bell, James Comfort, Maria Aristorenas, Dyanna Jaye
    Faculty Advisor: Garrick Louis
    Graduate Mentor: Rachel Woloski
    Community Partner: University of Venda (South Africa), V. O. Netshandama
    Project Title: Water and Health in Limpopo

    The Water and Health in Limpopo team is working to build a sustainable and effective water distribution and filtration system for the village of Tshibvumo in South Africa. We will be guiding the community in the construction of the system and educating them on sanitation and hygiene practices.

  • JPC Group: Steffi Castillo, Ariel Majidi, O. Darlene Nnanyelugoh, Vatsal Patel
    Faculty Advisor: David R. Burt MD
    Graduate Mentor: Sareena Brown Shreya Kanth
    Community Partner: UVA-Guatemala Initiative (UVA-GI), Jessica Ohana Gonzalez
    Project Title: Multifaceted Womens Health Assessment in Santiago, Guatemala

    By conducting a broad-based community assessment, we will identify the health needs of the indigenous women in the lake-side town Santiago of Guatemala. Using women's health resources made available by the local hospital Hospitalito Atitlan, doctors and NGOs, we will help create a women's peer health education program centered in the Santiago community.

  • JPC Group: Maj-Britt Frenze, Abby Moul, Kate O'Donnell, Taikei-Ara Johnson
    Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Merritt
    Graduate Mentor: Caroline Berinyuy
    Community Partner: University of Dschang and Islamic High School Kumbo, Nguena Marianne and Mme. Sopie Parh
    Project Title: YWLP in Cameroon: Building Sustainability and Connection

    YWLP in Cameroon seeks assistance from the YWLP in the United States to assess the program's impact and address obstacles to sustainability. Using data collected by Caroline Berinyuy from current Big and Little Sisters in Cameroon, we will identify their concerns and develop revised curriculum, training, and program strategies that better address shortcomings. During the summer, we will go to Cameroon to train the Big Sisters on the new curriculum and sustainability strategies.

  • JPC Group: Ryan Hughes, Joshua Scott, Quinn Weber, and Simon Kobayashi
    Faculty Advisor: Paxton Marshall
    Graduate Mentor: Helena Khazdozian
    Community Partner: Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP), Cynthia Adams
    Project Title: An Energy-Efficiency Education Program for ecoREMOD

    Abstract: Through research of various energy efficiency solutions available to homeowners including insulation, HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning), and solar technologies, the JPC team will provide information, demonstrations, and performance data to consumers and contractors in the Charlottesville community. The effort will focus on the design of educational materials for the ecoREMOD house, a showcase for energy-efficient renovation and the home of the Local Energy Alliance Program (LEAP).

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