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Recipients of the 2012 Jefferson Public Citizens Awards

Fifty-Nine University of Virginia undergraduates have received Jefferson Public Citizen Awards, which will assist them in conducting public service projects during the 2012-2013 academic year. This is the fourth year of the JPC program, which was identified as a University priority by the Commission for the Future of the University and approved by the Board of Visitors. This year, there are fourteen projects, fifteen faculty advisors, and eight graduate mentors.

  • JPC Group: Ying Wu, Marlena Kauer, Frances Russell, Emily Scott, Carter Tata
    Faculty Advisor: Paxton Marshall
    Community Partner: LEAP (Local Energy Alliance Program)/AHIP/Habitat for Humanity, Cynthia Adams
    Project Title: Analyzing Energy Saving from LEAP Renovations

    This group’s community partner, the Local Energy Alliance Project (LEAP), seeks to reduce energy usage in Charlottesville buildings through renovations. Their JPC project will analyze energy usage data one year before renovations and one year after renovations to determine the amount of energy saved and the return on the renovation investment. They will develop marketing strategies to help convince more households to participate in home energy renovation.  

  • JPC Group: Caroline Hackett, Theresa Hackett, Sydney Schrider, David Harsh
    Faculty Advisor: James Smith
    Graduate Mentors: Lydia Abebe and Carly Krause
    Community Partner: University of Venda, Vhonani Netshandama
    Project Title: Assessing the Establishment of a Ceramic Water Filter Factory in Limpopo Province, South Africa

    This JPC project hopes to develop a model for implementing sustainable ceramic water filter factories around the world. The team will bring a protoype factory to production by finishing small installation and monitoring systems and assessing the raw materials of the supply chain. They will test the ceramic water filters to bring the filter quality to acceptable standards. They also plan to ways to market the filters and educate the community about water and health.    

  • JPC Group: Briana Dobbs, Stephen Le, San Thongprasert, Christopher Jones, Kaitlyn Badlato
    Faculty Advisor: John Quale
    Graduate Mentor: Michael Britt and Justin Altice
    Community Partner: Southside Outreach, Inc., Earl Howerton
    Project Title: ecoMOD Project/Southside Outreach

    The mission of Southside Outreach is to provide affordable, safe, decent, and sanitary housing for low-to-moderate income persons. This JPC team will help Southside Outreach improve the energy efficiency of their current homes by designing and implementing a monitoring system and by conducting a post-occupancy evaluation survey of residents. They will educate homeowners on ways to decrease their current home energy use by creating a homeowner’s manual. 

  • JPC Group: Ania Giffin, Suraj Mishra, Grace Ball, Rachael Hanna, Kenneth Perez
    Faculty Advisor: Marcus Martin
    Graduate Mentor: Jamela Martin
    Community Partner: Saint Christopher and Nevil Ministry of Health, Patrick Martin
    Project Title: Enhancing Primary and Preventative Care Through Increased Utilization of Community Health Centers in St. Kitts and Nevis

    Despite an abundance of community health centers in St. Kitts and Nevis, local residents seek out high-tech health care which has resulted in decreased use of cost effective health clinics. This team will study the views of patients, health care providers, and policy makers in St. Kitts and Nevis regarding the health system through surveys, interviews, and focus groups. They anticipate their research will lead to the development of effective methods for enhancing the health care of St. Kitts and Nevis citizens.

  • JPC Group: Audrey Benton, Sarah Scraptura, Tonyette White, Stephanie Kelly
    Faculty Advisor: Edith Lawrence
    Graduate Mentor: Hillary Morin
    Community Partner: Charlottesville City Schools, Gertrude Ivory
    Project Title: Girlfighting: YWLP Relational Aggression

    Relational aggression issues such as bullying and victimization have been on the rise among adolescent girls and are related to problems such as depression, anxiety, and dellinquency. This team will examine the prevalence of relational agression and the utility of the Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) strategies for addressing this problem. Based on their findings the group will make recommendations to the YWLP staff for curriculum changes related to relational agression. 

  • JPC Group: Lacey Williams, Jennifer Bergner, Carolyn Pelnik
    Faculty Advisor: David Burt and Kent Wayland
    Community Partner: UVA-Guatemala Initiative, Jessica Gonzalez
    Project Title: GIS Mapping of Water Sanitation and Health Project in Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

    This JPC project seeks to address how a geographic information system (GIS) can best be used to connect organizations and categorize data related to water health and sanitation in the Lake Atitlan Basin. Working remotely from the United States and using GIS mapping, the team aims to collect and organize data pertaining to water projects, filter installations, water sources, non-governmental organizations, and health statistics in a way that facilitates collaboration among agencies in the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala

  • JPC Group: Dorothy Young, Ithi Joshi, Isabella Artiles, Arjun Chopr, Eeshaan Sachatheva
    Faculty Advisor: Rae Blumberg
    Community Partner: Self-Employed Women's Association
    Project Title: Providing Sewa to SEWA

    "Sewa" coincidentally means service in Hindi. The trade union, Self-Employed Women’s Association (SEWA), operates vocational training programs for young women in low-income neighborhoods of India. This JPC team will evaluate the impact of SEWA's vocational programs by assessing the economic and social outcomes that follow technical training. They anticipate their findings will benefit the community by promoting greater sustainability for the program and higher employment for the community.

    JPC Group: Erica Stratton, Natalie Roper, Catherine Briemann
    Faculty Advisor:
    Suzanne Moomaw
    Graduate Mentor:
    Carla Jones
    Community Partner:
    Market Central, Inc., Cecile Gorham
    Project Title:
    Have a Stake in the Market: Increasing Physical, Cultural and Economic Access to the Market

    Based on prior research, this JPC group has identified physical, cultural, and economic barriers to attending the Market. This study seeks to assess these barriers to inform the City Market how to best reach underrepresented consumer groups. After conducting a series of in depth focus groups, the team will develop marketing strategies with community partners to make the City Market a community space that is representative of Charlottesville.  

  • JPC Group: Allison Crouch, Leigh Ann Haley, Holly Reeder, Tam Trinh, Maria Ximena Arguello
    Faculty Advisor: Jen Merritt
    Graduate Mentor: Janelle Peiffer
    Community Partner: Fundacion Amaneceres, Natalie Medina
    Project Title: Hermana a Hermana

    The Young Women Leaders Program (YWLP) Global Engagement project builds on research that suggests cross-cultural exchanges provide students with numerous social and academic benefits. This team will work with teachers at Fundancion Amaneceres in Panama City to establish a YWLP “sister site” and develop a global engagement curriculum for the Charlottesville/Albemarle YWLP 8th grade program. This effort will provide 30 at-risk girls from four Charlottesville/Albemarle middle schools with an opportunity to interact with girls in Panama.     

  • JPC Group: Emily Renda, Emma Petkofsky, Jamie Swogger
    Faculty Advisor: Claire Kaplan
    Community Partner: Shelter for Help in Emergency, Robin Goldstein
    Project Title: Intimate Partner Violence Assessment and Prevention: A Public Health Approach

    The National Violence Against Women Survey found that 25% of surveyed women experienced intimate partner violence such as sexual violence, threats, and emotional abuse. This JPC group plans to conduct a mixed-methods research study to examine the attitudes towards, incidence rates of and risk factors for intimate partner violence among college-age couples. In collabortation with the Shelter for Help in Emergency, they intend to tailor prevention programs based on their findings.

  • JPC Group: Marina Freckmann, Achal Patel, Margaret Gelburd
    Faculty Advisor: Richard Handler
    Community Partner: Clark Elementary School, Daphne Keiser
    Project Title: Nutrition and Sustainable Schoolyard Gardening at Clark Elementary School

    This JPC group will implement a schoolyard garden at Clark Elementary school to enhance their after-school nutritional education program. They will examine how the garden and the nutrition program can foster a productive dialogue among parents, teachers, and students about the fundamentals and accessibility of good nutrition. They anticipate that teaching nutritional education classes while simultaneously creating an educational garden will cultivate a greater understanding of healthy foods and active lifestyles.    

  • JPC Group: Emily Ashby, Timothy Morris, Irene Preciado Arango, Luke Gates
    Faculty Advisor: Anselmo Canfora
    Graduate Mentor: Erin Root
    Community Partner: University of Venda, Vhonani Netshandama
    Project Title: reCOVER: Water and Health in Limpopo Ceramic Water Filter Factory/Science Resource Center

    This reCOVER JPC project will focus on the design and development of a replicable building system for a ceramic water filter factory. The group will work to establish a prototypical building and landscape solution that exceeds the expectations of the beneficiary community, helps address the critical need for access to clean water, and promotes local building through innovative and scalable methods of construction to support domestic economic growth.

  • JPC Group: Michael Bugas, Nicholas Allen, Rachel Boots, Arianna Parsons
    Faculty Advisor: Robert Swap
    Community Partner: University of Venda, Cornelius Hagenmaier
    Project Title: Rocket Power: Assessing Energy Poverty in Rural South Africa

    Rocket stoves are high-efficiency wood burning brick stoves that reduce health concerns such as respitory illness caused by traditional open cooking fires. This JPC group will assess how existing rocket stoves have impacted the local community from financial, social, and environmental perspectives. They plan to use this information in collaboration with local entrepenuers and university students to construct three new stoves for the community.

  • JPC Group: Rebecca Christensen, Allison Cooper, Courtney Fox, William Binion
    Faculty Advisor: Nancy Deutsch and Valerie Futch
    Community Partner: Music Resource Center, Sibley Johns
    Project Title: You Can't Stop the Beat: Developing Sustainable Research Methods for Music Resource Center

    The Music Resource Center (MRC) provides school students with an outlet to explore their musical creativity through performance and production. This JPC team will collaborate with MRC to research the program’s effectiveness. They will use various methods to document the MRC’s work and develop sustainable assessment tools for the future. 

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