Current Group Members

Graduate Students:

Priya Ghatwai

Chris Duska

Jatin Amatya

Wade Jensen

Naiming Liu

Undergraduate Students:

Eric Vetter

Former Group Members:

Chris Petz, Ph.D; Micron

Joseph Kassim, Ph.D: Intel

Copeland Kell, M.S.: Saft

Mark Hrdy, B.S.: Cree

Mehrad Mehr, B.S.: U. Florida

Contact Information

Jerry Floro


Floro group research emphasizes synthesis and structural characterization of electronic materials and materials that self-assemble on the nanoscale. We seek to grow novel materials, often metastable, that might exhibit unusual and beneficial functionalities for logic, magnetic, and thermoelectric applications.

Our synthesis capabilities include molecular beam epitaxial growth of semiconductors, and bulk metallurgical processing for metal alloys and compounds. We make extensive use of transmission electron microscopy, x-ray diffraction, and atomic force microscopy to characterize the nanoscale structure of our materials, and to deeply understand the process-structure-property relationship.

Images from our research