President's Report 1993-1994

Table of Contents

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"Study for Jefferson Dreams," by Lincoln Perry.

"This institution ... will be based
on the illimitable freedom of the human mind,
explore and to expose every subject
susceptible of its contemplation."

-- Thomas Jefferson, 1820

Report of the President -- John T. Casteen, III

"The most effectual means of preventing
the perversion of power into tyranny
are to
illuminate, as far as practicable,
the minds of the people."

-- Thomas Jefferson, 1799

I. Leadership to Meet a New Century
A. Managing the Transition
B.Targeting Excellence

Feature: A National University by Any Measure

II. Gaining Support from Alumni and Friends
A.Capital Campaign: Alumni Leadership
III. Leadership in Higher Education
A.Top Faculty
B.A Research Agenda of National Importance
C.Preparing Students for the New Century

Feature: Leaders for the New Century

IV. Leadership in Health Care
A.Reviving a Crucial Link in Medical Care
B.Reorganizing to Provide Cost-Competitive Care
C.Reaching Out to More People
D.Expanding our Understanding of the Human Body
V. Leadership in the Age of Information
A.An Electronic Academical Village
B.Realizing the Potential of Computers in the Classroom
C.Advancing on the Frontiers of Research

Feature: Connecting with the Past: Rare Books and Manuscripts

VI. Leadership for the Public Good
A.Collaborating with Business
B.Strengthening Local Government
C.Support for Education
D.Clinch Valley College: Creating Educational Networks
E.Bringing People Together
VII. Building for the Future
A.Breaking Ground for the Coming Century
B.Faculty Who Set New Standards for Scholarship

Feature: Athletics Top the Field

VIII. Tapping New Leaders
A.Continuing into the New Century

The Financial Report

"Enlighten the people generally,
and tyranny and oppressions
of body and mind will vanish..."

Thomas Jefferson, 1816

Report of the Executive Vice President & Chief Financial Officer

© 1994 by the Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia.

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