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Academic Record

The academic record for a University of Virginia student is the official transcript, a complete historical listing of all coursework, associated grades and other academic record-related information.

The academic record is frozen once a student separates him/herself from the University.

Academic Name: The name on the official academic record is the name under which the student was enrolled during their last active term at the University.

Preferred Name: Students may add/edit their preferred name at any time. Please keep in mind that your preferred name will only display on class rosters, People Search, and email.

Class Ranking: The University of Virginia does not maintain class ranking.

Good Standing: The University of Virginia considers all currently enrolled students to be in good standing.

Course Numbering System

  Effective Fall '09 Effective Fall '74 Through Summer '74
Undergraduates 1000-4999 100-499 001-099
Graduates (advanced undergraduates with approval) 5000-5999 500-599 100-199
Graduates and Professional 6000-9999 600-999 200-500

Grade Point Average

Grade point averages are computed and printed on the official transcript for undergraduate students only.

The University does not maintain major grade point averages (GPAs). To calculate the major GPA, multiply the number of credits for each included class by the grade point equivalent listed below and then divide the total grade points by the total credits (counting only the credits of courses taken for a letter grade).

Undergraduate Grades and Grade Points

Through Summer 1979 Effective Fall 1979 Through Summer 1979 Effective Fall 1979
A+ 4.000 4.000 C- 2.000 1.700
A 4.000 4.000 D+ 1.000 1.300
A- 4.000 3.700 D 1.000 1.000
B+ 3.000 3.300 D- 1.000 0.700
B 3.000 3.000 F 0.000 0.000
B- 3.000 2.700 E 0.000 N.A.
C+ 2.000 2.300 Z 0.000 N.A.
C 2.000 2.000

GPA Calculator

Total units Total points GPA

Disclaimer: This GPA calculator can be used for unofficial estimates and do not provide an official GPA or official record of your grades. If you have any questions about your GPA, please consult your advisor.

Special Grade Notations

AB Absent from examination NK No Credit
AU Audit NP Exam not pledged
CN Cancellation NR Non-Resident
CR Credit NU CEU not earned
DR Dropped without penalty P Passing
E Conditional failure S Satisfactory
EU Continuing Education unit SP Authorized delay exam
F Failing U Unsatisfactory
IN Course work incompleted W Withdrew
IV Invalid grade reported WD Withdrew
K Credit WF Withdrew failing
N Non-credit course WP Withdrew passing
NC No credit YR Year-long course
NG Grade not reported


Dean's List: Full-time Undergraduate students become eligible for the dean's list of their school at the end of each semester by demonstrating superior academic achievement. To be eligible, students must take a minimum of 15 credits of graded course work. Courses taken on a credit/no-credit basis may not be counted toward the minimum credits necessary to be on the dean's list. Any student receiving an F, NC, or NG is ineligible to be on the dean's list. Minimum grade point average requirements for the dean's list may vary by school and are detailed in subsequent chapters.

School of Architecture
Curry School of Education
Frank Batten School of Leadership & Public Policy
School of Nursing
  • GPA of 3.70 or above
  • minimum of 15 credits of graded course work
College of Arts and Sciences
  • GPA of 3.50 or higher
  • minimum of 15 credits of graded course work
School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • GPA of 3.40 or higher
  • pass at least 15 credits of graded work in the preceding semester
McIntire School of Commerce
  • GPA of 3.75 or higher
  • pass at least 15 credits of graded work in the preceding semester

Intermediate Honors: Intermediate Honors is awarded to the top twenty percent of those students in each of the participating undergraduate schools. Below outlined the requirements and participating schools:

  • top 20% students in each participating undergraduate schools
  • entered the University directly from high school or preparatory school
  • earned at least 60 credits of course work in their first four regular semester
    • No more than twelve of the 60 required credits may be earned on a CR/NC or S/U basis.)
    • Advanced placement and transfer credits do not count toward the required credits.
Participating undergraduate schools:
  • School of Architecture
  • College of Arts and Sciences
  • Curry School of Education (effective 2013)
  • School of Engineering and Applied Science
  • School of Nursing

The computation is based upon the cumulative grade point average at the end of the fourth semester.

Graduation Honors

Undergraduate students are eligible to receive their degree with honors or distinction:

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