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Course Renumbering Crosswalk A-Z



Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
AAS 101 AAS 1010Introduction to African-American and African Studies I
AAS 102 AAS 1020Introduction to African-American and African Studies II
AAS 250 AAS 2450The Health of Black Folks
AAS 323 AAS 3231Rise and Fall of the Slave South
AAS 324 AAS 3240Plantations in Africa and the Americas
AAS 401AAS 4993Independent Study
AAS 405AAS 4500Advanced Seminar in African-American and African Studies
AAS 406AAS 4570Advanced Research Seminar in African-American & African Studies
AAS 451AAS 4070Directed Reading and Research
AAS 452AAS 4080Directed Reading and Research
AAS 528AAS 5528Topics in Race Theory


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ACCT 201ACCT 2010Introductory Accounting
ACCT 202ACCT 2020Introductory Accounting II
ACCT 311ACCT 3110Intermediate Accounting I
ACCT 312ACCT 3120Intermediate Accounting II
ACCT 314ACCT 3140Cost Accounting
ACCT 445ACCT 4450Federal Taxation I
ACCT 521ACCT 5210Introductory Auditing
ACCT 525ACCT 5250Advanced Auditing
ACCT 531ACCT 5310Selected Topics in Advanced Accounting
ACCT 533ACCT 5330Accounting for Non-Business Organizations
ACCT 546ACCT 5460Federal Taxation II
ACCT 711ACCT 7300Accounting Theory


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
AIRS 000AAIRS 100Leadership Laboratory
AIRS 110AIRS 1100The Foundations of the U.S. Air Force
AIRS 120AIRS 1200The Foundations of the U.S. Air Force
AIRS 210AIRS 2100The Evolution of Air and Space Power
AIRS 220AIRS 2200The Evolution of Air and Space Power
AIRS 310AIRS 3100Concepts of Air Force Leadership and Management
AIRS 320AIRS 3200Concepts of Air Force Leadership and Management
AIRS 410AIRS 4100National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty
AIRS 420AIRS 4200National Security Affairs/Preparation for Active Duty


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ALAR 501ALAR 5010Introduction to Design
ALAR 502ALAR 5020Introduction to Design Graphics
ALAR 503ALAR 5030Introduction to Design Theory and Analysis
ALAR 651ALAR 6710Studio Workshop
ALAR 652ALAR 6712Studio Workshop
ALAR 702ALAR 7020Design Research Studio I
ALAR 802ALAR 8020Design Research Studio II
ALAR 806ALAR 8060Urbanism Design Studio
ALAR 808ALAR 8995Independent Design Research Studio
ALAR 821ALAR 8100Design Research Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
AM 601AM 6010Advanced Mechanics of Materials
AM 602AM 6020Continuum Mechanics With Applications
AM 603AM 6030Computational Solid Mechanics
AM 604AM 6040Plates and Shells
AM 606AM 6060Applied Boundary Element Analysis
AM 607AM 6070Theory of Elasticity
AM 613AM 6130Mathematical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics
AM 620AM 6200Energy Principles in Mechanics
AM 621AM 6210Analytical Dynamics
AM 622AM 6220Waves
AM 623AM 6230Vibrations
AM 628AM 6280Motion Biomechanics
AM 631AM 6310Fluid Mechanics I
AM 632AM 6320Fluid Mechanics II
AM 665AM 6650Mechanics of Composite Materials
AM 666AM 6660Stress Analysis of Composites
AM 671AM 6710Finite-Element Analysis
AM 675AM 6750Theory of Structural Stability
AM 691AM 6910Special Problems in Applied Mechanics
AM 692AM 6920Special Problems in Applied Mechanics
AM 693AM 6993Independent Study
AM 695AM 6995Supervised Project Research
AM 703AM 7030Thermal Structures
AM 704AM 7040Theory of Shells
AM 708AM 7080Inelastic Solid Mechanics
AM 712AM 7120Advanced Theory of Elasticity
AM 714AM 7140Nonlinear Elasticity Theory
AM 725AM 7250Random Vibrations
AM 729AM 7290Selected Topics in Applied Mechanics
AM 732AM 7320Fracture Mechanics of Engineering Materials
AM 767AM 7670Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Media
AM 793AM 7993Independent Study
AM 822AM 8220Biomechanics
AM 895AM 8995Supervised Project Research
AM 897AM 8987Graduate Teaching Instruction
AM 997AM 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
AMEL 494EAST 4993Independent Study


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
AMST 201AMST 2500Major Works for American Studies
AMST 210AMST 2100Introduction to Asian American Studies
AMST 222AMST 2220Race, Identity and American Visual Culture
AMST 301AMST 3001Theories and Methods of American Studies
AMST 401AMST 4500Fourth-Year Seminar in American Studies
AMST 453AMST 4893Independent Study in Asian Pacific American Studies
AMST 493AMST 4993Independent Study


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ANTH 101ANTH 1010Introduction to Anthropology
ANTH 109ANTH 1090Colloquia for First-Year Students
ANTH 215ANTH 2150Introduction to Classical Archaeology
ANTH 220ANTH 2200Dynamics of Social Organization
ANTH 221ANTH 2210Marriage and the Family
ANTH 223ANTH 2230Fantasy and Social Values
ANTH 224ANTH 2240Progress
ANTH 225ANTH 2250Nationalism, Racism, Multiculturalism
ANTH 226ANTH 2260Poverty and Meritocracy
ANTH 227ANTH 2270Race, Gender, and Medical Science
ANTH 228ANTH 2280Introduction to Medical Anthropology
ANTH 231ANTH 2310Symbol and Myth
ANTH 232ANTH 2320Anthropology of Religion
ANTH 234ANTH 2340Anthropology of Birth and Death
ANTH 235ANTH 2350Introduction to Folklore
ANTH 236ANTH 2360Don Juan and Castaneda
ANTH 240ANTH 2400Language and Culture
ANTH 242ANTH 2420Language and Gender
ANTH 243ANTH 2430Languages of the World
ANTH 247ANTH 2470Reflections of Exile: Jewish Languages and their Communities
ANTH 250ANTH 2450The Health of Black Folks
ANTH 253ANTH 2153North American Indians
ANTH 256ANTH 2156Peoples and Cultures of Africa
ANTH 260ANTH 2600Introduction to Civilization of India
ANTH 261ANTH 2610Asian America
ANTH 266ANTH 2660Peoples of Polynesia
ANTH 267ANTH 2670How Others See Us
ANTH 268ANTH 2680Reading the New York Times
ANTH 280ANTH 2800Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 281ANTH 2810Human Origins
ANTH 282ANTH 2820The Emergence of States and Cities
ANTH 285ANTH 2850American Material Culture
ANTH 289ANTH 2890Unearthing the Past
ANTH 290ANTH 2900The Cultural Politics of American Family Values
ANTH 301ANTH 3010Theory and History of Anthropology
ANTH 317ANTH 3170Visual Anthropology
ANTH 318ANTH 3180Social Histories of Commodities: Linkages between Africa and the Americas
ANTH 320ANTH 3200Marriage, Gender, Political Economy
ANTH 321ANTH 3210Kinship and Social Organization
ANTH 322ANTH 3220Introduction to Economic Anthropology
ANTH 323ANTH 3230Introduction to Legal Anthropology
ANTH 325ANTH 3250Anthropological Perspectives on the Third World
ANTH 326ANTH 3260Globalization and Development
ANTH 327ANTH 3270Political Anthropology
ANTH 329ANTH 3129Marriage, Fertility, and Mortality
ANTH 330ANTH 3300Tournaments and Athletes
ANTH 332ANTH 3320Shamanism, Healing, and Ritual
ANTH 333ANTH 3330Ethnopoetics
ANTH 334ANTH 3340Ecology and Society: An Introduction to the New Ecological Anthropology
ANTH 335ANTH 3350The Museum in Modern Culture
ANTH 336ANTH 3360Life History and Oral History
ANTH 337ANTH 3370Power and the Body
ANTH 340ANTH 3400Structure of English
ANTH 341ANTH 3410Sociolinguistics
ANTH 345ANTH 3450Native American Languages
ANTH 347ANTH 3470Language and Culture in the Middle East
ANTH 348ANTH 3480Language and Prehistory
ANTH 349ANTH 3490Language and Thought
ANTH 350ANTH 3150Readings in Ethnography
ANTH 352ANTH 3152Amazonian Peoples
ANTH 353ANTH 4630Eastern European Societies
ANTH 354ANTH 3154Indians of the American Southwest
ANTH 355ANTH 3155Anthropology of Everyday American Life
ANTH 357ANTH 3157Caribbean Perspectives
ANTH 358ANTH 3158Native American Mythology
ANTH 360ANTH 3600Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 362ANTH 3620Cinema in India
ANTH 363ANTH 3630Social Structure of China
ANTH 364ANTH 3640Ethnology of Southeast Asia
ANTH 365ANTH 3650Asian American Ethnicity
ANTH 366ANTH 3660China: Empire and Nationalities
ANTH 367ANTH 3670Tibet and the Himalayas
ANTH 369ANTH 3690Sex, Gender, and Culture
ANTH 370ANTH 3700Contemporary India
ANTH 371ANTH 3710Cities in History
ANTH 379ANTH 3790Gender, Science and Culture
ANTH 381ANTH 3810Field Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 382ANTH 3820Field Methods in Historical Archaeology
ANTH 383ANTH 3830North American Archaeology
ANTH 384ANTH 3840Archaeology of the Middle East
ANTH 387ANTH 3870Archaeology of Virginia
ANTH 388ANTH 3880African Archaeology
ANTH 389ANTH 3890Archaeology of the American Southwestern
ANTH 392ANTH 3920Global Relations: Marriage and Family in the New World Order
ANTH 401ANTH 4991Senior Seminar in Anthropology
ANTH 493ANTH 4930Kinship and the New Reproductive Technologies
ANTH 496ANTH 4993Independent Study in Anthropology
ANTH 497ANTH 4998Distinguished Majors Thesis Research
ANTH 498ANTH 4999Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing
ANTH 504ANTH 5040Linguistic Field Methods
ANTH 507ANTH 5070History of Archaeological Thought
ANTH 508ANTH 5080Method and Theory in Archaeology
ANTH 509ANTH 5090Historical Ethnography
ANTH 518ANTH 5180Labor, Capital, and States in Contemporary Africa
ANTH 519ANTH 5190Science and Culture
ANTH 520ANTH 5200History of Kinship Studies
ANTH 521ANTH 5210Reconfiguring Kinship Studies
ANTH 522ANTH 5220Economic Anthropology
ANTH 523ANTH 5230Political Systems
ANTH 524ANTH 5240Religious Organization
ANTH 525ANTH 5250The Experience of Illness in American Society
ANTH 526ANTH 5260History Production and Collective Memory
ANTH 528ANTH 5528Topics in Race Theory
ANTH 529ANTH 5529Topics in Social Anthropology
ANTH 530ANTH 5300Foundations of Symbolism
ANTH 531ANTH 5310Feminist Theory in Anthropology
ANTH 533ANTH 5330Folklore and Ethnohistorical Research Methodology
ANTH 534ANTH 5340Ethnographies of Illness and the Body
ANTH 535ANTH 5350Folk and Popular Health Systems
ANTH 536ANTH 5536Topics in Folklore
ANTH 539ANTH 5539Topics in Symbolic Anthropology
ANTH 540ANTH 5400Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 541ANTH 5410Phonology
ANTH 542ANTH 5420Theories of Language
ANTH 543ANTH 5430African Language Structures
ANTH 544ANTH 5440Morphology
ANTH 545ANTH 5450African Languages and Folklore
ANTH 547ANTH 5470Language and Identity
ANTH 549ANTH 5549Topics in Theoretical Linguistics and Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 551ANTH 5510Topics in Ethnology of North America
ANTH 552ANTH 5520Topics in Ethnology of Latin America
ANTH 553ANTH 5530Topics in Ethnology of Europe
ANTH 554ANTH 5540Topics in Ethnology of Africa
ANTH 555ANTH 5550Topics in Ethnology of the Middle East
ANTH 556ANTH 5560Topics in Ethnology of South Asia
ANTH 557ANTH 5570Topics in Ethnology of East Asia
ANTH 558ANTH 5580Topics in Ethnology of Southeast Asia
ANTH 559ANTH 5590Topics in Ethnology of Melanesia
ANTH 560ANTH 5565Topics in Ethnology of Australia
ANTH 561ANTH 5561Topics in Ethnology of Oceania
ANTH 565ANTH 5650Creole Narratives
ANTH 566ANTH 5660Conquest of the Americas
ANTH 569ANTH 5569Topics in Ethnology
ANTH 571ANTH 5710The Interpretation of Ritual
ANTH 572ANTH 5720Ritual Experience and Healing
ANTH 575ANTH 5750Buddhism, Politics and Power
ANTH 580ANTH 5800Archaeology Laboratory
ANTH 581ANTH 5810Archaeology of the Eastern United States
ANTH 582ANTH 5820Archaeology of the Southwestern United States
ANTH 583ANTH 5830Archaeology of the Ancient Middle East
ANTH 584ANTH 5840Archaeology of Complex Societies
ANTH 585ANTH 5850Archaeological Approaches to Economy and Exchange
ANTH 586ANTH 5860Ceramics, Style and Society
ANTH 587ANTH 5870Archaeozoology
ANTH 588ANTH 5880Analytical Methods in Archaeology
ANTH 589ANTH 5589Selected Topics in Archaeology
ANTH 590ANTH 5989Issues in Archaeological Analysis
ANTH 591ANTH 5910Gender in Archaeology
ANTH 592ANTH 5920Archaeology of Colonial Expansions
ANTH 593ANTH 5930Archaeology of Symbolism
ANTH 701ANTH 7010The History of Anthropological Theory
ANTH 702ANTH 7020Current Anthropological Theory
ANTH 703ANTH 7030Anthropological Monographs
ANTH 704ANTH 7040Ethnographic Research Design and Methods
ANTH 705ANTH 7050Ethnographic Data Analysis and Writing
ANTH 706ANTH 7060Workshop in Project Design
ANTH 708ANTH 7080Advanced Method and Theory in Archaeology
ANTH 711ANTH 7110Paper and Presentation
ANTH 715ANTH 7150Boasian Anthropology
ANTH 716ANTH 7160Culture Theory in American Anthropology
ANTH 717ANTH 7170Visual Anthropology
ANTH 719ANTH 7129Marriage, Mortality, Fertility
ANTH 720ANTH 7200Marriage, Gender, Political Economy
ANTH 725ANTH 7250Anthropology of the Third World
ANTH 727ANTH 7270Political Anthropology
ANTH 729ANTH 7290Nationalism and the Politics of Culture
ANTH 732ANTH 7320American Folklore
ANTH 733ANTH 7330Ethnohistory: Research and Methods
ANTH 736ANTH 7350The Museum in Modern Culture
ANTH 737ANTH 7370Power and the Body
ANTH 740ANTH 7400Linguistic Anthropology
ANTH 741ANTH 7541Topics in Sociolinguistics
ANTH 745ANTH 7450Native American Languages
ANTH 747ANTH 7470Language and Culture in the Middle East
ANTH 748ANTH 7480Language and Prehistory
ANTH 751ANTH 7151Native American Women
ANTH 753ANTH 7153Anthropology of Eastern Europe
ANTH 756ANTH 7156Critiques of Representation
ANTH 761ANTH 7610Hindu World-view
ANTH 763ANTH 7630Social Structure of China
ANTH 765ANTH 7650Asian-American Ethnicity
ANTH 766ANTH 7660China: Empire and Nationalities
ANTH 781ANTH 7810Archaeology I
ANTH 782ANTH 7820Archaeology II
ANTH 783ANTH 7830Seminar in North American Archaeology
ANTH 785ANTH 7850Archaeology of the Andes
ANTH 787ANTH 7870Advanced Topics in African Archaeology
ANTH 788ANTH 7880African Archaeology
ANTH 789ANTH 7890Current Issues in Archaeology
ANTH 790ANTH 7900Anthropology and Colonialism
ANTH 841ANTH 8410Seminar in the Teaching of Anthropology
ANTH 897ANTH 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
ANTH 898ANTH 8999Non-Topical Research
ANTH 901ANTH 9010Directed Readings
ANTH 902ANTH 9020Directed Readings
ANTH 905ANTH 9050Research Practicum
ANTH 906ANTH 9060Research Practicum
ANTH 997ANTH 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
ANTH 999ANTH 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
APMA 109APMA 1090Single Variable Calculus I
APMA 111APMA 1110Single Variable Calculus II
APMA 202APMA 2102Discrete Mathematics I
APMA 212APMA 2120Multivariable Calculus
APMA 213APMA 2130Ordinary Differential Equations
APMA 302APMA 3102Discrete Mathematics II
APMA 308APMA 3080Linear Algebra
APMA 310APMA 3100Probability
APMA 311APMA 3110Applied Statistics and Probability
APMA 312APMA 3120Statistics
APMA 314APMA 3140Applied Partial Differential Equations
APMA 334APMA 3340Complex Variables with Applications
APMA 495APMA 4993Independent Reading and Research
APMA 496APMA 4995Independent Reading and Research
APMA 507APMA 5070Numerical Methods
APMA 602APMA 6020Continuum Mechanics with Applications
APMA 613APMA 6130Mathematical Foundations of Continuum Mechanics
APMA 615APMA 6150Linear Algebra
APMA 624APMA 6240Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves
APMA 634APMA 6340Numerical Analysis
APMA 637APMA 6370Singular Perturbation Theory
APMA 641APMA 6410Engineering Mathematics I
APMA 642APMA 6420Engineering Mathematics II
APMA 643APMA 6430Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
APMA 644APMA 6440Applied Partial Differential Equations
APMA 648APMA 6548Special Topics in Applied Mathematics
APMA 672APMA 6720Computational Fluid Dynamics I
APMA 693APMA 6993Independent Study
APMA 695APMA 6995Supervised Project Research
APMA 708APMA 7080Inelastic Solid Mechanics
APMA 714APMA 7140Nonlinear Elasticity Theory
APMA 734APMA 7340Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations
APMA 748APMA 7548Selected Topics in Applied Mathematics
APMA 767APMA 7670Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Media
APMA 772APMA 7720Computational Fluid Dynamics II
APMA 792APMA 7993Independent Study
APMA 848APMA 8548Advanced Topics in Applied Mathematics
APMA 895APMA 8995Supervised Project Research
APMA 897APMA 8897Graduate Teaching Instruction
APMA 898APMA 8999Non-Topical Research, Master's Thesis
APMA 997APMA 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction
APMA 999APMA 9999Non-Topical Research, Doctoral Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARAB 101ARAB 1010Elementary Arabic
ARAB 102ARAB 1020Elementary Arabic
ARAB 201ARAB 2010Intermediate Arabic
ARAB 202ARAB 2020Intermediate Arabic
ARAB 225ARAB 2250Conversational Arabic
ARAB 226ARAB 2260Conversational Arabic
ARAB 227ARAB 2270Culture and Society of the Contemporary Arab Middle East
ARAB 301ARAB 3010Readings in Literary Arabic
ARAB 301H ARAB 3019Language House Conversation
ARAB 302ARAB 3020Readings in Literary Arabic
ARAB 302H ARAB 3029Language House Conversation
ARAB 323ARAB 3230Arabic Conversation and Composition
ARAB 324ARAB 3240Advanced Arabic Conversation and Composition
ARAB 331ARAB 3310Introduction to the Arab World and Its Languages
ARAB 333ARAB 3330Arabic of the Quran and Hadith I
ARAB 334ARAB 3340Arabic of the Quran and Hadith II
ARAB 493ARAB 4993Independent Study in Arabic
ARAB 501ARAB 5010Readings in Literary Arabic
ARAB 502ARAB 5020Readings in Literary Arabic
ARAB 523ARAB 5230Arabic Conversation and Composition
ARAB 524ARAB 5240Advanced Arabic Conversation and Composition
ARAB 528ARAB 5280The History of the Arabic Language
ARAB 531ARAB 5310Introduction to the Arab World and Its Languages
ARAB 533ARAB 5330Arabic of the Quran and Hadith I
ARAB 534ARAB 5340Arabic of the Quran and Hadith II
ARAB 583ARAB 5530Topics in Arabic Prose
ARAB 584ARAB 5540Topics in Arabic Prose
ARAB 585ARAB 5850Media Arabic
ARAB 586ARAB 5860Nineteenth Century Arabic Prose
ARAB 587ARAB 5870Media Arabic II
ARAB 701ARAB 7010Modern Arabic Fiction (in Arabic
ARAB 702ARAB 7020Modern Arabic Drama (in Arabic
ARAB 703ARAB 7030Modern Arabic Poetry (in Arabic
ARAB 783ARAB 7830Readings in Arabic/Islamic Text
ARAB 801ARAB 8993Independent Study in Arabic


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARAD 310ARAD 3100Principles and Practices of Arts Administration
ARAD 505ARAD 5050Arts Marketing Theory and Practice


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARAH 801ARAH 8051Theory and Interpretation in the Visual Arts
ARAH 897ARAH 8998Non-Topical Rsch, Masters Prep
ARAH 898ARAH 8999Non-Topical Research, Masters
ARAH 997ARAH 9998Non-Topical Rsch, Doctoral Prep
ARAH 999ARAH 9999Non-Topical Research, Doctoral


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARCH 101ARCH 1010Lessons of the Lawn
ARCH 102ARCH 1020Lessons in Making
ARCH 201ARCH 2010Introduction to Architectural Design I
ARCH 202ARCH 2020Introduction to Architectural Design II
ARCH 204ARCH 2040Introduction to Architectural Design
ARCH 268ARCH 5680Lessons of the City
ARCH 301ARCH 3010Architectural Design I
ARCH 302ARCH 3020Architectural Design II
ARCH 312ARCH 3120Architectural Theory and Ethics
ARCH 314ARCH 3140Design Themes of Great Cities
ARCH 323ARCH 3230Building and Climate
ARCH 324ARCH 3240Introduction to Structural Design
ARCH 326ARCH 3260Building Matters
ARCH 350ARCH 3500Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 401ARCH 4010Architectural Design III
ARCH 402ARCH 4020Architectural Design IV
ARCH 444ARCH 3450Digital Movie Making & Animation
ARCH 482ARCH 4820Teaching Experience
ARCH 487ARCH 3993Independent Study
ARCH 489ARCH 4993Independent Study
ARCH 500ARCH 5800Vicenza Program
ARCH 511ARCH 5110Design Approaches to Existing Sites
ARCH 517ARCH 5170New Urban Housing
ARCH 519ARCH 5190Cultural Criticism in Architecture
ARCH 521ARCH 5361Advanced Architectural Detailing
ARCH 529ARCH 5380Soft Services Operation
ARCH 530ARCH 5300Evaluating Eco-MOD
ARCH 531ARCH 5301Eco-Mod Seminar
ARCH 533ARCH 5310Learning Barge: Intention Fabrication
ARCH 534ARCH 5340Construction Practice Management
ARCH 536ARCH 5360Concepts in Architecture Detailing
ARCH 540ARCH 5400Experimental Technologies
ARCH 541ARCH 6410CAAD 3D Modeling & Visualization
ARCH 542ARCH 5420Digital Animation & Storytelling
ARCH 545ARCH 5450Digital Moviemaking & Animation
ARCH 547ARCH 5470Information Space
ARCH 549ARCH 5490CNC Fabrication
ARCH 550ARCH 5700InfoLab: Laboratory for Visualizing Information
ARCH 551ARCH 5710Photography and Digital Media
ARCH 553ARCH 5500Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 554ARCH 5750Drawing and Composition
ARCH 556ARCH 5760Drawing and Sketching
ARCH 557ARCH 5770Drawings and Collages
ARCH 558ARCH 5780Painting and Public Art
ARCH 560ARCH 5510J-Term Courses
ARCH 562ARCH 5620Robotic Ecologies
ARCH 563ARCH 5630Design of Cities
ARCH 566ARCH 5660Design and Leadership
ARCH 570ARCH 5320Some Assembly Required: Research and Development
ARCH 574ARCH 5370Depth of Surface
ARCH 575ARCH 5321Some Assembly Required: Design Build
ARCH 591ARCH 5590Faculty Research Seminar
ARCH 598ARCH 5993Independent Study
ARCH 601ARCH 6010Foundation Studio I
ARCH 602ARCH 6020Foundation Studio II
ARCH 612ARCH 6120Architectural Theory and Analysis
ARCH 614ARCH 6140Architectural Analysis: Key Buildings of Modernism
ARCH 623ARCH 6230Building and Climate
ARCH 624ARCH 6240Introduction to Structural Design
ARCH 626ARCH 6260Construction and Intention
ARCH 701ARCH 7010Foundation Studio III
ARCH 712ARCH 7120Architectural Theory
ARCH 721ARCH 7210Structural Design for Dynamic Loads
ARCH 723ARCH 7230Design Development
ARCH 725ARCH 7250Environmental Systems and Lighting
ARCH 750ARCH 7500Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 782ARCH 7993Independent Study
ARCH 801ARCH 8010Comprehensive Studio
ARCH 805ARCH 8500Special Topics in Architecture
ARCH 823ARCH 8230Building Synthesis
ARCH 848ARCH 8480Professional Ethics and Communication
ARCH 870ARCH 8993Advanced Independent Research
ARCH 880ARCH 8800Teaching Experience
ARCH 881ARCH 8300Preservation/ Adaptive Use
ARCH 897ARCH 8999Non-Topical Research, Masters


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARH 100ARH 1000History of Architecture: Survey
ARH 101ARH 1010History of World Architecture and Urbanism to 1400
ARH 102ARH 1020History of World Architecture & Urbanism, 1400--present
ARH 112ARH 1004History of Architecture
ARH 180ARH 1700Thomas Jefferson's Architecture
ARH 203ARH 2401History of Modern Architecture
ARH 321ARH 3102Later Medieval Architecture
ARH 322ARH 3100History of Medieval Architecture
ARH 323ARH 3101Early Medieval Architecture
ARH 331ARH 3201Italian Renaissance Architecture 15th Century
ARH 332ARH 3202Renaissance Architecture 16th Century
ARH 333ARH 3203European Classical Architecture Outside Italy, 1400-1750
ARH 350ARH 3500Special Topics in Architecture History
ARH 361ARH 3601East Meets West
ARH 362ARH 3801East Asia Architecture
ARH 365ARH 3602World Buddhist Architecture
ARH 367ARH 3802Modern Japanese Architecture
ARH 369ARH 3204Italy, Spain, & The Ottoman Empire
ARH 381ARH 3701Early American Architecture
ARH 382ARH 3702Later American Architecture
ARH 383ARH 3703Nineteenth-Century American Architecture
ARH 384ARH 3704Twentieth-Century American Architecture
ARH 385ARH 3604Historical Archaeology
ARH 391ARH 3605Drawing Historic Architecture
ARH 489ARH 4993Independent Studies in Architectural History
ARH 490ARH 4999Major Special Study: Thesis
ARH 491ARH 4591Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Architecture
ARH 555ARH 5604Field Methods in Historic Preservation
ARH 570ARH 5500Selected Topics in Architectural History
ARH 590ARH 5601Historic Preservation Theory and Practice
ARH 592ARH 5602Community History Workshop
ARH 594ARH 5603Community Public History Seminar
ARH 599ARH 5993Independent Studies in Architectural History
ARH 701ARH 7010History of World Architecture & Urbanism to 1400
ARH 702ARH 7020History of World Architecture & Urbanism, 1400 -- present
ARH 703ARH 7401History of Modern Architecture
ARH 721ARH 7102Later Medieval Architecture
ARH 722ARH 7100History of Medieval Architecture
ARH 723ARH 7101Early Medieval Architecture
ARH 731ARH 7201Italian Renaissance Architecture, 1400-1550
ARH 732ARH 7202Italian Architecture, 1550-1750
ARH 733ARH 7203European Classical Architecture Outside Italy, 1400-1750
ARH 735ARH 7205Rome, Istanbul, Venice
ARH 742ARH 9202Borromini & Baroque Rome
ARH 750ARH 7500Special Topics in Architecture History
ARH 760ARH 7402Postwar Architecture
ARH 761ARH 7601East Meets West
ARH 762ARH 7801Architecture of East Asia
ARH 765ARH 7602World Buddhist Architecture
ARH 767ARH 7802Modern Japanese Architecture
ARH 769ARH 7204Italy, Spain & The Ottoman Empire, 1400-1700
ARH 781ARH 7701Early American Architecture
ARH 782ARH 7702Later American Architecture
ARH 783ARH 7703Nineteenth-Century American Architecture
ARH 784ARH 7704Twentieth-Century American Architecture
ARH 791ARH 7605Drawing Historic Architecture
ARH 799ARH 7993Independent Study: Architectural History
ARH 800ARH 8001Methods in Architectural History
ARH 896ARH 8999Thesis Project
ARH 897ARH 8995Thesis I
ARH 920ARH 9510Seminar in Medieval Architecture
ARH 930ARH 9520Seminar in Renaissance Architecture
ARH 950ARH 9530Seminar in 18th/19th Century Architecture
ARH 953ARH 9500Seminar in Ancient/Archaeology Architecture
ARH 960ARH 9580Seminar in Architecture of East, South, and Southeast Asia
ARH 978ARH 9993Independent Studies in Architectural History
ARH 980ARH 9570Seminar in Architecture of the Americas
ARH 999ARH 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARTH 101ARTH 1051History of Art I
ARTH 102ARTH 1052History of Art II
ARTH 209ARTH 2659Sacred Sites
ARTH 211ARTH 2051Art of the Ancient Near East and Prehistoric Europe
ARTH 213ARTH 2053Greek Art
ARTH 214ARTH 2054Etruscan and Roman Art
ARTH 215ARTH 2055Introduction to Classical Archaeology
ARTH 221ARTH 2151Early Christian and Byzantine Art
ARTH 222ARTH 2152Medieval Art in Western Europe
ARTH 231ARTH 2251Italian Renaissance Art
ARTH 232ARTH 2252High Renaissance and Mannerist Art
ARTH 236ARTH 2271Painting and Graphics of the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries in Northern Europe
ARTH 241ARTH 2281Baroque Art in Europe
ARTH 251ARTH 2351Eighteenth-Century European Art
ARTH 252ARTH 2352Art of Revolutionary Europe
ARTH 255ARTH 2371Impressionism and Post Impressionism
ARTH 256ARTH 2451Modern Art, 1900-1945
ARTH 257ARTH 2491The History of Photography
ARTH 261ARTH 2751American Art
ARTH 267ARTH 2771American Modernism
ARTH 268ARTH 2471Art Since 1945
ARTH 270ARTH 2700Arts of the Buddhist World- India to Japan
ARTH 271ARTH 2861East Asian Art
ARTH 275ARTH 2871The Arts of India
ARTH 281ARTH 2881Arts of the Islamic World
ARTH 312ARTH 3051Greek Vase Painting
ARTH 313ARTH 3052Art and Poetry in Classical Greece
ARTH 315ARTH 3053The Greek City
ARTH 316ARTH 3061Roman Architecture
ARTH 317ARTH 3062Pompeii
ARTH 322ARTH 3151Age of Cathedrals
ARTH 331ARTH 3251Gender and Art in Renaissance Italy
ARTH 333ARTH 3253Renaissance Art and Literature
ARTH 334ARTH 3254Leonardo da Vinci
ARTH 335ZARTH 3255Renaissance Art on Site
ARTH 337ARTH 3257Michelangelo and His Time
ARTH 342ARTH 3281Rembrandt
ARTH 353ARTH 3351British Art: Tudors through Victoria
ARTH 362ARTH 3751Material Life in Early America
ARTH 367ARTH 3781New York School
ARTH 371ARTH 3861Chinese Art
ARTH 372ARTH 3862Japanese Art
ARTH 383ARTH 3951African Art
ARTH 385ARTH 3761Women in American Art
ARTH 401ARTH 4051Art History: Theory and Practice
ARTH 491ARTH 4591Undergraduate Seminar in the History of Art
ARTH 497ARTH 4998Undergraduate Thesis
ARTH 498ARTH 4999Undergraduate Thesis
ARTH 894ARTH 8940Special Reading Problems in Art
ARTH 895ARTH 8950Special Reading Problems


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARTR 329ARTR 3290Modern Arabic Literature in Translation
ARTR 339ARTR 3390Love, Alienation, and Politics in the Contemporary Arabic Novel
ARTR 529ARTR 5290Modern Arabic Literature in Translation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ARTS 161ARTS 1610Introduction to Drawing I
ARTS 162ARTS 2620Introduction to Drawing II
ARTS 222ARTS 2220Introduction to Digital Art I
ARTS 223ARTS 2222Introduction to Digital Art II
ARTS 251ARTS 2110Introduction to Photography I
ARTS 252ARTS 2112Introduction to Photography II
ARTS 263ARTS 2630Life Drawing I
ARTS 264ARTS 2632Life Drawing II
ARTS 267ARTS 2670Introduction to Printmaking I
ARTS 268ARTS 2672Introduction to Printmaking II
ARTS 271ARTS 2710Introduction to Painting I
ARTS 272ARTS 2712Introduction to Painting II
ARTS 281ARTS 2810Introduction to Sculpture I
ARTS 282ARTS 2812Introduction to Sculpture II
ARTS 291ARTS 2310Installation and Performance Art I
ARTS 292ARTS 2312Installation and Performance Art II
ARTS 297ARTS 2370Introduction to Cinematography I
ARTS 298ARTS 2372Introduction to Cinematography II
ARTS 322ARTS 3220Intermediate Digital Art I
ARTS 323ARTS 3222Intermediate Digital Art II
ARTS 351ARTS 3110Intermediate Photography I
ARTS 352ARTS 3112Intermediate Photography II
ARTS 367ARTS 3670Intermediate Printmaking I
ARTS 368ARTS 3672Intermediate Printmaking II
ARTS 371ARTS 3710Intermediate Painting I
ARTS 372ARTS 3712Intermediate Painting II
ARTS 381ARTS 3810Sculpture I
ARTS 382ARTS 3812Sculpture II
ARTS 397ARTS 3370Intermediate Cinematography I
ARTS 398ARTS 3372Intermediate Cinematography II
ARTS 407ARTS 4900Advanced Project in Art
ARTS 422ARTS 4220Advanced Digital Art I
ARTS 423ARTS 4222Advanced Digital Art II
ARTS 451ARTS 4450Distinguished Major Project
ARTS 452ARTS 4452Distinguished Major Project
ARTS 453ARTS 4110Advanced Photography I
ARTS 454ARTS 4112Advanced Photography II
ARTS 467ARTS 4670Advanced Problems in Printmaking
ARTS 468ARTS 4672Advanced Problems in Printmaking
ARTS 471ARTS 4710Advanced Painting I
ARTS 472ARTS 4712Advanced Painting II
ARTS 481ARTS 4810Advanced Sculpture I
ARTS 482ARTS 4812Advanced Sculpture II
ARTS 497ARTS 4370Advanced Cinematography I
ARTS 498ARTS 4372Advanced Cinematography II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ASL 101ASL 1010Elementary American Sign Language I
ASL 102ASL 1020Elementary American Sign Language II
ASL 201ASL 2010Intermediate American Sign Language I
ASL 202ASL 2020Intermediate American Sign Language II
ASL 301ASL 3010Conversational ASL
ASL 475ASL 4750Topics in Deaf Studies
ASL 481ASL 4810Deafness in Literature and Film


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ASTR 121ASTR 1210Introduction to the Sky and Solar System
ASTR 124ASTR 1220Introduction to Stars, Galaxies, and the Universe
ASTR 127ASTR 1270Unsolved Mysteries in the Universe
ASTR 130ASTR 1230Introduction to Astronomical Observation
ASTR 170ASTR 1500Seminar
ASTR 171ASTR 1510Seminar
ASTR 174ASTR 1740Introduction to Astronomical Reseach
ASTR 211ASTR 2110General Astronomy
ASTR 212ASTR 2120General Astronomy
ASTR 313ASTR 3130Observational Astronomy
ASTR 314ASTR 3140Introduction to Observational Radio Astronomy
ASTR 324ASTR 3340Teaching Astronomy
ASTR 341ASTR 3410Archaeo-Astronomy
ASTR 342ASTR 3420Life Beyond the Earth
ASTR 346ASTR 3460Development of Modern Astronomy
ASTR 347ASTR 3470Science and Controversy in Astronomy
ASTR 348ASTR 3480Introduction to Cosmology
ASTR 351ASTR 3880Planetary Astronomy
ASTR 395ASTR 4993Tutorial
ASTR 444ASTR 4440The Nature of Discovery in Astronomy
ASTR 451ASTR 4810Introduction to Astrophysics
ASTR 498ASTR 4998Senior Thesis
ASTR 511ASTR 5110Astronomical Techniques
ASTR 534ASTR 5340Introductory Radio Astronomy
ASTR 535ASTR 5350Introduction to Radio Astronomy Instrumentation
ASTR 539ASTR 5500Topical Seminar
ASTR 540ASTR 5510Topical Seminar
ASTR 542ASTR 5420Interstellar Medium
ASTR 543ASTR 5430Stellar Astrophysics
ASTR 544ASTR 5440Stellar Astrophysics
ASTR 545ASTR 5450High Energy Astrophysics
ASTR 546ASTR 5460Binary Stars
ASTR 548ASTR 5480Evolution of the Universe
ASTR 551ASTR 5610Galactic Structure and Stellar Populations
ASTR 553ASTR 5630Extragalactic Astronomy
ASTR 554ASTR 5640Extragalactic Astronomy II
ASTR 571ASTR 6210Fundamental Concepts in Astronomy
ASTR 572ASTR 6220Fundamental Concepts in Astronomy
ASTR 573ASTR 6230Laboratory Concepts in Astronomy
ASTR 574ASTR 6340Astronomy Concepts in the Classroom
ASTR 575ASTR 6410General Topics in Astronomy
ASTR 576ASTR 6420General Topics in Astronomy
ASTR 577ASTR 6470Science and Controversy Concepts
ASTR 578ASTR 6480Introduction to Cosmology Concepts
ASTR 836ASTR 8500Current Astronomical Topics
ASTR 849ASTR 8490Advanced Seminar
ASTR 850ASTR 8400Advanced Seminar
ASTR 897ASTR 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
ASTR 898ASTR 8999Non-Topical Research
ASTR 995ASTR 9995Supervised Research
ASTR 997ASTR 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
ASTR 999ASTR 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIMS 503BIMS 5030Macromolecular Structure and Function
BIMS 512BIMS 5012Cell Structure and Function
BIMS 542BIMS 5410Computational Methods in Diabetes and Endocrinology
BIMS 710BIMS 7100Research Ethics
BIMS 803BIMS 8200Fundamental Immunology
BIMS 805BIMS 8051Cell & Molecular Biology Proj
BIMS 806BIMS 8052Cell & Molecular Biol Projects
BIMS 808BIMS 8011General and Molecular Genetics
BIMS 809BIMS 8090Cell Imaging
BIMS 811BIMS 8010Gene Structure, Expression and Regulation
BIMS 813BIMS 8131Topics in the Molecular Basis of Human Disease
BIMS 815BIMS 8053Cell & Molecular Biology Literature
BIMS 816BIMS 8054Cell and Molecular Biology Literature
BIMS 817BIMS 8171M.D./Ph.D. Research in Progress Colloquium
BIMS 818BIMS 8172MD/PhD Research in Progress Colloquium
BIMS 819BIMS 8191Biotechnology Rsch Seminars
BIMS 820BIMS 8192Biotechnology Research Seminars
BIMS 821BIMS 8193Biotechnology Industrial Externship
BIMS 822BIMS 8194Biotechnology Industrial Externship
BIMS 824BIMS 8012Chromatin Structure & Function
BIMS 826BIMS 8260Practical Molecular Medicine
BIMS 827BIMS 8311Medical Pathology Part I
BIMS 828BIMS 8312Medical Pathology Part II
BIMS 830BIMS 8300Medical Genetics
BIMS 832BIMS 8320Graduate Physiology
BIMS 834BIMS 8340Issues in Biodefense: Science and Policy
BIMS 835BIMS 8201Colloquium in Immunology
BIMS 836BIMS 8202Colloquium In Immunology
BIMS 837BIMS 8071CVRC Research in Progress
BIMS 838BIMS 8072CVRC Research in Progress
BIMS 839BIMS 8091CVRC Seminars
BIMS 840BIMS 8092CVRC Seminars
BIMS 841BIMS 8041Advanced Topics in Cancer
BIMS 847BIMS 8471Research Correlation in Medical Pathology
BIMS 848BIMS 8472Research Correlation in Medical Pathology
BIMS 852BIMS 8062Vascular Biology
BIMS 853BIMS 8063Modern Literature of Cardiovascular Research
BIMS 854BIMS 8064Modern Literature of Cardiovascular Research
BIMS 856BIMS 8066Cardiovascular Physiology
BIMS 862BIMS 8620Advanced Topics and Technologies in Cell Signaling
BIMS 864BIMS 9640Clinical Oncology for Basic and Translational Scientists
BIMS 997BIMS 9998Non-Topical Research
BIMS 999BIMS 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIOC 505BIOC 5050Biochemistry Projects
BIOC 506BIOC 5051Biochemistry Projects
BIOC 508BIOC 5080Computer Analysis of DNA and Protein Sequences
BIOC 813BIOC 8130Colloquium
BIOC 814BIOC 8131Colloquium
BIOC 815BIOC 8150Biochemical Literature
BIOC 816BIOC 8151Biochemical Literature
BIOC 825BIOC 8250Medical Biochemistry
BIOC 958BIOC 9995Topical Research: DNA Replication and Protein Nucleic Acid Interactions
BIOC 997BIOC 9998Non-Topical Research: Preparation for Doctoral Research
BIOC 999BIOC 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIOE 810BIOE 8100Foundations in Bioethics
BIOE 811BIOE 8110Clinical Ethics


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIOL 106BIOL 1060Principles of Nutrition
BIOL 121BIOL 1210Human Biology and Disease
BIOL 149BIOL 1490Survival Biology for the New Millennium
BIOL 201BIOL 2010Introduction to Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics
BIOL 202BIOL 2020Introduction to Biology: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 203BIOL 2030Introduction to Biology: Cell Biology and Genetics Laboratory
BIOL 204BIOL 2040Introduction to Biology: Organismal and Evolutionary Biology Laboratory
BIOL 206BIOL 2060Human Physiology and Anatomy I
BIOL 206L BIOL 2061Human Physiology and Anatomy I Laboratory
BIOL 207BIOL 2070Human Physiology and Anatomy II
BIOL 207L BIOL 2071Human Physiology and Anatomy II Laboratory
BIOL 300BIOL 3000Cell Biology and Biochemistry
BIOL 301BIOL 3010Genetics and Molecular Biology
BIOL 302BIOL 3020Evolution and Ecology
BIOL 308BIOL 3080Virology
BIOL 309BIOL 3090Biology of Infectious Disease
BIOL 312BIOL 3120Fundamentals of Microbiology
BIOL 314BIOL 3140Biology of Aging
BIOL 315BIOL 3150Microbiology Laboratory
BIOL 317BIOL 3170Introduction to Neurobiology
BIOL 318BIOL 3180Introduction to Plant Biology
BIOL 320BIOL 3200Basic Laboratory Investigations
BIOL 321BIOL 3210Cell, Molecular and Developmental Biology Lab
BIOL 322BIOL 3220Genetics Evolution, and Behavior Laboratory
BIOL 323BIOL 3230Animal Physiology
BIOL 324BIOL 3240Introduction to Immunology
BIOL 325BIOL 3250Introduction to Animal Behavior
BIOL 328BIOL 3280Ornithology
BIOL 329BIOL 3290Ecology and Conservation of Fishes
BIOL 340BIOL 3400Functional Morphology of Vertebrates
BIOL 344BIOL 3440Endocrinology
BIOL 345BIOL 3450Biodiversity and Conservation
BIOL 350BIOL 3500Field Biology
BIOL 395BIOL 3950Recent Advances in Biology
BIOL 400BIOL 4000Laboratory in Molecular Biology
BIOL 401BIOL 4010Macroevolution
BIOL 402BIOL 4020Ecology and Evolutionary Genetics
BIOL 403BIOL 4030Evolutionary Biology Laboratory
BIOL 404BIOL 4040Laboratory in Cell Biology
BIOL 405BIOL 4050Developmental Biology
BIOL 407BIOL 4070Developmental Biology Laboratory
BIOL 408BIOL 4080Neuronal Organization of Behavior
BIOL 411BIOL 4110Genetics Laboratory
BIOL 413BIOL 4130Population Ecology and Conservation Biology
BIOL 416BIOL 4160Functional Genomics
BIOL 417BIOL 4170Cellular Neurobiology
BIOL 418BIOL 4180Behavioral Ecology
BIOL 419BIOL 4190Biological Clocks
BIOL 425BIOL 4250Human Genetics
BIOL 426BIOL 4260Cellular Mechanisms
BIOL 427BIOL 4270Animal Behavior Laboratory
BIOL 431BIOL 4310Sensory Biology
BIOL 433BIOL 4330Wiring the Brain
BIOL 435BIOL 4350Metabolic Systems
BIOL 437BIOL 4370Epigenetics
BIOL 441BIOL 4410Molecular Biology and Genetics
BIOL 448BIOL 4480Structure and Function of Complex Macromolecules
BIOL 465BIOL 4650Molecular Biology of Human Disease
BIOL 481BIOL 4810Seminar in Biological Research
BIOL 482BIOL 4820Seminar in Biological Research
BIOL 485BIOL 4850Seminar in Environmental and Conservation Biology
BIOL 491BIOL 4911Independent Research 1
BIOL 492BIOL 4912Independent Research 2
BIOL 493BIOL 4913Independent Research 3
BIOL 494BIOL 4914Independent Research 4
BIOL 495BIOL 4915Independent Research 5
BIOL 496BIOL 4916Independent Research 6
BIOL 497BIOL 4917Independent Research 7
BIOL 498BIOL 4918Independent Research 8
BIOL 501BIOL 5010Biochemistry
BIOL 507BIOL 5070Practical Aspects of Light Microscopy in the Biological Sciences
BIOL 508BIOL 5080Developmental Mechanisms
BIOL 509BIOL 5090Current Topics in Plant Molecular Biology
BIOL 512BIOL 5120Comparative Biochemistry
BIOL 517BIOL 5170Molecular Genetics
BIOL 537BIOL 5370Epidemiology and Evolution of Infections Disease
BIOL 546BIOL 5460Molecular Neuroscience
BIOL 701BIOL 7010Macroevolution
BIOL 702BIOL 7020Ecological and Evolutionary Genetics
BIOL 711BIOL 7993Independent Study in Biology
BIOL 713BIOL 7130Population Ecology and Conservation Biology
BIOL 716BIOL 7160Functional Genomics
BIOL 717BIOL 7170Neurophysiology
BIOL 719BIOL 7190Biological Clocks
BIOL 723BIOL 7230Animal Physiology
BIOL 735BIOL 7350Metabolic Systems
BIOL 737BIOL 7370Epigenetics
BIOL 741BIOL 7410Molecular Biology
BIOL 785BIOL 7850Seminar in Environmental and Conservation Biology
BIOL 801BIOL 8010Colloquium in Developmental Biology
BIOL 802BIOL 8020Colloquium in Physiology
BIOL 803BIOL 8030Colloquium in Genetics
BIOL 804BIOL 8040Colloquium in Biology
BIOL 806BIOL 8060Colloquium in Neurobiology
BIOL 807BIOL 8070Colloquium in Population Biology
BIOL 814BIOL 8140Developmental Genetics
BIOL 820BIOL 8200Structure and Regulation of Eukaryotic Genes
BIOL 825BIOL 8250Scientific Presentations and Papers
BIOL 849BIOL 8490Advanced Drosophila Genetics
BIOL 880BIOL 8800Selected Topics in Genetics
BIOL 881BIOL 8810Selected Topics in Evolution
BIOL 882BIOL 8820Selected Topics in Developmental Biology
BIOL 884BIOL 8840Selected Topics in Physiology
BIOL 885BIOL 8850Selected Topics in Molecular Genetics
BIOL 886BIOL 8860Selected Topics in Cell Biology
BIOL 887BIOL 8870Selected Topics in Developmental Genetics
BIOL 888BIOL 8880Selected Topics in Biochemistry
BIOL 890BIOL 8900Selected Topics in Developmental Botany
BIOL 897BIOL 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
BIOL 898BIOL 8999Non-Topical Research
BIOL 901BIOL 9010Research in Genetic Development
BIOL 903BIOL 9030Research in Yeast Genetics
BIOL 904BIOL 9040Research in Yeast Genetics
BIOL 907BIOL 9070Research in Molecular Genetics
BIOL 909BIOL 9090Research in Developmental Biology
BIOL 911BIOL 9110Research on Protein Structure
BIOL 915BIOL 9150Research in Biochemistry
BIOL 923BIOL 9230Research in Neuroethology of Electric Fish
BIOL 925BIOL 9250Research in Population Biology
BIOL 927BIOL 9270Research in Plant Physiology
BIOL 929BIOL 9290Research in Plant Biology
BIOL 933BIOL 9330Research in the Circadian Organization of Vertebrates
BIOL 935BIOL 9350Research in Cell Structure and Function
BIOL 937BIOL 9370Research in Gene Expression during Development
BIOL 939BIOL 9390Research in Behavior Neuroendocrinology
BIOL 941BIOL 9410Yeast Morphogenesis
BIOL 945BIOL 9450Research in Evolutionary Biology
BIOL 947BIOL 9470Research in Neurophysiology and Developmental Neurobiology
BIOL 951BIOL 9600Research in Cell Structure and Function
BIOL 963BIOL 9630Research in Drosophila Neurobiology
BIOL 965BIOL 9650Research in Ecological Genetics
BIOL 967BIOL 9670Research in Animal Cell Growth
BIOL 977BIOL 9770Research in Molecular Aspects of Development
BIOL 979BIOL 9790Research in Development and Function of Neuronal Networks
BIOL 981BIOL 9810Research in Developmental Genetics and Morphogenesis
BIOL 983BIOL 9830Research in the Neurophysiological Basis of Circadian Rhythms
BIOL 991BIOL 9910Rotation Research
BIOL 992BIOL 9920Rotation Research
BIOL 996BIOL 9995Research
BIOL 997BIOL 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
BIOL 999BIOL 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIOM 200BME 2000Biomedical Engineering Design and Discovery
BIOM 201BME 2101Physiology I
BIOM 202BME 2102Physiology II
BIOM 204BME 2104Cell and Molecular Biology for Engineers
BIOM 310BME 3310Biomedical Systems Analysis and Design
BIOM 315BME 3315Computational Biomedical Engineering
BIOM 322BME 2220Biomechanics
BIOM 324BME 2240Biotransport
BIOM 345BME 3636Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation
BIOM 380BME 3080Biomedical Engineering Integrated Design and Experimental Analysis (IDEAS) Laboratory I
BIOM 390BME 3090Biomedical Engineering Integrated Design and Experimental Analysis (IDEAS) Laboratory II
BIOM 406BME 4806Biomedical Applications of Genetic Engineering
BIOM 411BME 4311Bioinstrumentation and Design
BIOM 414BME 4414Biomaterials
BIOM 417BME 4417Tissue Engineering
BIOM 428BME 4280Motion Biomechanics
BIOM 441BME 4641Bioelectricity
BIOM 453BME 4995Biomedical Engineering Advanced Projects
BIOM 463BME 4063Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design I
BIOM 464BME 4064Biomedical Engineering Capstone Design II
BIOM 483BME 4783Medical Image Modalities
BIOM 484BME 4784Medical Image Analysis
BIOM 490BME 4890Nanomedicine
BIOM 495BME 4550Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
BIOM 499BME 4993Independent Study
BIOM 601BME 6101Engineering Physiology
BIOM 603BME 6103Physiology I
BIOM 604BME 6104Physiology and Pathophysiology
BIOM 610BME 6310Instrumentation and Measurement in Medicine I
BIOM 611BME 6311Instrumentation and Measurement in Medicine II
BIOM 628BME 6280Motion Biomechanics
BIOM 695BME 6550Special Topics in Biomedical Engineering
BIOM 703BME 7003Biomedical Engineering Seminar
BIOM 706BME 7806Biomedical Applications of Genetic Engineering
BIOM 741BME 7641Bioelectricity
BIOM 782BME 7782Medical Imaging Systems Theory
BIOM 783BME 7783Medical Image Modalities
BIOM 784BME 7784Medical Image Analysis
BIOM 823BME 8823Cell Mechanics, Adhesion, and Locomotion
BIOM 883BME 8783Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging
BIOM 891BME 8730Diagnostic Ultrasound Imaging
BIOM 892BME 8550Advanced Topics in Biomed Engineering
BIOM 897BME 8900Graduate Teaching Instruction
BIOM 898BME 8999Master's Research
BIOM 997BME 9000Graduate Teaching Instruction
BIOM 999BME 9999Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BIOP 505BIOP 5050Biophysical Literature
BIOP 506BIOP 5060Molecular Physiology: From Molecular Machines to Biological Information Processing
BIOP 751BIOP 7051Directed Reading
BIOP 801BIOP 8010Special Topics in Biophysics
BIOP 802BIOP 8020Advanced Protein Crystallography
BIOP 803BIOP 8030Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy of Macromollecules
BIOP 995BIOP 9995Biophysics Research
BIOP 997BIOP 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
BIOP 999BIOP 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BULG 121BULG 1210Introduction to Bulgarian Language
BULG 122BULG 1220Introduction to Bulgarian Language


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
BUS 341BUS 3410Commercial Law I
BUS 342BUS 3420Commercial Law II
BUS 371BUS 3710Managerial Finance I
BUS 501BUS 5010Information Security Management
BUS 502BUS 5020Security Policy Development and Assessment
BUS 503BUS 5030Designing Dynamic Security Architecture
BUS 504BUS 5040Creating and Conducting a Security Audit
BUS 505BUS 5050Threat Assessment and Security Measures
BUS 506BUS 5060Understanding Technology Used in an Open Access Environment
BUS 507BUS 5070ISC2 Commong Body of Knowledge and C I S S P Exam Preparation
BUS 530BUS 5300Leadership in the Technology Organization
BUS 531BUS 5310Financial Management
BUS 532BUS 5320Communications and Team Development
BUS 534BUS 5340Employee Recruitment and Development
BUS 535BUS 5350Understanding Technology Operations
BUS 536BUS 5360Introduction to E-Commerce
BUS 537BUS 5370Managing and Maintaining an E-Commerce Website
BUS 538BUS 5380Web Marketing: Building Awareness on the Internet
BUS 539BUS 5390E-Commerce Law
BUS 540BUS 5400Financial Management for Web-based Businesses
BUS 541BUS 5410Strategic Management of E-Commerce Technology
BUS 542BUS 5420Emerging Business Models in E-Commerce


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CCFA 200CCFA 2000The Mind of the Artist
CCFA 202AMST 2020Arts and Cultures of the Slave South


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CCSC 202CCSC 2020Food for Thought


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CE 201CE 2010Civil Engineering Techniques
CE 205CE 2100Introduction to Environmental Engineering
CE 230CE 2300Statics
CE 231CE 2310Strength of Materials
CE 232CE 2320Dynamics
CE 315CE 2210Fluid Mechanics
CE 316CE 3710Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering
CE 316LCE 3712Introduction to Geotechnical Engineering Lab
CE 319CE 3300Structural Mechanics
CE 323CE 3700Properties and Behavior of Materials
CE 326CE 3310Design of Concrete Structures
CE 330CE 3100Water for the World
CE 336CE 3200Water Resources Engineering
CE 341CE 3000Civil Engineering Systems Analysis
CE 344CE 3400Transportation Facilities Design
CE 363CE 3702Materials Laboratory
CE 365CE 2212Fluid Mechanics Laboratory
CE 401CE 4300Design of Metal Structures I
CE 402CE 4310Design of Metal Structures II
CE 403CE 4320Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 404CE 4010Concrete Technology
CE 405CE 4330Prestressed Concrete Design
CE 410CE 4100Water Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
CE 411CE 4700Foundation Engineering
CE 420CE 4120Experimental Analyses in Environmental Engineering
CE 421CE 4020Pavement Analysis and Design
CE 426CE 4110Environmental Systems Management
CE 427CE 4270Hydraulics of Rivers, Streams, and Channels
CE 431CE 4030Earth Work
CE 436CE 4210Stormwater Management
CE 440CE 4200Groundwater Hydrology
CE 441CE 4000Construction Engineering and Economics
CE 444CE 4400Traffic Operations
CE 445CE 4410Introduction to Transportation Planning
CE 446CE 4810Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
CE 451CE 4500Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 453CE 4710Asphalt Materials
CE 461CE 4800Computer Applications in Civil Engineering
CE 471CE 4820Introduction to Finite Element Methods
CE 490CE 4991Civil Engineering Design and Practice
CE 495CE 4995Civil Engineering Research
CE 600CE 6000Forefronts of Civil Engineering
CE 601CE 6710Advanced Mechanics of Materials
CE 602CE 6720Continuum Mechanics with Applications
CE 603CE 6730Computational Solid Mechanics
CE 604CE 6740Plates and Shells
CE 605CE 6010Computational Methods in Civil Engineering
CE 607CE 6770Theory of Elasticity
CE 610CE 6100Concrete Materials
CE 611CE 6110Asphalt Materials
CE 613CE 6040Infrastructure Management
CE 614CE 6120Pavement Analysis and Design
CE 615CE 6130Advanced Geotechnical Engineering
CE 616CE 6140Advanced Foundations
CE 617CE 6480Advanced Geometric Design
CE 620CE 6700Energy Principles in Mechanics
CE 623CE 6731Vibrations
CE 626CE 6260Environmental Microbiology for Engineers
CE 627CE 6270Hydraulics of Rivers, Streams, and Channels
CE 631CE 6440Intelligent Transportation Systems
CE 632CE 6460Introduction to Integrated Transportation Systems Models
CE 633CE 6410Introduction to Transportation Planning
CE 634CE 6020Geographic Information Systems
CE 635CE 6430Intermodal Transportation
CE 636CE 6400Traffic Operations
CE 637CE 6450Transportation Safety Engineering
CE 638CE 6420Public Transportation
CE 639CE 6470Financing Transportation Infrastructure
CE 640CE 6210Wastewater Treatment
CE 641CE 6200Fate and Transport Modeling of Ecosystems
CE 644CE 6220Water Chemistry for Environmental Engineering
CE 647CE 6030Green Engineering and Sustainability
CE 653CE 6230Hydrology
CE 655CE 6240Ground-Water Hydrology
CE 656CE 6250Environmental Systems Management
CE 665CE 6750Mechanics of Composite Materials
CE 666CE 6760Stress Analysis of Composites
CE 671CE 6330Introduction to Finite Element Methods
CE 675CE 6775Theory of Structural Stability
CE 677CE 6340Risk and Reliability in Structural Engineering
CE 681CE 6300Advanced Design of Metal Structures
CE 683CE 6310Prestressed Concrete Design
CE 684CE 6320Advanced Reinforced Concrete Design
CE 685CE 6350Experimental Mechanics
CE 691CE 6500Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 693CE 6993Independent Study
CE 695CE 6995Supervised Project Research
CE 700CE 7001Graduate Seminar
CE 714CE 7120Advanced Pavement Analysis and Design
CE 724CE 7340Dynamics of Structures
CE 725CE 7750Random Vibrations
CE 732CE 7410Transportation Impact Analysis
CE 734CE 7400Traffic Flow Theory
CE 735CE 7430Transportation Logistics
CE 738CE 7460Advanced Integrated Transportation Systems Models
CE 739CE 8400Advanced Topics in Transportation
CE 742CE 7200Environmental Hydraulics Modeling
CE 743CE 7240Theory of Groundwater Flow and Contaminant Transport
CE 746CE 8240Groundwater Modeling
CE 767CE 7770Micromechanics of Heterogeneous Media
CE 773CE 7330Advanced Finite Element Applications in Structural Engineering
CE 776CE 7310Non-Linear Structural Systems
CE 780CE 7300Optimum Structural Design
CE 782CE 7320Design of Slab and Shell Structures
CE 791CE 7500Special Topics in Civil Engineering
CE 793CE 7993Independent Study
CE 795CE 7995Supervised Project Research
CE 897CE 8001Graduate Teaching Instruction
CE 898CE 8999Thesis
CE 999CE 9999Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CELL 501CELL 5010Gross Anatomy and Development of the Human Body
CELL 502CELL 5020Gross Anatomy and Development of the Human Body
CELL 503CELL 5030Cell and Tissue Structure
CELL 505CELL 5050Methods and Applications in Biotechnology
CELL 506CELL 5060Laboratory Rotations
CELL 595CELL 5950Current Topics in Cell Biology
CELL 701CELL 7010Structure and Function of the Cell
CELL 803CELL 8030Advanced Gross Anatomy of the Human Body
CELL 804CELL 8040Advanced Gross Anatomy of the Human Body
CELL 805CELL 8650Colloquium in Developmental Biology
CELL 806CELL 8660Colloquium in Cell Biology
CELL 897CELL 9995Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
CELL 903CELL 9030Research in Cell Biology
CELL 904CELL 9040Research in Cell Biology
CELL 997CELL 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
CELL 999CELL 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CHE 202CHE 2202Thermodynamics
CHE 215CHE 2215Material and Energy Balances
CHE 216CHE 2216Modeling and Simulation in Chemical Engineering
CHE 246CHE 2246Introduction to Biotechnology
CHE 316CHE 3316Chemical Thermodynamics
CHE 318CHE 3318Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 321CHE 3321Transport Processes I: Momentum and Heat Transfer
CHE 322CHE 3322Transport Processes II: Mass Transfer and Separations
CHE 347CHE 3347Biochemical Engineering
CHE 398CHE 3398Chemical Engineering Laboratory I
CHE 438CHE 4438Process Modeling, Dynamics, and Control
CHE 442CHE 4442Applied Surface Chemistry
CHE 448CHE 4448Bioseparations Engineering
CHE 449CHE 4449Polymer Chemistry and Engineering
CHE 461CHE 4561Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 462CHE 4562Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 476CHE 4476Chemical Engineering Design
CHE 491CHE 4491Chemical Engineering Laboratory II
CHE 495CHE 4995Chemical Engineering Research
CHE 561CHE 5561Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 615CHE 6615Advanced Thermodynamics
CHE 618CHE 6618Chemical Reaction Engineering
CHE 625CHE 6625Transport Processes
CHE 630CHE 6630Mass Transfer
CHE 635CHE 6438Process Control and Dynamics
CHE 642CHE 6442Applied Surface Chemistry
CHE 647CHE 6447Biochemical Engineering
CHE 648CHE 6448Bioseparations Engineering
CHE 649CHE 6449Polymer Chemistry and Engineering
CHE 665CHE 6665Techniques for Chemical Engineering Analysis and Design
CHE 674CHE 6476Process Design and Economics
CHE 716CHE 7716Applied Statistical Mechanics
CHE 744CHE 7744Electrochemical Engineering
CHE 793CHE 7993Independent Study
CHE 795CHE 7995Supervised Project Research
CHE 796CHE 7796Graduate Seminar
CHE 819CHE 8819Advanced Chemical Engineering Kinetics and Reaction Engineering
CHE 820CHE 8820Modeling of Biological Processes in Environmental Systems
CHE 833CHE 8833Specialized Separation Processes
CHE 881CHE 8581Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 882CHE 8582Special Topics in Chemical Engineering
CHE 893CHE 8993Independent Study
CHE 897CHE 8897Graduate Teaching Instruction
CHE 898CHE 8998Master's Research
CHE 997CHE 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction
CHE 999CHE 9999Dissertation Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CHEM 121CHEM 1210Concepts of Chemistry
CHEM 122CHEM 1220Contemporary Chemistry
CHEM 141CHEM 1410Introductory College Chemistry
CHEM 141LCHEM 1411Introductory College Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 142CHEM 1420Introductory College Chemistry
CHEM 142LCHEM 1421Introductory College Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 151CHEM 1610Introductory Chemistry for Engineers
CHEM 151LCHEM 1611Introductory Chemistry for Engineers Laboratory
CHEM 152CHEM 1620Introductory Chemistry for Engineers
CHEM 152LCHEM 1621Introductory Chemistry for Engineers Laboratory
CHEM 170CHEM 1700Liberal Arts Seminar
CHEM 171CHEM 1710Liberal Arts Seminar
CHEM 181CHEM 1810Principles of Chemical Structure
CHEM 181LCHEM 1811Principles of Chemical Structure Laboratory
CHEM 182CHEM 1820Principles of Chemical Reactions I
CHEM 182LCHEM 1821Principles of Chemical Reactions I Laboratory
CHEM 212CHEM 2620Introduction to Organic Chemistry
CHEM 212LCHEM 2621Introduction to Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 222CHEM 2220Solution Chemistry
CHEM 241CHEM 2410Organic Chemistry
CHEM 241LCHEM 2411Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 242CHEM 2420Organic Chemistry
CHEM 242LCHEM 2421Organic Chemistry Laboratory
CHEM 281CHEM 2810Principles of Chemical Reactions II
CHEM 281LCHEM 2811Principles of Chemical Reactions II Laboratory
CHEM 282CHEM 2820Principles of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics
CHEM 282LCHEM 2821Principles of Chemical Thermodynamics and Kinetics Laboratory
CHEM 322CHEM 3220Uranium and the American West
CHEM 341CHEM 3410Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 342CHEM 3420Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 351CHEM 3610Research Seminar in Biological Chemistry
CHEM 371CHEM 3811Intermediate Techniques in Chemical Experimentation
CHEM 372CHEM 3821Intermediate Techniques in Chemical Experimentation
CHEM 381CHEM 3810Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 382CHEM 3820Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 391CHEM 3910Introductory Research Seminar
CHEM 392CHEM 3920Introductory Research Seminar
CHEM 393CHEM 3993Independent Study
CHEM 394CHEM 4993Independent Study
CHEM 395CHEM 3951Introduction to Research
CHEM 396CHEM 3961Introduction to Research
CHEM 432CHEM 4320Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 441CHEM 4410Biological Chemistry I
CHEM 442CHEM 4420Biological Chemistry II
CHEM 451CHEM 4411Biological Chemistry Laboratory I
CHEM 452CHEM 4421Biological Chemistry Laboratory II
CHEM 495CHEM 4951Supervised and Original Research in Chemistry
CHEM 496CHEM 4961Supervised and Original Research in Chemistry
CHEM 511CHEM 5110Organic Chemistry III
CHEM 521CHEM 5210Advanced Physical Chemistry I
CHEM 522CHEM 5220Advanced Physical Chemistry II
CHEM 535CHEM 5350Advanced Inorganic Chemistry I
CHEM 536CHEM 5360Advanced Inorganic Chemistry II
CHEM 543CHEM 5430Biological Chemistry I
CHEM 551CHEM 5710Instrumental Methods of Analysis I
CHEM 701CHEM 7010Research Seminar I
CHEM 702CHEM 7020Research Seminar II
CHEM 703CHEM 7030Research Seminar III
CHEM 707CHEM 7500Topics of Current Interest and Pedagogy
CHEM 712CHEM 7120Organic Chemistry IV
CHEM 715CHEM 7150Instrumental Theory and Techniques in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 722CHEM 7220Reaction Kinetics and Dynamics
CHEM 743CHEM 7430Biological Chemistry I
CHEM 744CHEM 7440Biological Chemistry II
CHEM 751CHEM 7710Analytical Chemistry
CHEM 812CHEM 7510Selected Topics in Organic Chemistry
CHEM 814CHEM 8140Chemistry of Heterocyclic Compounds and Related Topics
CHEM 821CHEM 8210Principles of Quantum Mechanics
CHEM 822CHEM 8220Chemical Applications of Quantum Mechanics
CHEM 825CHEM 8250Molecular Spectroscopy
CHEM 831CHEM 8530Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 832CHEM 8540Selected Topics in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 834CHEM 8340Determination of Molecular Structure by Diffraction Methods
CHEM 836CHEM 8360Physical Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 845CHEM 8450Enzymatic Reaction Mechanisms
CHEM 852CHEM 8520Special Topics in Instrumental Methods
CHEM 854CHEM 8740Analytical Spectroscopy
CHEM 861CHEM 8550Selected Topics in Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHEM 862CHEM 8560Selected Topics in Advanced Physical Chemistry
CHEM 897CHEM 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
CHEM 898CHEM 8999Non-Topical Research
CHEM 907CHEM 9070Research in Infrared Spectroscopy
CHEM 908CHEM 9080Research in Infrared Spectroscopy
CHEM 911CHEM 9110Research in Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions
CHEM 912CHEM 9120Research in Inorganic and Organometallic Reactions
CHEM 915CHEM 9150Research in Photochemistry and Luminescence
CHEM 916CHEM 9160Research in Photochemistry and Luminescence
CHEM 921CHEM 9210Research in High Resolution Molecules
CHEM 922CHEM 9220Research in High Resolution Molecules
CHEM 923CHEM 9230Research in Mass Spectrometry
CHEM 924CHEM 9240Research in Mass Spectrometry
CHEM 925CHEM 9250Research in Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM 926CHEM 9260Research in Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM 927CHEM 9270Research in Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 928CHEM 9280Research in Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 941CHEM 9410Research in Membrane Biochemistry
CHEM 942CHEM 9420Research in Membrane Biochemistry
CHEM 945CHEM 9450Research in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 946CHEM 9460Research in Inorganic Chemistry
CHEM 949CHEM 9290Research in Physical Chemistry of Surfaces
CHEM 950CHEM 9300Research in Physical Chemistry of Surfaces
CHEM 951CHEM 9310Research in Bioorganic Mechanism and Synthesis
CHEM 952CHEM 9320Research in Bioorganic Mechanism and Synthesis
CHEM 955CHEM 9330Research in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHEM 956CHEM 9340Research in Synthetic Organic Chemistry
CHEM 959CHEM 9350Research in Multistage Organic Synthesis
CHEM 960CHEM 9360Research in Multistage Organic Synthesis
CHEM 961CHEM 9610Research in Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 962CHEM 9620Research in Medicinal Chemistry
CHEM 963CHEM 9630Research in Bioanalytical Studies
CHEM 964CHEM 9640Research in Bioanalytical Studies
CHEM 965CHEM 9650Research in Statistical Mechanics of Condensed Phases
CHEM 966CHEM 9660Research in Statistical Mechanics of Condensed Phases
CHEM 967CHEM 9670Research: Biomolecular NMR
CHEM 968CHEM 9680Research: Biomolecular NMR
CHEM 969CHEM 9690Research: Chemistry of Medicine
CHEM 970CHEM 9700Research: Chemistry of Medicine
CHEM 971CHEM 9710Research: Combinatorial Science
CHEM 972CHEM 9720Research: Combinatorial Science
CHEM 973CHEM 9730Research: Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM 974CHEM 9740Research: Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry
CHEM 975CHEM 9750Research: Analytical Chemistry of Biological Systems
CHEM 976CHEM 9760Research: Analytical Chemistry of Biological Systems
CHEM 979CHEM 9790Research: Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics
CHEM 980CHEM 9800Research: Molecular Spectroscopy and Dynamics
CHEM 981CHEM 9810Research in Membrane Biophysical Chemistry
CHEM 983CHEM 9830Nanoscience on Surfaces
CHEM 997CHEM 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
CHEM 999CHEM 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CHIN 101CHIN 1010Elementary Chinese
CHIN 102CHIN 1020Elementary Chinese
CHIN 106CHIN 1060Accelerated Elementary Chinese
CHIN 201CHIN 2010Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 202CHIN 2020Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 206CHIN 2060Accelerated Intermediate Chinese
CHIN 301CHIN 3010Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 301H CHIN 3015Language House Conversation
CHIN 302CHIN 3020Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 302H CHIN 3025Language House Conversation
CHIN 305CHIN 3050Accelerated Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
CHIN 346CHIN 3460Chinese Culture and Society through Films
CHIN 401CHIN 4010Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 402CHIN 4020Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 406CHIN 4060Accelerated Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 493CHIN 4993Independent Study in Chinese
CHIN 501CHIN 5010Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
CHIN 502CHIN 5020Readings in Modern Chinese Literature
CHIN 523CHIN 5230Chinese Conversation and Composition (in Chinese)
CHIN 524CHIN 5240Advanced Chinese Conversation and Composition (in Chinese)
CHIN 528CHIN 5280History of the Chinese Language (in Chinese)
CHIN 546CHIN 5460Chinese Culture and Society through Films
CHIN 550CHIN 5500Introduction to Chinese History, Culture and Society
CHIN 581CHIN 5810Media Chinese I
CHIN 582CHIN 5820Media Chinese II
CHIN 583CHIN 5830Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 584CHIN 5840Introduction to Classical Chinese
CHIN 585CHIN 5850Classical Chinese Literature
CHIN 586CHIN 5860Classical Chinese Literature
CHIN 701CHIN 7010Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 702CHIN 7020Advanced Readings in Modern Chinese
CHIN 703CHIN 7030Modern Chinese Poetry
CHIN 704CHIN 7040Traditional Chinese Poetry (in Chinese)
CHIN 705CHIN 7050Classical Chinese Prose
CHIN 706CHIN 7060Classical Chinese Poetry
CHIN 783CHIN 7830Readings in Confucian Texts
CHIN 801CHIN 8993Independent Study in Chinese


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CHTR 280CHTR 2800Chinese Calligraphy
CHTR 301CHTR 2010Legendary Women in Early China
CHTR 321CHTR 3210Chinese Literature in Translation
CHTR 322CHTR 2220Gender, Family, and Sexuality in Chinese Fiction
CHTR 521CHTR 5210Chinese Literature in Translation
CHTR 522CHTR 5220Chinese Literature in Translation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CJ 210CJ 2100Basics in Criminal Justice Research
CJ 211CJ 2110Introduction to Microcomputers in Law Enforcement
CJ 212CJ 2120Contemporary Issues in Drug Law Enforcement
CJ 213CJ 2130Command Applications of Counte
CJ 226CJ 2260Law Enforcement & National Security: Defining Global, Nationall & Regional Issues Affecting Local Co
CJ 261CJ 2610Computer Environments for Law Enforcement
CJ 312CJ 3120Drugs, Society, and Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement
CJ 313CJ 3130Counterterrorism Strategies: Understanding and Responding to the Threat
CJ 314CJ 3140Intelligence Led Policing
CJ 324CJ 3240Interviewing Strategies through Statement Analysis
CJ 326CJ 3260Communicating in a Changing Security Environment: Law Enforcement and Global Issues
CJ 327CJ 3270Interpersonal Communications for the Law Enforcement Executive
CJ 340CJ 3400Fitness in Law Enforcement
CJ 352CJ 3452Leadership for Law Enforcement
CJ 355CJ 3455Leadership, Ethics, Decision-Making
CJ 356CJ 3456Legal Issues for Command-Level Officers
CJ 357CJ 3457Labor Law Issues for Law Enforcement Administrators
CJ 361CJ 3610Applied Behavioral Science for Law Enforcement Operations
CJ 362CJ 3620Extremist Groups in a Democrat
CJ 367CJ 3670Effective Writing
CJ 369CJ 3690Public Speaking
CJ 371CJ 3710Conflict Resolution for Law Enforcement
CJ 372CJ 3720Contemporary Issues in Police and Media Relations
CJ 373CJ 3730Interviewing and Interrogation
CJ 374CJ 3740Computer Crimes for Police Supervisors
CJ 375CJ 3750Evidentiary Photography
CJ 376CJ 3760Critical Incident Investigativ
CJ 377CJ 3770Seminar in Investigative Interviewing
CJ 381CJ 3810Ethics in Law Enforcement
CJ 385CJ 3850Latent Fingerprint Photography
CJ 387CJ 3870Community Policing Issues
CJ 391CJ 3910Informed Leadership Combat Terror
CJ 392CJ 3920Educational Leadership
CJ 403CJ 4030Managing Death Investigation
CJ 404CJ 4040Introduction to Counterterrorism
CJ 405CJ 4050Law Inforcement and Internatio
CJ 416CJ 4160Crime Analysis, Futuristics, and Law Enforcement: The 21st Century
CJ 417CJ 4170Managing Death and Sexually Re
CJ 454CJ 4454Management Planning and Budget
CJ 466CJ 4660Latent Fingerprints - from Cri
CJ 470CJ 4700Gangs, Developmental Issues, and Criminal Behavior
CJ 473CJ 4730Overview of Forensic Science for Police Administrators and Managers
CJ 475CJ 4750Stress Management in Law Enforcement
CJ 477CJ 4770Administrative Advanced Latent Fingerprints
CJ 484CJ 4840Applied Criminology
CJ 490CJ 4993Directed Study
CJ 501CJ 5010Human Behavior in Organizations
CJ 502CJ 5995Independent Study and Research
CJ 503CJ 5030Executive Leadership
CJ 507CJ 5070Managing Organizational Change and Development
CJ 515CJ 5150Futuristics and Law Enforcement: Foreseeing, Managing and Creating the 21st Century
CJ 516CJ 5160Crime Analysis, Futuristics, and Law Enforcement: The 21st Century
CJ 517CJ 5170Managing Death and Sexually Re
CJ 518CJ 5180Understanding Terrorism: Mindset, Methodologies, and Response
CJ 519CJ 5190Conflict and Crisis Management: Theory and Practice
CJ 521CJ 5210Contemporary Issues in Law Enforcement
CJ 522CJ 5220Seminar in Organizational Communications for Law Enforcement Executives
CJ 523CJ 5230Seminar in Media Relations for the Law Enforcement Executive
CJ 524CJ 5240Interviewing Strategies through Statement Analysis
CJ 526CJ 5260Communicating in a Changing Security Environment: Law Enforcement and Global Issues
CJ 527CJ 5270Interpersonal Communications for Law Enforcement Executives
CJ 536CJ 5360Advanced Computer Crimes for Police Supervisors
CJ 544CJ 5440Forensic Mitochondrial DNA Analysis
CJ 555CJ 5455Enlightened Leadership
CJ 560CJ 5600Violent Behavior: A Biopsychosocial Approach
CJ 565CJ 5650Intelligence Theory and Application for Law Enforcement Managers
CJ 581CJ 5810Solving Ethical Dilemmas in Law Enforcement
CJ 584CJ 5840Applied Criminology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CLAS 201CLAS 2010Greek Civilization
CLAS 202CLAS 2020Roman Civilization
CLAS 204CLAS 2040Greek Mythology
CLAS 304CLAS 3040Women and Gender in Ancient Greece and Rome
CLAS 310CLAS 3100Age of Odysseus
CLAS 311CLAS 3110Age of Pericles
CLAS 312CLAS 3120Age of Alexander
CLAS 313CLAS 3130Age of Augustus
CLAS 314CLAS 3140Age of Augustine
CLAS 321CLAS 3210Tragedy and Comedy
CLAS 325CLAS 3250Ancient Greek Religion
CLAS 501CLAS 5010Proseminar
CLAS 525CLAS 5250Ancient Greek Religion
CLAS 615CLAS 6150World Mythology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
COGS 497COGS 4970Distinguished Major Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
COLA 101COLA 1500College Advising Seminars


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
COMM 180COMM 1800Making Business Work
COMM 200COMM 2000Business Skills in Today's Workplace
COMM 201COMM 2010Introduction to Financial Accounting
COMM 202COMM 2020Introduction to Management Accounting
COMM 260COMM 2600Leadership Across the Disciplines
COMM 273COMM 2730Personal Finance
COMM 300COMM 3000The Integrated Core Experience
COMM 301COMM 3010Strategy and Systems
COMM 302COMM 3020Behavioral Issues in Marketing and Management
COMM 303COMM 3030Quantitative and Financial Analysis
COMM 304COMM 3040Strategic Value Creation
COMM 305COMM 3050Analytical and Organizational Complexities
COMM 306COMM 3060Creating Business Value in the Global Community
COMM 310COMM 3101Accounting and Cost Perspectives
COMM 311COMM 3110Intermediate Accounting I
COMM 312COMM 3120Intermediate Accounting II
COMM 314COMM 3141Strategic Cost Management
COMM 341COMM 3410Commercial Law I
COMM 342COMM 3420Commercial Law II
COMM 351COMM 3310Fundamentals of Marketing
COMM 351N COMM 3315Fundamentals of Marketing - Non Commerce
COMM 353COMM 3330Marketing Research Techniques
COMM 360COMM 3600Principles and Practice in Arts Administration
COMM 361COMM 3610Learning to Lead
COMM 371N COMM 3715Managerial Finance I
COMM 372COMM 3720Intermediate Corporate Finance
COMM 373COMM 3730Investment Banking
COMM 379COMM 3790Venture Capital and the Emerging Firm
COMM 380COMM 3800Business, Government, and Society
COMM 381COMM 3810Business Ethics
COMM 382COMM 3820History of International Business
COMM 383COMM 4641Introduction to Business Speaking
COMM 384N COMM 3845Foundations of International Business
COMM 386COMM 3860The Business of Saving Nature
COMM 388COMM 3880Environmental Choices in the 21st Century
COMM 420COMM 4200Project Management
COMM 422COMM 4220Database Management Systems
COMM 423COMM 4230Financial Systems Engineering
COMM 424COMM 4240Electronic Commerce
COMM 425COMM 4250Innovation and Technology Management
COMM 427COMM 4270Information Technology Project Practicum
COMM 428COMM 4280Data Communications
COMM 429COMM 4290Selected Topics in Information Systems
COMM 444COMM 4440Tax Factors in Business Decisions
COMM 445COMM 4450Federal Taxation I
COMM 450COMM 4300Brand Management
COMM 451COMM 4310International Marketing
COMM 452COMM 4320Entertainment Marketing
COMM 453COMM 4330Negotiating for Value
COMM 454COMM 4340Principles of Advestising
COMM 455COMM 4350Customer Equity Management
COMM 456COMM 4530Topics in Marketing
COMM 457A COMM 4371Promotional Aspects of Marketing
COMM 457BCOMM 4372Advertising Campaigns
COMM 458COMM 4380Consumer Behavior and Marketing Strategy
COMM 459COMM 4390Marketing Strategy in Global Markets
COMM 460COMM 4560Managing Sustainability in the Developing World
COMM 460A COMM 4601Managing Sustainability in Developing Countries
COMM 460CCOMM 4602Critical Thinking on Business Issues
COMM 462COMM 4562Topics in Organizational Behavior
COMM 462FCOMM 4562Managing and Leading
COMM 463COMM 4630Human Resource Management
COMM 464COMM 4640Advanced Managerial Communication
COMM 465COMM 4650Business, Politics, and Culture in the European Union
COMM 466COMM 4660Strategic Management Consulting
COMM 467COMM 4670Organizational Change and Development
COMM 468COMM 4680Entrepreneurship
COMM 469COMM 4690International Management
COMM 470COMM 4570Topics in Finance
COMM 472COMM 4741International Financial Analysis
COMM 473COMM 4730Advanced Investments
COMM 474COMM 4742International Finance and Accounting
COMM 475COMM 4710Intermediate Investments
COMM 477COMM 4770Financial Management of Financial Service Firms
COMM 478COMM 4720Advanced Corporate Finance
COMM 479COMM 4790Real Estate Investment and Finance
COMM 483COMM 4830Intro to Business Speaking
COMM 487BCOMM 4642Communication Strategies for Business Professionals
COMM 488A COMM 4881Leadership Practicum
COMM 499COMM 4993Independent Study in Commerce
COMM 510COMM 5100Accounting Information Systems
COMM 514COMM 5140Strategic Cost Management
COMM 521COMM 5150Introductory Auditing
COMM 530COMM 5510Selected Topics in Commerce
COMM 531COMM 5130Advanced Financial Accounting
COMM 545COMM 5450Federal Taxation I
COMM 546COMM 5460Federal Taxation II
COMM 570COMM 5700Financial Trading
COMM 587BCOMM 5871Communication Strategies for Business Professionals


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CPLT 201CPLT 2010History of European Literature I
CPLT 202CPLT 2020History of European Literature II
CPLT 351CPLT 3600Literary Theory
CPLT 493CPLT 4990Seminar for Majors
CPLT 497CPLT 4998Fourth Year Thesis
CPLT 498CPLT 4999Fourth Year Thesis
CPLT 802CPLT 8002Comparative and Transnational Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CS 101CS 1110Introduction to Programming
CS 101ECS 1111Introduction to Programming
CS 101X CS 1112Introduction to Programming
CS 110CS 1010Introduction to Information Technology
CS 120CS 1020Introduction to Business Computing
CS 150CS 1120From Ada and Euclid to Quantum Computing and the World Wide Web
CS 201CS 2110Software Development Methods
CS 202CS 2102Discrete Mathematics I
CS 205CS 2220Engineering Software
CS 216CS 2150Program and Data Representation
CS 230CS 2330Digital Logic Design
CS 290CS 2190Computer Science Seminar I
CS 302CS 3102Discrete Mathematics II
CS 305CS 3205HCI in Software Development
CS 333CS 3330Computer Architecture
CS 340CS 3240Advanced Software Development Techniques
CS 414CS 4414Operating Systems
CS 415CS 4610Programming Languages
CS 416CS 4710Artificial Intelligence
CS 432CS 4102Algorithms
CS 434CS 4434Fault-tolerant Computing
CS 441CS 4240Principles of Software Design
CS 444CS 4444Introduction to Parallel Computing
CS 445CS 4810Introduction to Computer Graphics
CS 446CS 4820Real Time Rendering
CS 447CS 4830Image Synthesis
CS 448CS 4840Computer Animation
CS 453CS 4753Electronic Commerce Technologies
CS 457CS 4457Computer Networks
CS 458CS 4458Internet Engineering
CS 462CS 4750Database Systems
CS 471CS 4620Compilers
CS 493CS 4993Independent Study
CS 494CS 4501Special Topics in Computer Science
CS 495CS 4998Distinguished BA Majors Research
CS 551CS 5501Selected Topics in Computer Science
CS 586CS 5487Real-Time Systems
CS 587CS 5787Security in Information Systems
CS 588CS 5788Cryptology: Principles and Applications
CS 616CS 6316Knowledge-Based Systems
CS 644CS 6444Introduction to Parallel Computing
CS 645CS 6840Computer Graphics
CS 650CS 6250Building Complex Software Systems
CS 651CS 6501Special Topics in Computer Science
CS 654CS 6354Computer Architecture
CS 655CS 6610Programming Languages
CS 656CS 6456Operating Systems
CS 660CS 6160Theory of Computation
CS 661CS 6161Design and Analysis of Algorithms
CS 662CS 6750Database Systems
CS 671CS 6620Compilers
CS 685CS 6240Software Engineering
CS 693CS 6993Independent Study
CS 696CS 6190Computer Science Perspectives
CS 715CS 6415Performance Analysis of Communication Networks
CS 716CS 7716Artificial Intelligence
CS 751CS 7501Selected Topics in Computer Science
CS 756CS 7456Models of Computing Systems
CS 757CS 7457Computer Networks
CS 771CS 7620Advanced Compilers
CS 782CS 7882Advanced Computer Vision
CS 793CS 7993Independent Study
CS 854CS 8535Topics in Computer Architecture
CS 855CS 8561Topics in Programming Languages
CS 856CS 8545Topics in Operating Systems
CS 860CS 8516Topics in Theoretical Computer Science
CS 862CS 8575Topics in Database Systems
CS 882CS 8584Special Topics in Computer Vision/Image Processing
CS 885CS 8524Topics in Software Engineering
CS 895CS 7995Supervised Project Research
CS 897CS 8897Graduate Teaching Instruction
CS 898CS 8999Thesis
CS 997CS 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction
CS 999CS 9999Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
CZ 121CZ 1210Introduction to Czech Language
CZ 122CZ 1220Introduction to Czech Language


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
DRAM 101DRAM 1010Introduction to Theatre
DRAM 102DRAM 1020Oral Interpretation
DRAM 103DANC 1400The Art of Dance
DRAM 201DRAM 2010Theatre Art: Image to Form
DRAM 202DRAM 2020Acting I
DRAM 203DRAM 2030Learn How to Draw
DRAM 204DRAM 2040The Alexander Technique for the Actor
DRAM 208DRAM 2080Circus in America
DRAM 211DRAM 2110Lighting Technology
DRAM 213DRAM 2130Production Laboratory: Lighting and Sound
DRAM 221DRAM 2210Scenic Technology
DRAM 223DRAM 2230Production Laboratory: Scenery and Properties
DRAM 224DRAM 2240Digital Design: Re-making and Re-imagining
DRAM 225DRAM 2250Scene Painting
DRAM 231DRAM 2310Costume Technology
DRAM 233DRAM 2330Production Laboratory: Costume and Makeup
DRAM 241DANC 2210Ballet I
DRAM 243DRAM 2430Production Laboratory: Acting
DRAM 244DANC 2300Dance Improvisation
DRAM 245DANC 3210Ballet II
DRAM 247DANC 2230Jazz Dance I
DRAM 249DANC 3230Jazz Dance II
DRAM 250DANC 3300Dance Composition
DRAM 262DRAM 2620Sound Design
DRAM 263DRAM 2630Production Laboratory: Sound
DRAM 280DRAM 2800Television News Writing and Production
DRAM 281DRAM 2810Cinema as Art Form
DRAM 282DRAM 2820Television Texts, Scripting and Directing
DRAM 302DRAM 3020Theatre Make-Up
DRAM 305DRAM 3050Theatre History
DRAM 307DRAM 3070African-American Theatre
DRAM 308DANC 3400Dance History
DRAM 309DRAM 3080Script Analysis: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Production
DRAM 331DRAM 3300History of Dress
DRAM 341DRAM 3410Acting II
DRAM 342DRAM 3420Voice for Theatre
DRAM 343DRAM 3430Improvisation
DRAM 345DRAM 3450Musical Theatre Performance
DRAM 349DRAM 3490Acting Out
DRAM 351DRAM 3651Directing I
DRAM 352DRAM 3652Production Management
DRAM 353DRAM 3653Production Laboratory: Stage Management
DRAM 360DRAM 3600Modern American Drama
DRAM 371DRAM 3710Playwriting I
DRAM 372DRAM 3720Playwriting II
DRAM 381DRAM 3810Film Criticism
DRAM 383DRAM 3830History of Film I
DRAM 384DRAM 3840History of Film II
DRAM 385DRAM 3850History of Film III
DRAM 387DRAM 3870Contemporary Independent Film and Video
DRAM 411DRAM 4110Lighting Design
DRAM 421DRAM 3210Scene Design I
DRAM 431DRAM 4310Costume Design
DRAM 441DRAM 4410Acting III
DRAM 444DRAM 4440Dance for Theatre
DRAM 449DRAM 4490Stage Combat Skills
DRAM 450DRAM 3701Special Topics in Dance
DRAM 451DRAM 4651Directing II
DRAM 471DRAM 4710Playwriting III
DRAM 472DRAM 4720Playwriting IV
DRAM 491DRAM 4910Senior Seminar
DRAM 492DRAM 4592Special Studies in Drama
DRAM 493DRAM 4593Special Topics in Performance
DRAM 494DRAM 4594Special Topics in Movement
DRAM 495DRAM 4595Special Topics in Voice
DRAM 496DRAM 4596Special Topics in Directing
DRAM 497DRAM 4597Special Topics in Design
DRAM 498DRAM 4598Special Topics in Design Technology
DRAM 499DRAM 4599Special Topics in Playwriting
DRAM 500DANC 4993Independent Study: Dance
DRAM 504DRAM 5040Early American Theatre and Drama
DRAM 506DRAM 5060Modernism in the Theatre
DRAM 507DRAM 5070History of American Popular Entertainment: From Minstrelsy to Madonna
DRAM 508DRAM 5080Performance in the Postmodernism Era
DRAM 571DRAM 5710Playwriting V
DRAM 572DRAM 5720Playwriting VI
DRAM 702DRAM 7020Theatre Makeup
DRAM 703DRAM 7993Independent Study
DRAM 707DRAM 7070Script Analysis
DRAM 708DRAM 7080Performance: From the Modern to the Post Modern
DRAM 709DRAM 7090Script Analysis: Dramatic Structure and Theatrical Production
DRAM 710DRAM 7100Graphics for the Theatre
DRAM 713DRAM 7130Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 714DRAM 7140Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 716DRAM 7160Lighting Design I: Elements of Design
DRAM 717DRAM 7170Principles of Technology
DRAM 718DRAM 7180Digital Media for Design
DRAM 719DRAM 7190Mentored Study: Lighting
DRAM 723DRAM 7230Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 724DRAM 7240Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 726DRAM 7260Scene Design I: Design Studio-Realism
DRAM 728DRAM 7280Scene Painting
DRAM 729DRAM 7290Mentored Study: Scene Design
DRAM 733DRAM 7330Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 734DRAM 7340Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 735DRAM 7350Costume Technology: Principles
DRAM 736DRAM 7360Costume Design: Research
DRAM 738DRAM 7380Costume Technology: Patterning & Draping
DRAM 739DRAM 7390Mentored Study: Costume
DRAM 740DRAM 7400Mentored Study: Acting
DRAM 741DRAM 7410Movement: Fundamental Tools
DRAM 742DRAM 7420Movement: Creating Physical Character
DRAM 743DRAM 7430Voice: Breath, Structure, Sound
DRAM 744DRAM 7440Voice: Tone, Speech, Text
DRAM 745DRAM 7450Acting: Impulse into Action
DRAM 746DRAM 7460Acting: Character into Relationship
DRAM 747DRAM 7470Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 748DRAM 7480Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 749DRAM 7490Acting: Performance Lab
DRAM 762DRAM 7620Mentored Study in Sound Design
DRAM 763DRAM 7630Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 764DRAM 7640Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 766DRAM 7660Technical Direction
DRAM 768DRAM 7680Construction
DRAM 769DRAM 7690Mentored Study: Technical Direction
DRAM 792DRAM 7920Design: Psychology of Space, Light and Attire
DRAM 801DRAM 8010Heritage of Design
DRAM 803DRAM 8100Independent Study
DRAM 813DRAM 8130Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 814DRAM 8140Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 815DRAM 8150Lighting Design 2: Alternative Forms
DRAM 816DRAM 8160Lighting Design 3: Special Topics
DRAM 819DRAM 8190Mentored Study: Lighting
DRAM 823DRAM 8230Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 824DRAM 8240Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 825DRAM 8250Scenic Design 2: Design Studio-The Classics
DRAM 827DRAM 8270Period Decor
DRAM 829DRAM 8290Mentored Study: Scene Design
DRAM 831DRAM 8310History of Dress and Textiles
DRAM 833DRAM 8330Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 834DRAM 8340Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 835DRAM 8350Costume Design: Character
DRAM 836DRAM 8360Costume Design: Production Styles
DRAM 837DRAM 8380Costume Technology: Tailoring
DRAM 839DRAM 8390Mentored Study: Costume
DRAM 841DRAM 8410Movement: Stage Combat Skills
DRAM 843DRAM 8430Voice: Shakespeare and Verse
DRAM 845DRAM 8450Acting: Shakespeare
DRAM 846DRAM 8460Acting: Period Styles
DRAM 847DRAM 8470Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 848DRAM 8480Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 849DRAM 8490Acting: Performance Lab II
DRAM 863DRAM 8630Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 864DRAM 8640Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 865DRAM 8650SPFX Special Effects
DRAM 867DRAM 8670Properties
DRAM 868DRAM 8680Rigging
DRAM 869DRAM 8690Mentored Study: Technical Direction
DRAM 897DRAM 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
DRAM 898DRAM 8999Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
DRAM 903DRAM 9993Independent Study
DRAM 906DRAM 9060Thesis
DRAM 913DRAM 9130Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 914DRAM 9140Production Laboratory: Lighting
DRAM 915DRAM 9150Lighting Design 4: Portfolio
DRAM 917DRAM 9170Advanced Lighting Technology
DRAM 919DRAM 9190Mentored Study: Lighting
DRAM 923DRAM 9230Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 924DRAM 9240Production Laboratory: Scenery
DRAM 925DRAM 9250Scene Design 3: Design Studio-Alternative Styles
DRAM 929DRAM 9290Mentored Study: Scene Design
DRAM 933DRAM 9330Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 934DRAM 9340Production Laboratory: Costume
DRAM 935DRAM 9350Costume Design: Portfolio and Design
DRAM 937DRAM 9370Costume Technology: Crafts
DRAM 939DRAM 9390Mentored Study: Costume
DRAM 940DRAM 9400Mentored Study: Acting
DRAM 941DRAM 9410Community Outreach Projects
DRAM 943DRAM 9430Voice: Dialects
DRAM 945DRAM 5450Musical Theatre Performance
DRAM 946DRAM 9460Acting: Portfolio Preparation
DRAM 947DRAM 9470Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 948DRAM 9480Acting: Production and Performance
DRAM 949DRAM 9490Acting: Performance Laboratory III
DRAM 962DRAM 9620Technical Design
DRAM 963DRAM 9630Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 964DRAM 9640Production Laboratory: Technical Direction
DRAM 969DRAM 9690Mentored Study: Technical Direction
DRAM 971DRAM 9710Playwriting XI: The Full-Length Play I
DRAM 972DRAM 9720Playwriting XII: The Full-Length Play II
DRAM 973DRAM 9730Dramaturgy II
DRAM 995DRAM 9950Production Laboratory: Playwriting
DRAM 996DRAM 9960Production Laboratory: Playwriting
DRAM 997DRAM 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
DRAM 998DRAM 9999Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EALC 497EAST 4998Senior Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EAST 101EAST 1010East Asian Canons and Cultures
EAST 131EAST 1310Chinese Culture and Society
EAST 132EAST 1320Chinese Culture and Society
EAST 355EAST 3055Social Movements in Modern East Asia
EAST 363EAST 2630Chinese Culture and Social Change
EAST 492EAST 4991East Asia Majors Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ECE 200ECE 2066Science of Information
ECE 203ECE 2630Introductory Circuit Analysis
ECE 204ECE 3630Electronics I
ECE 230ECE 2330Digital Logic Design
ECE 303ECE 3103Solid State Devices
ECE 307ECE 3632Electronics II
ECE 309ECE 3209Electromagnetic Fields
ECE 310ECE 3250Electromechanical Energy Conversion
ECE 323ECE 3750Signals and Systems I
ECE 324ECE 3760Signals and Systems II
ECE 333ECE 3330Computer Architecture
ECE 363ECE 3663Digital Integrated Circuits
ECE 402ECE 4850Linear Control Systems
ECE 403ECE 4855Control Laboratory
ECE 407ECE 4907Electrical Engineering Projects
ECE 408ECE 4908Electrical Engineering Projects
ECE 409ECE 4209RF Circuit Design and Wireless Systems
ECE 410ECE 3255Electromechanical Energy Conversion Laboratory
ECE 411ECE 4641Bioelectricity
ECE 412ECE 4860Digital Control Systems
ECE 415ECE 4155Microelectronic Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory
ECE 420ECE 4710Communications
ECE 422ECE 4715Communication Systems Laboratory
ECE 432ECE 4332Introduction to VLSI Design
ECE 434ECE 4434Fault-Tolerant Computing
ECE 435ECE 4435Computer Organization and Design
ECE 436ECE 4440Advanced Digital Design
ECE 457ECE 4457Computer Networks
ECE 473ECE 4660Analog Integrated Circuits
ECE 482ECE 4265Microwave Engineering Laboratory
ECE 484ECE 4784Wireless Communications
ECE 485ECE 4785Optical Communications
ECE 541ECE 5241Optics and Lasers
ECE 556ECE 5260Microwave Engineering I
ECE 563ECE 5630Introduction to VLSI
ECE 564ECE 5150Microelectronic Integrated Circuit Fabrication
ECE 576ECE 5750Digital Signal Processing
ECE 578ECE 5755Digital Signal Processing Laboratory
ECE 586ECE 5501Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 587ECE 5502Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 611ECE 6711Probability and Stochastic Processes
ECE 613ECE 6713Communication Systems Engineering
ECE 614ECE 6714Estimation Theory
ECE 621ECE 6851Linear Automatic Control Systems
ECE 622ECE 6852Linear State Space Control Systems
ECE 631ECE 6331Advanced Switching Theory
ECE 632ECE 6332VLSI Design
ECE 634ECE 6434Fault-Tolerant Computing
ECE 635ECE 6435Computer Organization and Design
ECE 642ECE 6642Optoelectronic Devices
ECE 652ECE 5265Microwave Engineering Laboratory
ECE 655ECE 5261Microwave Engineering II
ECE 663ECE 6163Solid State Devices
ECE 666ECE 6155Microelectronic Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory
ECE 667ECE 6167Semiconductor Materials and Devices
ECE 673ECE 6660Analog Integrated Circuits
ECE 682ECE 6782Digital Image Processing
ECE 684ECE 6784Wireless Communications
ECE 685ECE 6785Optical Communications
ECE 686ECE 6501Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 687ECE 6502Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 693ECE 6993Independent Study
ECE 695ECE 6995Supervised Project Research
ECE 696ECE 6505Electrical and Computer Engineering Seminar
ECE 712ECE 7712Digital Communications
ECE 715ECE 6415Performance Analysis of Communication Networks
ECE 717ECE 7717Information Theory and Coding
ECE 723ECE 7853Optimal Control Systems
ECE 725ECE 7855Multivariable Robust Control Systems
ECE 726ECE 7856Nonlinear Control Systems
ECE 728ECE 7858Digital Control Systems
ECE 736ECE 7332Advanced VLSI Systems Design
ECE 738ECE 7438Computer System Reliability Engineering
ECE 753ECE 7209Electromagnetic Field Theory
ECE 757ECE 7457Computer Networks
ECE 763ECE 7163Physics of Semiconductors
ECE 768ECE 7168Semiconductor Materials and Characterization Techniques
ECE 774ECE 7774Adaptive and Statistical Signal Processing
ECE 776ECE 7776Multi-Dimensional Signal Processing
ECE 781ECE 6710Pattern Recognition
ECE 786ECE 7501Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 787ECE 7502Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 793ECE 7993Independent Study
ECE 814ECE 7714Advanced Detection and Estimation
ECE 825ECE 8825Adaptive Control
ECE 862ECE 8162High Speed Transistors
ECE 863ECE 8163High Frequency Diodes
ECE 886ECE 8501Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 887ECE 8502Special Topics in Electrical and Computer Engineering
ECE 895ECE 7995Supervised Project Research
ECE 897ECE 8897Graduate Teaching Instruction
ECE 898ECE 8999Thesis
ECE 997ECE 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction
ECE 999ECE 9999Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ECON 201ECON 2010Principles of Economics: Microeconomics
ECON 202ECON 2020Principles of Economics: Macroeconomics
ECON 206ECON 2060American Economic History
ECON 301ECON 3010Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 302ECON 3020Intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 303ECON 3030Money and Banking
ECON 304ECON 3040The Economics of Education
ECON 305ECON 3050The Economics of Welfare Reform
ECON 307ECON 3070Economics and Gender
ECON 309ECON 3090Latin American Economic Issues
ECON 311ECON 3110Mathematical Microeconomics
ECON 331ECON 3310Economics and Elections
ECON 333ECON 3330Public Choice
ECON 353ECON 3630Economics of the Middle East
ECON 355ECON 3650Economy of China
ECON 371ECON 3710Introduction to Statistical Analysis
ECON 372ECON 3720Introduction to Regression Analysis
ECON 401ECON 4010Game Theory
ECON 402ECON 4020Auction Theory and Practice
ECON 406ECON 4060Economics of Sports
ECON 408ECON 4080Law and Economics
ECON 409ECON 4090Mathematical Economics
ECON 410ECON 4100Managerial Economics
ECON 411ECON 4990Distinguished Majors Seminar
ECON 412ECON 4120Evolution of Economic Thought
ECON 413ECON 4130Topics in the History of Economic Thought
ECON 415ECON 4150Economics of Labor
ECON 416ECON 4160Economics of Health
ECON 418ECON 4180Regulating Infrastructure
ECON 419ECON 4190Industrial Organization
ECON 420ECON 4200Antitrust Policy
ECON 421ECON 4210International Trade: Theory and Policy
ECON 422ECON 4220International Finance and Macroeconomics
ECON 423ECON 4230Seminar on Trade and Development
ECON 431ECON 4310Economics of the Public Sector
ECON 433ECON 4330Economics of Taxation
ECON 434ECON 4340The Theory of Financial Markets
ECON 435ECON 4350Corporate Finance
ECON 436ECON 4360Empirical Finance
ECON 437ECON 4370Behavioral Finance
ECON 439ECON 4390The Economic Theory of Advertising
ECON 440ECON 4400Topics in Economic History
ECON 441ECON 4410Economics of the European Union
ECON 442ECON 4420Macroeconomic Policy
ECON 443ECON 4430Environmental Economics
ECON 451ECON 4610Economic Development
ECON 456ECON 4660Economy of Japan
ECON 471ECON 4710Economic Forecasting
ECON 472ECON 4720Introductory Econometrics
ECON 482ECON 4820Experimental Economics
ECON 488ECON 4880Seminar in Policy Analysis
ECON 489ECON 4590Majors Seminar
ECON 495ECON 4995Supervised Research
ECON 496ECON 4999Supervised Research
ECON 507ECON 5352British Economic History Since 1850
ECON 509ECON 5090Introduction to Mathematical Economics I
ECON 510ECON 5100Introduction to Mathematical Economics II
ECON 520ECON 5520Special Topics in Economics
ECON 572ECON 5720Introductory Econometrics
ECON 701ECON 7010Microeconomic Theory I
ECON 702ECON 7020Macroeconomic Theory I
ECON 703ECON 7030Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 704ECON 7040Macroeconomic Theory II
ECON 771ECON 7710Econometrics I
ECON 772ECON 7720Econometrics II
ECON 791ECON 7810Guided Study in Economic Theory and Policy
ECON 792ECON 7820Guided Study in Economic Theory and Policy
ECON 801ECON 8010Microeconomic Theory III
ECON 803ECON 8030Advanced Economic Theory I
ECON 804ECON 8040Advanced Economic Theory II
ECON 805ECON 8050American Economic History
ECON 806ECON 8060Topics in Economic History
ECON 811ECON 8110Foundations of Modern Economic Thought
ECON 812ECON 8120Seminar in the History of Economic Thought
ECON 815ECON 8150Economics of Labor Markets
ECON 816ECON 8160Seminar in Labor Economics and Development
ECON 817ECON 8170Industrial Organization I
ECON 818ECON 8180Industrial Organization II
ECON 821ECON 8210International Trade Theory
ECON 822ECON 8220International Finance
ECON 831ECON 8310Public Economics I
ECON 832ECON 8320Public Economics II
ECON 833ECON 8330Theory of Financial Markets
ECON 834ECON 8340Derivative Securities
ECON 835ECON 8350Advanced Macroeconomic Theory
ECON 836ECON 8360Empirical Macroeconomics
ECON 851ECON 8510Topics in Growth Theory
ECON 852ECON 8190Economics of Underdeveloped Areas
ECON 871ECON 8710Cross Section Econometrics
ECON 872ECON 8720Time Series Econometrics
ECON 882ECON 8820Experimental Economics
ECON 890ECON 8991Research Methods in Economics
ECON 891ECON 8410Applied Microeconomics Workshop
ECON 892ECON 8420Macroeconomics Workshop
ECON 893ECON 8430Economic Theory Workshop
ECON 894ECON 8440International Trade and Development Workshop
ECON 895ECON 8450Public Economics Workshop
ECON 896ECON 8460Econometrics Workshop
ECON 897ECON 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
ECON 898ECON 8999Non-Topical Research
ECON 995ECON 9550Selected Research Problems in Economics I
ECON 996ECON 9560Selected Research Problems in Economics II
ECON 997ECON 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
ECON 999ECON 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EDHS 224EDHS 2240Substance Abuse
EDHS 289EDHS 3500Special Topics In Human Services
EDHS 324EDHS 3240Peer Health Education
EDHS 341EDHS 3410Basic Skills
EDHS 344EDHS 3440Teaching Games, Tumbling, Rhythms, and Dance
EDHS 345EDHS 3450Adapted Physical Education
EDHS 350EDHS 3600Teaching Team Sports
EDHS 351EDHS 3610Teaching Individual Sports
EDHS 353EDHS 3630Human Anatomy
EDHS 354EDHS 3640Neuromuscular Bases of Human Behavior I
EDHS 356EDHS 3660Elementary Physical Education Pedagogy
EDHS 359EDHS 3690Secondary Physical Education Pedagogy
EDHS 377EDHS 3770Teaching Assistant Program: Adapted Physical Education
EDHS 441EDHS 4410Exercise Physiology
EDHS 445EDHS 4450Motor Development
EDHS 446EDHS 4460Practicum in Sports Medicine
EDHS 450EDHS 4600Contemporary Health Issues
EDHS 451EDHS 4610Emergency Medical Care
EDHS 453EDHS 4630Nutrition
EDHS 457EDHS 4670The Art and Science of Sports Medicine
EDHS 481EDHS 4810Problems of Personal Adjustment
EDHS 493EDHS 4993Independent Study
EDHS 497EDHS 4995Directed Research
EDHS 501EDHS 5010Phonetics
EDHS 502EDHS 5020Introduction to Speech and Hearing Science
EDHS 505EDHS 5050Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms
EDHS 508EDHS 5080Introduction to Audiology
EDHS 515EDHS 5150American Sign Language I
EDHS 518EDHS 5180American Sign Language II
EDHS 524EDHS 5240Substance Abuse in Society
EDHS 533EDHS 5330Communication Skills: Interpersonal Process Recall (IPR)
EDHS 543EDHS 5430Social Processes & Individual Differences in Sport and Exercise Social Processes and Individual D
EDHS 544EDHS 5440Athletic Injuries
EDHS 545EDHS 5450Adapted Physical Education
EDHS 546EDHS 5460Assessment in Kinesiology
EDHS 547EDHS 5470Motivational Processes in Sport and Exercise Psychology
EDHS 548EDHS 5480Qualitative Analysis of Motor Patterns
EDHS 550EDHS 5600Contemporary Health Issues
EDHS 551EDHS 5610Teaching School Health Education
EDHS 552EDHS 5620Emergency Medical Care
EDHS 553EDHS 5630Nutrition
EDHS 554EDHS 7641Modalities in Athletic Training
EDHS 557EDHS 5670Sports Medicine Conference
EDHS 560EDHS 5612Achievement Based Curriculum - Physical Education
EDHS 561EDHS 5611Computer Applications in Physical Education
EDHS 563EDHS 5631History, Principles, and Philosophy of Physical Education
EDHS 589EDHS 5500Selected Topics
EDHS 706EDHS 7060Disorders of Phonology and Articulation
EDHS 708EDHS 7080Disorders of Fluency
EDHS 709EDHS 7090Disorders of Voice
EDHS 718EDHS 7180Habilitative Audiology I
EDHS 719EDHS 7190Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology of Communication
EDHS 721EDHS 7210Introduction to the Profession of Counseling
EDHS 722EDHS 7220Introduction to Career Interventions
EDHS 723EDHS 7230Theories and Techniques of Counseling
EDHS 724EDHS 7240Group Counseling Procedures
EDHS 725EDHS 7250Using Tests in Counseling
EDHS 727EDHS 7270Research in Counseling
EDHS 728EDHS 7280Community and Human Service Agency Counseling
EDHS 729EDHS 7290Essential Counseling Skills
EDHS 730EDHS 7300Multicultural Counseling
EDHS 731EDHS 7310Mental Health Counseling I
EDHS 732EDHS 7320Mental Health Counseling II
EDHS 733EDHS 7330Ethical-Legal Aspects of Counseling
EDHS 741EDHS 7410Pathophysiology and Rehabilitation of Athletic Injuries
EDHS 742EDHS 7420Advanced Exercise Physiology
EDHS 743EDHS 7430Exercise Physiology Laboratory
EDHS 744EDHS 7440Motor Development
EDHS 750EDHS 8980Practicum
EDHS 758EDHS 7780Anatomical Bases of Sports Medicine
EDHS 759EDHS 7690Principles of Stress and Stress Management
EDHS 760EDHS 7600Adapted Physical Education: Developmental Disabilities
EDHS 762EDHS 7620Personality
EDHS 763EDHS 7630Seminar: Issues in Professional Psychology
EDHS 764EDHS 7640Cognitive Assessment
EDHS 768EDHS 7680Psychopathology
EDHS 770EDHS 7700Health and Physical Education Teaching Seminar
EDHS 771EDHS 7710Teaching Associateship: Elementary Physical Education
EDHS 772EDHS 7720Teaching Associateship: Secondary Health and Physical Education
EDHS 788EDHS 7880Health and Physical Education Field Project
EDHS 793EDHS 7993Independent Study
EDHS 802EDHS 8020Disorders of Communication: Augmentative and Alternate Systems
EDHS 803EDHS 8030Disorders of Motor Speech Production
EDHS 809EDHS 8090Disorders of Language I
EDHS 810EDHS 8100Disorders of Language II
EDHS 811EDHS 8110Disorders of Language: Aphasia
EDHS 812EDHS 8120Disorders of Communication Based in Cognitive Dysfunction II
EDHS 813EDHS 8130Dysphagia
EDHS 815EDHS 8150Clinical Seminars
EDHS 817EDHS 8170Clinical Externship
EDHS 822EDHS 8220Consultation
EDHS 824EDHS 8240Substance Abuse Counseling
EDHS 825EDHS 8250Advanced Career Development and Career Counseling
EDHS 827EDHS 8270Counseling Adults
EDHS 828EDHS 8280Marriage and Family Dynamics
EDHS 829EDHS 8290Counselor Education Master's Practicum
EDHS 830EDHS 8300Assessment in Counseling
EDHS 831EDHS 8310Introduction to School Counseling
EDHS 834EDHS 8340Counseling Children and Adolescents
EDHS 838EDHS 8380Topical Issues in Counselor Education
EDHS 839EDHS 8390Counselor Education Master's Internship
EDHS 841EDHS 8410Orthopedic Bases of Sports Medicine
EDHS 842EDHS 8420Metabolic Adaptations to Exercise
EDHS 843EDHS 8430Exercise Intervention in Disease
EDHS 845EDHS 8450Disease Processes and Prevention
EDHS 846EDHS 8460Adapted Physical Education: Physically and Sensory Impaired
EDHS 850EDHS 8500Seminar
EDHS 861EDHS 8610Marital and Couple's Therapy
EDHS 863EDHS 8630Principles of Psychotherapy Basic
EDHS 864EDHS 8640Principles of Psychotherapy Advanced
EDHS 865EDHS 8650Individual Psychotherapy
EDHS 866EDHS 8660Personality Assessment I
EDHS 867EDHS 8670Personality Assessment II
EDHS 869EDHS 8690School/Clinical Psychology Practicum
EDHS 870EDHS 8700Clinical Psychology Practicum
EDHS 871EDHS 8710Psychosocial Consultation
EDHS 872EDHS 8720Group Therapy Interventions
EDHS 873EDHS 8730Family Therapy: Theory and Techniques
EDHS 874EDHS 8740Advanced Family Therapy
EDHS 875EDHS 8750Psychological Intervention and Consultation in Schools
EDHS 899EDHS 8999Masters Thesis
EDHS 909EDHS 9090Doctoral Seminar: Communication Disorders
EDHS 921EDHS 9210Advanced Group Counseling Theories and Practicum
EDHS 922EDHS 9220Advanced Individual Counseling Strategies and Practicum
EDHS 929EDHS 9290Counselor Supervision Theories and Practicum
EDHS 931EDHS 9310Doctoral Seminar: Counselor Education
EDHS 932EDHS 9320Doctoral Seminar: Counselor Education
EDHS 939EDHS 9390Counselor Education Doctoral Internship: Teaching
EDHS 950EDHS 9500Advanced Doctoral Seminar
EDHS 974EDHS 9740Internship in College Teaching or Supervision
EDHS 975EDHS 9750Seminar: Topics in Clinical Psychology
EDHS 976EDHS 9760Seminar: Topical Issues in School Clinical Psychology
EDHS 993EDHS 9993Independent Study
EDHS 997EDHS 9998Internship: Ed.D. or Ph.D.
EDHS 998EDHS 9995Independent Research
EDHS 999EDHS 9999Doctoral Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EDIS 201EDIS 2010Teaching as a Profession
EDIS 287EDIS 2870Reading, Writing, and Reasoning for College Students
EDIS 288EDIS 2880Field Experience
EDIS 289EDIS 2890Strategies for Academic Achievement
EDIS 300EDIS 3500Special Topics in Curriculum and Instruction
EDIS 302EDIS 3020The Exceptional Learner
EDIS 493EDIS 4993Independent Study
EDIS 500EDIS 5000The Exceptional Learner
EDIS 501EDIS 5010Curriculum and Instruction for Elementary and Special Education
EDIS 502EDIS 5020Instruction and Assessment
EDIS 503EDIS 5030Secondary Curriculum and Management
EDIS 503A EDIS 5021Assessment and Programming for Infants: Birth to Age Three
EDIS 504EDIS 5040Psychoeducational Assessment
EDIS 505EDIS 5041Behavior Management
EDIS 506EDIS 5060Math Instruction for Special and Elementary Education
EDIS 510EDIS 5100Characteristics of Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
EDIS 511EDIS 5110Characteristics of Learning Disabilities
EDIS 512EDIS 5120Characteristics of Intellectual Disabilities
EDIS 513EDIS 5130Characteristics of People with Severe Disabilities
EDIS 514EDIS 5140Methods of Instruction and Collaboration in Special Education
EDIS 515EDIS 5150Collaborative Teamwork
EDIS 517EDIS 5170Social Issues: Schools, Classrooms, and Families
EDIS 521EDIS 5210Introduction to Language Development
EDIS 522EDIS 5221Reading Development
EDIS 523EDIS 5230Reading Diagnosis and Remediation for Reading Instruction
EDIS 523LEDIS 5231Reading Diagnosis and Remediation for Special Education Teachers Lab
EDIS 526EDIS 5260Reading in the Primary Grades
EDIS 530EDIS 5300Language Skills Block I
EDIS 531EDIS 5310Language Skills Block II
EDIS 532EDIS 5320Mathematics in the Elementary School
EDIS 533EDIS 5330Science in the Elementary School
EDIS 534EDIS 5340Social Studies in the Elementary School
EDIS 540EDIS 5400Teaching English in Secondary Schools
EDIS 541EDIS 5410Young Adult Literature
EDIS 542EDIS 5420Language, Literacy, and Culture
EDIS 542LEDIS 5421Language, Literacy, and Culture Lab
EDIS 543EDIS 5430Teaching Writing in the Secondary School
EDIS 545EDIS 5450Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools I
EDIS 547EDIS 5470ESL Assessment and Curriculum Design
EDIS 548EDIS 5480Second Language Acquisition and Modern Language Teaching Methods: PreK-12
EDIS 549EDIS 5490Planning Foreign Language Instruction
EDIS 550EDIS 5050Teaching Science in Secondary Schools I
EDIS 551EDIS 5051Teaching Science in Secondary Schools II
EDIS 551LEDIS 5052Models of Science Instruction Lab
EDIS 555EDIS 5055Models of Instruction
EDIS 557EDIS 5132Teaching Stategies for Severe Disabilities
EDIS 558EDIS 5058Positioning, Handling, and Self-Care Skills
EDIS 559EDIS 5131Curriculum and Assessment in Severe Disabilities
EDIS 560EDIS 5600Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School I
EDIS 561EDIS 5601Teaching Social Studies in the Secondary School II
EDIS 564EDIS 5640Physical Geography
EDIS 565EDIS 5650Cultural Geography
EDIS 570EDIS 5700Positive Behavior Support
EDIS 571EDIS 5710Content Area Reading
EDIS 573EDIS 5730Diagnostics in Reading
EDIS 574EDIS 5740Remedial Techniquesin Reading
EDIS 589EDIS 5500Selected Topics
EDIS 590EDIS 5890Workshop
EDIS 591EDIS 5980Internship
EDIS 593EDIS 5993Independent Study
EDIS 595EDIS 5995Independent Research
EDIS 708EDIS 7080Advanced Techniques of Teaching the Exceptional Individual
EDIS 711EDIS 7110Vocal and Non-Vocal Communication
EDIS 713EDIS 7130Transition Planning for Secondary Students
EDIS 715EDIS 7150Positive Behavior Support
EDIS 721EDIS 7210Advanced Language Development
EDIS 730EDIS 7300Language Arts: Elementary School
EDIS 731EDIS 7310Children's Literature
EDIS 732EDIS 7320Integrated Science in the Elementary School
EDIS 733EDIS 7330Social Studies in Elementary Schools
EDIS 740EDIS 7400Problems & Issues in English & Literacy Education
EDIS 745EDIS 7450Problems and Issues in Mathematics Education
EDIS 750EDIS 7050Problems and Issues in Science Education
EDIS 760EDIS 7600Problems and Issues in Social Studies Education
EDIS 770EDIS 7700Foundations of Reading Instruction
EDIS 772EDIS 7720Word Study: Language Structures, Phonics, & Morphology
EDIS 773EDIS 7730Practicum in Reading Diagnosis
EDIS 774EDIS 7740Practicum in Remedial Reading
EDIS 775EDIS 7750Effective Reading Programs
EDIS 780EDIS 7800Fundamentals of Curriculum
EDIS 781EDIS 7810Curriculum: Middle and High School
EDIS 782EDIS 7820Curriculum: Elementary School
EDIS 783EDIS 7883Reading Disabilities
EDIS 785EDIS 7850Seminar
EDIS 786EDIS 7886Comprehension of Text
EDIS 787EDIS 7887Models of Reading
EDIS 788EDIS 7991Field Project
EDIS 789EDIS 8980Practicum
EDIS 791EDIS 7091Proseminar: Reading
EDIS 793EDIS 7993Independent Study
EDIS 802EDIS 8020Readings and Research in Education of Exceptional Children
EDIS 804EDIS 8040Problems in Special Education
EDIS 809EDIS 8090Special Education Doctoral Internship
EDIS 840EDIS 8400Research Studies in English and Literacy Education
EDIS 880EDIS 8800Principles of Curriculum Design
EDIS 882EDIS 8820Curriculum: Advanced Seminar
EDIS 885A EDIS 8852Conceptualizing Educational Research
EDIS 885BEDIS 8854Policy Issues in Teaching and Teacher Education
EDIS 899EDIS 8999Masters Thesis
EDIS 904EDIS 9040Seminar in English & Literacy Education
EDIS 925EDIS 9250Readings and Research in Elementary Education (K-8)
EDIS 940EDIS 9400Seminar in English Education
EDIS 945EDIS 9450Readings and Research in Mathematics Education
EDIS 955EDIS 8050Research and Reading in Science Education I
EDIS 956EDIS 8051Research and Reading in Science Education II
EDIS 965EDIS 9650Readings and Research in Social Studies Education
EDIS 970EDIS 9700Reading Research Seminar
EDIS 974EDIS 9740Internship in College Teaching or Supervision
EDIS 993EDIS 9993Independent Study
EDIS 995EDIS 9995Independent Research
EDIS 997EDIS 9998Internship: Ed.D. or Ph.D.
EDIS 999EDIS 9999Doctoral Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EDLF 101EDLF 1010Dialogs on Diversity (LINC)
EDLF 102EDLF 1020LINC Facilitators
EDLF 200EDLF 2020Paradigms and Strategies of Leadership
EDLF 315EDLF 3150Introduction to Child Growth and Development
EDLF 316EDLF 3160Introduction to Educational Psychology
EDLF 345EDLF 3450Teaching with Technology
EDLF 355EDLF 3440Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity
EDLF 416EDLF 4160Life Span Development
EDLF 489EDLF 4890Workshop in Instructional Technology
EDLF 493EDLF 4993Independent Study
EDLF 501EDLF 5010Child Learning and Development
EDLF 505EDLF 5050Intermediate Teaching with Technology
EDLF 543EDLF 5430Social Processes and Individual Differences in Sport and Exercise Psychology
EDLF 545EDLF 5450Applied Teaching with Technology
EDLF 546EDLF 5460Software Applications in Education
EDLF 547EDLF 5470Motivation in Achievement Contexts
EDLF 555EDLF 5000Multicultural Education
EDLF 561EDLF 5610Production of Instructional Materials
EDLF 562EDLF 5620Educational Video Production
EDLF 563EDLF 5630Advanced Video Technology
EDLF 564EDLF 5640Instructional Photography
EDLF 565EDLF 5650Advanced Photography
EDLF 570EDLF 5710Ethnography and Education
EDLF 571EDLF 5711Globalization, Childhood, and Culture
EDLF 586EDLF 5860Museums and Education
EDLF 589EDLF 5500Selected Topics
EDLF 590EDLF 5890Workshop
EDLF 593EDLF 5993Independent Study
EDLF 700EDLF 7000Introduction to Instructional Design
EDLF 700LEDLF 7001Introduction to Instructional Design Lab
EDLF 701EDLF 7010Computer Courseware Tools
EDLF 702EDLF 7020Computer Courseware Design
EDLF 703EDLF 7030Advanced Interactive Technologies I
EDLF 704EDLF 7040Seminar in Instructional Technology
EDLF 705EDLF 7050Institutional Frameworks of Education Policy
EDLF 706EDLF 7060Theoretical Perspectives on Education Policy
EDLF 707EDLF 7070Digital Multimedia Development
EDLF 708EDLF 7080Education Policy: Professional Seminar
EDLF 710EDLF 7100Contemporary Educational Issues
EDLF 711EDLF 7801Introduction to Information Technology
EDLF 714EDLF 7140Schools as Professional Learning Communities
EDLF 715EDLF 7150Educational Psychology
EDLF 716EDLF 7160Life Span Development
EDLF 717EDLF 7170Concepts of Learning
EDLF 718EDLF 7180Tests and Measurements
EDLF 719EDLF 7190Classroom Assessment
EDLF 720EDLF 7200Child Development
EDLF 721EDLF 7210Adolescent Development
EDLF 722EDLF 7220Introduction to the Gifted
EDLF 723EDLF 7230Curriculum for the Gifted and Talented
EDLF 724EDLF 7240Social and Emotional Development of Gifted Students
EDLF 725EDLF 7250Models and Strategies for Teaching the Gifted
EDLF 727EDLF 7270Adult Development and Aging
EDLF 728EDLF 7280Creativity and Problem Solving
EDLF 729EDLF 7290Seminar in Educational Psychology
EDLF 730EDLF 7300Foundations of Educational Research
EDLF 731EDLF 7310Educational Statistics: Stat I
EDLF 732EDLF 7320Educational Statistics Laboratory
EDLF 733EDLF 7330Single-Subject Research
EDLF 734EDLF 7340Information Management
EDLF 735EDLF 7350Seminar in Educational Research
EDLF 738EDLF 8648College Student Development
EDLF 739EDLF 7390Differentiating Instruction
EDLF 740EDLF 7401Seminar: Educational Studies
EDLF 741EDLF 8649Introduction to Higher Education
EDLF 750EDLF 7402Program Evaluation
EDLF 752EDLF 7403Techniques of Instrument Construction
EDLF 753EDLF 7404Qualitative Analysis
EDLF 754EDLF 7405Seminar in Program Evaluation
EDLF 760EDLF 7601Social Foundations of Education
EDLF 761EDLF 7602History of American Education
EDLF 762EDLF 7603Philosophy of Education
EDLF 763EDLF 7604Sociology of Education
EDLF 764EDLF 7605Anthropology of Education
EDLF 765EDLF 7606Comparative Education
EDLF 766EDLF 7607Asian Education
EDLF 767EDLF 7608Aesthetics and Education
EDLF 768EDLF 7609Futurism and Education
EDLF 769EDLF 7699Seminar
EDLF 770EDLF 7701Seminar: Social Foundations of Education
EDLF 772EDLF 7702Women and Education
EDLF 775EDLF 7803Problems in Administering School Systems
EDLF 776EDLF 7804Public School Administration
EDLF 777EDLF 7805Human Resource Management
EDLF 778EDLF 7806School and Community Relations
EDLF 779EDLF 7807The School Principalship
EDLF 780EDLF 7853Secondary School Principalship
EDLF 783EDLF 7808School Finance
EDLF 785EDLF 7850Emerging Issues in the Profession of Teaching
EDLF 786EDLF 7852Instructional Decision-Making in Schools
EDLF 787EDLF 7871Critical Issues of the Superintendency: Technology Strand
EDLF 788EDLF 7872Introduction to Critical Issues of the Superintendency
EDLF 789EDLF 7856Topical Seminar
EDLF 790EDLF 7875School Governance Issues of the Superintendency
EDLF 791EDLF 7876Annual Policy Institute
EDLF 792EDLF 7877Superintendent's Seminar
EDLF 793EDLF 7993Independent Study: Leadership and Policy Studies
EDLF 800EDLF 8000Seminar in Instructional Computing
EDLF 801EDLF 8010Advanced Instructional Design
EDLF 801LEDLF 8011Advanced Instructional Design Lab
EDLF 802EDLF 8020Advanced Interactive Technologies II
EDLF 803EDLF 8030Advanced Seminar in Instructional Technology
EDLF 810EDLF 8655Politics of Difference
EDLF 814EDLF 8140Evaluation of Programs for the Gifted
EDLF 815EDLF 8150Advanced Tests and Measurements
EDLF 816EDLF 8160Advanced Child Development
EDLF 817EDLF 8170Advanced Seminar on Creativity
EDLF 818EDLF 8180Advanced Seminar on Curriculum for the Gifted
EDLF 819EDLF 8190Advanced Seminar Research on the Gifted
EDLF 820EDLF 8200Advanced Seminar: Issues in Gifted Education
EDLF 821EDLF 8210Advanced Seminar on Special Populations of Gifted Students
EDLF 822EDLF 8220Advanced Seminar in Educational Psychology
EDLF 826EDLF 8260Social Development in Context
EDLF 830EDLF 8300Experimental Design: Stat II
EDLF 831EDLF 8310Correlation and Regression Analysis: Stat III
EDLF 832EDLF 8320Non-Parametric Statistics
EDLF 833EDLF 8330Bayesian Statistics
EDLF 834EDLF 8340Measurement Theory I
EDLF 835EDLF 8350Multivariate Statistics
EDLF 836EDLF 8360Seminar in Advanced Statistics
EDLF 837EDLF 8370Advanced Seminar in Educational Research and Measurement
EDLF 840EDLF 8400Program Evaluation Design
EDLF 841EDLF 8410Advanced Seminar In Program Evaluation
EDLF 843EDLF 8430Evaluation of Teaching
EDLF 844EDLF 8440Advanced Qualitative Analysis
EDLF 845EDLF 8450Qualitative Data Analysis with Computers
EDLF 846EDLF 8460Advanced Aesthetics and Education
EDLF 847EDLF 8470Folklore and Education
EDLF 848EDLF 8481Advanced Seminar in Foundations of Education
EDLF 849EDLF 8482Advanced Seminar in Educational Studies
EDLF 850EDLF 8651History of Higher Education
EDLF 851EDLF 7610Curry Forum on Educational Issues
EDLF 852EDLF 8652College Student Experience
EDLF 853EDLF 8653Curriculum in Higher Education
EDLF 854EDLF 8654Organization and Governance in Higher Education
EDLF 855EDLF 8647Student Affairs in Colleges and Universities
EDLF 856EDLF 8656Ethical Considerations for Student Affairs Administrators
EDLF 857EDLF 8657Economics and Finance of Higher Education
EDLF 858EDLF 8658Management Planning in Higher Education
EDLF 859EDLF 8659Legal Aspects of College Administration
EDLF 860EDLF 8661The Adult Learner
EDLF 861EDLF 8664The Community College
EDLF 862EDLF 8662State and National Policy in Higher Education
EDLF 863EDLF 8665Contemporary Issues: Entrepeneurship in Higher Education
EDLF 864EDLF 8663The American Professoriate
EDLF 865EDLF 8650Educational Policy Formulation and Implementation I
EDLF 866EDLF 7809Policy in Curriculum and Instruction
EDLF 867EDLF 8670Politics of Education
EDLF 868EDLF 8680Economics and Education Policy
EDLF 869EDLF 8690Educational Policy Formulation and Implementation II
EDLF 870EDLF 8700Seminar: Contemporary Educational Policy Studies
EDLF 871EDLF 8801Moral and Ethical Dimensions of Leadership
EDLF 873EDLF 7878Education Finance, Policy and Practice
EDLF 875EDLF 7810School Law
EDLF 876EDLF 7874Problems in School Business Administration
EDLF 877EDLF 8802Organizational Theory
EDLF 878EDLF 8803Organizational Change
EDLF 881EDLF 7811Introduction to Supervision of Instruction
EDLF 893EDLF 9993Independent Study
EDLF 894EDLF 8985Master's Inernship: SAPHE
EDLF 895EDLF 9995Independent Research
EDLF 896EDLF 8981Practicum in Educational Administration
EDLF 897EDLF 8697Master's Thesis
EDLF 899EDLF 8999Masters Thesis
EDLF 900EDLF 9000Advanced Seminar: Administration and Supervision
EDLF 980EDLF 9800Higher Education Seminar: Current Literature
EDLF 981EDLF 9810Research Seminar in Higher Education
EDLF 997EDLF 9998Internship: Ed.D. or Ph.D.
EDLF 999EDLF 9999Doctoral Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENAM 311ENAM 3110American Literature to 1865
ENAM 312ENAM 3120American Literature Since 1865
ENAM 313ENAM 3130African-American Survey I
ENAM 314ENAM 3140African-American Survey II
ENAM 315ENAM 3150The American Renaissance
ENAM 316ENAM 3160Realism and Naturalism in America
ENAM 317ENAM 3570Contemporary Ethnic American Fiction
ENAM 322ENAM 3520Major American Authors
ENAM 330ENAM 3300American Poetry
ENAM 345ENAM 3450American Short Novel
ENAM 350ENAM 3500Studies in American Literature
ENAM 355ENAM 3750American Sentimentalism
ENAM 357ENAM 3770Women in American Art
ENAM 358ENAM 3780Science and Identity in American Literature
ENAM 381ENAM 3510Studies in African-American Literature and Culture
ENAM 385ENAM 3850Folklore in America
ENAM 387ENAM 3870Literature of the West
ENAM 388ENAM 3880The Literature of the South
ENAM 389ENAM 3890Mass Media and American Culture
ENAM 481ENAM 4500Advanced Studies in American Lit
ENAM 481BENAM 4814African-American Women Authors
ENAM 810ENAM 8100Early American Literature
ENAM 813ENAM 8130Early African American Literature
ENAM 815ENAM 8150American Romanticism
ENAM 824ENAM 8520Major American Authors
ENAM 830ENAM 8300American Poetry of the Nineteenth Century
ENAM 836ENAM 8360African-American Poetry
ENAM 853ENAM 8630Nineteenth-Century Fiction
ENAM 854ENAM 8540Studies in American Fiction
ENAM 888ENAM 8880Literature of the South
ENAM 910ENAM 9100Early American Literature
ENAM 980ENAM 9810Studies in African-American Literature
ENAM 982ENAM 9500Seminar in American Literature I, II
ENAM 991ENAM 9910Research in American Literature


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENCR 300ENCR 3000Contemporary Literary Theory
ENCR 362ENCR 3620Introduction to Criticism and Cultural Studies
ENCR 363ENCR 3630Psychoanalytic Criticism
ENCR 371ENCR 3710Intellectual Prose
ENCR 381ENCR 3810Feminist Theories and Methods
ENCR 481ENCR 4500Advanced Studies in Literary Criticism
ENCR 565ENCR 5650Books as Physical Objects
ENCR 567ENCR 5670Theory and Feminism
ENCR 580ENCR 5800Queer Theories and Queer Practices
ENCR 801ENCR 8100Introduction to Literary Research
ENCR 860ENCR 8600Criticism in Theory and Practice
ENCR 861ENCR 8610An Introduction to Modern Literary Theory and Criticism
ENCR 862ENCR 8620Critical Theory Since Plato
ENCR 863ENCR 8630Twentieth-Century Criticism
ENCR 867ENCR 8670Feminist Criticism
ENCR 965ENCR 9650Introduction to Textual Criticism and Scholarly Editing
ENCR 981ENCR 9500Seminar in Critical Theory


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENEC 311ENEC 3110English Literature of the Restoration and Early Eighteenth Century
ENEC 312ENEC 3120English Literature of the Late Eighteenth Century
ENEC 313ENEC 3130English Literature of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
ENEC 320ENEC 3200Eighteenth-Century Women Writers
ENEC 340ENEC 3400Restoration and Eighteenth-Century Drama
ENEC 351ENEC 3600The English Novel I
ENEC 381ENEC 3500Eighteenth-Century Topics
ENEC 481ENEC 4500Advanced Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature I
ENEC 540ENEC 5400English Drama 1660-1800
ENEC 811ENEC 8110English Literature of the Restoration and Early Eighteenth-Century
ENEC 812ENEC 8120English Literature and the Late Eighteenth-Century
ENEC 850ENEC 8600Eighteenth-Century Prose Fiction
ENEC 881ENEC 8500Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature
ENEC 981ENEC 9500Studies in Eighteenth-Century Literature I, II
ENEC 991ENEC 9910Research in Restoration and Eighteenth Century


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENGL 381ENGL 3810History of Literatures in English I
ENGL 382ENGL 3820History of Literatures in English II
ENGL 383ENGL 3830History of Literatures in English III
ENGL 491ENGL 4998Distinguished Majors Program
ENGL 492ENGL 4999Distinguished Majors Program
ENGL 493ENGL 4993Independent Study
ENGL 895ENGL 8998M.A. Thesis
ENGL 897ENGL 8999Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
ENGL 995ENGL 8993Independent Study
ENGL 997ENGL 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
ENGL 998ENGL 9995Dissertation Seminar
ENGL 999ENGL 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENGN 331ENGN 3310The Lyric
ENGN 340ENGN 3400Drama From the Restoration to the Twentieth Century
ENGN 341ENGN 3450Tragedy
ENGN 350ENGN 3600Studies in Short Fiction
ENGN 351ENGN 3610Forms of the Novel I
ENGN 352ENGN 3620Forms of the Novel II
ENGN 380ENGN 3800Romance
ENGN 382ENGN 3820The Art and Theory of Comedy
ENGN 384ENGN 3840Satire
ENGN 481ENGN 4500Advanced Studies in Literary Genres I
ENGN 831ENGN 8310The Lyric Genre
ENGN 840ENGN 8400Drama From 1660 to the Late Nineteenth Century
ENGN 981ENGN 9500Seminar in Literary Genres I, II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENGR 141R ENGR 1410Synthesis Design I
ENGR 142R ENGR 1420Synthesis Design II
ENGR 162ENGR 1620Introduction to Engineering
ENGR 302ENGR 3020Introduction to Engineering in Context
ENGR 401ENGR 4010Multidisciplinary Design and Development I
ENGR 402ENGR 4020Multidisciplinary Design and Development II
ENGR 488ENGR 4880Business and Technical Leadership in Engineering
ENGR 489ENGR 4890Industrial Applications
ENGR 492ENGR 4920Engineering License Review
ENGR 495ENGR 4595Special Topics in Engineering
ENGR 499ENGR 4599Special Topics in Engineering


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENLS 303ENLS 3030History of the English Language
ENLS 359ENLS 3690American English
ENLS 801ENLS 8010Language, Linguistics and Criticism
ENLS 805ENLS 8050Language Change and Literary Study
ENLS 841ENLS 8410Modern English Grammar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENLT 201M ENLT 2100Introduction to Literary Studies
ENLT 211ENLT 2511Masterpieces of English Literature I
ENLT 213ENLT 2513Major Authors of American Literature
ENLT 214ENLT 2514Modern American Authors
ENLT 223ENLT 2523Studies in Poetry
ENLT 224ENLT 2524Studies in Drama
ENLT 226ENLT 2526Studies in Fiction
ENLT 247ENLT 2547Black Writers in America
ENLT 248ENLT 2548Contemporary Literature
ENLT 250ENLT 2550Shakespeare
ENLT 252ENLT 2552Women in Literature
ENLT 255ENLT 2555Special Topics


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENMC 311ENMC 3110British Literature of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 312ENMC 3120American Literature of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 313ENMC 3130Modern Comparative Literature I
ENMC 315ENMC 3150Literature of the Americas
ENMC 316ENMC 3160Twentieth Century Women Writers
ENMC 317ENMC 3570Contemporary Ethnic American Fiction
ENMC 321ENMC 3510Major British and American Writers of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 330ENMC 3300Contemporary American Poetry
ENMC 331ENMC 3310Major African-American Poets
ENMC 333ENMC 3330Twentieth Century British Poetry
ENMC 334ENMC 3340Contemporary British Poetry
ENMC 341ENMC 3450Modern Drama I
ENMC 342ENMC 3420Modern Drama II
ENMC 351ENMC 3610Modern and Contemporary Fiction I
ENMC 354ENMC 3640Twentieth-Century Women Writers
ENMC 355ENMC 3650Asian-American Fiction
ENMC 356ENMC 3660The African Novel
ENMC 380ENMC 3800Concepts of the Modern
ENMC 381ENMC 3810Modern Irish Literature
ENMC 481ENMC 4500Advanced Studies in Twentieth Century Literature I, II
ENMC 483ENMC 4530Seminar in Modern Studies
ENMC 484ENMC 4540Seminar in Modern Studies
ENMC 811ENMC 8110American Literature 1912-1929
ENMC 815ENMC 8150Literature of the Americas
ENMC 816ENMC 8160Contemporary American Writers
ENMC 830ENMC 8300American Poetry of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 831ENMC 8310British Poetry of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 833ENMC 8330Contemporary American Poetry
ENMC 840ENMC 8400Drama of the Twentieth Century
ENMC 850ENMC 8600Twentieth-Century Fiction
ENMC 851ENMC 8610Twentieth-Century American Fiction
ENMC 852ENMC 8620The British Novel in the Twentieth Century
ENMC 853ENMC 8630Major Modern Novelists
ENMC 856ENMC 8660Problems in Post-Modern Fiction
ENMC 857ENMC 8670African-American Fiction
ENMC 881ENMC 8810African-American Literature
ENMC 884ENMC 8840Modernism and Mass Culture
ENMC 886ENMC 8860The Harlem Renaissance: African-American Writing Between the Wars
ENMC 930ENMC 9300Contemporary American Poetry
ENMC 981ENMC 9500Studies in Twentieth-Century Literature I, II
ENMC 985ENMC 9520Seminar in Comparative Literature I, II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENMD 311ENMD 3110Medieval European Literature in Translation
ENMD 325ENMD 3250Chaucer I
ENMD 326ENMD 3260Chaucer II
ENMD 481ENMD 4500Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature I
ENMD 501ENMD 5010Introduction to Old English
ENMD 505ENMD 5050Old Icelandic
ENMD 520ENMD 5200Beowulf
ENMD 812ENMD 8120Fourteenth-Century Literature
ENMD 813ENMD 8130Medieval Transitions to the Renaissance
ENMD 825ENMD 8250Chaucer I
ENMD 826ENMD 8260Chaucer II
ENMD 850ENMD 8600Medieval Romance
ENMD 881ENMD 8810Backgrounds to Medieval Literature
ENMD 883ENMD 8830Prolegomena to Medieval Literary Research
ENMD 885ENMD 8850Mapping the Middle Ages
ENMD 905ENMD 9050Studies in Early English Philology
ENMD 922ENMD 9220Piers Plowman
ENMD 924ENMD 9240Studies in Chaucer
ENMD 950ENMD 9500Advanced Studies in Medieval Literature
ENMD 981ENMD 9510Studies in Old English
ENMD 983ENMD 9520Studies in Middle English I, II
ENMD 991ENMD 9995Research in Medieval Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENNC 311ENNC 3110English Poetry and Prose of the Nineteenth Century I
ENNC 312ENNC 3120English Poetry and Prose of the Nineteenth Century II
ENNC 321ENNC 3210Major British Authors of the Earlier Nineteenth Century
ENNC 322ENNC 3220Major British Writers of the Later Nineteenth Century
ENNC 323ENNC 3230Victorian Prose
ENNC 341ENNC 3410The Origins of Modern Drama
ENNC 351ENNC 3600The English Novel II
ENNC 352ENNC 3620The Lives of the Victorians
ENNC 353ENNC 3630The Continental Novel of the Nineteenth Century
ENNC 381ENNC 3500Nineteenth Century Topics
ENNC 385ENNC 3850The Fiction of Empire
ENNC 481ENNC 4500Advanced Studies in Nineteenth Century Literature I
ENNC 811ENNC 8110The Romantic Period
ENNC 814ENNC 8140The Victorian Period
ENNC 831ENNC 8310Victorian Intellectual Prose
ENNC 851ENNC 8600The English Novel II
ENNC 852ENNC 8620The Late Victorian Novel 1850-1914
ENNC 855ENNC 8650The Literature of Empire
ENNC 883ENNC 8500Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature
ENNC 950ENNC 9560Studies in Nineteenth-Century Fiction
ENNC 981ENNC 9510Studies in Romanticism I, II
ENNC 983ENNC 9520Studies in Victorian Literature I, II
ENNC 985ENNC 9500Nineteenth-Century Studies I, II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENPG 880ENPG 8800Pedagogy Seminar
ENPG 882ENPG 8820Workshop in Teaching Composition
ENPG 883ENPG 8830Workshop in Teaching Literatures
ENPG 885ENPG 8850Literature Surveys
ENPG 981ENPG 9810Philosophy of Composition


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENPW 482ENPW 4820Poetry Program Poetics
ENPW 491ENPW 4910Poetry Thesis
ENPW 492ENPW 4920Poetry Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENRN 311ENRN 3110Literature of the Renaissance
ENRN 313ENRN 3130The Seventeenth Century I
ENRN 321ENRN 3210Shakespeare I
ENRN 322ENRN 3220Shakespeare II
ENRN 323ENRN 3230Studies in Shakespeare
ENRN 325ENRN 3250Milton
ENRN 340ENRN 3400The Drama in English From the Beginning to 1642
ENRN 441ENRN 4410Shakespeare Seminar
ENRN 481ENRN 4500Advanced Studies in Renaissance Literature I
ENRN 483ENRN 4830Seminar in Medieval and Renaissance Studies
ENRN 811ENRN 8110Renaissance Poetry
ENRN 812ENRN 8120Early Seventeenth-Century Poetry
ENRN 820ENRN 8200Spenser
ENRN 821ENRN 8510Studies in Shakespeare I, II
ENRN 827ENRN 8270Milton
ENRN 840ENRN 8400Elizabethan Drama 1585-1642
ENRN 870ENRN 8700Renaissance Prose
ENRN 881ENRN 8810The Idea of the Renaissance
ENRN 920ENRN 9200Shakespeare
ENRN 924ENRN 9240Spenser
ENRN 927ENRN 9270Milton
ENRN 991ENRN 9995Research in the Renaissance


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENSP 106ENSP 1600Public Speaking
ENSP 352ENSP 3620Modern Women Authors
ENSP 355ENSP 3650Images of Women in 19th and 20th Century Fiction
ENSP 381ENSP 3610Narratives of Illness and Doctoring
ENSP 385ENSP 3850The Dark Side of Hollywood: Film Noir
ENSP 480ENSP 4800The Bible
ENSP 482ENSP 4500Advanced Studies in Special Topics in Literature II
ENSP 581ENSP 5810Film Aesthetics
ENSP 583ENSP 5830Literature and the Film
ENSP 591ENSP 5910Literary Journal Editing
ENSP 852ENSP 8620Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century Women Writers
ENSP 870ENSP 8700Special Topics in Pedagogy
ENSP 880ENSP 8800Modern Poetry and Visual Art
ENSP 882ENSP 8820The Literary Use of the Bible
ENSP 955ENSP 9620Society, Character, and Revolution in the Novel
ENSP 982ENSP 9820Special Topics in Criticism


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ENWR 105ENWR 1505Academic Writing I
ENWR 106ENWR 1506Academic Writing II
ENWR 107ENWR 1507Academic Writing Studio
ENWR 108ENWR 1508Academic Writing II - ESL
ENWR 110ENWR 1510Accelerated Academic Writing
ENWR 210ENWR 2510Advanced Academic Writing
ENWR 215ENWR 2150Pavilion Writers I
ENWR 216ENWR 2160Pavilion Writers II
ENWR 220ENWR 2520Special Topics in Writing
ENWR 230ENWR 2300Poetry Writing
ENWR 250ENWR 2600Fiction Writing
ENWR 270ENWR 2700News Writing
ENWR 301ENWR 3010Advanced Writing I
ENWR 302ENWR 3020Advanced Writing II
ENWR 331ENWR 3310Intermediate Poetry Writing I
ENWR 332ENWR 3320Intermediate Poetry Writing II
ENWR 351ENWR 3610Intermediate Fiction Writing
ENWR 370ENWR 3700Intermediate News Writing
ENWR 371ENWR 3710News Magazine Writing
ENWR 372ENWR 3720Magazine Writing
ENWR 380ENWR 3800Academic and Professional Writing
ENWR 481ENWR 4810Advanced Fiction Writing I
ENWR 483ENWR 4830Advanced Poetry Writing I
ENWR 495ENWR 4993Independent Project in Creative Writing
ENWR 531ENWR 5310Advanced Poetry Writing
ENWR 551ENWR 5610Advanced Fiction Writing
ENWR 731ENWR 7310Advanced Poetry Writing
ENWR 751ENWR 7610Fiction Writing
ENWR 801ENWR 8993Independent Writing Project
ENWR 895ENWR 8999M.F.A. Thesis
ENWR 991ENWR 8995Research in Creative Writing


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EP 693EP 6993Independent Study
EP 695EP 6950Supervised Project
EP 700EP 7000Graduate Seminar
EP 732EP 7592Special Topics in Engineering Physics
EP 793EP 7993Independent Study
EP 897EP 8970Graduate Teaching Instruction
EP 898EP 8999Master's Degree Research
EP 997EP 9970Graduate Teaching Instruction
EP 999EP 9999Ph.D. Dissertation Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ETP 230ETP 2030Politics, Science, and Values: An Introduction to Environmental Policy
ETP 322ETP 3220Uranium and the American West
ETP 386ETP 3860The Business of Saving Nature
ETP 387ETP 3870Framing the Environment: Literary, Critical, and Philosophical Responses to Nature
ETP 401ETP 4010Environmental Decisions
ETP 480ETP 4800Politics of the Environment
ETP 481ETP 4810Class Race & the Environment


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EVAT 453EVAT 4332Mountain Meteorology Seminar
EVAT 541EVAT 5410Atmospheric Dynamics
EVAT 542EVAT 5420Microclimate
EVAT 550EVAT 5300Environmental Climatology
EVAT 753EVAT 7332Mountain Meteorology Seminar
EVAT 793EVAT 7999Independent Study: Atmospheric Sciences
EVAT 795EVAT 7530Special Topics in Atmospheric Sciences
EVAT 895EVAT 8530Advanced Topics in Atmospheric Sciences


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EVEC 521EVEC 5210Aquatic Ecology
EVEC 522EVEC 5220Terrestrial Ecology
EVEC 523EVEC 5230Microbial Ecology
EVEC 523LEVEC 5231Microbial Ecology Laboratory
EVEC 525EVEC 5250Ecological Issues in Global Change
EVEC 525LEVEC 5251Ecological Issues in Global Change Laboratory
EVEC 722EVEC 7220Estuarine Ecology
EVEC 730EVEC 7100Management of Forest Ecosystems
EVEC 777EVEC 7202Advanced Microbial Ecology
EVEC 793EVEC 7999Independent Study: Ecology
EVEC 795EVEC 7520Special Topics in Ecology
EVEC 895EVEC 8520Advanced Topics in Ecology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EVGE 504EVGE 5850Geochemistry
EVGE 507EVGE 5870Aqueous Geochemistry
EVGE 582EVGE 5820Geomorphology
EVGE 584EVGE 5840Sediment Processes and Environments
EVGE 584LEVGE 5841Sediment Processes Laboratory
EVGE 780EVGE 7800Engineering Geology and Soil Physics
EVGE 781EVGE 7810Geology of Virginia
EVGE 783EVGE 7832Water-Rock Interactions Seminar
EVGE 786EVGE 7860Isotope Geochemistry
EVGE 793EVGE 7999Independent Study-Geosciences
EVGE 795EVGE 7580Special Topics in Geosciences
EVGE 895EVGE 8580Advanced Topics in Environmental Geology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EVHY 544EVHY 5640Catchment Hydrology: Process and Theory
EVHY 545EVHY 5650Hydrological Transport Processes
EVHY 546EVHY 5700Forest Hydrology
EVHY 547EVHY 5670Environmental Fluid Mechanics
EVHY 578EVHY 5780Groundwater Hydrology
EVHY 743EVHY 7630Land-Atmosphere Interaction
EVHY 744EVHY 7640Dynamic Hydrology
EVHY 746EVHY 7662Current Research in Hydrology
EVHY 747EVHY 7670Numerical Methods in Hydrology
EVHY 793EVHY 7999Independent Study: Hydrology and Water Resources
EVHY 795EVHY 7560Special Topics in Hydrology and Water Resources
EVHY 895EVHY 8560Advanced Topics in Hydrology and Water Resources


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
EVSC 101EVSC 1010Introduction to Environmental Sciences
EVSC 102EVSC 1020Practical Concepts in Environmental Sciences
EVSC 105EVSC 1050Ethics, Protocols, and Practice of International Research
EVSC 120EVSC 1200Elements of Ecology
EVSC 140EVSC 1600Water on Earth
EVSC 145EVSC 1040Virginia's Environments
EVSC 148EVSC 1080Resources and the Environment
EVSC 150EVSC 1300Earth's Weather and Climate
EVSC 176EVSC 1762Water: Understanding our Essential Natural Resource
EVSC 201EVSC 2010Materials That Shape Civilizations
EVSC 210EVSC 2900Beaches, Coasts and Rivers
EVSC 215EVSC 2050Introduction to Oceanography
EVSC 222EVSC 2220Conservation Ecology:Biodiversity and Beyond
EVSC 223EVSC 2221Conservation Ecology Laboratory
EVSC 230EVSC 2030Politics, Science, and Values: An Introduction to Environmental Policy
EVSC 280EVSC 2800Fundamentals of Geology
EVSC 280LEVSC 2801Fundamentals of Geology Laboratory
EVSC 320EVSC 3200Fundamentals of Ecology
EVSC 320LEVSC 3201Fundamentals of Ecology Laboratory
EVSC 340EVSC 3600Physical Hydrology
EVSC 340LEVSC 3601Physical Hydrology Laboratory
EVSC 350EVSC 3300Atmosphere and Weather
EVSC 350LEVSC 3301Atmosphere and Weather Laboratory
EVSC 360EVSC 3660Tropical Field Ecology
EVSC 362EVSC 3020GIS Methods
EVSC 375Z EVSC 3250Tropical Ecology and Conservation in Belize
EVSC 376EVSC 3880Watersheds of Lewis and Clark
EVSC 381EVSC 3810Earth Processes as Natural Hazards
EVSC 384EVSC 3840Earth Surface Processes and Landforms
EVSC 385EVSC 3850Geodynamics
EVSC 386EVSC 3860Introduction to Geochemistry
EVSC 410EVSC 4010Introduction to Remote Sensing
EVSC 413EVSC 4130Population Ecology and Conservation
EVSC 415EVSC 4050Topics in Oceanography
EVSC 420EVSC 4200The Ecology of Coastal Wetlands
EVSC 423EVSC 4230Marine Environments and Organisms
EVSC 425EVSC 4250Ecosystem Ecology
EVSC 427EVSC 4270Soil Science
EVSC 428EVSC 4280Environmental Microbiology
EVSC 430EVSC 4100Management of Forest Ecosystems
EVSC 431EVSC 4210Methods in Aquatic Ecology
EVSC 432EVSC 4220Aquatic Plant Ecology
EVSC 444EVSC 4640Applied Hydrology
EVSC 445EVSC 4700Introduction to Forest Hydrology
EVSC 446EVSC 4660Hydrological Field Methods and Data Analysis
EVSC 447EVSC 4470Introduction to Climatological Analysis
EVSC 455EVSC 4350Synoptic Climatology
EVSC 457EVSC 4370Microclimatology
EVSC 459EVSC 4490Air Pollution
EVSC 461EVSC 4060People, Culture, and Environment of Southern Africa
EVSC 465EVSC 4030Environmental Policymaking in the United States
EVSC 466EVSC 4040GIS and Arc/Info
EVSC 468EVSC 4070Advanced GIS
EVSC 470EVSC 4090Instrumental Methods for Analysis of Environmental Samples
EVSC 478EVSC 4880Groundwater Geology
EVSC 481EVSC 4810Petrology
EVSC 483EVSC 4142Seminar in Environmental and Biological Conservation
EVSC 484EVSC 4840Engineering Geology
EVSC 485EVSC 4850Coastal Processes
EVSC 485LEVSC 4851Coastal Processes Laboratory
EVSC 486EVSC 4860Geology of Virginia
EVSC 487EVSC 4870Global Biogeochemical Cycles
EVSC 488EVSC 4890Planetary Geology
EVSC 493EVSC 4993Independent Study
EVSC 495EVSC 4995Supervised Research
EVSC 503EVSC 5030Applied Statistics for Environmental Scientists
EVSC 503LEVSC 5031Applied Statistics Laboratory
EVSC 511EVSC 5110Systems Analysis in Environmental Sciences
EVSC 515EVSC 5050Advanced Oceanography
EVSC 544EVSC 5440Physical Oceanography
EVSC 562EVSC 5020Introduction to Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
EVSC 710EVSC 7010Introduction to Remote Sensing
EVSC 760EVSC 7300Microclimatology
EVSC 778EVSC 7080Quantitative Contaminant Hydrology
EVSC 782EVSC 7820Environmental Chemistry
EVSC 790EVSC 7092Departmental Seminar
EVSC 796EVSC 7500Special Topics in Environmental Sciences
EVSC 890EVSC 8092Seminar in Environmental Sciences
EVSC 895EVSC 8500Advanced Topics in Environmental Sciences
EVSC 897EVSC 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
EVSC 898EVSC 8999Non-Topical Research
EVSC 993EVSC 9995Research Problems
EVSC 997EVSC 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
EVSC 999EVSC 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
FREN 101FREN 1010Elementary French I
FREN 101G FREN 1000Reading
FREN 101G FREN 101Reading
FREN 102FREN 1020Elementary French II
FREN 105FREN 1050Accelerated Elementary French
FREN 201FREN 2010Intermediate French I
FREN 202FREN 2020Intermediate French II
FREN 232FREN 2320Intensive Intermediate French
FREN 331FREN 3031Intensive Grammar
FREN 332FREN 3032The Writing and Reading of Texts
FREN 333FREN 2933Oral and Written Expression in French
FREN 334FREN 3034Advanced Oral and Written Expression in French
FREN 335FREN 2935Writing Workshop in French
FREN 339FREN 3030Phonetics
FREN 341FREN 3041Literature of the Middle Ages and Sixteenth Century
FREN 342FREN 3042Literature of the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
FREN 343FREN 3043Literature of the Nineteenth, Twentieth, and Twenty-First Centuries
FREN 344FREN 3584Topics in French Cinema
FREN 345FREN 3585Topics in Cultural Studies
FREN 346FREN 3046African Literatures and Cultures
FREN 347FREN 3747Litterature et Culture Francophone au Maroc
FREN 350FREN 3050History and Civilization of France: Middle Ages to Revolution
FREN 351FREN 3051History and Civilization of France: Revolution to 1945
FREN 352FREN 3652Modern Paris
FREN 353FREN 3753L'immigration en France
FREN 355FREN 3655Victor Hugo: Poete, dramaturge, romancier, critique social, artiste
FREN 356FREN 3756Le cas Simenon
FREN 357FREN 3857Le Rire: A Study of Laughter in French Literature
FREN 368FREN 3509Topics in French Linguistics
FREN 401FREN 4510Advanced Topics in Medieval Literature
FREN 402FREN 4520Advanced Topics in Renaissance Literature
FREN 404FREN 4540Advanced Topics in Eighteenth-Century Literature
FREN 405FREN 4560Advanced Topics in Nineteenth-Century Literature
FREN 406FREN 4570Advanced Topics in Twentieth-Century Literature
FREN 408FREN 4530Advanced Topics in Seventeenth-Century Literature
FREN 411FREN 4811Francophone Literature of Africa
FREN 413FREN 4813Introduction to the Francophone Caribbean (Martinique, Guadeloupe, Haiti)
FREN 428FREN 4020History of the French Language
FREN 430FREN 4031Grammaire et Style
FREN 435FREN 4035Tools and Techniques of Translation
FREN 436FREN 4836The Culture of Commerce and Industry in France
FREN 437FREN 4237The Culture of Renaissance Lyon
FREN 438FREN 4838French Society and Civilization
FREN 443FREN 4743Africa in Cinema
FREN 444FREN 4586Topics in Literature and Film
FREN 445FREN 4585Advanced Topics in Cultural Studies
FREN 451FREN 4857French Comedy
FREN 452FREN 4582Advanced Topics in French Poetry
FREN 483FREN 4583Seminar for Majors
FREN 485FREN 4509Seminar in French Linguistics
FREN 493FREN 4993Independent Study
FREN 498FREN 4998Pre-Thesis Tutorial
FREN 499FREN 4999Thesis
FREN 501FREN 5001Development of French Language Skills
FREN 501LFREN 5011Old French
FREN 508FREN 5010Introduction to Reading Old French
FREN 509FREN 5012Introduction to Old Provencal Language and Literature
FREN 510FREN 5100Medieval Literature in Modern French I
FREN 511FREN 5150Medieval Literature in Modern French II
FREN 520FREN 5200Literature of the Sixteenth Century: Poetry
FREN 521FREN 5210Literature of the Sixteenth Century: Prose
FREN 527FREN 5030French Phonetics and Phonology
FREN 529FREN 5029Applied Linguistics: French
FREN 530FREN 5300Literature of the Seventeenth Century I
FREN 531FREN 5310Literature of the Seventeenth Century II
FREN 540FREN 5400Literature of the Eighteenth Century I
FREN 541FREN 5410Literature of the Eighteenth Century II
FREN 545FREN 5585Topics in Civilization / Cultural Studies
FREN 550FREN 5600Literature of the Nineteenth Century I
FREN 551FREN 5610Literature of the Nineteenth Century II
FREN 560FREN 5700Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries I
FREN 561FREN 5710Literature of the Twentieth and Twenty-First Centuries II
FREN 570FREN 5811African Literature
FREN 571FREN 5812New World Literature
FREN 593FREN 5993Independent Study
FREN 598FREN 5998Thesis Research
FREN 599FREN 5999Thesis (M.A.)
FREN 700FREN 7500Topics in Theory and Criticism
FREN 702FREN 7029Linguistics
FREN 704FREN 7040Theories and Methods of Language Teaching
FREN 710FREN 7010Old French
FREN 711FREN 7020History of the French Language
FREN 712FREN 7012Old Provencal I
FREN 713FREN 7013Old Provencal II
FREN 810FREN 8510Seminar in Medieval Literature
FREN 820FREN 8520Seminar in Sixteenth-Century Literature
FREN 830FREN 8530Seminar in Seventeenth-Century Literature
FREN 840FREN 8540Seminar in Eighteenth-Century Literature
FREN 850FREN 8560Seminar in Nineteenth-Century Literature
FREN 860FREN 8570Seminar in Twentieth and Twenty-First Century Literature
FREN 870FREN 8581Seminar in Francophone Literature
FREN 880FREN 8585Seminar in Civilization/ Cultural Studies
FREN 893FREN 8993Independent Study
FREN 897FREN 8998Non-Topical Research
FREN 997FREN 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
FREN 999FREN 9999Dissertation Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
FRTR 220FRTR 2580Topics in French and Francophone Culture
FRTR 221FRTR 2510Topics in Medieval Literature
FRTR 223FRTR 2530Topics in French Baroque and Classical Culture
FRTR 244FRTR 2584Topics in French Cinema
FRTR 329FRTR 2579Contemporary Caribbean Culture
FRTR 790FRTR 7588Comparative Caribbean Culture
FRTR 791FRTR 7589Comparative Caribbean Literature


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GBUS 721GBUS 7210Management Communication
GBUS 738GBUS 7380Business Ethics
GBUS 740GBUS 7400Strategic Thinking and Action
GBUS 750GBUS 7601Financial Reporting and Analysis
GBUS 751GBUS 7602Global Financial Markets
GBUS 752GBUS 7603Valuation in Financial Markets
GBUS 753GBUS 7604Communicating W/ Ldsp Perspect
GBUS 754GBUS 7605Strategic Communication
GBUS 755GBUS 7606Marketing Intelligence
GBUS 756GBUS 7607Establishing Yourself at Work
GBUS 757GBUS 7608General Management and Operations Consulting
GBUS 758GBUS 7609Entrepreneurial Thinking
GBUS 759GBUS 7611The Consulting Process
GBUS 760GBUS 7600Data Analysis and Optimization
GBUS 762GBUS 7620Interpersonal Communications
GBUS 8000GBUS 8510Global Business Experience
GBUS 802GBUS 8020Corporate Communication
GBUS 803GBUS 8030Health Care Management
GBUS 8038GBUS 8038Equities
GBUS 804GBUS 8045Introduction to Real Estate Finance and Development
GBUS 8042GBUS 8042The Spirit of the New Workplace
GBUS 805GBUS 8050Cross-Cult Summer Internship
GBUS 806GBUS 8060Sustainable Innovation and Entrepreneurship
GBUS 807GBUS 8070Reading Seminar on Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Natural Systems
GBUS 809GBUS 8090Corporate Governance
GBUS 810GBUS 8465Mgmt Planning & Control Sys
GBUS 8106GBUS 8106Acquisition of Closely-Held Enterprises
GBUS 8107GBUS 8107Fixed Income Instruments
GBUS 813GBUS 8130Developing New Products and Services
GBUS 815GBUS 8150Post-Merger Integration
GBUS 816GBUS 8160Taxation of Mergers and Acquisitions
GBUS 819GBUS 8190Taxation and Management Decisions
GBUS 820GBUS 8203Business Ethics through Literature
GBUS 821GBUS 8210Starting New Ventures
GBUS 822GBUS 8220Acquisition of Closely-Held Enterprises
GBUS 823GBUS 8230Management of Smaller Enterprises
GBUS 824GBUS 8240Reading Seminar in Management I
GBUS 825GBUS 8250Reading Seminar in Management II
GBUS 826GBUS 8260Strategy Workshop: Concepts, Tools, and Analytical Techniques
GBUS 827GBUS 8270Reading Seminar in Management III: Thomas Jefferson
GBUS 828GBUS 8280Introduction to Business Law
GBUS 829GBUS 8290Venture Capital
GBUS 830GBUS 8309Management of International Business
GBUS 8301GBUS 8301Emerging Information Technologies Seminar
GBUS 8304GBUS 8304Consumer Psychology
GBUS 8306GBUS 8306Social Entrepreneurship and Entrepreneurship
GBUS 8307GBUS 8307Advertising Management
GBUS 8308GBUS 8308Leadership Learning Lab
GBUS 8310GBUS 8310Competitive Dynamics Seminar
GBUS 833GBUS 8330Business-Government Relations
GBUS 8400GBUS 8400General Managers Taking Action
GBUS 8401GBUS 8401Cross-Cultural Internship
GBUS 8402GBUS 8402Survey of the Health Care Sector
GBUS 8403GBUS 8403Leadership, Ethics and Theatre
GBUS 8404GBUS 8404Integration and Innovation in Services: The 'New' Economy
GBUS 8405GBUS 8405Crisis Leadership
GBUS 8406GBUS 8406Advanced Topics in Business Ethics
GBUS 841GBUS 8452Financial Management and Policies
GBUS 8410GBUS 8410Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Valuation
GBUS 8411GBUS 8411What Do You Want? A Transition Guide to the Real World
GBUS 8414GBUS 8414Advanced Managerial Communication
GBUS 8418GBUS 8418Global Macroeconomics and Financial Markets
GBUS 8419GBUS 8419International Deal Making: Legal & Business Aspects
GBUS 842GBUS 8423Corporate Financial Policies
GBUS 8420GBUS 8420Entry Strategies in the Asia Pacific
GBUS 8421GBUS 8421Comparative Studies in New Product Development
GBUS 8424GBUS 8424Games and Auctions
GBUS 8427GBUS 8427Entrepreneur as Change Agent
GBUS 8428GBUS 8428Investment Strategy and Arbitrage
GBUS 8429GBUS 8429Managing Conflict and Leveraging Consensus
GBUS 843GBUS 8426Derivative Securities: Options and Futures
GBUS 8430GBUS 8430Systems Design and Business Dynamics I
GBUS 8431GBUS 8431Systems Design and Business Dynamics II
GBUS 8433GBUS 8433Media, Entertainment and Sports Management
GBUS 8434GBUS 8434International Financial Management
GBUS 8435GBUS 8435Emerging Medical Technologies Seminar
GBUS 8438GBUS 8438The Experience Economy
GBUS 8439GBUS 8439Building Cultures of Innovation Through Effective Leadership
GBUS 844GBUS 8453Entrepreneurial Finance and Private Equity
GBUS 8440GBUS 8440Patents & Corporate Value: Exploration of Public Policy, Business Strategy, & Financial Rptg Issues
GBUS 8442GBUS 8442Advanced Financial Reporting and Analysis
GBUS 8443GBUS 8443Second-Year Coaching and Career Development
GBUS 845GBUS 8454Small Enterprise Finance
GBUS 846GBUS 8460Portfolio
GBUS 847GBUS 8470Corporate Financing
GBUS 849GBUS 8490Capital Market Flows and Institutions
GBUS 850GBUS 8611Strategic Management of Financial Service Organizations
GBUS 851GBUS 8617Managing Turnarounds and Workouts
GBUS 855GBUS 8623Financial Trading
GBUS 857GBUS 8625Mergers and Acquisitions
GBUS 860GBUS 8600Marketing Strategy
GBUS 861GBUS 8610Business to Business Marketing
GBUS 862GBUS 8620Consumer Marketing
GBUS 863GBUS 8630Marketing Analytics
GBUS 869GBUS 8690Interactive Marketing
GBUS 8701GBUS 8701Leading Strategic Change
GBUS 8703GBUS 8703Level Three Leadership
GBUS 8704GBUS 8704Leadership, Values, and Ethics
GBUS 8705GBUS 8705Leadership and Diversity through Literature
GBUS 873GBUS 8730Managing Teams
GBUS 875GBUS 8750Managerial Psychology
GBUS 876GBUS 8760Creating Value through Relationships
GBUS 880GBUS 8800Operations Strategy
GBUS 883GBUS 8830Supply Chain Management
GBUS 884GBUS 8840Innovation
GBUS 885GBUS 8850E-Business Seminar
GBUS 887GBUS 8870Strategy Seminar
GBUS 890GBUS 8900Management Decision Models
GBUS 891GBUS 8910Managerial Quantitative Analysis
GBUS 893GBUS 8930Bargaining and Negotiating
GBUS 895GBUS 8520Darden Business Project
GBUS 897GBUS 8970Investigations into the Nature of Strategy
GBUS 996GBUS 9999Non-Topical Research, Doctoral
GBUS E721GBUS 7215Management Communication
GBUS E723GBUS 7235Global Economies and Markets - Part I
GBUS E727GBUS 7275Accounting for Managers - Part I
GBUS E729GBUS 7295Marketing - Part I
GBUS E731GBUS 7315Operations Management - Part I
GBUS E734GBUS 7345Leading Organizations - Part I
GBUS E735GBUS 7355Decision Analysis - Part I
GBUS E738GBUS 7385Business Ethics
GBUS E740GBUS 7405Strategic Thinking and Action


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GCNL 501GCNL 5210Introduction to Nursing Leadership and the Healthcare System
GCNL 502GCNL 5220Leading Teams
GCNL 503GCNL 5240Leadership Seminar
GCNL 504GCNL 5250The Clinical Nurse Leader in the Healthcare System
GCNL 510GCNL 5100Health Assessment and Clinical Interventions
GCNL 511GCNL 5110Clinical Practice and Decision-Making I: Nursing Care of Adults and Older Adults
GCNL 512GCNL 5120Clinical Practice and Decision-Making II: Nursing Care of Children and Families
GCNL 513GCNL 5130Clinical Practice and Decision-Making III: Nursing Care of Adults with Common Health Problems
GCNL 514GCNL 5140Clinical Practice and Decision-Making IV: Nursing Care of Women & Childbearing Families
GCNL 515GCNL 5150Clinical Practice and Decision-Making V: Community Health Nursing
GCNL 516GCNL 5160Clinical Practice and Decision-Making VI: Nursing Care of Persons with Psychiatric Illness
GCNL 517GCNL 5170Clinical Practice and Decision-Making VII: Nursing Care of Individuals with Complex Health Problems
GCNL 518GCNL 5180Clinical Practice and Decision-Making VIII: Synthesis Practicum
GCNL 519GCNL 5991GCNL Capstone Practicum


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GCOM 521GCOM 5211Basic Assurance Services
GCOM 523GCOM 5231Special Topics in Advanced Accounting
GCOM 701GCOM 7010Global Strategy and Systems
GCOM 702GCOM 7020Strategic Cost Management
GCOM 703GCOM 7030Financial Accounting
GCOM 704GCOM 7040Marketing & Quantitative Analy
GCOM 705GCOM 7050Organizational Behavior
GCOM 706GCOM 7060Financial Management
GCOM 707GCOM 7070Seeking Authenticity and Thinking as a Leader
GCOM 708GCOM 7080Authenticity and Thinking as a Leader
GCOM 720GCOM 7200Project Management
GCOM 731GCOM 7310Strategic Business Advising and Communication
GCOM 732GCOM 7320Accounting Policy
GCOM 733GCOM 7330Enterprise Risk Management and Consulting
GCOM 734GCOM 7340Special Topics in Accounting
GCOM 735GCOM 7350Special Topics in Auditing, Assurance and Ethics
GCOM 737GCOM 7370Financial Statement Analysis
GCOM 741GCOM 7410Tax Research
GCOM 743GCOM 7430Taxation of Pass Through Entities
GCOM 744GCOM 7440Taxation of Corporations and their Shareholders Transactions
GCOM 745GCOM 7450Corporate Mergers, Acquisitions, Divisions and Recapitalizations
GCOM 746GCOM 7460Tax Strategies for the Executive and the Entrepreneur
GCOM 747GCOM 7470International Business and Investment Transactions
GCOM 750GCOM 7100Marketing Research
GCOM 751GCOM 7993Independent Study and Supervised Research
GCOM 752GCOM 7120Customer Equity Management
GCOM 753GCOM 7130Brand Management
GCOM 760GCOM 7600Consulting to Management
GCOM 761GCOM 7610Leading, Motivating, and Managing Change
GCOM 770GCOM 7700Introduction to Financial Services
GCOM 771GCOM 7710Intermediate Finance
GCOM 772GCOM 7720Information Management for Financial Services
GCOM 773GCOM 773Advanced Corporate Finance
GCOM 774GCOM 7740Global Finance and Accounting
GCOM 775GCOM 7750Advanced Capital Markets
GCOM 779GCOM 7790IT Architecture
GCOM 780GCOM 7800Advanced IT Architecture
GCOM 781GCOM 7810Innovation and Technology Management
GCOM 783GCOM 7830IT Project Management
GCOM 784GCOM 7840Strategic Management of IT
GCOM 785GCOM 7850Enterprise IT Management
GCOM 786GCOM 7860Advanced Enterprise IT Management
GCOM 787GCOM 7870International Business Strategy
GCOM 788GCOM 7880Special Topics in International Business
GCOM 789GCOM 7890International Capstone Project
GCOM 897GCOM 8972Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GERM 101GERM 1010Elementary German
GERM 101G GERM 1015Reading Course in German
GERM 102GERM 1020Elementary German
GERM 102G GERM 1025Reading Course in German
GERM 111GERM 1110Intensive Elementary German
GERM 112GERM 1120Intensive Elementary German
GERM 201GERM 2010Intermediate German
GERM 202GERM 2020Intermediate German
GERM 300GERM 3000Intensive Grammar
GERM 301GERM 3010Introduction to Literature
GERM 311GERM 3110Survey of Literature II
GERM 312GERM 3120Survey of Literature I
GERM 322GERM 3220German Drama: Stage Production
GERM 323GERM 3230Composition and Conversation
GERM 324GERM 3240Advanced Composition and Conversation
GERM 325GERM 3250Commercial German I
GERM 326GERM 3260Commercial German II
GERM 329GERM 3290Conversation
GERM 330GERM 3300Conversation
GERM 331GERM 3510Topics in German Culture
GERM 334GERM 3340German and Austrian Culture, ca. 1900
GERM 335GERM 3350Weimar Republic and Nazi Germany
GERM 336GERM 3515Postwar German Culture
GERM 351GERM 3610Lyric Poetry
GERM 352GERM 3620Novelle
GERM 353GERM 3630Drama
GERM 355GERM 3650Classicism
GERM 356GERM 3660Romanticism
GERM 357GERM 3670Modernism
GERM 358GERM 3680Postwar Literature
GERM 361GERM 3590Topics in German Literature
GERM 370GERM 3700Bertolt Brecht
GERM 420GERM 4200Advanced Translation
GERM 450GERM 4450Stylistics
GERM 460GERM 4600Fourth-Year Seminar
GERM 470GERM 4993Independent Study
GERM 490GERM 4990Honors Thesis
GERM 491GERM 4995Honors Research and Thesis
GERM 500GERM 5000Critical Writing and Bibliography
GERM 505GERM 5500Special Topics
GERM 510GERM 5100Middle High German
GERM 512GERM 5120Medieval German Lyric Poetry
GERM 514GERM 5140Arthurian Romance
GERM 521GERM 5210Reformation to Baroque, 1700
GERM 523GERM 5230Weise to Wieland
GERM 525GERM 5250Age of Goethe I
GERM 526GERM 5260Age of Goethe II
GERM 530GERM 5300Romanticism
GERM 537GERM 5370Nineteenth Century
GERM 547GERM 5470Turn of the Century
GERM 548GERM 5480Twentieth Century
GERM 550GERM 5600Studies in Lyric Poetry
GERM 551GERM 5610Studies in Prose Fiction
GERM 552GERM 5620Studies in Drama
GERM 584GERM 5840Introduction to Literary Theory
GERM 588GERM 5880Ling Approaches to Literature
GERM 595GERM 5995Guided Research
GERM 740GERM 7400German Intellectual History From the Enlightenment to Nietzsche
GERM 741GERM 7410Nietzsche and Modern Literature
GERM 742GERM 7420German Intellectual History from Nietzsche to the Present
GERM 750GERM 7600German Cinema
GERM 770GERM 7700Narrative Theory
GERM 881GERM 8810Pre-Dissertation Research I
GERM 882GERM 8820Pre-Dissertation Research II
GERM 893GERM 8610Seminar in Language Teaching
GERM 894GERM 8620Seminar in Language Teaching
GERM 895GERM 7995Guided Research
GERM 896GERM 8995Guided Research
GERM 897GERM 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
GERM 898GERM 8999Non-Topical Research
GERM 997GERM 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
GERM 999GERM 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GETR 150GETR 1400Goethe in Translation
GETR 170GETR 1700First Year Seminar
GETR 200GETR 2000Germany Today
GETR 220GETR 250020th Century German Literature in Translation
GETR 250GETR 2400Faust
GETR 270GETR 2770Berlin in German Life & Letter
GETR 333GETR 3330Introduction to German Culture
GETR 340GETR 3400German Intellectual History from Leibniz to Hegel
GETR 341GETR 3410Nietzsche and Modern Literature
GETR 342GETR 3420German Intellectual History From Nietzsche to the Present
GETR 344GETR 3540Problems of Identity in Modern German Literature
GETR 345GETR 3550Children's Literature
GETR 346GETR 3560Topics in German Literature
GETR 347GETR 3470Literature of the Holocaust
GETR 348GETR 3580German Literature in Translation
GETR 349GETR 3490Ibsen
GETR 350GETR 3500German Cinema
GETR 370GETR 3700Feminism and Socialism
GETR 375GETR 3590Comparative Literature from a German Perspective
GETR 393GETR 3390Nazi Germany


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GNUR 515GNUR 5002Global Health Issues
GNUR 520GNUR 5003Complementary and Alternative Practices and Products
GNUR 521GNUR 5004Herbal Medications & Natural Products
GNUR 523GNUR 5005Sleep Across the Lifespan
GNUR 540GNUR 6058Nursing, Ethics, and the Larger Healthcare Arena
GNUR 545GNUR 5210Care Environment Management I
GNUR 546GNUR 5220Care Environment Management II
GNUR 550GNUR 6020Pharmacology
GNUR 551GNUR 6025Advanced Health Assessment
GNUR 560GNUR 5500Special Topics
GNUR 564GNUR 6051Nutrition in Health Promotion
GNUR 566GNUR 6110Primary Care Seminar I
GNUR 567GNUR 5670Primary Care Seminar II
GNUR 569GNUR 5690Primary Care Preceptorship I
GNUR 570GNUR 5700Primary Care Seminar III
GNUR 571GNUR 5710Primary Care Preceptorship II
GNUR 574GNUR 6031Role I: Acquisition
GNUR 575GNUR 6032Role II: Transition
GNUR 579GNUR 5790Psychiatric Mental Health/Primary Care Preceptorship
GNUR 580GNUR 6050Theoretical Foundations of Nursing
GNUR 584GNUR 6010Pathophysiology
GNUR 585GNUR 6052Epidemiology and World Health
GNUR 586GNUR 6054Research and Biostatistical Processes for Health Care
GNUR 587GNUR 5410Theory and Evidence-Based Practice
GNUR 590GNUR 6056Health Policy: Local to Global
GNUR 592GNUR 6210Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Seminar I
GNUR 593GNUR 6211Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Seminar II
GNUR 594GNUR 6212Geriatric Nurse Practitioner Seminar III
GNUR 598GNUR 6060Culture and Health: Implications for Practice
GNUR 700GNUR 6400Community Assessment
GNUR 702GNUR 6420Health Promotion/Disease Prevention for Individuals, Families, and Communities
GNUR 703GNUR 6301Human Genetics
GNUR 706GNUR 7060Nursing Ethics for Advanced Practice
GNUR 707GNUR 6470Introduction to Health Informatics
GNUR 711GNUR 6450Managing Care in Systems and Populations
GNUR 722GNUR 6405Health Care Systems Planning and Evaluation
GNUR 723GNUR 7411Community and Public Health Leadership Practicum I
GNUR 724GNUR 7412Community and Public Health Leadership Practicum II
GNUR 725GNUR 6410Crisis Management and Emergency Preparedness
GNUR 742GNUR 8005An Introduction to Classroom & Clinical Teaching in Nursing
GNUR 744GNUR 6381Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Specialty Nursing
GNUR 745GNUR 6382Advanced Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing
GNUR 756GNUR 6310Seminar I: Clinical Decision Making in Acute & Specialty Care
GNUR 757GNUR 6315Seminar II: Clinical Decision Making in Acute & Specialty Care
GNUR 759GNUR 6330Practicum I: Acute Care Nurse Practitioners and Clinical Nurse Specialist
GNUR 759A GNUR 7311Practicum I: Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist
GNUR 759BGNUR 7312Practicum I: Acute Care Nurse Practitioners
GNUR 762GNUR 6320Immunocompetence in Vulnerable Populations
GNUR 765GNUR 6331Synthesis Practicum: Acute Care Nurse Practitioner and Clinical Nurse Specialist
GNUR 770GNUR 6251Biological Basis of Mental Health and Mental Illness
GNUR 771GNUR 6252Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing Seminar
GNUR 773GNUR 6253Theoretical Foundations of Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
GNUR 774GNUR 7251Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum I: Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Practitioner
GNUR 776GNUR 7760Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum II: Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Practitioner
GNUR 776A GNUR 7253Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum II: Clinical Nurse Specialist
GNUR 776BGNUR 7254Psychiatric-Mental Health Practicum II: Nurse Practitioner
GNUR 782GNUR 7481Administrative Practicum I
GNUR 783GNUR 6460Health Care Economics
GNUR 784GNUR 7482Administrative Practicum II
GNUR 787GNUR 8720Teaching Practicum
GNUR 792GNUR 6455Resource Management
GNUR 793GNUR 6993Independent Master's Study
GNUR 794GNUR 7993Independent Practicum
GNUR 795GNUR 6383Practicum in Wound, Ostomy, and Continence Nursing
GNUR 800GNUR 8230Historical Inquiry in Nursing
GNUR 807GNUR 8650Managing Information Technology
GNUR 814GNUR 8210Scientific Progress in Nursing
GNUR 815GNUR 8220Philosophy of Science and Development of Nursing Knowledge
GNUR 820GNUR 8110Quantitative Research Methods
GNUR 821GNUR 8130Statistical Methods for Health Care Research I
GNUR 822GNUR 8140Statistical Methods for Health Care Research II
GNUR 823GNUR 8150Statistical Methods for Health Care Research III
GNUR 824GNUR 8120Qualitative Research Methods
GNUR 840GNUR 8640Nursing Ethics for Advanced Practice
GNUR 847GNUR 8001Rural Health and Health Care Systems
GNUR 849GNUR 8190Advanced Qualitative and Historical Research Methods
GNUR 850GNUR 9020Selected Topics
GNUR 860GNUR 8002Vulnerability and Resilience within the Nursing Context
GNUR 861GNUR 8610Health Behavior and Health Promotion Research
GNUR 862GNUR 8620Concepts and Methods in Health Services Research
GNUR 873GNUR 9005Teaching Practicum
GNUR 875GNUR 9010Mentored Study
GNUR 895GNUR 8710Independent Study in Teaching
GNUR 896GNUR 8630Culture and Health: Implications for Health Systems and Research
GNUR 981GNUR 9610DNP Practicum I
GNUR 982GNUR 9620DNP Practicum II
GNUR 990GNUR 9110Research Practicum I
GNUR 991GNUR 8450Professional Issues in Scholarship
GNUR 992GNUR 8410Proposal Writing Seminar I
GNUR 993GNUR 8420Proposal Writing Seminar II
GNUR 997GNUR 9998Non-Topical Research
GNUR 998GNUR 9991Capstone
GNUR 999GNUR 9999Dissertation Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
GREE 101GREE 1010Elementary Greek
GREE 102GREE 1020Elementary Greek
GREE 201GREE 2010Intermediate Greek I
GREE 202GREE 2020Intermediate Greek II
GREE 223GREE 2230The New Testament I
GREE 224GREE 2240The New Testament II
GREE 301GREE 3010Advanced Reading in Greek
GREE 302GREE 3020Advanced Reading in Greek
GREE 303GREE 3030Advanced Reading in Greek
GREE 304GREE 3040Advanced Reading in Greek
GREE 501GREE 5010Survey of Greek Literature to the end of the Fifth Century
GREE 502GREE 5020Survey of Later Greek Literature
GREE 503GREE 5030Classical Greek Prose
GREE 504GREE 5040Later Greek Prose
GREE 505GREE 5050Comparative Greek and Latin Grammar
GREE 506GREE 5060The History of the Greek and Latin Languages
GREE 508GREE 5080Greek Epigraphy
GREE 509GREE 5090Prose Composition
GREE 510GREE 5100Homer
GREE 511GREE 5110Hesiod
GREE 512GREE 5120Greek Lyric Poetry
GREE 513GREE 5130Pindar
GREE 514GREE 5140Aeschylus Oresteia
GREE 515GREE 5150Sophocles
GREE 516GREE 5160Herodotus
GREE 517GREE 5170Euripides
GREE 518GREE 5180Thucydides
GREE 519GREE 5190Aristophanes
GREE 520GREE 5200New Comedy
GREE 521GREE 5210Plato
GREE 522GREE 5220Aristotle
GREE 523GREE 5230Hellenistic Poetry
GREE 801GREE 8010Seminar on Select Topics in Greek Literature
GREE 806GREE 8060Greek Textual Criticism
GREE 810GREE 8100Greek Religion
GREE 813GREE 8130Greek Literary Criticism
GREE 897GREE 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
GREE 898GREE 8999Non-Topical Research
GREE 997GREE 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
GREE 999GREE 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HBIO 481HBIO 4810Capstone Seminar in Human Biology
HBIO 482HBIO 4820Seminar and Thesis in Human Biology
HBIO 495HBIO 4950Independent Research for Human Biology
HBIO 496HBIO 4960Independent Research for Human Biology
HBIO 497HBIO 4998Thesis Research in Human Biology
HBIO 498HBIO 4999Thesis Research in Human Biology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HEBR 101HEBR 1010Introduction to Modern Hebrew I
HEBR 102HEBR 1020Introduction to Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 201HEBR 2010Intermediate Modern Hebrew
HEBR 202HEBR 2020Intermediate Modern Hebrew
HEBR 301HEBR 3010Advanced Modern Hebrew I
HEBR 302HEBR 3020Advanced Modern Hebrew II
HEBR 493HEBR 4993Independent Study in Hebrew


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIAF 100HIAF 1501Introductory Seminar in African History
HIAF 201HIAF 2001Early African History
HIAF 202HIAF 2002Modern African History
HIAF 203HIAF 2031The African Diaspora
HIAF 301HIAF 3011North African History from Carthage to the Algerian Revolution
HIAF 302HIAF 3021History of Southern Africa
HIAF 305HIAF 3051West African History
HIAF 389HIAF 3091Africa in World History
HIAF 401HIAF 4501Seminar in African History
HIAF 402HIAF 4511Colloquium in African History
HIAF 403HIAF 4591Topics in African History
HIAF 404HIAF 4993Independent Study in African History
HIAF 701HIAF 7001The History and Historiography of Africa
HIAF 702HIAF 7002The History and Historiography of Africa
HIAF 703HIAF 7031History and Historiography of North Africa, ca. 1800-Present
HIAF 801HIAF 8011African History


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIEA 100HIEA 1501Introductory Seminar in East Asian History
HIEA 201HIEA 2011Chinese Culture and Institutions
HIEA 203HIEA 2031Modern China: The Road to Revolution
HIEA 205HIEA 2051Korean Culture and Institutions
HIEA 206HIEA 2052Korean Culture and Institutions: 14th-20th Centuries
HIEA 207HIEA 2071Japan, From Susanno to Sony
HIEA 208HIEA 2081Korea: Antiquity through the 12th Century
HIEA 210HIEA 2101Korea: Late Nineteenth through Early Twenty First Centuries
HIEA 311HIEA 3111China to the Tenth Century
HIEA 312HIEA 3112The Traditional Chinese Order, Seventh Century-Seventeenth Century
HIEA 314HIEA 3141Political and Social Thought in Modern China
HIEA 315HIEA 3151East Asian-American Relations in the 20th Century
HIEA 316HIEA 3161China Encounters the World
HIEA 321HIEA 3211Japan's Economic Miracle
HIEA 322HIEA 3221Japan's Political History
HIEA 331HIEA 3311Peasants, Students and Women: Social Movement in Twentieth-Century China
HIEA 401HIEA 4501Seminar in East Asian History
HIEA 402HIEA 4511Colloquium in East Asia
HIEA 403HIEA 4591Topics in East Asian History
HIEA 404HIEA 4993Independent Study in East Asia
HIEA 515HIEA 5151Mao and the Chinese Revolution
HIEA 701HIEA 7011Traditional East Asian History
HIEA 702HIEA 7021Traditional East Asian History
HIEA 703HIEA 7031Modern East Asian History
HIEA 704HIEA 7041Modern East Asian History
HIEA 706HIEA 7061Modern Chinese History
HIEA 801HIEA 8011East Asian History
HIEA 802HIEA 8021East Asian History
HIEA 811HIEA 8111Traditional Chinese History
HIEA 821HIEA 8211Japanese History


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIEU 100HIEU 1501Introductory Seminar in Pre-1700 European History
HIEU 201HIEU 2001Western Civilization I
HIEU 202HIEU 2002Western Civilization II
HIEU 203HIEU 2031Ancient Greece
HIEU 204HIEU 2041Roman Republic and Empire
HIEU 205HIEU 2051Economic History of Europe
HIEU 206HIEU 2061The Birth of Europe
HIEU 207HIEU 2071Early Modern Europe, 1500-1815
HIEU 208HIEU 2072Modern European History Since 1815
HIEU 209HIEU 2101Jewish History I: The Ancient and Medieval Experience
HIEU 210HIEU 2102Modern Jewish History
HIEU 211HIEU 2111History of England to 1688
HIEU 212HIEU 2112The Emergence of Modern Britain, 1688-2000
HIEU 213HIEU 2132The Jews of Poland from 1600 to the Present
HIEU 215HIEU 2152History of the Russian Empire 1700-1917
HIEU 216HIEU 2162History of Russia Since 1917
HIEU 301HIEU 3011Spanish Culture & Civilization
HIEU 302HIEU 3021Greek and Roman Warfare
HIEU 304HIEU 3041The Fall of the Roman Republic
HIEU 309HIEU 3091Ancient Law and Society
HIEU 311HIEU 3101Early Medieval Civilization
HIEU 312HIEU 3111Later Medieval Civilization
HIEU 313HIEU 3131The World of Charlemagne
HIEU 314HIEU 3141Anglo-Saxon England
HIEU 315HIEU 3462Neighbors and Enemies in Germany
HIEU 317HIEU 3171Eastern Christianity
HIEU 318HIEU 3181Medieval Christianity
HIEU 321HIEU 3211Medieval and Renaissance Italy
HIEU 322HIEU 3221The Culture of the Renaissance
HIEU 323HIEU 3231Reformation Europe
HIEU 325HIEU 3251Imperial Spain and Portugal, 1469-1808
HIEU 326HIEU 3261History of Russia to 1700
HIEU 327HIEU 3272Age of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1855
HIEU 328HIEU 3281Tudor England
HIEU 329HIEU 3291Stuart England
HIEU 330HIEU 3302France Under the Old Regime and Revolution
HIEU 331HIEU 3311Social History of Early Modern Europe
HIEU 332HIEU 3321The Scientific Revolution, 1450-1700
HIEU 333HIEU 3331Intellectual History of Early Modern Europe
HIEU 334HIEU 3341Society and the Sexes in Europe from Late Antiquity to the Reformation
HIEU 335HIEU 3342Society and the Sexes in Europe from the Seventeenth Century to the Present
HIEU 337HIEU 3322Science in the Modern Age: 1789-1950
HIEU 338HIEU 3382Revolutionary France, 1770-1815
HIEU 339HIEU 3392Women, Men, and Politics in the Age of Democratic Revolutions, 1760-1848
HIEU 340HIEU 3402Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIEU 345HIEU 3412Twentieth-Century Europe
HIEU 346HIEU 3422Twentieth-Century Europe
HIEU 348HIEU 3692The Holocaust
HIEU 349HIEU 3602Twentieth Century Spain
HIEU 350HIEU 3432France Since 1815
HIEU 351HIEU 3442Modern Italy
HIEU 353HIEU 3452Jewish Culture and History in Eastern Europe
HIEU 354HIEU 3352Modern German History
HIEU 355HIEU 3471English Legal History to 1776
HIEU 356HIEU 3472Nineteenth Century Britain
HIEU 357HIEU 3482Twentieth Century Britain
HIEU 359HIEU 3492The British Empire
HIEU 361HIEU 3612Age of Reform and Revolution in Russia, 1855-1917
HIEU 362HIEU 3622Russian Intellectual History in the 19th Century
HIEU 363HIEU 3632Russia in the 20th Century
HIEU 364HIEU 3642National Minorities of Russia
HIEU 365HIEU 3652Russian and Soviet Diplomatic History, 1850-Present
HIEU 366HIEU 3662Europe from the Atlantic to the Urals Since 1945
HIEU 367HIEU 3702Russia as Multi-Ethnic Empire
HIEU 369HIEU 3672Revolutionary Russia
HIEU 370HIEU 3682Modern Poland
HIEU 372HIEU 3721Witchcraft
HIEU 373HIEU 3732European Social History, 1770-1890
HIEU 374HIEU 3742European Social History, 1890-1980
HIEU 375HIEU 3752Evolution of the International System, 1815-1950
HIEU 376HIEU 3762Homosexuality and Society in the Modern Western World
HIEU 377HIEU 3772Science in the Modern World
HIEU 378HIEU 3782Origins of Modern Thought, 1580-1943
HIEU 379HIEU 3792Intellectual History of Modern Europe
HIEU 380HIEU 3802Origins of Contemporary Thought
HIEU 381HIEU 3812Marx
HIEU 401HIEU 4502Seminar in Post-1700 European History
HIEU 402HIEU 4511Colloquium in Pre-1700 European History
HIEU 403HIEU 4591Topics in Pre-1700 European History
HIEU 404HIEU 4993Independent Study in European History
HIEU 500HIEU 5001Dark Age Greece
HIEU 501HIEU 5011Late Archaic Greece
HIEU 502HIEU 5021Greece in the Fifth Century
HIEU 503HIEU 5031Greece in the Fourth Century
HIEU 504HIEU 5041Roman Republic
HIEU 505HIEU 5051Roman Empire
HIEU 506HIEU 5061Roman Imperialism
HIEU 507HIEU 5072Modern Theory
HIEU 508HIEU 5082Modernity and History
HIEU 510HIEU 5101Early Christian Thought
HIEU 511HIEU 5111Early Medieval England
HIEU 512HIEU 5121Later Medieval England
HIEU 513HIEU 5131Medieval France
HIEU 516HIEU 5161The Medieval Church
HIEU 517HIEU 5171Medieval Society: Ways of Life and Thought in Western Europe
HIEU 518HIEU 5181Historians in the Middle Ages
HIEU 519HIEU 5191War and Society in the Middle Ages
HIEU 520HIEU 5201The Culture of the Renaissance
HIEU 521HIEU 5211Early Modern Germany, 1350-1750
HIEU 522HIEU 5221English Social History, 1550-1800
HIEU 524HIEU 5241The Carolingian World
HIEU 526HIEU 5261Russian History to 1700
HIEU 527HIEU 5272The Age of Russian Absolutism, 1613-1855
HIEU 530HIEU 5302Nationality, Ethnicity, and Race in Modern Europe
HIEU 544HIEU 5092Modernity, Postmodernism, and History
HIEU 545HIEU 5452The History of Twentieth-Century Europe, 1900-1941
HIEU 546HIEU 5462The History of Twentieth-Century Europe Since 1941
HIEU 552HIEU 5312Era of the World Wars, 1914-1945
HIEU 555HIEU 5332The German World After 1918
HIEU 556HIEU 5362British History Since 1760
HIEU 557HIEU 5372British History Since 1760
HIEU 558HIEU 5382The British Empire
HIEU 559HIEU 5352The British Economy Since 1850
HIEU 561HIEU 5612The Age of Reform and Revolution in Russia, 1855-1917
HIEU 562HIEU 5622Russia Since 1917
HIEU 564HIEU 5642Russian and Soviet Diplomatic History
HIEU 566HIEU 5662Nineteenth-Century Russian Intellectual History
HIEU 567HIEU 5672Russian Social History
HIEU 572HIEU 5722Germany 1500-2000
HIEU 573HIEU 5732European Social History
HIEU 575HIEU 5752Evolution of the International System, 1815-1950
HIEU 577HIEU 5772History of Modern Science
HIEU 578HIEU 5782European Intellectual History
HIEU 579HIEU 5792European Intellectual History
HIEU 580HIEU 5802Postmodernism: Contexts and Anticipations
HIEU 701HIEU 7001Colloquium in Medieval European History
HIEU 702HIEU 7002Colloquium in Early Modern European History
HIEU 703HIEU 7003Colloquium in Modern European History I
HIEU 704HIEU 7004Colloquium in Modern European History II
HIEU 705HIEU 7011Historiography
HIEU 706HIEU 7012Roman Religion
HIEU 707HIEU 7013Anthropology of Ancient Greece
HIEU 708HIEU 7014Ancient History
HIEU 711HIEU 7111Medieval History
HIEU 721HIEU 7211The Renaissance
HIEU 722HIEU 7221The Age of Reformation
HIEU 723HIEU 7231Early Modern Europe
HIEU 724HIEU 7241Popular Religion 1300-1800
HIEU 726HIEU 7261Early Modern England
HIEU 727HIEU 7271Early Modern Inquisitions
HIEU 729HIEU 7291Modern European Social History
HIEU 730HIEU 7301History of Science
HIEU 731HIEU 7311The Enlightenment
HIEU 732HIEU 7321Europe in the Eighteenth Century and Revolutionary Period
HIEU 733HIEU 7331The Fortune of Gender in Early Modern Europe
HIEU 739HIEU 7391Europe Since 1789
HIEU 740HIEU 7401Nineteenth-Century Europe
HIEU 741HIEU 7471European Economic History
HIEU 745HIEU 7451Twentieth-Century Europe
HIEU 750HIEU 7351Modern France
HIEU 756HIEU 7356Victorian England
HIEU 761HIEU 7611Russia 1894-1917
HIEU 766HIEU 7661Russian Social and Cultural History, 1815 to the Present
HIEU 778HIEU 7781Modern European Intellectual History
HIEU 801HIEU 8011Ancient History
HIEU 802HIEU 8021Intermediate Research Seminar
HIEU 811HIEU 8111Medieval History
HIEU 821HIEU 8211The Renaissance
HIEU 822HIEU 8221The Reformation
HIEU 823HIEU 8231Early Modern Europe
HIEU 824HIEU 8232Early Modern Europe
HIEU 825HIEU 8251History of Russian Empire
HIEU 826HIEU 8261Early Modern England
HIEU 833HIEU 8330Saints and Society
HIEU 840HIEU 8401Nineteenth-Century European History
HIEU 845HIEU 8451Twentieth-Century Europe
HIEU 846HIEU 8461Twentieth-Century Europe and Russia
HIEU 856HIEU 8356Victorian England
HIEU 864HIEU 8641Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policy
HIEU 865HIEU 8642Soviet Domestic and Foreign Policy
HIEU 867HIEU 8671Russian History
HIEU 878HIEU 8781Modern European Intellectual History


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HILA 100HILA 1501Introductory Seminar in Latin American History
HILA 201HILA 2001Colonial Latin America, 1500-1824
HILA 202HILA 2002Modern Latin America, 1824 to Present
HILA 211Z HILA 2110Latin American Civilization
HILA 220HILA 2201The History of the Caribbean
HILA 301HILA 3011Spanish Frontiers of the American Southwest
HILA 303HILA 3031Mexico From Conquest to Nation
HILA 304HILA 3032Mexico, Revolution and Evolution, 1854 to Present
HILA 305HILA 3051Modern Central America
HILA 306HILA 3061History of Modern Brazil
HILA 311HILA 3111Public Life in Modern Latin America
HILA 320HILA 3201History of the Caribbean, 1500-2000
HILA 401HILA 4501Seminar in Latin American History
HILA 402HILA 4511Colloquium in Latin American History
HILA 403HILA 4591Topics in Latin American History
HILA 404HILA 4993Independent Study in Latin American History
HILA 501HILA 5001Colonial Latin American History
HILA 502HILA 5002Modern Latin American History
HILA 701HILA 7001Colonial Latin America
HILA 702HILA 7002Modern Latin America
HILA 801HILA 8011Colonial Latin America
HILA 802HILA 8021Modern Latin America


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIME 100HIME 1501Introductory Seminar in Middle East History
HIME 201HIME 2001History of the Middle East and North Africa, ca. 570-ca. 1500
HIME 202HIME 2002History of the Middle East and North Africa, ca. 1500-Present
HIME 319HIME 3191Christianity and Islam
HIME 401HIME 4501Seminar in Middle East and North Africa History
HIME 402HIME 4511Colloquium in Middle East History
HIME 403HIME 4591Topics in Middle Eastern History
HIME 404HIME 4993Independent Study in Middle Eastern History
HIME 502HIME 5021Revolution, Islam, and Gender in the Middle East
HIME 701HIME 7011History and Historiography of the Middle East, ca. 570-1500
HIME 702HIME 7021History and Historiography of the Middle East, ca. 1500-Present


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIND 101HIND 1010Elementary Hindi-Urdu
HIND 102HIND 1020Elementary Hindi-Urdu
HIND 106HIND 1060Accelerated Elementary Hindi
HIND 201HIND 2010Intermediate Hindi
HIND 202HIND 2020Intermediate Hindi
HIND 301HIND 3010Advanced Hindi Readings I
HIND 301H HIND 3019Language House Conversation
HIND 302HIND 3020Advanced Hindi II
HIND 302HHIND 3029Language House Conversation
HIND 323HIND 3230Readings in Hindi
HIND 324HIND 3240Readings in Hindi
HIND 493HIND 4993Independent Study in Hindi
HIND 501HIND 5010Advanced Hindi I
HIND 502HIND 5020Advanced Hindi II
HIND 801HIND 8993Independent Study in Hindi


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HISA 100HISA 1501Introductory Seminar in South Asia
HISA 201HISA 2001History and Civilization of Classical India
HISA 202HISA 2002History and Civilization of Medieval India
HISA 203HISA 2003History of Modern India
HISA 301HISA 3001History of Muslim India
HISA 302HISA 3002India From Akbar to Victoria
HISA 303HISA 3003Twentieth-Century India
HISA 311HISA 3111Social and Political Movements in Twentieth-Century India
HISA 312HISA 3121History of Women in South Asia
HISA 401HISA 4501Seminar in South Asia
HISA 402HISA 4511Colloquium in South Asia
HISA 403HISA 4591Topics in South Asian History
HISA 404HISA 4993Independent Study in South Asia
HISA 502HISA 5021Historiography of Early Modern South Asia
HISA 510HISA 5101Economic History of India
HISA 701HISA 7011Society and Politics in Eighteenth-Century India
HISA 703HISA 7031Social History of Modern India
HISA 704HISA 7041Readings in Indian History
HISA 705HISA 7505Readings in Indian History
HISA 711HISA 7111Peasant Movements in Modern India
HISA 801HISA 8011Society and Politics in Eighteenth-Century India
HISA 802HISA 8021Readings and Research in the History of Early Modern South Asia
HISA 803HISA 8022Readings and Research in the History of Modern South Asia
HISA 806HISA 8061Social History of Modern India
HISA 811HISA 8111Peasant Movements in Modern Indian History


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIST 100HIST 1501Introductory Seminar in History
HIST 215HIST 2151History of U.S.-Latin American Relations in the 20th Century
HIST 220HIST 2201Technology in World History
HIST 301HIST 3011History of Canada
HIST 302HIST 3021History of British West Indies
HIST 304HIST 3041The British Empire in the 18th Century
HIST 316HIST 3281Genocide
HIST 320HIST 3201History, Museums, and Interpretation
HIST 321HIST 3211History of Sexuality in the West
HIST 322HIST 3221Zionism and the Creation of the State of Israel
HIST 323HIST 3231Exhibiting Jews: The Jewish Museum
HIST 330HIST 3301South Atlantic Migration
HIST 337HIST 3371The Impact of Printing, 1450-1900
HIST 350HIST 3411Shaping the Modern World, 1893-1943
HIST 352HIST 3452The Second World War
HIST 353HIST 3453Cold War in World History
HIST 361HIST 3611Espionage and Intelligence in the 20th Century
HIST 401HIST 4501Major Seminar
HIST 402HIST 4511Major Colloquium
HIST 403HIST 4591Topics in History
HIST 404HIST 4993Independent Study
HIST 405HIST 4890Distinguished Majors Program-Special Colloquium
HIST 406A HIST 4990Distinguished Majors Program-Special Seminar
HIST 406BHIST 4991Distinguished Majors Program-Special Seminar
HIST 407HIST 4071Political and Social Thought Seminar
HIST 501HIST 5011Documentary Editing: Procedures and Practice
HIST 502HIST 5012Documentary Editing: Procedures and Practice
HIST 503HIST 5031Quantitative Analysis of Historical Data
HIST 504HIST 5041Monticello Internship
HIST 505HIST 5051History, Memory, Subjectivity
HIST 506HIST 5061Philosophy of History
HIST 507HIST 5071Internship in History: Interpreting African-American Life at Thomas Jefferson's Monticello
HIST 509HIST 5091Multiculturalism in the Ottoman Empire
HIST 511HIST 5111Slavery in World History
HIST 513HIST 5131The Atlantic Slave Trade
HIST 529HIST 5291History of US Intelligence in the 20th Century and its Impace on Policymaking
HIST 589HIST 5891South Atlantic History
HIST 592HIST 5920History of Documentary Photography
HIST 701HIST 7011Atlantic World
HIST 705HIST 7051Economic History
HIST 706HIST 7061Comparative Readings in British America and Latin America Before 1800
HIST 707HIST 7071Methods in Social History
HIST 708HIST 7081Colloquium in Methodological Perspectives
HIST 711HIST 7111Modern French Imperialism
HIST 720HIST 7201History of Environment and Technology
HIST 723HIST 7231Topics in Environmental History
HIST 801HIST 8011Summer Research Seminar
HIST 805HIST 8051Economic History
HIST 821HIST 8211English Legal Thought
HIST 822HIST 8212English Legal History
HIST 824HIST 8240Law: Comparative Contexts, to 1850
HIST 842HIST 8421Writing Transnational History
HIST 897HIST 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
HIST 898HIST 8999Non-Topical Research
HIST 901HIST 9011Advanced Research Seminar
HIST 902HIST 9012Advanced Research Seminar
HIST 993HIST 9960Independent Research
HIST 995HIST 9951Supervised Research
HIST 996HIST 9961Independent Research
HIST 997HIST 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
HIST 999HIST 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HIUS 100HIUS 1501Introductory Seminar in U.S. History
HIUS 201HIUS 2001American History to 1865
HIUS 202HIUS 2002American History Since 1865
HIUS 205HIUS 2051United States Military History 1600-1900
HIUS 206HIUS 2061American Economic History
HIUS 213HIUS 2081Making the Machine Age: Technology in American Society, 1890-1990
HIUS 222HIUS 2121Political History of Housework
HIUS 240HIUS 2401History of American Catholicism
HIUS 271HIUS 2711American Environmental History
HIUS 301HIUS 3011The Colonial Period of American History
HIUS 303HIUS 3031The Era of the American Revolution
HIUS 305HIUS 3051The Age of Jefferson and Jackson, 1789-1845
HIUS 307HIUS 3071The Coming of the Civil War
HIUS 309HIUS 3072The Civil War and Reconstruction
HIUS 311HIUS 3111The United States in the Gilded Age, 1870-1900
HIUS 313HIUS 3131The Emergence of Modern America, 1870-1930
HIUS 315HIUS 3151United States Society and Politics, 1900-1945
HIUS 316HIUS 3161Viewing America, 1940 to the Present
HIUS 317HIUS 3171United States Society and Politics, 1945-1990
HIUS 319HIUS 3191American Jewish History
HIUS 321HIUS 3210The History of New England
HIUS 323HIUS 3231Rise and Fall of the Slave South
HIUS 324HIUS 3232The South in the Twentieth Century
HIUS 326HIUS 3261The Trans-Mississippi West
HIUS 328HIUS 3281History of Virginia to 1865
HIUS 329HIUS 3282History of Virginia since 1865
HIUS 330HIUS 3301The History of UVa in the Twentieth Century
HIUS 340HIUS 3401Development of American Science
HIUS 341HIUS 3411American Business
HIUS 345HIUS 3451History of Urban America
HIUS 346HIUS 3452History of Urban America
HIUS 347HIUS 3471History of American Labor
HIUS 348HIUS 3481American Social History to 1870
HIUS 349HIUS 3482United States Social History Since 1870
HIUS 350HIUS 3453Work, Poverty, and Welfare: 20th Century U.S. Social Policy History
HIUS 351HIUS 3455History of U.S. Foreign Relations to 1914
HIUS 352HIUS 3456History of U.S. Foreign Relations Since 1914
HIUS 354HIUS 3756American Legal Thought since 1880
HIUS 355HIUS 3752The History of Early American Law
HIUS 356HIUS 3753The History of Modern American Law
HIUS 357HIUS 3851Intellectual and Cultural History of the United States to 1865
HIUS 358HIUS 3852Intellectual and Cultural History of the United States since 1865
HIUS 361HIUS 3611History of Women in America, 1600 - 1865
HIUS 362HIUS 3612History of Women in America, 1865 to Present
HIUS 364HIUS 3641American Indian History
HIUS 365HIUS 3651Afro-American History to 1865
HIUS 366HIUS 3652Afro-American History Since 1865
HIUS 367HIUS 3671History of the Civil Rights Movement
HIUS 401HIUS 4501Seminar in United States History
HIUS 402HIUS 4511Colloquium in United States History
HIUS 403HIUS 4591Topics in United States History
HIUS 404HIUS 4993Independent Study in United States History
HIUS 502HIUS 5021Counterpoint Seminar: Teaching Post-Civil War American History
HIUS 558HIUS 5081Turning Points in U.S. History: Micro-Analytic Methods
HIUS 701HIUS 7001Introductory Colloquium in American History
HIUS 702HIUS 7002Introductory Colloquium in American History
HIUS 703HIUS 7031Social History of Early America
HIUS 704HIUS 7041The Early American Republic, 1783-1830
HIUS 705HIUS 7051Antebellum America
HIUS 706HIUS 7061New Approaches to American Political History
HIUS 707HIUS 7071Civil War and Reconstruction
HIUS 710HIUS 7101Early American Military History
HIUS 713HIUS 7131The Emergence of Modern America, ca. 1870-ca. 1930
HIUS 714HIUS 7141The New Deal Order, 1929-1973
HIUS 715HIUS 7151The United States, 1945-Present
HIUS 716HIUS 7152The United States, 1945-Present
HIUS 717HIUS 7171The American Culture of Consumption, 1920-1990
HIUS 719HIUS 7191History of Technology: Theory and Methods
HIUS 720HIUS 7201S History of Technology and Environment, Special Topics -- Energy
HIUS 723HIUS 7231The American South Before 1900
HIUS 724HIUS 7232The South Since 1900
HIUS 725HIUS 7235Southern History
HIUS 726HIUS 7261American Political Development in Action
HIUS 730HIUS 7301American Studies Seminar
HIUS 745HIUS 7451Urban History
HIUS 747HIUS 7471American Labor History
HIUS 748HIUS 7481Approaches to Social History
HIUS 751HIUS 7651The History of United States Foreign Relations
HIUS 755HIUS 7655American Legal History
HIUS 757HIUS 7657Topics in American Intellectual History
HIUS 758HIUS 7658Nineteenth-Century American Social and Cultural History
HIUS 761HIUS 7611Women's History
HIUS 802HIUS 8002First-Year Seminar in American History
HIUS 803HIUS 8031The Early Period of American History
HIUS 804HIUS 8041The Age of Jefferson
HIUS 805HIUS 8051Antebellum America
HIUS 806HIUS 8061Nineteenth-Century American Political History
HIUS 812HIUS 8121Civil War and Reconstruction
HIUS 813HIUS 8131The Emergence of Modern America, ca. 1870-ca. 1930
HIUS 814HIUS 8141American History, 1929-1945
HIUS 815HIUS 8142American History, 1945-Present
HIUS 823HIUS 8230The Nineteenth-Century South
HIUS 824HIUS 8235Topics in Modern Southern History
HIUS 847HIUS 8471Twentieth-Century United States Labor History
HIUS 851HIUS 8451The History of United States Foreign Relations
HIUS 855HIUS 8755American Legal History
HIUS 856HIUS 8756Lawyers in American Public Life
HIUS 857HIUS 8757Nineteenth-Century American Social and Cultural History
HIUS 861HIUS 8611Graduate Seminar in Women's History
HIUS 867HIUS 8671The Civil Rights Movement


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HR 401HR 4010Management of Organizations
HR 402HR 4020Human Resource Management
HR 403HR 4030Organizational Change and Development
HR 404HR 4040Human Behavior in Organizations
HR 405HR 4050Legal and Ethical Issues in Human Resources
HR 406HR 4060Strategic Human Resources Management
HR 407HR 4070Human Resources Information Systems
HR 408HR 4080Compensation and Benefits
HR 409HR 4090Recruiting, Placement, Performance Appraisal, and Outplacement
HR 410HR 4100Employee Development
HR 411HR 4110Consulting Theory and Practice
HR 412HR 4120Business Communication
HR 413HR 4130Financial Management
HR 414HR 4140Labor Relations
HR 415HR 4150Topics in Labor Economics
HR 416HR 4160Current Topics in Human Resources
HR 417HR 4170Managing the Training Function
HR 502HR 5020Staffing and Career Management
HR 503HR 5030Strategic Compensation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
HSCI 101HSCI 1010College Science Scholar Seminar I
HSCI 102HSCI 1011College Science Scholar Seminar II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
IMP 201IMP 2010The Arts and Sciences in Theory and Practice
IMP 450IMP 4600Echols Thesis
IMP 497Y IMP 4970Interdisciplinary Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
INST 203INST 2030Emergency Medicine/Health Care Topics
INST 220INST 2200Contemporary Social Issues and the Media


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISBU 327ISBU 3270Investment Analysis
ISBU 341ISBU 3410Commercial Law
ISBU 351ISBU 3451Fundamentals of Marketing
ISBU 361ISBU 3610Organizational Behavior
ISBU 371ISBU 3710Managerial Finance
ISBU 377ISBU 3770The Challenge of Leadership
ISBU 381ISBU 3810Business Ethics
ISBU 384ISBU 3840International Business
ISBU 399ISBU 3899Case Studies in Technology Management and Policy
ISBU 467ISBU 4670Organizational Change and Development
ISBU 468ISBU 4680Entrepreneurship
ISBU 470ISBU 4700Strategic Management Consulting
ISBU 485ISBU 4850Strategic Management
ISBU 499ISBU 4993Independent Study


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISCP 400ISCP 4991Capstone Project


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISED 450ISED 4450Methods of Teaching Reading and Reading Comprehension


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISHU 301ISHU 3010Humanities I
ISHU 302ISHU 3020Humanities II
ISHU 303ISHU 3030The Tragic and the Demonic
ISHU 304ISHU 3040Home Runs, Assassinations, & Surgical Strikes: Contemp American Literature in the Age of Television
ISHU 305ISHU 3050Issues in Philosophy
ISHU 306ISHU 3060Religious Diversity and Assimilation in American Life
ISHU 307ISHU 3070Prophets and Prophec
ISHU 308ISHU 3080Islam
ISHU 310ISHU 3100Advanced Writing I
ISHU 311ISHU 3110Aspects of Narrative I
ISHU 312ISHU 3120Aspects of Narrative II
ISHU 313ISHU 3130The Writing Side of Children's Literature
ISHU 314ISHU 3140Writing Descriptively
ISHU 315ISHU 3150Reading Poetry Aloud
ISHU 316ISHU 3160Poetry: A Form of Suspension
ISHU 317ISHU 3170The Writer as Cartographer: A Class in Poetry and Memoir
ISHU 318ISHU 3180Roots and Stems of Effective Writing -- The Essay
ISHU 319ISHU 3190Writing for Your Life
ISHU 321ISHU 3210American Literary Naturalism
ISHU 322ISHU 3220American Autobiography
ISHU 323ISHU 3230Poetry and the African-American Experience
ISHU 324ISHU 324020th Century American Literature
ISHU 326ISHU 3260Contemporary American Fiction
ISHU 330ISHU 3300Socrates at the Cinema
ISHU 335ISHU 3350Close Encounters with American Culture: Alien Imagery in Contemporary Popular Discourse
ISHU 350ISHU 3450Cult'l Hist of the Depression
ISHU 380ISHU 3800Important Issues in Art Since 1945
ISHU 381ISHU 3810Business Ethics
ISHU 383ISHU 3830Contemporary Ethical Issues
ISHU 390ISHU 3900Identity and Culture in Contemporary Dance
ISHU 395ISHU 3950Acting
ISHU 396ISHU 3960The Elements of Action
ISHU 400ISHU 4000Writing the Unwritten
ISHU 401ISHU 4010Art in Society: Myth, Music, and Merriment
ISHU 403ISHU 4030Religion and the Quest for Meaning
ISHU 404ISHU 4040Authenticity: American Literature and Culture
ISHU 405ISHU 4050Knowledge, Truth, and Objectivity
ISHU 409ISHU 4090Writing: Comfortable as a Hearth Rug
ISHU 410ISHU 4100Writing Narrative
ISHU 412ISHU 4120The American Short Story: The Writer and Tradition
ISHU 415ISHU 4150Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman
ISHU 417ISHU 4170African-American Novels
ISHU 419ISHU 4190Writing Strategies
ISHU 420ISHU 4200Homer and the Old Testament
ISHU 421ISHU 4210Shakespeare
ISHU 422ISHU 4220Blake and Milton
ISHU 424ISHU 4240The Romantics - Poets of the Late 18th and Early 19th Centuries
ISHU 425ISHU 4250Script Analysis
ISHU 426ISHU 4260Apocalyptic Tradition
ISHU 430ISHU 4300Framing Modern America
ISHU 481ISHU 4810Religion and Technology
ISHU 483ISHU 4830A Philosophic History of American Environmentalism
ISHU 484ISHU 4840God and Darwin: Friends or Foes?
ISHU 485ISHU 4850The Ethics of Sustainability
ISHU 487ISHU 4870Modern American Culture War
ISHU 489ISHU 4890America and the Ethics of Food and Energy in the 21st Century
ISHU 499ISHU 4993Independent Study


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISLS 301ISLS 3010Nationalism and National Identity
ISLS 302ISLS 3020Critical Thinking: Why Do We Believe the Things We Do?
ISLS 303ISLS 3030Critical Thinking and Creativity II
ISLS 304ISLS 3040Decision Making in Public Organizations
ISLS 305ISLS 3050Critical Issues in American Foreign Policy
ISLS 307ISLS 3070Honor, Honor Codes, and Civil Society
ISLS 308ISLS 3080Decision-Making and Medical Ethics
ISLS 309ISLS 3090The Enlightenment Era
ISLS 312ISLS 3120Determining Community Needs in an Individualistic Society
ISLS 313ISLS 3130Issues in Foundations of Education
ISLS 314ISLS 3140Religions of the World: Human Wisdom in the Face of the Sacred
ISLS 315ISLS 3150Genocide: Origins, Prevention, and Punishment
ISLS 316ISLS 3160Research Problems in Social Science
ISLS 317ISLS 3170Development, Dynamics, and Diagnosis
ISLS 318ISLS 3180Possessing the Past
ISLS 319ISLS 3190Good Cop/Bad Cop
ISLS 320ISLS 3200Rhetorical Theory, Criticism, and Speaking
ISLS 321ISLS 3210The Frost is Hard-Edged and Quick: Metaphor - Making a Final Unity
ISLS 322ISLS 3220Thinking About Cosmic Questions
ISLS 324ISLS 3240In Their Own Words: America
ISLS 326ISLS 3260Childhood in Literature, Memoirs, and Modern Psychology
ISLS 403ISLS 4030Religion and the Quest for Meaning
ISLS 411ISLS 4110Minds, Machines and Human Nature
ISLS 412ISLS 4120Determining Community Needs in an Individualistic Society
ISLS 413ISLS 4130Foundations of Education: Issues and Challenges
ISLS 414ISLS 4140Foundations in American Education
ISLS 417ISLS 4170Research Problems in Social Science
ISLS 418ISLS 4180Experiences of the Great War: Life and Literature
ISLS 420ISLS 4200Ideas of Travel: Pilgrim, Explorer, Tourist


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISPS 399ISPS 3899Proseminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ISSS 301ISSS 3010Introduction to Social Sciences
ISSS 302ISSS 3020Women's Studies: Theories and Practices
ISSS 303S ISSS 3030Sociology of Morality
ISSS 304S ISSS 3040American Religious Behavior
ISSS 305G ISSS 3050Evolution of International Relations
ISSS 306G ISSS 3060Military Force in International Relations
ISSS 308H ISSS 3080Islam
ISSS 315G ISSS 3150Constitutional Law
ISSS 316G ISSS 3160Democracy in America
ISSS 317G ISSS 3170The Bill of Rights in the 21st Century
ISSS 318ISSS 3180Critical Issues in Democracy
ISSS 319G ISSS 3190American Political Development
ISSS 320HISSS 3200British History
ISSS 321G ISSS 3211Russian Politics
ISSS 321H ISSS 3210Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics
ISSS 325H ISSS 3250The Atlantic World 1500-1820
ISSS 326H ISSS 3260The Emergence of Modern America, 1877-1920
ISSS 330A ISSS 3300Issues in Cultural Anthropology
ISSS 335A ISSS 3350The Nature of Oral Narratives: How and Why We Tell Stories
ISSS 340P ISSS 3400Psychology and Human Behavioral Processes
ISSS 341P ISSS 3410Abnormal Psychology
ISSS 342P ISSS 3420Human Thought and Behavior
ISSS 344S ISSS 3440Gender and Society
ISSS 345S ISSS 3450Sociology of the Family
ISSS 347G ISSS 3470Russian Culture and Society
ISSS 348S ISSS 3480The Search for Self in Russian Classics
ISSS 349S ISSS 3490The Poet in Society
ISSS 352H ISSS 3452The History of American Foreign Relations in the 20th Century
ISSS 353ISSS 3453Food for Thought: An Exploration of the Way We Eat
ISSS 355ISSS 3455Demystifying Diversity
ISSS 360EISSS 3600Economics and the Environment
ISSS 361EISSS 3610Contemporary Problems in Econ
ISSS 362EISSS 3620Regional Economic Development
ISSS 375G ISSS 3750Good Cop, Bad Cop
ISSS 376G ISSS 3760Issues in Leadership
ISSS 381G ISSS 3810The American Presidency
ISSS 385G ISSS 3850Media and Politics
ISSS 400H ISSS 4000The Experience of the Great War: Life and Literature
ISSS 401H ISSS 4010The Second World War: Experience of Total War
ISSS 402H ISSS 4020Europe After 1945
ISSS 403P ISSS 4030Media and Children's Development
ISSS 404S ISSS 4040The Rise and Fall of Public Controversies
ISSS 405H ISSS 4050American Society and War from Vietnam to the War in Iraq
ISSS 406G ISSS 4060War and World Politics
ISSS 408G ISSS 4080Religion and Politics
ISSS 410S ISSS 4100Exploring Theory Through American Culture
ISSS 413P ISSS 4130Developmental Psychology and Public Policy
ISSS 415P ISSS 4150The Psychology of Freedom, Independence and Conformity
ISSS 420H ISSS 4200Creative Power: The History of Modern Technology
ISSS 428H ISSS 4280U.S. Military History
ISSS 429H ISSS 4290Topics in Early America
ISSS 431H ISSS 4310History of Love, Marriage and Other Western Delusions
ISSS 435H ISSS 4350Seminar in Medieval Studies
ISSS 436H ISSS 4360The Age of Discovery
ISSS 440ISSS 4400Quantitative Analysis and Methods for Problem Solving
ISSS 441ISSS 4410Qualitative Inquiry and Methodology
ISSS 455S ISSS 4455Social Inequality
ISSS 456G ISSS 4456Russian-American Relations
ISSS 458ISSS 4458The Cold War
ISSS 467S ISSS 4670Organizational Change and Development
ISSS 471S ISSS 4710The Consultant's Stance: Getting Things Done When You're Not in Charge
ISSS 475P ISSS 4750Intergroup Relations
ISSS 476S ISSS 4760Organizations that Learn
ISSS 477S ISSS 4770Concepts in Leadership
ISSS 479P ISSS 4790Personality Theory
ISSS 482G ISSS 4820American Political Thought and Institutions
ISSS 485G ISSS 4850Great Books in Globalization
ISSS 499ISSS 4993Independent Study


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
IT 320IT 3200Introduction to Information Technology
IT 321IT 3210Programming with Java
IT 322IT 3220Information Technology Business Operations
IT 323IT 3230Basics of Web Design
IT 324IT 3240Systems Analysis and Design
IT 325IT 3250User Requirements and Quality Assurance
IT 326IT 3260Project Management
IT 327IT 3270Introduction to Programming Concepts
IT 330IT 3300Introduction to Web Content Development
IT 331IT 3310Web Site Design and Development
IT 332IT 3320Advanced Web Technologies
IT 333IT 3330Writing for the Web
IT 334IT 3340Fundamentals of E-Business and Web Marketing
IT 421IT 4210JAVA II: Applying Data Structures using JAVA
IT 501IT 5010Principles of Database Systems Using Java
IT 502IT 5020Server-side Web Applications with Java
IT 503IT 5030Enterprise Computing with Java
IT 504IT 5040XML and Web Services
IT 505IT 5050Object-Oriented Analysis & J2ee Design Patterns with UML
IT 506IT 5060J2EE Application Security


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ITAL 101ITAL 1010Elementary Conversation
ITAL 102ITAL 1020Intermediate Conversation
ITAL 201ITAL 2010Intermediate Conversation
ITAL 202ITAL 2020Intermediate Conversation
ITAL 301ITAL 3010Advanced Conversation and Composition I
ITAL 302ITAL 3020Advanced Conversation and Composition II
ITAL 311ITAL 3110Renaissance Literature
ITAL 312ITAL 3120Contemporary Literature
ITAL 370ITAL 3700Lirica (Italian Lyric Poetry)
ITAL 372ITAL 3720Novella (Italian Short Narrative)
ITAL 373ITAL 3730Romanzo (Italian Novel)
ITAL 374ITAL 3740Teatro (Italian Theater)
ITAL 375ITAL 3750Critica (Italian Literary Criticism)
ITAL 376ITAL 3760Italian Travel Literature
ITAL 400ITAL 4000Methodologia (Stylistics and Methods)
ITAL 410ITAL 4100Medioevo (Italian Culture and Literature in the Middle Ages)
ITAL 420ITAL 4200Umanesimo (Italian Culture and Literature in the Humanistic Period)
ITAL 430ITAL 4300Rinascimento (Italian Culture and Literature during the Renaissance)
ITAL 435ITAL 4350Representations of Women in Italian Literature
ITAL 440ITAL 4400Barocco (Italian Culture and Literature during the Baroque Age)
ITAL 445ITAL 4450Settecento
ITAL 450ITAL 4475Romanticismo (Italian Culture and Literature in the Age of Romanticism)
ITAL 460ITAL 4600Novecentismo (Italian Culture and Literature in the Twentieth Century)
ITAL 461ITAL 4610Italian Pop Culture: 1960's - 1990's
ITAL 499ITAL 4993Independent Study
ITAL 525ITAL 5250Dante: The Divine Comedy
ITAL 550ITAL 5400Medieval Italian Literature
ITAL 555ITAL 5450Renaissance Italian Literature
ITAL 560ITAL 5600Baroque Italian Literature
ITAL 565ITAL 5650Italian Literature of the Enlightenment
ITAL 570ITAL 5700Italian Literature of the Modern Period
ITAL 720ITAL 7200Literary Criticism
ITAL 730ITAL 7300Teatro Italiano
ITAL 750ITAL 7325Duecento
ITAL 755ITAL 7350Trecento I
ITAL 756ITAL 7375Three Crowns of Florence: Dante, Petrarch and Boccaccio
ITAL 758ITAL 7400Pen and Brush: Literary Culture and Artists of the Renaissance
ITAL 759ITAL 7425Quattro-Cinquecento
ITAL 760ITAL 7600Sei-Settecento
ITAL 780ITAL 7800Ottocento
ITAL 790ITAL 7900Italian Avantgarde
ITAL 791ITAL 7910Poesia Italiana del Novecento
ITAL 795ITAL 7995Guided Research
ITAL 796ITAL 7993Independent Research
ITAL 821ITAL 8210Pedagogy
ITAL 855ITAL 8300Ariosto
ITAL 856ITAL 8400Seminars: Major Author
ITAL 868ITAL 8680Svevo
ITAL 895ITAL 8995Independent Research
ITAL 897ITAL 8999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
ITTR 215ITTR 2150Italian Phonetics
ITTR 216ITTR 2160History of the Italian Language
ITTR 226ITTR 2260Dante in Translation
ITTR 227ITTR 2270Petrarch in Translation
ITTR 228ITTR 2280Boccaccio in Translation
ITTR 230ITTR 2300Machiavelli in Translation
ITTR 231ITTR 2310Ariosto in Translation
ITTR 236ITTR 2360Tasso in Translation
ITTR 242ITTR 2420Goldoni and Alfieri in Translation
ITTR 252ITTR 2430Foscolo and Leopardi in Translation
ITTR 255ITTR 2440Manzoni in Translation
ITTR 258ITTR 2450Verga in Translation
ITTR 262ITTR 2620The Modern Italian Novel in Translation
ITTR 263ITTR 2630Italian History and Culture Through Film: 1860's - 1960's
ITTR 371ITTR 3710From Fiction to Film
ITTR 525ITTR 5250Dante's Purgatory in Translation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
JAPN 101JAPN 1010First-Year Japanese
JAPN 102JAPN 1020First-Year Japanese
JAPN 201JAPN 2010Second-Year Japanese
JAPN 202JAPN 2020Second-Year Japanese
JAPN 301JAPN 3010Third-Year Japanese I
JAPN 301H JAPN 3015Language House Conversation
JAPN 302JAPN 3020Third-Year Japanese I
JAPN 302H JAPN 3025Language House Conversation
JAPN 310JAPN 3100Supplemental Reading in Japanese I
JAPN 311JAPN 3110Supplemental Reading in Japanese II
JAPN 471JAPN 4710Introduction to Literary Japanese (Bungo)
JAPN 480JAPN 4800Lost and Found in Translation
JAPN 481JAPN 4810Modern Literary Texts
JAPN 482JAPN 4820Mysteries, Detective Fiction and Business Novels
JAPN 483JAPN 4830Media Japanese
JAPN 484JAPN 4840Japan's Two Nobel Laureates: Kawabate and Oe
JAPN 486JAPN 4860Modern and Contemporary Japanese Poetry
JAPN 487JAPN 4870Reading Investigative Journalism
JAPN 488JAPN 4880Reading Banana Yoshimoto & Haruki Murakami
JAPN 493JAPN 4993Independent Study in Japanese
JAPN 501JAPN 5010Third Year Japanese
JAPN 502JAPN 5020Third Year Japanese
JAPN 571JAPN 5710Classical Japanese Language
JAPN 587JAPN 5870Reading Journalism
JAPN 588JAPN 5880Reading Banana Yoshimoto and Haruki Murakami
JAPN 593JAPN 5930Language Seminar I
JAPN 594JAPN 5940Language Seminar II
JAPN 701JAPN 7010Reading Japanese I: Advanced Topics
JAPN 702JAPN 7020Reading Japanese II: Advanced Topics
JAPN 782JAPN 7820Mysteries, Detective Fiction and Business Novels
JAPN 783JAPN 7830Media Japanese
JAPN 786JAPN 7860Modern and Contemporary Japanese Poetry
JAPN 801JAPN 8993Independent Study in Japanese


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
JPTR 321JPTR 2210The Tale of Genji
JPTR 322JPTR 1020Introduction to Modern Japanese Literature
JPTR 331JPTR 2931A Cultural Understanding of U.S.-Japan Relations
JPTR 335JPTR 1010Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature
JPTR 381JPTR 2290Classical Japanese Women Writers
JPTR 382JPTR 2990Modern Japanese Women Writers
JPTR 390JPTR 2910Kawabata and Oe: Japan's Nobel Laureates
JPTR 490JPTR 2900Sleuthing Japan's Culture and Society: Japanese Mysteries
JPTR 521JPTR 5210The Tale of Genji, the World's First Psychological Novel: Court Romance
JPTR 522JPTR 5020The Modern Japanese Canon
JPTR 535JPTR 5010Spirits, Romance, and Political Intrigue: An Introduction to Classical Japanese Literature
JPTR 581JPTR 5290Classical Japanese Women Writers
JPTR 582JPTR 5990Modern Japanese Women Writers
JPTR 590JPTR 5910Kawabata and Oe: Japan's Nobel Laureates


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
JWST 352JWST 3520Southern Jewish History and Culture
JWST 495JWST 4950Senior Majors Seminar in Jewish Studies
JWST 497JWST 4970Supervised Research
JWST 498JWST 4980Supervised Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
KOR 101KOR 1010Elementary Korean
KOR 102KOR 1020Elementary Korean
KOR 201KOR 2010Intermediate Korean
KOR 202KOR 2020Intermediate Korean
KOR 300T KOR 3000T Non-UVa Transfer/Test Credit
KOR 301KOR 3010Advanced Korean
KOR 302KOR 3020Advanced Korean


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAR 512LAR 5120History of Landscape Design
LAR 513LAR 5130American Landscapes
LAR 514LAR 5140Theories of Modern Landscape Architecture
LAR 520LAR 5200Healing Landscapes
LAR 521LAR 5210Topics in Contemporary Landscape Theory
LAR 523LAR 5230Cultural Landscape
LAR 525LAR 5250Urban Topographies
LAR 526LAR 5260D.I.R.T. Seminar: Doing Industrial Research Together
LAR 528LAR 5280Green Cities/Green Sites
LAR 529LAR 5290Green Lands
LAR 533LAR 5330Sites and Systems
LAR 534LAR 5340Earthwork
LAR 537LAR 5370Natural Systems and Plant Ecology
LAR 538LAR 5380Planted Form and Urban Ecology
LAR 543LAR 5430Landscape Visualization & 3-D Modeling
LAR 546LAR 5460Landscape Digital Media and Design Applications
LAR 567LAR 5670Urban Habitat
LAR 591LAR 5590Faculty Research Seminar
LAR 601LAR 6010Foundation Studio I
LAR 602LAR 6020Foundation Studio II
LAR 616LAR 6160Advanced Topics in the History of Landscape Design
LAR 618LAR 6180Advanced Topics in Landscape History
LAR 701LAR 7010Foundation Studio III
LAR 703LAR 7700Advanced Landscape Drawing and Representation
LAR 731LAR 7310Planted Form
LAR 732LAR 7320Regenerative Technologies
LAR 734LAR 7340Site Assembly
LAR 735LAR 7350Site Work
LAR 801LAR 8010Comprehensive Studio
LAR 832LAR 8320Contract Documents and Professional Practice
LAR 851LAR 8500Special Studies in Landscape Architecture
LAR 852LAR 5993Advanced Independent Research
LAR 880LAR 8800Teaching Experience
LAR 898LAR 8999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LASE 151LASE 1601Honor and Ethics in Everyday Life
LASE 152LASE 1605History of Mr. Jefferson's University
LASE 153LASE 1610First-Year Echols Seminar
LASE 154LASE 1615First-Year Echols Seminar
LASE 155LASE 1620Second-Year Echols Seminar
LASE 156LASE 1625Second-Year Echols Seminar
LASE 251LASE 2600Facilitating Honor and Ethics in Everyday Life


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAST 491LAST 4999Majors Thesis, Independent Studies
LAST 492LAST 4993Majors Thesis, Independent Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LATI 101LATI 1010Elementary Latin I
LATI 102LATI 1020Elementary Latin II
LATI 103LATI 1030Fundamentals of Latin (Intensive)
LATI 201LATI 2010Intermediate Latin I
LATI 202LATI 2020Intermediate Latin II
LATI 301LATI 3010Plautus
LATI 302LATI 3020Catullus
LATI 303LATI 3030Cicero
LATI 304LATI 3040Prose Composition
LATI 305LATI 3050The Satirical Writing of Petronius and Seneca
LATI 307LATI 3070Livy
LATI 308LATI 3080Horace
LATI 309LATI 3090Introduction to Mediaeval Latin
LATI 310LATI 3100Vergil
LATI 311LATI 3110Ovid
LATI 501LATI 5010History of Republican Latin Literature
LATI 502LATI 5020History of Latin Literature of the Empire
LATI 503LATI 5030History of Medieval Latin Literature
LATI 504LATI 5040Prose Composition
LATI 505LATI 5050Latin Paleography.
LATI 506LATI 5060Roman Comedy
LATI 507LATI 5070Latin Elegy
LATI 508LATI 5080Roman Satire
LATI 509LATI 5090Roman Literary Criticism
LATI 510LATI 5100Lucretius
LATI 511LATI 5110Catullus
LATI 513LATI 5130Cicero's Philosophical Works
LATI 514LATI 5140Cicero's Rhetorical Works
LATI 515LATI 5150Sallust
LATI 516LATI 5160Vergil's Aeneid
LATI 517LATI 5170Vergil's Eclogues and Georgics
LATI 518LATI 5180Horace's Odes
LATI 519LATI 5190Livy
LATI 520LATI 5200Ovid's Metamorphoses
LATI 521LATI 5210Ovid's Love Poetry
LATI 522LATI 5220Tacitus
LATI 523LATI 5230Petronius
LATI 524LATI 5240Juvenal
LATI 525LATI 5250Seneca's Philosophical Works
LATI 526LATI 5260Latin Epic after Vergil
LATI 527LATI 5270Apuleius Metamorphoses
LATI 528LATI 5280Christian Latin Writings of the Roman Empire
LATI 706LATI 7060Roman Religion
LATI 801LATI 8010Seminar on Select Topics in Latin Literature
LATI 806LATI 8060Latin Textual Criticism
LATI 897LATI 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
LATI 898LATI 8999Non-Topical Research
LATI 997LATI 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
LATI 999LATI 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW1 603LAW 6000Civil Procedure
LAW1 605LAW 6001 Constitutional Law
LAW1 606LAW 6002Contracts
LAW1 609LAW 6003Criminal Law
LAW1 620LAW 6004Legal Research and Writing
LAW1 623LAW 6006Property
LAW1 629LAW 6007Torts


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW2 600LAW 7081Schools, Race, and Money
LAW2 604LAW 7075Quantitative Methods
LAW2 608LAW 7029European Union Law
LAW2 609LAW 8013Mergers and Acquisitions


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW3 602LAW 6102Administrative Law
LAW3 603LAW 7000Admiralty
LAW3 605LAW 7002Agency and Partnership
LAW3 608LAW 7003 Alternative Dispute Resolution
LAW3 611LAW 8002Bankruptcy (Law & Business)
LAW3 612LAW 7005Antitrust
LAW3 617LAW 8005Contracts II
LAW3 618LAW 8003 Civil Rights Litigation
LAW3 619LAW 7010Communications Law
LAW3 621LAW 7082Secured Transactions
LAW3 623 LAW 7007Bankruptcy
LAW3 626LAW 7641Nonprofit Organizations
LAW3 627LAW 7013 Complex Civil Litigation
LAW3 628LAW 7016Constitutional History II: From Reconstruction to Brown
LAW3 629LAW 7011Comparative Constitutional Law
LAW3 631LAW 7017Constitutional Law II: Church and State
LAW3 634LAW 8004Constitutional Law II: Freedom of Speech and Press
LAW3 639LAW 8006Corporate Tax
LAW3 640LAW 6101Corporate Finance
LAW3 641LAW 6103 Corporations
LAW3 642LAW 7018Criminal Adjudication
LAW3 644LAW 7019Criminal Investigation
LAW3 646LAW 7023 Employment Law or Employment Law: Contracts, Torts, and Statutes
LAW3 647LAW 7022Employment Discrimination
LAW3 648LAW 8009Intellectual Property: Copyright
LAW3 651LAW 6112Environmental Law
LAW3 652LAW 7028European Legal Systems
LAW3 653LAW 6104Evidence
LAW3 655LAW 7030Family Law
LAW3 656LAW 7091Water Law
LAW3 657LAW 6105Federal Courts
LAW3 660LAW 7031Federal Criminal Law
LAW3 662LAW 7032Federal Taxation of Gratuitous Transfers
LAW3 663 LAW 6106Federal Income Tax
LAW3 668LAW 7034Food and Drug Law
LAW3 669LAW 7038Health Care Law
LAW3 670LAW 7042Immigration Law
LAW3 672LAW 7043 Insurance
LAW3 674LAW 8011International Taxation
LAW3 675LAW 7051International Business Transactions
LAW3 676LAW 7052International Civil Litigation
LAW3 677LAW 7055International Human Rights Law
LAW3 678LAW 6107International Law
LAW3 679LAW 8653 Employment Law: Principles and Practice
LAW3 682LAW 7057Judicial Role in American History
LAW3 683 LAW 7069Philosophy of Law
LAW3 684LAW 7059Labor Law
LAW3 689LAW 6100Accounting: Understanding and Analyzing Financial Statements
LAW3 690LAW 8000Advanced Legal Research
LAW3 693 LAW 7053 International Criminal Law
LAW3 694LAW 8010Intellectual Property: Patent
LAW3 696LAW 7015Constitutional History I: Articles of Confederation Through the Civil War
LAW3 701LAW 7612Genetics and the Law
LAW3 703 LAW 7060Land Use Law
LAW3 719LAW 7020Disputes and Remedies I & II (JAG)
LAW3 720LAW 7001Advanced Topics in the Law of War I & II (JAG)
LAW3 725LAW 7625Negotiation Institute


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW4 600LAW 9046Issues in Poverty Law
LAW4 601LAW 7062Legislation
LAW4 602LAW 7063Local Government Law
LAW4 604 LAW 7066Mental Health Law
LAW4 608LAW 7067National Security Law
LAW4 609LAW 7616Indian Law
LAW4 610LAW 7068Oceans Law and Policy
LAW4 614 LAW 7070Presidential Powers
LAW4 615LAW 7072Professional Responsibility
LAW4 619LAW 7077Refugee Law and Policy
LAW4 620LAW 7078Remedies
LAW4 622LAW 7085Social Science in Law
LAW4 623LAW 8016Securities Regulation
LAW4 627LAW 7087Sports Law
LAW4 629LAW 7627Personal Injury Law
LAW4 630LAW 8018Trusts and Estates
LAW4 631LAW 7048Intellectual Property: Trademark and Unfair Competition
LAW4 632LAW 8019Virginia Practice and Procedure
LAW4 633LAW 8658Real Estate Transactions: Principles and Practice
LAW4 635LAW 8001Advanced Trusts and Estates
LAW4 636LAW 8015Partnership Tax
LAW4 638LAW 8616Immigration Law Clinic
LAW4 643LAW 7014 Conflict of Laws
LAW4 652LAW 7026Entertainment Law
LAW4 656LAW 8008Ideas of the First Amendment
LAW4 659LAW 7035Foreign Relations Law
LAW4 661LAW 8609Employment Law Clinic
LAW4 663LAW 9076Federal Land and Natural Resource Law
LAW4 665LAW 8650Appellate Litigation: Principles and Practice
LAW4 677LAW 7004 Analysis of the Military Criminal Legal System I & II (JAG)
LAW4 681LAW 7074 Professional Sports and the Law
LAW4 683LAW 7021Duty to Obey
LAW4 689LAW 8654 Environmental Lawyering: Principles and Practice
LAW4 695LAW 7009CaseFiles and Contracts
LAW4 697LAW 7047Intellectual Property: Trademark
LAW4 701LAW 7084 Securities Fraud
LAW4 704 LAW 7054 International Deal Making: Legal and Business Aspects
LAW4 706LAW 8802Graduate Legal Research and Writing
LAW4 712LAW 6109Corporations (Law & Business)
LAW4 714 LAW 8012Legal Issues in Corporate Finance (Law & Business)
LAW4 722LAW 7033First Amendment Freedoms
LAW4 733LAW 7058Jurisprudence, Sex, and Gender
LAW4 750LAW 7079Rights
LAW4 765LAW 7037Habeas Corpus and Wrongful Convictions
LAW4 766LAW 7065Medical Malpractice and Health Care Quality
LAW4 767LAW 8007Derivatives and Other Exotic Financial Instruments
LAW4 770LAW 7006Antitrust and Intellectual Property
LAW4 772LAW 7027Regulation of Toxic Substances
LAW4 773LAW 7044 Intellectual Property: A Survey of Patent, Copyright, Trademark
LAW4 789LAW 7012Comparative Democratic Constitutionalism
LAW4 791LAW 7008Bioethics and the Law
LAW4 818LAW 7071Professional Responsibility


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW5 601LAW 9048Indochina War: Legal and Policy Issues
LAW5 602LAW 9049American Legal History Seminar
LAW5 605 LAW 9051Antitrust Practice
LAW5 606LAW 9052War and Peace: New Thinking about the Causes of War and War Avoidance
LAW5 607LAW 9053Hallmarks of Distinguished Advocacy
LAW5 610LAW 9056Business Reorganization under Chapter 11
LAW5 611LAW 9057Civil Liberties
LAW5 615 LAW 9060Rule of Law: Controlling Government
LAW5 617LAW 7083Secured Transactions (Law & Business
LAW5 618LAW 8017Securities Regulation (Law & Business)
LAW5 619LAW 8608Criminal Defense Clinic
LAW5 622LAW 9063Criminal Procedure
LAW5 630LAW 8611Environmental Law and Conservation Clinic
LAW5 631LAW 8626Family Resource Clinic
LAW5 638LAW 9065 First Amendment and the Arts
LAW5 640LAW 7025 Employment Law: Health and Safety
LAW5 642LAW 9068Historic Preservation Law
LAW5 647LAW 8617International Human Rights Law Clinic
LAW5 648LAW 8652Emerging Markets: Principles and Practice
LAW5 649LAW 9069Antitrust Review Mergers in a Global Environment
LAW5 652LAW 8602Appellate Litigation Clinic
LAW5 657LAW 9071Law and Higher Education
LAW5 660LAW 9073Government Ethics: Conflicts of Interest, Lobbying and Campaign Finance
LAW5 662LAW 9074Legislative Drafting and Public Policy
LAW5 664LAW 9077Comparative Law
LAW5 671LAW 9079Psychiatry and Criminal Law
LAW5 680LAW 8622Prosecution Clinic
LAW5 685 LAW 9081Trial Advocacy
LAW5 686LAW 7637Trial Advocacy College
LAW5 687LAW 9082Lawyers and Justice: Ethics in Public Interest Lawyering
LAW5 691LAW 9083Free Expression in Cyberspace
LAW5 694LAW 9084Criminology
LAW5 695 LAW 9085 Current Legal Ideas
LAW5 698LAW 9087International Environmental Law
LAW5 700LAW 9088Supreme Court Justices and the Art of Judging
LAW5 706LAW 9089Seminars in Ethical Values
LAW5 707LAW 8655 Estate Planning: Principles & Practice
LAW5 709LAW 9091Germs, Guns, and Lead: Public Health Law and Policy
LAW5 711LAW 7050International and Foreign Legal Research
LAW5 712LAW 8620Patent and Licensing Clinic I
LAW5 719LAW 8614Housing Law Clinic


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW6 614LAW 9059Airline Industry and Aviation Law
LAW6 618LAW 9001Banking Regulation
LAW6 647LAW 9002Ecosystem Management: Law and Policy
LAW6 679LAW 9080Intellectual Property: Patent Enforcement
LAW6 681LAW 9004International Investment Law
LAW6 697LAW 9086 Jury Trials in America: Understanding and Practicing before a Pure Form of Democracy


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW7 601LAW 8613First Amendment Clinic
LAW7 604LAW 9000International Ifs in the Long 19th Century
LAW7 608LAW 9054Colloquium in American Legal History
LAW7 609LAW 9055Persuasion for Advocates
LAW7 612LAW 9058Race and Law
LAW7 617 LAW 9061First Amendment Theory
LAW7 619LAW 9062Supreme Court from Warren to Roberts
LAW7 628LAW 8651Emerging Growth Companies and Venture Capital Financing: Principles and Practice
LAW7 630LAW 7040Health Law and Policy
LAW7 632LAW 9064Advanced Topics in the First Amendment (Religion Clauses)
LAW7 634LAW 8606Child Advocacy Clinic
LAW7 639LAW 9066Environmental Ethics
LAW7 640LAW 9067 Anti-Terrorism, Law and the Role of Intelligence
LAW7 650LAW 8659Strategy in Civil Litigation: Pleading and Procedure
LAW7 655LAW 8618Mental Health Law Clinic
LAW7 656LAW 8621Patent and Licensing Clinic II
LAW7 657 LAW 9070Appellate Practice
LAW7 658LAW 9072Commercial Real Estate Transactions
LAW7 663LAW 9075Environmental Liability Litigation
LAW7 664LAW 8624Supreme Court Litigation Clinic
LAW7 665LAW 8656Practical Trial Evidence: Principles and Practice
LAW7 773LAW 8604Capital Post-Conviction Clinic
LAW7 775LAW 9092International Ifs in the Mid-Twentieth Century
LAW7 778LAW 9005Advanced Legal Writing
LAW7 780LAW 9093Law and Ethics in Medical Practice
LAW7 781LAW 9094Issues in State and Local Taxation and Fiscal Policy
LAW7 790LAW 9095Aging and the Law
LAW7 796LAW 9096Property Theory
LAW7 797 LAW 9097 Tort Theory
LAW7 800LAW 9098Retirement Security
LAW7 802LAW 9099Civil Rights History from Plessy to Brown
LAW7 803LAW 9100Federal Criminal Practice
LAW7 804LAW 9101Health Care Policy
LAW7 808LAW 9102Employment and Labor Law: A Global Perspective
LAW7 809LAW 8657 Pre-Trial Litigation: Principles and Practice
LAW7 816LAW 9103Public and Private Rights in American Law
LAW7 818LAW 8600Advocacy Clinic for the Elderly
LAW7 819LAW 9104Regulation and Deregulation of U.S. Industries
LAW7 821LAW 9105Readings in Criminal Justice
LAW7 824LAW 9106Cultural Property
LAW7 825LAW 9107 Expertise, Science, and the Law of Evidence
LAW7 826LAW 9108Urban Law and Policy
LAW7 827 LAW 9109China(s) and the United States
LAW7 828LAW 9110Education Law and Policy
LAW7 829LAW 9111Sexuality and the Law
LAW7 833LAW 9112Trials of the Century: Literary & Legal Representations of Great Criminal Truth
LAW7 836LAW 9113Public Health Law and Chronic Disease
LAW7 839LAW 9114Law of War
LAW7 841LAW 9115Law in Society
LAW7 842LAW 9116Behavioral Economic Analysis of Law
LAW7 843LAW 9117 Colloquium: Marriage in Law, Culture, and the Imagination
LAW7 844LAW 9118Sex, Drugs, and Lies: Regulation and Representation
LAW7 845LAW 9119Social Security Reform
LAW7 847 LAW 9120Intelligence Law Reform
LAW7 849LAW 9121Supreme Court and Criminal Law
LAW7 850LAW 9122Labor Racketeering
LAW7 852LAW 9124World War Two
LAW7 853LAW 9125Rescue, Charity, and Justice
LAW7 854LAW 9126Human Rights Advocacy
LAW7 855LAW 9127 Current Issues in Corporate Law and Governance
LAW7 856LAW 9007 An American Half-Century
LAW7 860LAW 9009Cybercrime
LAW7 861LAW 9010Police Misconduct
LAW7 863LAW 9011Legal Careers and Life Satisfaction
LAW7 864LAW 9012Federalism: History and Theory
LAW7 867 LAW 9014Federalism
LAW7 868LAW 9015Franchise Law
LAW7 870LAW 9017 Current Issues in Patent Law
LAW7 872LAW 7039Health Care Reform


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LAW8 690LAW 9999Non-Topical Research, Doctoral


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LING 101ESL 901ESL-Academic Writing I
LING 102ESL 902Advanced Writing II - ESL
LING 103ESL 903Academic Writing for Advanced Graduate Students
LING 105ESL 905American Pronunciation
LING 106ESL 906American English Conversation
LING 107ESL 907Oral Academic Communication I
LING 108ESL 908Oral Academic Communication II
LING 108S ESL 915Special Topics: English for Academic Purposes (EAP)
LING 109ESL 909Oral Academic Communication III
LING 110ESL 910Accent Modification
LING 111ESL 911Classroom Communication I
LING 112ESL 912Classroom Communication for Graduate Teaching Assistants II
LING 113ESL 913Academic Communications Seminar for Researchers- Oral Skills
LING 114ESL 914Academic Communication Seminar for Researchers- Writing Skills
LING 496LING 4993Independent Study in Linguistics
LING 497LING 4995Supervised Research in Linguistics
LING 498LING 4998Distinguished Major Thesis
LING 499LING 4999Distinguished Major Thesis
LING 501LING 5010Synchronic Linguistics
LING 502LING 5020Introduction to Comparative and Historical Linguistics
LING 505LING 5050Phonology and Morphology
LING 506LING 5060Syntax and Semantics
LING 507LING 5070Syntactic Theory
LING 509LING 5090Teaching English as a Second Language
LING 510LING 5100Teaching Practicum - ESL
LING 525LING 5250Romance Linguistics
LING 526LING 5260Romance Linguistics
LING 545LING 5450Language Learning and Teaching
LING 591LING 5910Grammatical Concepts in Foreign Language Learning
LING 601LING 6010Between Two Cultures, Between Two Languages
LING 897LING 8998Non-Topical Research
LING 898LING 8999Non-Topical Research
LING 901LING 9010Directed Research
LING 902LING 9020Directed Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
LNGS 200LNGS 2000Grammatical Concepts in Foreign Language Learning
LNGS 222LNGS 2220Black English
LNGS 224LNGS 2240Southern American English
LNGS 325LNGS 3250Introduction to Linguistic Theory and Analysis
LNGS 326LNGS 3260Introduction to Comparative-Historical Linguistics
LNGS 495LNGS 4993Independent Study in General Linguistics
LNGS 506LNGS 5060Syntax and Semantics
LNGS 701LNGS 7010Linguistic Theory and Analysis
LNGS 702LNGS 7020Historical and Comparative Linguistics


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MAE 200MAE 2000Introduction to Mechanical Engineering
MAE 200LMAE 2001Mechanics Familiarity Laboratory
MAE 201MAE 2010Introduction to Aerospace Engineering
MAE 209MAE 2090Applied Probability and Statistics
MAE 210MAE 2100Thermodynamics
MAE 210LMAE 2101Thermo/Fluids Familiarity Laboratory
MAE 230MAE 2300Statics
MAE 231MAE 2310Strength of Materials
MAE 232MAE 2320Dynamics
MAE 301MAE 3010Astronautics
MAE 312MAE 3120Thermal Systems Analysis
MAE 314MAE 3140Elements of Heat and Mass Transfer
MAE 321MAE 3210Fluid Mechanics
MAE 322MAE 3220Advanced Fluid Mechanics
MAE 331MAE 3310Aerospace Structures
MAE 342MAE 3420Computational Methods in Aerospace Engineering
MAE 352MAE 3610Aerospace Materials
MAE 362MAE 3620Machine Elements and Fatigue in Design
MAE 371MAE 3710Mechanical Systems Modeling
MAE 373MAE 3730Flight Vehicle Dynamics
MAE 381MAE 3810Experimental Methods Laboratory
MAE 382MAE 3820Aerodynamics Laboratory
MAE 384MAE 3840Mechanical Engineering Laboratory
MAE 412MAE 4120Air Breathing Propulsion
MAE 413MAE 4130Rocket Propulsion
MAE 428MAE 4280Motion Biomechanics
MAE 452MAE 4605Manufacturing and Process Technology
MAE 461MAE 4610Machine Design I
MAE 462MAE 4620Machine Design II
MAE 463MAE 4630Energy Systems Design I
MAE 464MAE 4640Energy Systems Design II
MAE 465MAE 4650Aerospace Design I
MAE 466MAE 4660Aerospace Design II
MAE 467MAE 4670Creativity and New Product Development I
MAE 468MAE 4680Creativity and New Product Development II
MAE 471MAE 4710Mechatronics
MAE 473MAE 4730Introduction to Automatic Controls
MAE 474MAE 4740Mechanical Vibrations
MAE 476MAE 4760Automobile Dynamics
MAE 491MAE 4501Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
MAE 492MAE 4502Special Topics in Mechanical Engineering
MAE 493MAE 4503Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering
MAE 494MAE 4504Special Topics in Aerospace Engineering
MAE 495MAE 4511Mechanical Engineering Special Project
MAE 496MAE 4512Mechanical Engineering Special Project
MAE 497MAE 4513Aerospace Engineering Special Projects
MAE 498MAE 4514Aerospace Engineering Special Projects
MAE 499MAE 4990Professional Development in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 602MAE 6020Continuum Mechanics with Applications
MAE 603MAE 6030Computational Solid Mechanics
MAE 604MAE 6040Plates and Shells
MAE 607MAE 6070Theory of Elasticity
MAE 608MAE 6080Constitutive Modeling of Biosystems
MAE 610MAE 6100Thermomechanics
MAE 611MAE 6110Heat and Mass Transport Phenomena
MAE 612MAE 6120Microscale Heat Transfer
MAE 613MAE 6130Kinetic Theory and Transport Properties
MAE 616MAE 6160Advanced Thermodynamics
MAE 620MAE 6200Energy Principles in Mechanics
MAE 621MAE 6210Analytical Dynamics
MAE 622MAE 6220Waves
MAE 623MAE 6230Vibrations
MAE 624MAE 6240Nonlinear Dynamics and Waves
MAE 625MAE 6250Multibody Mechanical Systems
MAE 631MAE 6310Fluid Mechanics I
MAE 632MAE 6320Fluid Mechanics II
MAE 633MAE 6330Lubrication Theory and Design
MAE 634MAE 6340Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems
MAE 636MAE 6360Gas Dynamics
MAE 637MAE 6370Singular Perturbation Theory
MAE 641MAE 6410Engineering Mathematics I
MAE 642MAE 6420Engineering Mathematics II
MAE 643MAE 6430Statistics for Engineers and Scientists
MAE 644MAE 6440Applied Partial Differential Equations
MAE 651MAE 6610Linear Automatic Control Systems
MAE 652MAE 6620Linear State Space Systems
MAE 668MAE 6680Advanced Machine Technologies
MAE 671MAE 6710Finite Element Analysis
MAE 672MAE 6720Computational Fluid Dynamics I
MAE 685MAE 6850Measurement Theory and Advanced Instrumentation
MAE 687MAE 6870Applied Engineering Optics
MAE 692MAE 6592Special Topics in Mechanical and Aerospace Science: Intermediate Level
MAE 693MAE 6993Independent Study in Mechanical or Aerospace Science: Intermediate Level
MAE 694MAE 6594Special Graduate Project in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering: First-Year Level
MAE 703MAE 7030Injury Biomechanics
MAE 715MAE 7150Combustion
MAE 753MAE 7630Optimal Dynamical Systems
MAE 755MAE 7650Multivariable Control
MAE 756MAE 7660Nonlinear Control Systems
MAE 758MAE 7680Digital Control Systems
MAE 772MAE 7720Computational Fluid Dynamics II
MAE 791MAE 7510Research Seminar, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Master's Students
MAE 792MAE 7520Special Topics in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering Science: Advanced Level
MAE 793MAE 7530Independent Study in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering Science: Advanced Level
MAE 794MAE 7540Special Graduate Project in Mechanical or Aerospace Engineering: Advanced Level
MAE 897MAE 8897Graduate Teaching Instruction
MAE 898MAE 8999Master's Thesis Research, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
MAE 991MAE 8591Research Seminar, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering: Doctoral Students
MAE 997MAE 9897Graduate Teaching Instruction
MAE 999MAE 9999Dissertation Research, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MATH 103MATH 1030Precalculus
MATH 111MATH 1110Probability/Finite Mathematics
MATH 114MATH 1140Financial Mathematics
MATH 115MATH 1150The Shape of Space
MATH 116MATH 1160Algebra, Number Systems, and Number Theory
MATH 121MATH 1210Applied Calculus I
MATH 121A MATH 1212Applied Calculus I with Algebra
MATH 122MATH 1220Applied Calculus II
MATH 131MATH 1310Calculus I
MATH 132MATH 1320Calculus II
MATH 133MATH 1330Calculus Workshop I
MATH 134MATH 1340Calculus Workshop II
MATH 231MATH 2310Calculus III
MATH 310MATH 3100Introduction to Probability
MATH 312MATH 3120Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
MATH 325MATH 3250Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 325P MATH 3255Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 331MATH 3310Basic Real Analysis
MATH 334MATH 3340Complex Variables with Applications
MATH 351MATH 3351Elementary Linear Algebra
MATH 354MATH 3354Survey of Algebra
MATH 404MATH 4040Discrete Mathematics
MATH 408MATH 4080Operations Research
MATH 430MATH 4300Elementary Numerical Analysis
MATH 452MATH 4452Algebraic Coding Theory
MATH 475MATH 4750Introduction to Knot Theory
MATH 493MATH 4993Independent Study
MATH 495MATH 4595Undergraduate Research Seminar
MATH 501MATH 5010The History of the Calculus
MATH 503MATH 5030The History of Mathematics
MATH 509MATH 5090Mathematical Probability
MATH 510MATH 5100Probability
MATH 511MATH 5110Introduction to Stochastic Processes
MATH 514MATH 5140Mathematics of Derivative Securities
MATH 521MATH 5210Advanced Calculus with Applied Mathematics
MATH 522MATH 5220Partial Differential Equations and Applied Mathematics
MATH 525MATH 5250Advanced Ordinary Differential Equations
MATH 531MATH 5310Introduction to Real Analysis
MATH 533MATH 5330Advanced Multivariate Calculus
MATH 534MATH 5340Complex Variables with Applications
MATH 551MATH 5651Advanced Linear Algebra
MATH 552MATH 5652Introduction to Abstract Algebra
MATH 553MATH 5653Number Theory
MATH 554MATH 5654Survey of Algebra
MATH 570MATH 5700Introduction to Geometry
MATH 572MATH 5720Introduction to Differential Geometry
MATH 577MATH 5770General Topology
MATH 583MATH 5830Seminar
MATH 596MATH 5896Supervised Study in Mathematics
MATH 604BMATH 6040Discrete Mathematics: Concepts, Algorithms, and Applications for Teachers
MATH 611MATH 6110Probability/Finite Mathematics
MATH 612MATH 6120Measurement and Data Analysis
MATH 621MATH 6210Calculus Excursions
MATH 651MATH 6451Linear Algebra
MATH 651A MATH 6401Algebraic Thinking for K-8 Teachers
MATH 651BMATH 6402Algebra, Number Systems, and Number Theory for Teachers
MATH 652MATH 6452Functions and Algebra
MATH 653MATH 6453Number Systems and Number Theory for K-8 Mathematics Specialists
MATH 654MATH 6454Rational Numbers and Proportional Reasoning
MATH 655MATH 6455HQT Numbers and Operations
MATH 656MATH 6456HQT Algebra and Functions
MATH 657MATH 6457HQT Measurement and Geometry
MATH 658MATH 6458HQT Data Analysis Probability and Statistics
MATH 659MATH 6459HQT Fractions, Decimals, Perce
MATH 660MATH 6600Algebra for Middle School Specialists
MATH 662MATH 6620AAO Elem Algebra and Functions
MATH 663MATH 6630AAO Introductory College Algebra and Trigonometry
MATH 664MATH 6640AAO Linear Algebra
MATH 665MATH 6650AAO Calculus With Applications
MATH 666MATH 6660Euclidean Geometry
MATH 670MATH 6700Geometry and Measurement for K-8 Math Specialists
MATH 671MATH 6710Geometry for Teachers Leadership Institute
MATH 672MATH 6720MM Number Systems for Middle School Teachers
MATH 673MATH 6730MM Fractions, Decimals, and Percents for Middle School Teachers
MATH 674MATH 6740MM Patterns, Relations, and Algebraic Concepts for Middle School Teachers
MATH 675MATH 6750MM Geometric Concepts and Measurement for Middle School Teachers
MATH 676MATH 6760MM Data Analysis, Probability, and Statistics for Middle School Teachers
MATH 677MATH 6770Mathematical Applications Through Problem Solving and Lesson Study for Middle School Teachers
MATH 680MATH 6800Teaching Mathematics to Diverse Populations
MATH 700MATH 7000Seminar on College Teaching
MATH 701MATH 7010Seminar on Research in Mathematics
MATH 725MATH 7250Ordinary Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems
MATH 731MATH 7310Real Analysis and Linear Spaces I
MATH 732MATH 7320Real Analysis and Linear Spaces II
MATH 734MATH 7340Complex Analysis I
MATH 735MATH 7350Complex Analysis II
MATH 736MATH 7360Probability Theory I
MATH 741MATH 7410Functional Analysis I
MATH 742MATH 7420Functional Analysis II
MATH 745MATH 7450Introduction to Mathematical Physics
MATH 751MATH 7751Algebra I
MATH 752MATH 7752Algebra II
MATH 753MATH 7753Algebra III
MATH 754MATH 7754Algebra IV
MATH 760MATH 7600Homological Algebra
MATH 780MATH 7800Algebraic Topology I
MATH 781MATH 7810Algebraic Topology II
MATH 782MATH 7820Differential Topology
MATH 783MATH 7830Fiber Bundles
MATH 784MATH 7840Homotopy Theory
MATH 825MATH 8250Partial Differential Equations
MATH 830MATH 8300Topics in Function Theory
MATH 831MATH 8310Operator Theory I, II
MATH 832MATH 8320Operator Theory I, II
MATH 836MATH 8360Stochastic Calculus and Differential Equations
MATH 837MATH 8370Topics in Probability Theory
MATH 840MATH 8400Harmonic Analysis
MATH 845MATH 8450Topics in Mathematical Physics
MATH 851MATH 8851Group Theory
MATH 852MATH 8852Representation Theory
MATH 853MATH 8853Algebraic Combinatorics
MATH 854MATH 8854Arithmetic Groups
MATH 855MATH 8855Theory of Algebras
MATH 860MATH 8600Commutative Algebra
MATH 862MATH 8620Algebraic Geometry
MATH 865MATH 8650Algebraic K-Theory
MATH 870MATH 8700Lie Groups
MATH 871MATH 8710Lie Algebras
MATH 872MATH 8720Differential Geometry
MATH 875MATH 8750Topology of Manifolds
MATH 880MATH 8800Generalized Cohomology Theory
MATH 883MATH 8830Cobordism and K-Theory
MATH 885MATH 8850Topics in Algebraic Topology
MATH 888MATH 8880Transformation Groups
MATH 896MATH 8995Thesis
MATH 897MATH 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
MATH 898MATH 8999Non-Topical Research
MATH 925MATH 9250Differential Equations and Dynamical Systems Seminar
MATH 931MATH 9310Operator Theory Seminar
MATH 936MATH 9360Probability Seminar
MATH 941MATH 9410Analysis Seminar
MATH 945MATH 9450Mathematical Physics Seminar
MATH 950MATH 9950Algebra Seminar
MATH 952MATH 9952Coding Theory Seminar
MATH 980MATH 9800Topology Seminar
MATH 996MATH 9995Independent Research
MATH 997MATH 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
MATH 999MATH 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MDST 110MDST 2010Introduction to Digital Media
MDST 130MDST 1300Intro To Global Media
MDST 201MDST 2000Introduction to Media Studies
MDST 285MDST 2100Media, Culture and Society
MDST 301MDST 3000Theory and Criticism of Media
MDST 311MDST 3702Computers and Languages
MDST 315MDST 3205New Media
MDST 331MDST 3600Women and Television
MDST 332MDST 3404Democratic Politics in the New Media Environment
MDST 333MDST 3206Documentary Film
MDST 341MDST 3410Media Ethics
MDST 350MDST 3050History of Media
MDST 355MDST 3500Topics in the History of Media
MDST 358MDST 3402War and the Media
MDST 361MDST 3100Film and Television in the 1960s
MDST 362MDST 4801Introduction to Documentary Production
MDST 368MDST 3104News and the Construction Of Reality
MDST 381MDST 3800Guided Independent Study in Media Studies
MDST 401MDST 4000Fourth-year seminar in Media Studies
MDST 411MDST 4700Theory of New Media
MDST 412MDST 4702Cyberculture
MDST 420MDST 4300Global Media
MDST 443MDST 4103Representing Violence
MDST 460MDST 4104History of U S Broadcasting
MDST 462MDST 4802Video Production
MDST 496MDST 4960Advanced Independent Projects in Media Studies
MDST 497MDST 4970Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing or Research Project
MDST 498MDST 4980Distinguished Majors Thesis Writing or Research Project


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MED 601MED 6601Cell and Tissue Structure
MED 602MED 6602Gross Anatomy
MED 605MED 6605Medical and Molecular Genetics
MED 606MED 6606Biochemistry
MED 608MED 6608Neuroscience
MED 610MED 6610Physiology
MED 613MED 6513Exploratory I
MED 615MED 6615Practice of Medicine I
MED 616MED 6616Introduction to Human Behavior
MED 618MED 7618Medical Microbiology
MED 620MED 7620Introduction to Psychiatric Medicine
MED 622MED 7622Pathology
MED 623MED 7530Exploratory II
MED 625MED 7625Practice of Medicine II
MED 630MED 7630Pharmacology
MED 632MED 7632Epidemiology
MED 642MED 8642Medicine
MED 646MED 8646Obstetrics and Gynecology
MED 648MED 8648Pediatrics
MED 650MED 8650Surgery
MED 652MED 8652Psychiatry
MED 656MED 8656Family Medicine
MED 660MED 8660Clinical Connections
MED 665MED 9665Selectives Program
MED 670MED 9670Electives Program
MED 671MED 8671Clinical Electives
MED 672MED 8672Neurology
MED 673MED 8673Clinical Medicine
MED 675MED 8675Summer Research
MED 676MED 8676Summer Family Practice
MED 677MED 8677Introduction to Generalist Medicine
MED 679MED 8679Basic Science
MED 698MED 8698Research
MED 699MED 8699Special Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MESA 100MESA 1000From Genghis Khan to Stalin: Invasions and Empires of Central Asia
MESA 201MESA 2010Literatures of South Asia and the Middle East
MESA 301MESA 3010Men and Women of South Asia and the Middle East
MESA 365MESA 3650Introduction to Linguistic Typology
MESA 493MESA 4993Independent Study
MESA 496MESA 4991Four-Year Major Seminar
MESA 497MESA 4998South Asian and Middle Eastern Studies Senior Thesis
MESA 801MESA 8995Independent Research: Topics in South Asian and Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures
MESA 802MESA 8993Independent Study II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MEST 110MEST 1100Introduction to the Middle East
MEST 247MEST 2470Reflections of Exile: Jewish Languages and their Communities
MEST 311MEST 3110Women and Middle-Eastern Literatures
MEST 347MEST 3470Language and Culture in the Middle East
MEST 496MEST 4991Middle East Studies Seminar
MEST 511MEST 5110Women and Middle-Eastern Literatures


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MICR 803MICR 8200Fundamental Immunology
MICR 808MICR 8013Molecular Genetics of Prokaryotes
MICR 810MICR 8020Microbial Pathogenesis
MICR 811MICR 8010Gene Structure, Expression and Regulation
MICR 815MICR 8040Molecular Basis of Carcinogenesis
MICR 820MICR 8203Current Topics in Immunology
MICR 821MICR 8204Current Topics in Immunology
MICR 838MICR 8380Practical Use of Statistics in Biomedical Research
MICR 881MICR 8005Continuing Colloquium in Microbiology
MICR 882MICR 8006Continuing Colloquium in Microbiology
MICR 891MICR 8000Seminars in Microbiology
MICR 892MICR 8001Seminars in Microbiology
MICR 997MICR 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
MICR 999MICR 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MISC 001MISC 1015Introduction to Applied Military Leadership
MISC 002MISC 1025Introduction to Applied Military Leadership
MISC 003MISC 2015Intermediate Applied Military Leadership
MISC 004MISC 2025Intermediate Applied Military Leadership
MISC 005MISC 3015Advanced Applied Military Leadership
MISC 006MISC 3025Advanced Applied Military Leadership
MISC 007MISC 4015Advanced Applied Military Leadership
MISC 008MISC 4025Advanced Applied Military Leadership
MISC 101MISC 1010Fundamental Concepts
MISC 102MISC 1020Basic Leadership
MISC 201MISC 2010Advanced Leadership
MISC 202MISC 2020Tactics and Officership
MISC 301MISC 3010Small Unit Leadership
MISC 302MISC 3020Small Unit Operations
MISC 401MISC 4010Leadership, Management, and Ethics
MISC 402MISC 4020Transition to Lieutenant
MISC 498MISC 4993Independent Study in Military History


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MSE 201MSE 2010Materials That Shape Our Civilization
MSE 209MSE 2090Introduction to the Science and Engineering of Materials
MSE 301MSE 3080Corrosion, Batteries and Fuel Cells
MSE 301LMSE 3081Corrosion, Batteries, and Fuel Cells Laboratory
MSE 305MSE 3050Thermodynamics and Kinetics of Materials
MSE 306MSE 3060Structures and Defects of Materials
MSE 310MSE 3101Materials Science Investigations
MSE 367MSE 3670Materials for Electronic, Magnetic and Optical Applications
MSE 432MSE 4320Origins of Mechanical Behavior
MSE 452MSE 4960Special Project in Materials Science and Engineering
MSE 455MSE 4055Nanoscale Science & Technology
MSE 492MSE 4592Special Topics in Materials Science
MSE 524MSE 6270Introduction to Atomistic Simulations
MSE 567MSE 6670Electronic, Optical, and Magnetic Properties of Materials
MSE 601MSE 6010Electronic and Crystal Structure of Materials
MSE 602MSE 6020Defects and Microstructure in Materials
MSE 604MSE 6160Scanning Electron Microscopy and Related Techniques
MSE 605MSE 6050Structure and Properties of Materials I
MSE 606MSE 6060Structure and Properties of Materials II
MSE 608MSE 6080Chemical and Electrochemical Properties
MSE 610MSE 6310Nanomaterials
MSE 614MSE 6140Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
MSE 623MSE 6230Thermodynamics and Phase Equilibria of Materials
MSE 624MSE 6240Kinetics of Transport and Transformations in Materials
MSE 632MSE 6320Deformation and Fracture of Structural Materials
MSE 635MSE 6350Physical Metallurgy of Light Alloys
MSE 647MSE 6340Physical Metallurgy of Transition-Element Alloys
MSE 667MSE 6167Semiconductor Materials and Devices
MSE 692MSE 6592Topics in Material Science
MSE 694MSE 6120Characterization of Materials
MSE 695MSE 6995Supervised Project Research
MSE 702MSE 7820Materials Science Seminar
MSE 703MSE 6130Transmission Electron Microscopy
MSE 706MSE 7130Advanced Electron Microscopy
MSE 712MSE 7240Diffusional Processes in Materials
MSE 714MSE 7140Physics of Materials
MSE 722MSE 7220Surface Science
MSE 731MSE 7310Mechanical Behavior of Materials
MSE 732MSE 7320Deformation and Fracture of Materials
MSE 734MSE 7340Phase Transformations
MSE 741MSE 7020Crystal Defect Theory
MSE 757MSE 7570Materials Processing
MSE 771MSE 7080Advanced Electrochemistry
MSE 792MSE 7592Advanced Topics in Materials Science
MSE 793MSE 7993Independent Study
MSE 795MSE 7995Supervised Project Research
MSE 897MSE 8970Graduate Teaching Instruction-M.S.
MSE 898MSE 8999Masters Degree Research
MSE 997MSE 9970Graduate Teaching Instruction-Ph.D.
MSE 999MSE 9999PHD Dissertation Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MSP 308MSP 3801Colloquium in Medieval Studies
MSP 480MSP 4801Seminar in Medieval Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MUBD 261MUBD 2610Marching Band I
MUBD 262MUBD 2620Marching Band II
MUBD 263MUBD 2630Marching Band III
MUBD 264MUBD 2640Marching Band IV


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MUEN 250MUEN 2600Concert Band
MUEN 360MUEN 3600Jazz Ensemble
MUEN 361MUEN 3610Orchestra
MUEN 362MUEN 3620Wind Ensemble
MUEN 363MUEN 3630Chamber Ensemble
MUEN 364MUEN 3651Coro Virginia
MUEN 365MUEN 3650University Singers
MUEN 366MUEN 3655Opera Workshop
MUEN 367MUEN 3670Early Music Ensemble
MUEN 368MUEN 3680New Music Ensemble
MUEN 369MUEN 3690African Drumming and Dance Ensemble


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MUPF 251MUPF 2110Performance (Voice)
MUPF 252MUPF 2120Performance (Piano)
MUPF 253MUPF 2130Performance (Organ, Harpsichord)
MUPF 254MUPF 2140Performance (Strings)
MUPF 255MUPF 2150Performance (Woodwinds)
MUPF 256MUPF 2160Performance (Brass)
MUPF 257MUPF 2170Performance (Percussion)
MUPF 258MUPF 2180Performance (Harp, Guitar)
MUPF 351MUPF 3110Advanced Performance (Voice)
MUPF 352MUPF 3120Advanced Performance (Piano)
MUPF 353MUPF 3130Advanced Performance (Organ, Harpsichord)
MUPF 354MUPF 3140Advanced Performance (Strings)
MUPF 355MUPF 3150Advanced Performance (Woodwinds)
MUPF 356MUPF 3160Advanced Performance (Brass)
MUPF 357MUPF 3170Advanced Performance (Percussion)
MUPF 358MUPF 3180Advanced Performance (Harp, Guitar)
MUPF 359MUPF 3190Supervised Advanced Performance
MUPF 493MUPF 4930Honors Performance
MUPF 494MUPF 4940Honors Performance


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
MUSI 101MUSI 1010Introduction to Music
MUSI 131MUSI 1310Basic Musical Skills
MUSI 193MUSI 1993Independent Study
MUSI 202MUSI 2020Opera
MUSI 204MUSI 2040Symphonic Masterworks
MUSI 205MUSI 2050American Musical Mavericks
MUSI 207MUSI 2070Popular Musics
MUSI 208MUSI 2080American Music
MUSI 210MUSI 2100Film Music
MUSI 211MUSI 2110Music in Everyday Life
MUSI 212MUSI 2120History of Jazz Music
MUSI 221MUSI 2210Composers
MUSI 222MUSI 2220Composers
MUSI 230A MUSI 2302Keyboard Skills (Beginning)
MUSI 230BMUSI 2304Keyboard Skills (Intermediate)
MUSI 230CMUSI 2306Fretboard Harmony
MUSI 235MUSI 2350Technosonics: Digital Music and Sound Art Composition
MUSI 260MUSI 2600Jazz Improvisation
MUSI 293MUSI 2993Independent Study
MUSI 300MUSI 3000Studies in Pre-Modern Music (to 1500)
MUSI 301MUSI 3010Studies in Early Modern Music (1500-1700)
MUSI 302MUSI 3020Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Music
MUSI 303MUSI 3030Studies in Nineteenth-Century Music
MUSI 305MUSI 3050Music in the Twentieth Century
MUSI 307MUSI 3070Introduction to Musical Ethnography
MUSI 308MUSI 3080American Music
MUSI 309MUSI 3090Performance in Africa
MUSI 312MUSI 3120Jazz Studies
MUSI 331MUSI 3310Theory I
MUSI 332MUSI 3320Theory II
MUSI 333A MUSI 3332Musicianship I
MUSI 333BMUSI 3334Musicianship II
MUSI 333CMUSI 3336Musicianship III
MUSI 336MUSI 3360Tonal Composition
MUSI 338MUSI 3380Introduction to Post-Tonal Composition
MUSI 339MUSI 3390Introduction to Music and Computers
MUSI 393MUSI 3993Independent Study
MUSI 405MUSI 4505Vocal Music
MUSI 406MUSI 4506Instrumental Music
MUSI 407MUSI 4507Composers
MUSI 408MUSI 4508Topics in American Music
MUSI 409MUSI 4509Cultural and Historical Studies of Music
MUSI 410MUSI 4510Cultural and Historical Studies of Music
MUSI 412MUSI 4512Studies in Jazz Literature
MUSI 419MUSI 4519Critical Studies of Music
MUSI 420MUSI 4520Critical Studies of Music
MUSI 423MUSI 4523Issues in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 424MUSI 4524Field Research and Ethnography of Performance
MUSI 425MUSI 4525Topics in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 426MUSI 4526Topics in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 431MUSI 4331Theory III
MUSI 432MUSI 4532Musical Analysis
MUSI 433MUSI 4533Advanced Musicianship
MUSI 434MUSI 4534Tonal Counterpoint
MUSI 435MUSI 4535Interactive Media
MUSI 440MUSI 4540Computer Sound Generation and Spatial Processing
MUSI 443MUSI 4543Sound Studio
MUSI 445MUSI 4545Computer Applications in Music
MUSI 447MUSI 4547Materials of Contemporary Music
MUSI 471MUSI 4571Instrumental Conducting I
MUSI 472MUSI 4572Instrumental Conducting II
MUSI 474MUSI 4574Music in Performance
MUSI 475MUSI 4575Choral Conducting I
MUSI 476MUSI 4576Choral Conducting II
MUSI 481MUSI 4581Composition
MUSI 482MUSI 4582Composition
MUSI 493MUSI 4993Independent Study
MUSI 533MUSI 5330Modal Counterpoint
MUSI 534MUSI 5340Tonal Counterpoint
MUSI 538MUSI 5380Canon and Fugue
MUSI 541MUSI 5410Conducting I
MUSI 542MUSI 5420Conducting II
MUSI 581MUSI 5810Composition
MUSI 582MUSI 5820Composition
MUSI 593MUSI 5993Independent Study
MUSI 700MUSI 7500Studies in Pre-Modern Music to 1500
MUSI 701MUSI 7501Studies in Early Modern Music 1500 - 1750
MUSI 702MUSI 7502Studies in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Music
MUSI 703MUSI 7503Studies in Nineteenth-Century Music
MUSI 704MUSI 7504Topics in Twentieth Century Music
MUSI 705MUSI 7505Vocal Music
MUSI 706MUSI 7506Instrumental Music
MUSI 707MUSI 7507Composers
MUSI 708MUSI 7508American Music
MUSI 709MUSI 7509Cultural and Historical Studies of Music
MUSI 710MUSI 7510Cultural and Historical Studies of Music
MUSI 711MUSI 7511Introduction to Research in Music
MUSI 712MUSI 7512Studies in Jazz Literature
MUSI 719MUSI 7519Current Studies in Research and Criticism
MUSI 720MUSI 7520Current Studies in Research and Criticism
MUSI 723MUSI 7523Issues in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 724MUSI 7524Field Research and Ethnography of Performance
MUSI 725MUSI 7525Topics in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 726MUSI 7526Topics in Ethnomusicology
MUSI 732MUSI 7532Musical Analysis
MUSI 735MUSI 7535Interactive Media
MUSI 740MUSI 7540Computer Sound Generation and Spatial Processing
MUSI 743MUSI 7543Sound Studio
MUSI 745MUSI 7545Computer Applications in Music
MUSI 747MUSI 7547Materials of Contemporary Music
MUSI 771MUSI 7571Instrumental Conducting I, II
MUSI 772MUSI 7572Instrumental Conducting I, II
MUSI 774MUSI 7574Music in Performance
MUSI 775MUSI 7575Choral Conducting I, II
MUSI 776MUSI 7576Choral Conducting I, II
MUSI 781MUSI 7581Composition
MUSI 783MUSI 7583Proseminar in Computer Music Composition
MUSI 784MUSI 7584Proseminar in Computer Music Composition
MUSI 805MUSI 8050Advanced Studies in Music
MUSI 806MUSI 8060Advanced Studies in Music
MUSI 871MUSI 8710Advanced Instrumental Conducting I
MUSI 872MUSI 8720Advanced Instrumental Conducting II
MUSI 881MUSI 8810Advanced Composition
MUSI 882MUSI 8820Advanced Composition
MUSI 883MUSI 8830Advanced Computer Music Composition
MUSI 884MUSI 8840Advanced Computer Music Composition
MUSI 891MUSI 8910Supervised Research
MUSI 892MUSI 8920Supervised Research
MUSI 893MUSI 8993Independent Study
MUSI 896MUSI 8960Thesis
MUSI 897MUSI 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
MUSI 898MUSI 8999Non-Topical Research
MUSI 901MUSI 9010Directed Readings
MUSI 902MUSI 9020Directed Readings
MUSI 991MUSI 9910Supervised Research
MUSI 992MUSI 9920Supervised Research
MUSI 993MUSI 9930Independent Research
MUSI 994MUSI 9940Independent Research
MUSI 997MUSI 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
MUSI 999MUSI 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NASC 101NASC 100Introduction to Naval Science
NASC 102NASC 3100Naval Ships Systems I
NASC 201NASC 3200Naval Ship Systems II
NASC 202NASC 1100Seapower and Maritime Affairs
NASC 301NASC 2200Navigation
NASC 302NASC 4100Naval Operations and Seamanship
NASC 311NASC 2210Navigation Laboratory
NASC 351NASC 3610Evolution of Warfare
NASC 352NASC 3620Expeditionary Operations
NASC 400NASC 4000Leadership Laboratory
NASC 401NASC 2100Leadership I
NASC 402NASC 4200Leadership II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCAR 004NCAR 100The Home Landscape
NCAR 007NCAR 101Trees of Central Virginia
NCAR 009NCAR 102Perennial Gardening
NCAR 010NCAR 103Italian Villas and Gardens
NCAR 013NCAR 104Historic Preservation: A Primer
NCAR 015NCAR 105Medicinal Herbs
NCAR 017NCAR 106The Kitchen Garden
NCAR 018NCAR 107The Mixed Border
NCAR 039NCAR 108Landscape Design
NCAR 043NCAR 109Historic Virginia Buildings: 1607-1830
NCAR 048NCAR 110Historic Virginia Buildings: 1830-1939


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCBM 001A NCBM 100Fundamentals of Management and Supervision
NCBM 001BNCBM 101Building and Leading High Performance Teams
NCBM 001CNCBM 102Leading and Managing Change
NCBM 001DNCBM 103Managing Business Performance Using Financial Tools
NCBM 001ENCBM 104Fundamentals of Quality Management
NCBM 001FNCBM 105Excellence in Management
NCBM 001G NCBM 106Conflict Management
NCBM 002NCBM 107Introduction to Public Relations
NCBM 003NCBM 108Writing for Public Relations
NCBM 004NCBM 109Media Relations
NCBM 005NCBM 110Public Relations, Ethics and the Law
NCBM 006NCBM 111Strategic Planning and Public Relations Campaigns
NCBM 007NCBM 112Crisis Communications
NCBM 009NCBM 113Powerful Presentations
NCBM 009A NCBM 114Fearless Speaking
NCBM 011T NCBM 115Image Management
NCBM 012NCBM 116Financial/Investor Relations
NCBM 014NCBM 117Integrating Public Relations and Marketing on the Net
NCBM 015NCBM 118Political Public Relations
NCBM 016NCBM 119Public Relations for Non-Profit Organizations
NCBM 018A NCBM 120Writing and Editing in the Workplace
NCBM 018BNCBM 121Business Writing Basics
NCBM 018CNCBM 220Resume Writing Training
NCBM 019NCBM 122Advanced Public Relations Writing
NCBM 020NCBM 123Branding Through Public Relations
NCBM 026CNCBM 221Intro to Fam Hsg Mgmt, Bh-1
NCBM 026DNCBM 222Introduction to Budgets
NCBM 026ENCBM 223Financials 101
NCBM 028A NCBM 124Developing HR Policies and Procedures for your Nonprofit
NCBM 035NCBM 125First-Level Leadership
NCBM 036NCBM 126Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms
NCBM 037NCBM 127Executive Leadership Career Development
NCBM 038NCBM 128Support Services Management
NCBM 039NCBM 129International Parking Institute
NCBM 040NCBM 130Politics of National Security
NCBM 042NCBM 131Local Government Leadership Institute
NCBM 043NCBM 132Maximizing Return on Process
NCBM 048NCBM 133Work Keys 101
NCBM 049NCBM 134General Helping Skills
NCBM 052NCBM 135Job Search Skills
NCBM 053NCBM 136Enhancing Quality Customer Service
NCBM 053A NCBM 137Customer Service: The Ultimate Sales Tool
NCBM 054NCBM 138How to Write a Business Plan
NCBM 054A NCBM 139Strategic Planning: A Practical Approach for Competitive Success
NCBM 054BNCBM 140Strategic Planning for Non-Profits
NCBM 054CNCBM 224Customer Service Workshop
NCBM 055NCBM 141Training Program Design and Development
NCBM 055A NCBM 142Training of Trainers
NCBM 056NCBM 143Data Collection & Analysis for Continuous Improvement
NCBM 057NCBM 144Basics of Non-Profit Board Development
NCBM 057A NCBM 145Board Orientation: The Mechanics
NCBM 057BNCBM 146Nonprofit Boards that Excel
NCBM 057CNCBM 147Legal Aspects of the Nonprofit Organization
NCBM 058NCBM 148Marketing Plan 101
NCBM 058A NCBM 149Marketing Strategies for a Competitive Edge
NCBM 058BNCBM 225Grants Management
NCBM 060NCBM 150Multiple Award Contracts
NCBM 061NCBM 151Award Term Contracting
NCBM 062NCBM 152OMB Circular A-76
NCBM 063NCBM 153Federal Procurement E-Commerce
NCBM 064NCBM 154Performance-Based Contracting
NCBM 065NCBM 155Implementation of 803: Multiple Award Contracts
NCBM 066NCBM 156Commercial Overview of Outsourcing
NCBM 067NCBM 157Overview of Government Contracting
NCBM 068NCBM 158Performance-Based Services Acquisition S O Ws
NCBM 069NCBM 159Past Performance and Its Impact on Source Selection
NCBM 071NCBM 160Successful Grant Writing Strategies
NCBM 071A NCBM 226Mgmt Princ./Ops
NCBM 072NCBM 161Becoming a Versatile Leader
NCBM 073NCBM 162Leadership and Influence
NCBM 074NCBM 163Leading Change
NCBM 075NCBM 164Persuasively Presenting Your Ideas
NCBM 075A NCBM 227Influence Without Authority
NCBM 076NCBM 165Trail Blazing with Teams
NCBM 077NCBM 166Inspiring Creativity
NCBM 078NCBM 167Public Relations in Travel & Tourism
NCBM 079A NCBM 168Ethics in Organizations: How to Lead & Live in a Workplace You Admire
NCBM 079BNCBM 228Generations in the Workplace
NCBM 082A NCBM 229Choosing Balance and Leadership
NCBM 082BNCBM 230Intro to Organizational Behavior
NCBM 086A NCBM 231Focusing Your Energies: Effective Workflow Management
NCBM 088NCBM 169Creating Franchise Value through Public Relations
NCBM 089NCBM 170Audience Analysis and Targeting
NCBM 092NCBM 171The Annual Fund: Building the Solid Base for Fundraising
NCBM 092A NCBM 172Foundations of Fundraising
NCBM 092BNCBM 173Corporate Support for your Nonprofit Organization
NCBM 092CNCBM 174Endowment Creation and Management
NCBM 092DNCBM 232Managing People
NCBM 093NCBM 175Leading Teams
NCBM 093A NCBM 176Developing High Performance Teams
NCBM 093BNCBM 177Managing Project Teams
NCBM 093CNCBM 233Coaching for Performance
NCBM 093DNCBM 234High Performance Organizations
NCBM 094NCBM 178COTR Training
NCBM 096NCBM 179Sitting at the Table: Meeting Facilitation
NCBM 098A NCBM 180Business Process Management and the Balanced Scorecard
NCBM 098BNCBM 181Process Improvement in the Public Sector
NCBM 098CNCBM 182Enterprise Process Management: How to Optimize Cross-Functional Processes
NCBM 099A NCBM 183Situational Leadership®: A Model for Teamwork
NCBM 099BNCBM 184Starting a Non-Profit Organization in Virginia
NCBM 099CNCBM 185Fundamentals of Management
NCBM 099DNCBM 186Situational Leadership®: A Model for Coaching and Developing Employees
NCBM 099ENCBM 187Managing for High Performance
NCBM 099FNCBM 188Process Mapping and Analysis
NCBM 099G NCBM 189Project Management
NCBM 099H NCBM 190Developing Your Public Sector Balanced Scorecard
NCBM 099LNCBM 191Consulting Skills
NCBM 099M NCBM 192Controlling Project Risks and Costs
NCBM 099N NCBM 193Organizational Culture: The Key to Recruiting and Retention
NCBM 099P NCBM 194Beyond Customer Satisfaction: Creating Customer Loyalty Through Experience Engineering
NCBM 099S NCBM 195Marketing and Selling to the Federal Government
NCBM 099T NCBM 196Contract Basics
NCBM 099U NCBM 197Subcontracts Management
NCBM 099V NCBM 198Fundamentals of Accounting for Small Business
NCBM 099X NCBM 199Measuring and Improving Processes
NCBM 099Y NCBM 200Leadership Challenge
NCBM 100NCBM 201Business Process Mapping
NCBM 101NCBM 202Performance Management for the Non-Profit Staff
NCBM 101A NCBM 203Volunteer Resources Management
NCBM 102NCBM 204Evaluating a Non-Profit Executive Director
NCBM 103NCBM 205Situational Leadership®: Theory and Practice
NCBM 103NCBM 211Situational Leadership®: Theory and Practice
NCBM 103A NCBM 206Co-Leadership and Power Partnerships
NCBM 103DNCBM 236Horse Sense for Leaders
NCBM 103ENCBM 237Making the Transition to the Supervisory Role
NCBM 104NCBM 207Application of Management Fundamentals: Case Studies
NCBM 105NCBM 208Mapping and Deploying Strategy in the Public Sector
NCBM 106NCBM 209Overview of Critical Thinking
NCBM 107NCBM 210Role of Thinking: 21st Century Key Changes
NCBM 109NCBM 212Meaning and Reasoned Judgment/Shared Values
NCBM 110NCBM 213The Problem-Solving Method
NCBM 111NCBM 214Smart Thinking and Decision-Making
NCBM 112NCBM 215Financial Management for Senior Managers of Smaller Enterprises
NCBM 113NCBM 216CPA Ethics
NCBM 114NCBM 217Thinking Lean: The New Diet for Operational Effectiveness
NCBM 115NCBM 218Integrating Technology and Public Relations
NCBM 116NCBM 219Creating the Exceptional Customer Experience
NCBM 118NCBM 238Internal Communications
NCBM 118A NCBM 239Interpersonal Skills at Work
NCBM 119NCBM 240Performance Reviews that Work
NCBM 119A NCBM 241Corrective Counseling and Terminations


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCBS 002NCBS 100Nutrition For Your Whole Life
NCBS 003NCBS 101Nutrition for Eating Well Everyday
NCBS 004NCBS 102Nutrition for Women's Health and Longevity
NCBS 005NCBS 103The Power of Food: Nutrition, Policy and Local Food


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCCS 074NCCS 100Introduction to Computing


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCED 000NCED 100Administration
NCED 006NCED 101Workforce Dev Competencies I
NCED 007NCED 102Workforce Dev. Competencies II
NCED 008NCED 103Intro to Workforce Development Professional Competencies
NCED 008A NCED 104Workforce Leaders Institute
NCED 008BNCED 105Taking it to the Next Level
NCED 014NCED 106Teaching Part-Time at the College Level: Options & Opportunities
NCED 026NCED 107Learning Disabilities 101
NCED 034NCED 108Praxis II Review for Elementary Content Knowledge
NCED 035NCED 109Teaching & Testing the K-5 Sol
NCED 036NCED 110Secondary Content Academies for Special Education Teachers
NCED 037NCED 111Norfolk Teaching Project
NCED 038NCED 112Portsmouth Science Project
NCED 044NCED 113Math Review for PRAXIS I Test
NCED 045NCED 114Math Review for G R E Test
NCED 047NCED 115Math Review for PRAXIS II Test
NCED 051NCED 116Reading and Writing for the PRAXIS I/PPST
NCED 052NCED 117Book Buddies Training
NCED 053NCED 118Comm & Literacy Review Wkshp
NCED 054NCED 119Portsmouth Social Studies Project
NCED 055NCED 120Elementary Reading
NCED 056NCED 121Student Centered Elementary Mathematics
NCED 057NCED 122Reading First - Kindergarten Academy Online
NCED 058NCED 123Reading First Grade 1 Online Academy
NCED 059NCED 124Reading First Grade 2 Online Academy
NCED 060NCED 125Lenses on Learning - Administrators Leading Mathematics Learning
NCED 061NCED 126Reading First Grade 3 Online Academy
NCED 062NCED 127Reading First ELL Online Academy
NCED 067NCED 128CRISS Awareness
NCED 079NCED 129Addressing Diversity to Close the Achievement Gap in Grades 3-8
NCED 080CNCED 130Grade Nine: The Make It or Break It Year
NCED 082NCED 131The Skillful Administrator: Evaluation That Supports Teachers' Professional Growth
NCED 086NCED 132Career Switcher - Level 1
NCED 087NCED 133Career Switcher - Level 2
NCED 088NCED 134Career Switcher - Level 3
NCED 092NCED 135Explore Teaching as an Adjunct
NCED 093NCED 136Focus on the Resistant Learner
NCED 093A NCED 137Focus on Classroom Dynamics
NCED 094NCED 138Prepare to be a Distance Educator
NCED 094A NCED 139Facilitate Dynamic Online Learning
NCED 095NCED 140Heed the Art and Practice of Teaching Adults
NCED 096NCED 141Adjunct Faculty Academy
NCED 097NCED 142Integrating Student-Centered Learning into Course Design
NCED 098NCED 143Focus on the Logic of Syllabus Design
NCED 099NCED 144Move from Teaching to Consulting
NCED 100NCED 145Reading Assessment Project
NCED 101NCED 146Reading Comprehension K-2
NCED 102NCED 147Writing Your Life Story
NCED 102A NCED 148Writing Your Life Story II
NCED 103NCED 149Legal Issues in K-12 Education
NCED 103D NCED 151Financial Issues in K-12 Education
NCED 105NCED 150Classroom Management for Technical Center Students
NCED 106NCED 152Franklin Special Education Project
NCED 108NCED 153Reading Audit
NCED 109NCED 154Back to School Reading Institute


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCEL 001NCEL 100ESL: Advanced Level 1
NCEL 002NCEL 101ESL: Advanced Oral Expression
NCEL 003NCEL 102ESL: TOEFL Test Preparation Course
NCEL 004NCEL 103Esl: Multiskills English
NCEL 005NCEL 104Esl: Oral Expression


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCFA 005NCFA 100The Fundamentals of Music
NCFA 009NCFA 101Introduction to Acting
NCFA 011NCFA 102The Business of the Performing Arts
NCFA 017NCFA 103Art of the Italian Renaissance
NCFA 020NCFA 108A Brief History of Opera
NCFA 022NCFA 104Understanding the Design of Interior Spaces
NCFA 028NCFA 105Roman Art and Architecture
NCFA 032NCFA 106The Mighty Beethoven: A Tour of the Monuments and the Man Who Created Them
NCFA 035NCFA 107The Art of Watching Film
NCFA 044NCFA 109Early Christian & Byzantin Art
NCFA 045NCFA 110Intro to Romantic Revolution
NCFA 046NCFA 111Intro to Western Art
NCFA 047NCFA 112Principles of Graphic Design


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCFL 004NCFL 100Introduction to French Language
NCFL 006NCFL 101All Aboard Spain
NCFL 007NCFL 102Introduction to Japanese Language and Culture
NCFL 009NCFL 103Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture
NCFL 011NCFL 104Introduction to Brazilian Portuguese Language and Culture
NCFL 012NCFL 105Introduction to Chinese Language and Culture II
NCFL 013NCFL 106Introduction to Italian Language III
NCFL 034NCFL 107All Aboard Italy
NCFL 035NCFL 108Introduction to Italian Language II
NCFL 036NCFL 119Intro French Language II
NCFL 040NCFL 109Chinese Calligraphy
NCFL 044NCFL 110Introduction to Spanish Language
NCFL 045NCFL 111Introduction to Spanish Language II
NCFL 053NCFL 112All Aboard Germany
NCFL 054NCFL 113Introduction to German Language
NCFL 063NCFL 114Introduction to Italian Language
NCFL 065NCFL 115Italian Conversation
NCFL 073NCFL 116All Aboard France
NCFL 079NCFL 117French Conversation
NCFL 080NCFL 118Intermediate Spanish Conversation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCHP 003NCHP 100Spanish for Health Care Professionals
NCHP 019NCHP 101Rapid Treatment: the REBT Way
NCHP 029NCHP 102Rational Emot Couples Therapy
NCHP 030A NCHP 103Org Consulting for Clinicians
NCHP 030BNCHP 104Org Consult for Clinicians II
NCHP 031NCHP 105Couple Power Therapy
NCHP 032NCHP 106The Stages of Womanhood
NCHP 033NCHP 107How to Run Groups Effectively
NCHP 034NCHP 108Counseling in Diabetes Care
NCHP 035NCHP 109Ethical Decision Making


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCIS 001NCIS 100Poplar Forest Archaeological Field School


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCLA 001NCLA 100Fundamentals of Paralegal Studies


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCLE 001NCLE 100Autobiographical Writing
NCLE 003NCLE 101Introduction to Screenwriting
NCLE 004NCLE 102Short Story Writing
NCLE 005NCLE 103Writing for Children
NCLE 013NCLE 104Journeys and Memoirs About Places
NCLE 014NCLE 105Essay and Memoir
NCLE 015NCLE 106Creative Nonfiction
NCLE 016NCLE 107Introduction to Creative Writing
NCLE 017NCLE 108The Nature of the Hero and How to Create One
NCLE 018NCLE 109Fiction Writing
NCLE 021NCLE 112Writing for Awareness
NCLE 051NCLE 110Shakespeare Seminar
NCLE 056NCLE 111Fiction Writing Workshop


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCPD 006NCPD 100Career Transition:What's Next?
NCPD 007NCPD 101Fundamentals of Personal Finance
NCPD 008NCPD 102Successful Investing
NCPD 012NCPD 103Starting and Managing a Small Business
NCPD 015NCPD 104Entrepreneurship: Turning Your Idea Into a Business
NCPD 031NCPD 105Nonprofit Board Development
NCPD 032NCPD 106Fundamentals of Successful Grant Writing
NCPD 032A NCPD 107Grant Research: Locating the Best Sources for Your Funding Needs
NCPD 038NCPD 108Meeting and Event Planning
NCPD 066BNCPD 109The Art of Communication
NCPD 083A NCPD 110Goal-Setting for Success
NCPD 086NCPD 111Your Passport to Retirement
NCPD 087NCPD 112Real Estate for Paralegals
NCPD 088NCPD 113Effective Writing Strategies
NCPD 089NCPD 114Effective Writing for the Web
NCPD 090NCPD 115Effective Business Writing
NCPD 091NCPD 116Commercial Real Estate in Hampton Roads


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCPH 002NCPH 100Intro to Stars and Galaxies
NCPH 003NCPH 101Introduction to the Sky and Solar System
NCPH 004NCPH 102Geology, Virginia, and the Civil War


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCPR 001NCPR 100Fundamentals of Engineering Review
NCPR 002NCPR 101Civil Engineering Review
NCPR 003NCPR 102Electrical Engineering Review
NCPR 004NCPR 103Mechanical Engineering Review


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCSS 003NCSS 100Thomas Jefferson: The Man and The Myth
NCSS 005NCSS 101Roanoke Valley History
NCSS 007NCSS 102Virginia Architecture Seminar
NCSS 058NCSS 103Jefferson and Monticello
NCSS 076NCSS 104Jefferson Symposium
NCSS 077NCSS 105Civil War Conference
NCSS 078NCSS 106Seminar At Oxford, England
NCSS 081NCSS 108American Revolution Seminar
NCSS 082NCSS 109World War II in Europe
NCSS 083NCSS 110Civil War Studies on the Road
NCSS 084NCSS 111Wine Seminar
NCSS 085NCSS 112Film Around the World
NCSS 086NCSS 113The Gathering Storm
NCSS 087NCSS 114Founding of North America


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NCTH 001NCTH 100Introduction to Buddhism
NCTH 003NCTH 101A Survey of Western Religions
NCTH 005NCTH 102A Survey of Eastern Religions
NCTH 006NCTH 103Islamic History and Religion
NCTH 059NCTH 104Buddhist Meditation: Philosophy and Practice


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NESC 395NESC 3995Research in Neuroscience
NESC 396NESC 3960Research in Neuroscience
NESC 398NESC 3980Current Topics in Neuroscience I
NESC 399NESC 3985Current Topics in Neuroscience II
NESC 495NESC 4995Research in Neuroscience
NESC 496NESC 4960Research in Neuroscience
NESC 497NESC 4970Distinguished Majors Thesis
NESC 498NESC 4980Distinguished Majors Thesis
NESC 703NESC 7030Neurobiology
NESC 706NESC 7060Fundamentals of Neuroscience
NESC 720NESC 7200Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience
NESC 801NESC 8010Seminar in Neuroscience
NESC 802NESC 8020Seminar in Neuroscience
NESC 808NESC 8080Neuroscience Graduate Student Seminar Series
NESC 815NESC 8150Introduction to Research
NESC 816NESC 8160Introduction to Research
NESC 817NESC 8170Introduction to Research
NESC 818NESC 8180Introduction to Research
NESC 825NESC 8250Current Topics in Neuroscience
NESC 830NESC 8300Current Topics in Neuroscience
NESC 845NESC 8450Current Topics in Neuroscience
NESC 850NESC 8600Directed Readings in Neuroscience
NESC 851NESC 8610Directed Readings in Neuroscience
NESC 997NESC 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
NESC 999NESC 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NUCO 103NUCO 1200Introduction to the World of Nursing
NUCO 301NUCO 2110Clinical and Interactive Skills I
NUCO 302NUCO 2120Clinical and Interactive Skills II
NUCO 303NUCO 2310Introduction to Nursing and Health Care Services
NUCO 304NUCO 2130Foundations of Clinical Nursing
NUCO 323NUCO 2330Client Assessment
NUCO 331NUCO 3100Nursing Care of the Chronically Ill Adult
NUCO 332NUCO 3300Nursing Care of Children and Families
NUCO 333NUCO 3600Nursing Care of Women and Childbearing Families
NUCO 430NUCO 4610Current Issues in Nursing
NUCO 432NUCO 4480Perspectives in Community Nursing
NUCO 433NUCO 4490Contemporary Trends in Clinical Nursing Management
NUCO 434NUCO 4430Transition and Validation Seminar I
NUCO 435NUCO 4431Transition and Validation Seminar II
NUCO 471NUCO 4100Nursing Management of Common Health Problems
NUCO 472NUCO 4220Nursing Management of Complex Health Problems
NUCO 473NUCO 4300Psychiatric-Mental Health Nursing
NUCO 474NUCO 4600Community Health Nursing
NUCO 475NUCO 4700Synthesis Practicum
NUCO 476NUCO 4400Nurs Care of the Older Adult


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NUIP 310NUIP 3210Pathology and Clinical Management I
NUIP 311NUIP 3220Pathology and Clinical Management II
NUIP 315NUIP 3001HIV/AIDS: A Personal and Social Perspective
NUIP 316NUIP 2250Principles of Nutrition
NUIP 320NUIP 3002Health Care Needs of the Aging Client
NUIP 340NUIP 2240Life Span Development
NUIP 343NUIP 3020Principles of Pharmacology
NUIP 414NUIP 3410Foundations of Nursing Research
NUIP 415NUIP 4610Leadership and Management in Health Care Systems.
NUIP 416NUIP 4420Basic Research Concepts in the Health Disciplines
NUIP 417NUIP 4410Issues in Contemporary Nursing Practice
NUIP 418NUIP 4200Pathophysiology
NUIP 441NUIP 4210Clinical Applications of Pathophysiology
NUIP 443NUIP 4001Evaluating and Using Information Technology in Health Care
NUIP 445NUIP 4002Nursing and Spirituality
NUIP 446NUIP 4003Exploring Culture and Healthcare Access Issues through Remote Area Medicine
NUIP 451NUIP 4004Strategies for Prehospital Emergency Care


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
NURS 360NURS 3006Oncology Nursing and End-of-Life Care
NURS 388NURS 3003Nursing Leadership in Action
NURS 390NURS 3005Perioperative Nursing
NURS 420NURS 4007Ethics in Nursing Practice
NURS 490NURS 4005Sleep Across the Lifespan
NURS 491NURS 4006Practicum in Leadership Development
NURS 493NURS 4993Independent Study
NURS 494NURS 4994Practicum in Nursing
NURS 495NURS 4950Distinguished Majors Seminar I
NURS 496NURS 4951Distinguished Majors Seminar II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PATH 807PATH 8070Rotation in Pathology
PATH 813PATH 8130Topics in the Molecular Basis of Human Disease
PATH 829PATH 8280Clinical Immunology and Immunopathology
PATH 843PATH 8430Pathology Projects
PATH 844PATH 8440Pathology Projects
PATH 845PATH 8450Human Disease and Molecular Medicine
PATH 846PATH 8460Human Disease and Molecular Medicine
PATH 849PATH 8049Topics in Human Disease Research
PATH 850PATH 8050Pathology Research and Progress Report (PRPR) Colloquium
PATH 857PATH 8057Topics in Medical Pathology
PATH 858PATH 8058Topics in Medical Pathology
PATH 862PATH 8620Advanced Topics and Technologies in Cell Signaling
PATH 864PATH 9640Clinical Oncology for Basic and Translational Scientists
PATH 891PATH 8910Topics in Human Disease Literature
PATH 995PATH 9995Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PC 401PC 4010Procurement and Contracting
PC 402PC 4020Contract Administration
PC 403PC 4030Cost and Price Analysis
PC 404PC 4040Government Contract Law
PC 405PC 4050Negotiation of Contracts and Modifications
PC 406PC 4060Management Principles for Procurement and Contracting
PC 407PC 4070Seminar in Procurement and Contracts Management
PC 408PC 4080Principles of Law for Contract Performance
PC 409PC 4090Contracting for Information Resources
PC 412PC 4120International Purchasing and Business Transactions
PC 413PC 4130Purchasing and Materials Management
PC 415PC 4150Grants: Federal, State, and Local
PC 416PC 4160Application for and Management of Federal Grants
PC 417PC 4170International Business Negotiations
PC 419PC 4190Government Contract Computer Law
PC 420PC 4200Advanced Major ADP Systems Acquisition
PC 422PC 4220Federal Government Contracting: A Contractor's Perspective
PC 423PC 4230The Project Manager and Managing the Project Team
PC 424PC 4240Subcontract Management
PC 426PC 4260Source Selection
PC 427PC 4270Commercial Item Acquisition
PC 428PC 4280Terms and Conditions
PC 501PC 5010Procurement and Contracting Principles and Administration
PC 502PC 5020Advanced Cost and Price Analysis
PC 503PC 5030Introduction to Project Management
PC 504PC 5040Advanced Contract Formation and Administration
PC 505PC 5050Seminar for Acquisition Personnel
PC 506PC 5060Federal Acquisition Case Studies
PC 507PC 5070Services Contracting
PC 508PC 5080FAR Standards for Actions and Decisions
PC 509PC 5090Applications in Federal Governmentt Control
PC 510PC 5100Contracting by Negotiation
PC 511PC 5110Construction Contracting
PC 512PC 5120Electronic Commerce in Federal Acquisition
PC 513PC 5130Advanced Services Contracting
PC 514PC 5140Seminar in International Procurement
PC 519W PC 5190Government Computer Law and Intellectual Property
PC 520PC 5200Project Schedule, Cost, and Budget Control
PC 521PC 5210Project Risk Management
PC 522PC 5220Leadership and Human Resources Management
PC 523PC 5230The Project Manager and Managing the Project Team
PC 524PC 5240Commercial Contracting for Project Managers
PC 525PC 5250IT Systems Project Management
PC 526PC 5260Construction Project Management
PC 528PC 5280Topics in Project Management


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PERS 101PERS 1010Elementary Persian
PERS 102PERS 1020Elementary Persian
PERS 201PERS 2010Intermediate Persian
PERS 202PERS 2020Intermediate Persian
PERS 301PERS 3010Readings in Modern Persian Poetry
PERS 301H PERS 3019Language House Conversation
PERS 302PERS 3020Readings in Modern Persian Prose Fiction
PERS 302H PERS 3029Language House Conversation
PERS 323PERS 3230Introduction to Classical Persian Literature
PERS 324PERS 3240Introduction to Modern Persian Literature
PERS 424PERS 4240Advanced Readings in Sufi Texts
PERS 493PERS 4993Independent Study in Persian
PERS 494PERS 4991Independent Study in Persian
PERS 501PERS 5010Readings in Modern Persian Poetry
PERS 502PERS 5020Readings in Modern Persian Prose Fiction
PERS 801PERS 8993Independent Study in Persian


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PETR 321PETR 3210Persian Literature in Translation
PETR 322PETR 3220Twentieth-Century Persian Literature in Translation
PETR 521PETR 5210Persian Literature in Translation
PETR 522PETR 5220Twentieth-Century Persian Literature in Translation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHAR 701PHAR 7010Seminar in Pharmacology
PHAR 702PHAR 7020Seminar in Pharmacology
PHAR 730PHAR 7300General Pharmacology
PHAR 811PHAR 8110Pharmacology Literature
PHAR 812PHAR 8120Pharmacology Literature
PHAR 813PHAR 8130Tutorial in Pharmacology
PHAR 814PHAR 8140Tutorial in Pharmacology
PHAR 897PHAR 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PHAR 898PHAR 8999Non-Topical Research
PHAR 901PHAR 9010Human Pharmacology
PHAR 902PHAR 9020Molecular Characterization of Drug Targets
PHAR 908PHAR 9080Biochemical Pharmacology
PHAR 910PHAR 9100Endocrine Pharmacology
PHAR 994PHAR 9500Dissertation
PHAR 995PHAR 9995Research
PHAR 997PHAR 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PHAR 999PHAR 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHIL 100PHIL 1000Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 141PHIL 1410Forms of Reasoning
PHIL 151PHIL 1710Human Nature
PHIL 153PHIL 1730Introduction to Moral and Political Philosophy
PHIL 154PHIL 1740Issues of Life and Death
PHIL 161PHIL 1510Introductory Philosophy Seminars
PHIL 201PHIL 2510Seminar in Philosophy
PHIL 202PHIL 2020Know Thyself
PHIL 206PHIL 2060Philosophical Problems in Law
PHIL 207PHIL 2070Knowledge and Reality
PHIL 211PHIL 2110History of Philosophy: Ancient and Medieval
PHIL 212PHIL 2120History of Philosophy: Modern
PHIL 233PHIL 2330Computers, Minds and Brains
PHIL 242PHIL 2420Introduction to Symbolic Logic
PHIL 245PHIL 2450Philosophy of Science
PHIL 252PHIL 2720Bioethics: A Philosophical Perspective
PHIL 255PHIL 2750Democracy
PHIL 256PHIL 2760Classics of Political Philosophy
PHIL 257PHIL 2770Political Philosophy
PHIL 265PHIL 2650Free Will and Responsibility
PHIL 266PHIL 2660Philosophy of Religion
PHIL 269PHIL 2690Justice, Law, and Morality
PHIL 311PHIL 3110Plato
PHIL 312PHIL 3120Aristotle
PHIL 313PHIL 3130Helenistic Philosophy
PHIL 314PHIL 3140History of Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 315PHIL 3150Descartes, Spinoza and Leibniz
PHIL 316PHIL 3160Locke, Berkeley and Hume
PHIL 317PHIL 3170Kant
PHIL 318PHIL 3180Nietzsche
PHIL 329PHIL 3520Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 331PHIL 3310Metaphysics
PHIL 332PHIL 3320Epistemology
PHIL 334PHIL 3330Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 350PHIL 3630Philosophy of Language
PHIL 351PHIL 3710Ethics
PHIL 352PHIL 3720Contemporary Ethics
PHIL 353PHIL 3730Ancient Ethical Theory
PHIL 359PHIL 3790Research Ethics
PHIL 361PHIL 3610Aesthetics
PHIL 365PHIL 3650Justice and Health Care
PHIL 367PHIL 3670Law and Society
PHIL 401PHIL 4010Seminar for Majors
PHIL 402PHIL 4020Seminar for Majors
PHIL 427PHIL 3190Wittgenstein
PHIL 450PHIL 4500Special Topics in Philosophy
PHIL 490PHIL 4990Honors Program
PHIL 493PHIL 4993Directed Reading and Research
PHIL 494PHIL 4995Directed Reading and Research
PHIL 498PHIL 4999Senior Thesis
PHIL 504PHIL 5500Bioethics Seminar
PHIL 505PHIL 5510Seminar on a Philosophical Topic
PHIL 510PHIL 5100The Historiography of Philosophy
PHIL 513PHIL 5130Topics in Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 542PHIL 5420Symbolic Logic
PHIL 543PHIL 543Advanced Logic
PHIL 546PHIL 5460Philosophy of Science
PHIL 547PHIL 5470Philosophy of Mathematics
PHIL 548PHIL 5480Philosophy of the Social Sciences
PHIL 559PHIL 5790Research Ethics
PHIL 701PHIL 7510Tutorial Instruction
PHIL 703PHIL 7500General Philosophical Topics
PHIL 705PHIL 7520Seminar on a Philosophical Topic
PHIL 711PHIL 7110Plato
PHIL 712PHIL 7120Aristotle
PHIL 715PHIL 7150Continental Rationalism
PHIL 716PHIL 7160British Empiricism
PHIL 725PHIL 7250Logical Positivism
PHIL 731PHIL 7310Epistemology
PHIL 732PHIL 7320Topics in Epistemology
PHIL 733PHIL 7330Metaphysics
PHIL 734PHIL 7340Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 743PHIL 7430Inductive Logic
PHIL 744PHIL 7440Philosophical Logic
PHIL 750PHIL 7450Topics in the Philosophy of Language
PHIL 751PHIL 7710Ethics
PHIL 752PHIL 7720Contemporary Ethics
PHIL 757PHIL 7770Political Philosophy
PHIL 761PHIL 7610Aesthetics
PHIL 763PHIL 7630Legal Philosophy
PHIL 764PHIL 7640Philosophy of History
PHIL 795PHIL 7995Supervised Research
PHIL 805PHIL 8510Seminar on a Philosophical Topic
PHIL 811PHIL 8110Topics in Ancient Philosophy
PHIL 813PHIL 8130Medieval Philosophy: Augustine and Thomas Aquinas
PHIL 814PHIL 8140Medieval Philosophy: Augustine and Thomas Aquinas
PHIL 816PHIL 8160Hume's Ethics
PHIL 817PHIL 8170Kant: The First Critique
PHIL 818PHIL 8180Kant's Ethics
PHIL 819PHIL 8190Nineteenth-Century German Philosophy
PHIL 823PHIL 8230Development of Analytical Philosophy
PHIL 827PHIL 8270The Philosophy of Wittgenstein
PHIL 829PHIL 8290Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 830PHIL 8300Topics in Contemporary Philosophy
PHIL 831PHIL 8310Metaphysics
PHIL 832PHIL 8320Contemporary Epistemology
PHIL 833PHIL 8330Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 834PHIL 8340Philosophy of Mind
PHIL 835PHIL 8350Seminar on Free Will
PHIL 841PHIL 8410Advanced Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
PHIL 842PHIL 8420Advanced Logic and Foundations of Mathematics
PHIL 846PHIL 8460Philosophy of Science
PHIL 851PHIL 8710Problems in Ethics and Metaethics
PHIL 857PHIL 8770Problems in Political Philosophy
PHIL 858PHIL 8780Theories of Justice
PHIL 863PHIL 8630Legal and Philosophical Concepts
PHIL 864PHIL 8640Law and Morality
PHIL 865PHIL 8650Freedom and Responsibility
PHIL 895PHIL 8995Supervised Research
PHIL 897PHIL 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PHIL 898PHIL 8999Non-Topical Research
PHIL 997PHIL 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PHIL 999PHIL 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHS 500PHS 5000Introduction to Biostatistics
PHS 501PHS 5010Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PHS 505PHS 5050Germs, Guns, & Lead: Public Health Ethics and Law
PHS 506PHS 5060Evaluation Methods in Public Health & Health Care Informatics
PHS 507PHS 5070Health Care Informatics
PHS 508PHS 5080International Health Policy
PHS 509PHS 5090Health Care Economics
PHS 520PHS 5200U.S. Healthcare: Policy, Organization, and Administration
PHS 525PHS 5250Public Health Ethics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
PHS 536PHS 5360Health Disparities
PHS 538PHS 5380Environmental Health: Principles and Practices
PHS 547PHS 5470Quality Management in Health Care Organization
PHS 700PHS 7000Introduction to Biostatistics
PHS 701PHS 7010Fundamentals of Epidemiology
PHS 702PHS 7020Applied Epidemiologic Methods
PHS 705PHS 7050Germs, Guns, & Lead: Public Health Ethics and Law
PHS 706PHS 7060Evaluation Methods in Public Health & Health Care Informatics
PHS 707PHS 7070Health Care Informatics
PHS 708PHS 7080International Health Policy
PHS 709PHS 7090Health Care Economics
PHS 710PHS 7100Health Care Policy and Management
PHS 711PHS 7110Survey Research Methods
PHS 712PHS 7120Health Technology and Outcomes Evaluation
PHS 717PHS 7170Introduction to SAS
PHS 718PHS 7180The Practice of Public Health I
PHS 719PHS 7190The Practice of Clinical Research
PHS 720PHS 7200U.S. Healthcare: Policy, Organization, and Administration
PHS 725PHS 7250Public Health Ethics: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
PHS 728PHS 7280The Practice of Public Health II
PHS 731PHS 7310Clinical Trials Methodology
PHS 736PHS 7360Health Disparities
PHS 738PHS 7380Environmental Health: Principles and Practices
PHS 742PHS 7420Clinical Decision Support Systems
PHS 743PHS 7430Applied Informatics in Medicine and Health
PHS 745PHS 7450Database Design and Implementation
PHS 747PHS 7470Quality Management in Health Care Organization
PHS 751PHS 7001Introduction to Biostatistics II
PHS 761PHS 7610Health Promotion and Health Behavior
PHS 786PHS 7500Special Topics in Public Health
PHS 795PHS 7950Statistical Bioinformatics in Medicine
PHS 888PHS 8880Practicum
PHS 889PHS 8890M.P.H. Field Placement
PHS 890PHS 8900M.P.H. Field Placement
PHS 891PHS 8910Topical Research (Thesis only)
PHS 893PHS 8930M.P.H. Culminating Experience
PHS 895PHS 8950Supervised Clinical Research I
PHS 896PHS 8960Supervised Independent Research I
PHS 897PHS 8998Non-Topical Research
PHS 898PHS 8999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHY 506PHY 5060Molecular Physiology: From Molecular Machines to Biological Information Processing
PHY 704PHY 7040General Physiology
PHY 801PHY 8011Seminar in Physiology
PHY 802PHY 8012Seminar in Physiology
PHY 813PHY 8130Structure and Function of Biological Membranes
PHY 852PHY 8052Vascular Biology
PHY 862PHY 8160Neurophysiology
PHY 892PHY 8092Directed Readings in Physiology
PHY 893PHY 8093Directed Readings in Physiology
PHY 995PHY 9995Research
PHY 997PHY 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PHY 999PHY 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHYE 100PHYE 1000Myo Sim Karate
PHYE 102PHYE 1020Judo
PHYE 103PHYE 1030Wushu (Kaolin Kung Fu)
PHYE 104PHYE 1040Women's Self-Defense
PHYE 110PHYE 1100Tennis
PHYE 111PHYE 1110Racquetball
PHYE 112PHYE 1120Volleyball
PHYE 113PHYE 1130Soccer
PHYE 114PHYE 1140Rugby
PHYE 115PHYE 1150Basketball
PHYE 116PHYE 1160Softball
PHYE 117PHYE 1170Golf
PHYE 118PHYE 1180Lacrosse
PHYE 120PHYE 1200Badminton
PHYE 130PHYE 1300Swimming
PHYE 131PHYE 1310Swimming for Fitness
PHYE 132PHYE 1320Scuba Diving
PHYE 140PHYE 1400Weight Training
PHYE 141PHYE 1410Yoga
PHYE 142PHYE 1420Pilates/ Core Training
PHYE 143PHYE 1430Cross Training and Conditioning
PHYE 144PHYE 1440Running for Fitness
PHYE 150PHYE 1700Dance I/Jazz
PHYE 151PHYE 1710Tap Dance
PHYE 152PHYE 1720Dance II/Ballet
PHYE 161PHYE 1610Ice Skating
PHYE 162PHYE 1620Ice Hockey
PHYE 163PHYE 1630Skiing
PHYE 164PHYE 1640Snowboarding


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PHYS 101PHYS 1010Concepts of Physics
PHYS 102PHYS 1020Concepts of Physics
PHYS 105PHYS 1050How Things Work
PHYS 106PHYS 1060How Things Work
PHYS 109PHYS 1090Galileo and Einstein
PHYS 111PHYS 1110Energy on this World and Elsewhere
PHYS 115PHYS 1150Powerful Ideas in Physical Science
PHYS 121PHYS 1210The Science of Sound and Music
PHYS 142EPHYS 1425General Physics I
PHYS 142R PHYS 1427General Physics I
PHYS 142W PHYS 1429General Physics I Workshop
PHYS 151PHYS 1610Introductory Physics I:Mechanics & Special Relativity
PHYS 152PHYS 1620Introductory Physics II:Gravitation, Oscillations, Waves & Thermodynamics
PHYS 201PHYS 2010Principles of Physics I
PHYS 202PHYS 2020Principles of Physics II
PHYS 203PHYS 2030Basic Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 204PHYS 2040Basic Physics Laboratory II
PHYS 221PHYS 2630Elementary Laboratory I
PHYS 222PHYS 2640Elementary Laboratory II
PHYS 231PHYS 2310Classical and Modern Physics I, II
PHYS 232PHYS 2320Classical and Modern Physics I, II
PHYS 241EPHYS 2415General Physics II
PHYS 241W PHYS 2419General Physics II Workshop
PHYS 251PHYS 2610Introductory Physics III:Electromagnetism
PHYS 252PHYS 2620Introductory Physics IV:Quantum Physics
PHYS 254PHYS 2660Fundamentals of Scientific Computing
PHYS 304PHYS 3040Physics of the Human Body
PHYS 311PHYS 3110Widely Applied Physics I
PHYS 312PHYS 3120Widely Applied Physics II
PHYS 315PHYS 3150Electronics Laboratory
PHYS 317PHYS 3170Intermediate Laboratory I
PHYS 318PHYS 3180Intermediate Laboratory II
PHYS 319PHYS 3190Advanced Laboratory
PHYS 321PHYS 3210Classical Mechanics
PHYS 331PHYS 3310Statistical Physics
PHYS 342PHYS 3420Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 343PHYS 3430Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 355PHYS 3650Quantum Physics I
PHYS 356PHYS 3660Quantum Physics II
PHYS 381PHYS 3810Topics in Physics-Related Research Areas
PHYS 382PHYS 3820Topics in Physics-Related Research Areas
PHYS 393PHYS 3993Independent Study
PHYS 519PHYS 5190Electronics Lab
PHYS 521PHYS 5210Theoretical Mechanics I
PHYS 524PHYS 5240Introduction to the Theory of General Relativity
PHYS 525PHYS 5250Mathematical Methods of Physics I
PHYS 531PHYS 5310Optics
PHYS 532PHYS 5320Fundamentals of Photonics
PHYS 547PHYS 5470Introduction to Molecular Biophysics
PHYS 551PHYS 5110Special Topics in Classical and Modern Physics
PHYS 552PHYS 5120Special Topics in Classical and Modern Physics
PHYS 553PHYS 5630Computational Physics I
PHYS 554PHYS 5640Computational Physics II
PHYS 562PHYS 5620Introduction to Solid State Physics
PHYS 572PHYS 5720Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics
PHYS 582PHYS 5820Introduction to Nanophysics
PHYS 593PHYS 5993Independent Study
PHYS 601PHYS 6010Concepts of Physics for Elementary School Teachers I
PHYS 602PHYS 6020Concepts of Physics for Elementary School Teachers II
PHYS 605PHYS 6050How Things Work I
PHYS 606PHYS 6060How Things Work II
PHYS 609PHYS 6090Galileo and Einstein
PHYS 611PHYS 6110Physical Science for Teachers
PHYS 612PHYS 6120Physical Science for Teachers
PHYS 613PHYS 6513Topics in Physical Science
PHYS 620PHYS 6200Topical Physical Science
PHYS 620A PHYS 6201Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Sound
PHYS 620BPHYS 6202Physical Science for K-8 Teachers:Light
PHYS 620CPHYS 6203Physical Sciences for K-8 Teachers: Aeronautics and Space
PHYS 620DPHYS 6204Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Electricity
PHYS 620EPHYS 6205Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Meteorology
PHYS 620FPHYS 6206Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Magnetism
PHYS 620G PHYS 6207Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Heat and Energy
PHYS 620H PHYS 6208Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Properties of Matter
PHYS 620IPHYS 6209Physical Science for K-8 Teachers: Force and Motion
PHYS 631PHYS 6310Classical and Modern Physics I
PHYS 632PHYS 6320Classical and Modern Physics II
PHYS 633PHYS 6330Classical and Modern Physics III
PHYS 635PHYS 6350Curriculum Enhancement I
PHYS 636PHYS 6360Curriculum Enhancement II
PHYS 637PHYS 6370Curriculum Enhancement III
PHYS 640PHYS 6993Independent Study
PHYS 641PHYS 6410Physics Teaching Pedagogy
PHYS 719PHYS 7190Advanced Experimental Physics
PHYS 725PHYS 7250Mathematical Methods of Physics I
PHYS 742PHYS 7420Electricity and Magnetism I
PHYS 743PHYS 7430Electricity and Magnetism II
PHYS 751PHYS 7610Quantum Theory I
PHYS 752PHYS 7620Quantum Theory II
PHYS 797PHYS 5995Research
PHYS 822PHYS 8220Lasers and Nonlinear Optics
PHYS 826PHYS 8260Ultrafast Laser Spectroscopy
PHYS 831PHYS 8310Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 832PHYS 8320Statistical Mechanics II
PHYS 842PHYS 8420Atomic Physics
PHYS 845PHYS 8450Computational Physics II
PHYS 853PHYS 8630Introduction to Field Theory
PHYS 854PHYS 8640Modern Field Theory
PHYS 861PHYS 8610Solid State Physics I
PHYS 862PHYS 8620Solid State Physics II
PHYS 871PHYS 8710Nuclear Physics I
PHYS 872PHYS 8720Nuclear Physics II
PHYS 875PHYS 8750Elementary Particle Physics I
PHYS 876PHYS 8760Elementary Particle Physics II
PHYS 881PHYS 8810Selected Topics in Modern Physics
PHYS 882PHYS 8820Selected Topics in Modern Physics
PHYS 888PHYS 8880Quantum Optics and Quantum Information
PHYS 897PHYS 8970Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PHYS 898PHYS 8999Non-Topical Research
PHYS 901PHYS 9010General Physics Research Seminar
PHYS 902PHYS 9020General Physics Research Seminar
PHYS 925PHYS 9250Research Seminar in Theoretical Physics
PHYS 926PHYS 9260Research Seminar in Theoretical Physics
PHYS 951PHYS 9410Atomic and Molecular Seminar
PHYS 952PHYS 9420Atomic and Molecular Seminar
PHYS 961PHYS 9610Condensed Matter Seminar
PHYS 962PHYS 9620Condensed Matter Seminar
PHYS 971PHYS 9710Nuclear Physics Seminar
PHYS 972PHYS 9720Nuclear Physics Seminar
PHYS 981PHYS 9810High Energy Physics Seminar
PHYS 982PHYS 9820High Energy Physics Seminar
PHYS 997PHYS 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PHYS 999PHYS 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLAC 401PLAC 4010Neighborhood Planning Workshop
PLAC 450PLAC 4041Real Estate Development and Finance
PLAC 513PLAC 5130Applied GIS Workshop
PLAC 524PLAC 5240Consensus Building, Negotiation and Mediation
PLAC 543PLAC 5430Land Development Workshop
PLAC 547PLAC 5470Development Dynamics
PLAC 550PLAC 5800Green Lands
PLAC 552PLAC 5820Sustainable Planning and Design Workshop
PLAC 555PLAC 5850Community Food Systems
PLAC 556PLAC 5860Green Cities/Green Sites
PLAC 557PLAC 5870Environmental Impact Statements
PLAC 561PLAC 5610Community Planning Workshop
PLAC 572PLAC 5720Transportation and Land Use
PLAC 574PLAC 5740Transportation Planning and Policy
PLAC 583PLAC 5993Applied Independent Study
PLAC 806PLAC 8060Urbanism Design Studio


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLAD 100PLAD 1500Introductory Seminar in Politics
PLAD 224PLAD 2240The Myth and Reality of Espionage
PLAD 496PLAD 4960Thesis for Distinguished Majors Program
PLAD 499PLAD 4990Honors Proseminar on Research Design and Thesis Writing
PLAD 513PLAD 5130Collective Action and Social Change
PLAD 517PLAD 5170Game Theory
PLAD 709PLAD 7090Research Methods and Design in Political Science
PLAD 710PLAD 7100Political Research with Quantitative Methods
PLAD 712PLAD 8120Qualitative Methods
PLAD 775PLAD 7750Supervised Research I
PLAD 831PLAD 8310Advanced Quantitative Applications in Political Science
PLAD 832PLAD 8320Advanced Topics in Multivariate Analysis
PLAD 875PLAD 8750Supervised Research II
PLAD 890PLAD 8900Departmental Pro-Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLAN 103PLAN 1030Introduction to Urban and Environmental Planning
PLAN 202PLAN 2020Planning Design
PLAN 211PLAN 2110Digital Visualization for Planners
PLAN 303PLAN 3030Neighborhoods, Community and Regions
PLAN 305PLAN 3050Planning Methods
PLAN 306PLAN 3060Law, Land and the Environment
PLAN 311PLAN 5310History of Cities and Planning
PLAN 314PLAN 3140Design Themes of Great Cities
PLAN 350PLAN 3500Special Topics in Planning
PLAN 404PLAN 4040Planning in Government
PLAN 481PLAN 4993Independent Study
PLAN 483PLAN 4500Special Study
PLAN 492PLAN 4800Professional Practice
PLAN 493PLAN 4999Planning Senior Project
PLAN 502PLAN 5020Urban Design
PLAN 508PLAN 5580Short Courses in Planning
PLAN 511PLAN 5110Digital Visualization for Planners
PLAN 512PLAN 5120Geographic Information Systems
PLAN 525PLAN 5250Public Involvement
PLAN 529PLAN 5500Special Topics in Policy Planning
PLAN 530PLAN 5300Preservation Planning
PLAN 540PLAN 5400Housing and Community Development
PLAN 541PLAN 5410Economic Built Environment
PLAN 542PLAN 5420Economic Development
PLAN 544PLAN 5440Neighborhood Planning
PLAN 545PLAN 5450Healthy Communities
PLAN 551PLAN 5810Sustainable Communities
PLAN 553PLAN 5830Environmental Policy and Planning
PLAN 554PLAN 5840Environmental Ethics and Sustainability
PLAN 557PLAN 5870Environment and Economy
PLAN 558PLAN 5880Coastal Planning Issues
PLAN 559PLAN 5890Global Environmental International Development
PLAN 560PLAN 5600Land Use and Growth Management
PLAN 563PLAN 5630Design of Cities
PLAN 565PLAN 5650Brownfields Redevelopment
PLAN 567PLAN 5670Community Design
PLAN 577PLAN 5770Plan Implementation
PLAN 593PLAN 5993Applied Independent Study
PLAN 601PLAN 6010Planning Process and Practice
PLAN 604PLAN 6040Legal Aspects of Planning
PLAN 605PLAN 6050Methods of Planning Analysis
PLAN 607PLAN 6070Urban Theory and Public Policy
PLAN 609PLAN 6090Planning Theory and Practice
PLAN 898PLAN 8999Master's Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLAP 101PLAP 1010Introduction to American Politics
PLAP 225PLAP 2250American Political Tradition
PLAP 227PLAP 2270Public Opinion and Political Behavior
PLAP 230PLAP 2030Politics, Science and Values: An Introduction to Environmental Policy
PLAP 266PLAP 2660Ideas, Institutions, and Public Policy
PLAP 314PLAP 3140Mass Media and American Politics
PLAP 315PLAP 3150Political Psychology of Citizen Politics
PLAP 319PLAP 3190Judicial Process and Policy-Making
PLAP 321PLAP 3210Political Parties and Group Politics
PLAP 322PLAP 3220President and Congress
PLAP 324PLAP 3240Political Communication
PLAP 331PLAP 3310American Presidency
PLAP 335PLAP 3350American Congress
PLAP 337PLAP 3370Workshop in Contemporary American Electoral Politics
PLAP 338PLAP 3380Politics of the Policy Process
PLAP 341PLAP 3410State and Local Politics
PLAP 344PLAP 3440Urban Government and Politics
PLAP 351PLAP 3510Minority Group Politics
PLAP 355PLAP 3650Gender Politics
PLAP 361PLAP 3610Introduction to Public Administration
PLAP 370PLAP 3700Racial Politics
PLAP 381PLAP 3810Constitutional Interpretation: Separation of Powers and Federalism
PLAP 382PLAP 3820Constitutional Limitations: Civil Liberties and Civil Rights
PLAP 412PLAP 4120Electoral Behavior and Political Participation
PLAP 413PLAP 4130Citizen Competence in American Democracy
PLAP 414PLAP 4140Gender and American Political Behavior
PLAP 415PLAP 4150Political Psychology
PLAP 424PLAP 4500Special Topics in American Politics
PLAP 430PLAP 4300Political Analysis
PLAP 434PLAP 4340American Political Leadership
PLAP 435PLAP 4350Politics of Representation
PLAP 436PLAP 4360Campaigns and Elections
PLAP 438PLAP 4380The Politics of the Policy Process
PLAP 440PLAP 4400Power and Powerlessness
PLAP 450PLAP 4600Voting Rights and Representation
PLAP 460PLAP 4601Democracy in America
PLAP 471PLAP 4710Values, Resources, and Public Policy
PLAP 480PLAP 4800Politics of the Environment
PLAP 481PLAP 4810Class, Race, and the Environment
PLAP 483PLAP 4830First Amendment
PLAP 484PLAP 4840Race and Constitution
PLAP 498PLAP 4999Senior Thesis
PLAP 499PLAP 4990Honors Core Seminar in American Politics
PLAP 514PLAP 5140Sex Differences: Biology, Culture, Politics and Policy
PLAP 526PLAP 5526Special Topics in Public Policy or Public Administration
PLAP 530PLAP 5300Politics of Mental Health
PLAP 543PLAP 5430Intergovernmental Relations
PLAP 545PLAP 5450Virginia Government and Politics
PLAP 546PLAP 5460Poltics of the Budgetary Process
PLAP 565PLAP 5650Economics, Values, and Public Policy
PLAP 570PLAP 5700Racial Politics
PLAP 584PLAP 5840Seminar in Civil Rights and Civil Liberties
PLAP 585PLAP 5850Seminar on Constitutional Law and Theory
PLAP 592PLAP 5920Judicial Policymaking
PLAP 595PLAP 5993Selected Problems in American Politics
PLAP 700PLAP 7000American Political Development
PLAP 711PLAP 7110American Political Behavior
PLAP 741PLAP 7410Survey of State and Local Government
PLAP 760PLAP 7600Public Administration
PLAP 766PLAP 7660Policy Analysis
PLAP 770PLAP 7700Racial Politics
PLAP 777PLAP 7770Groups in the Political Processes
PLAP 813PLAP 8130Public Affairs Seminar I
PLAP 814PLAP 8140Public Affairs Seminar II
PLAP 821PLAP 8210The American Presidency
PLAP 822PLAP 8220The Party System and the Conduct of Government
PLAP 823PLAP 8523Topics in American Government
PLAP 825PLAP 8250The American Congress
PLAP 841PLAP 8410Seminar in Comparative State Politics
PLAP 844PLAP 8440Urban Politics
PLAP 861PLAP 8610Seminar in Public Administration
PLAP 862PLAP 8562Topics in Public Administration
PLAP 863PLAP 8630Executive Leadership
PLAP 868PLAP 8680Urban Administration and Policy
PLAP 874PLAP 8740Personnel Administration
PLAP 878PLAP 8780Ethical Issues in Politics and Policy
PLAP 883PLAP 8583Topics in Public Law
PLAP 884PLAP 8840Seminar in Civil Rights and Liberties
PLAP 885PLAP 8850American Constitutional Law and Theory Seminar
PLAP 897PLAP 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PLAP 898PLAP 8999Non-Topical Research
PLAP 997PLAP 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PLAP 999PLAP 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLCP 101PLCP 1010Introduction to Comparative Politics
PLCP 201PLCP 2010The Politics of Advanced Industrialized Countries
PLCP 212PLCP 2120The Politics of Developing Areas
PLCP 242PLCP 2420Politics of Modernity
PLCP 311PLCP 3110The Politics of Western Europe
PLCP 313PLCP 3130Political Economy of Development
PLCP 317PLCP 3170Development, Conflict, and Democracy in Latin America
PLCP 321PLCP 3210Russian Politics
PLCP 324PLCP 3240Post Soviet Political Challenges
PLCP 335PLCP 3350Gender Politics in Comparative Perspective
PLCP 341PLCP 3410Politics of the Middle East and North Africa
PLCP 351PLCP 3610Chinese Politics
PLCP 363PLCP 3630Politics in India and Pakistan
PLCP 364PLCP 3640Women and Politics in South Asia
PLCP 401PLCP 4010Theories of Comparative Politics
PLCP 412PLCP 4120Rights, Identity and Gender
PLCP 413PLCP 4130Political Economy of Advanced Industrial Economies
PLCP 414PLCP 4140Democracy and Dictatorship
PLCP 415PLCP 4150Comparative Public Policy
PLCP 418PLCP 4180Politics of the Holocaust
PLCP 420PLCP 4200Comparative Legislatures
PLCP 421PLCP 4210Comparative Elections and Voting
PLCP 424PLCP 4500Special Topics in Comparative Politics
PLCP 435PLCP 4350Gender and the Public Sphere
PLCP 441PLCP 4410Nation Building in Iraq
PLCP 443PLCP 4430Politics of Corruption
PLCP 498PLCP 4999Senior Thesis
PLCP 499PLCP 4990Honors Core Seminar in Comparative Politics
PLCP 502PLCP 4020Comparative Political Systems of Southern Europe
PLCP 506PLCP 5060Political Development and Developmental Politics
PLCP 511PLCP 5110Government and Politics of Western Europe
PLCP 520PLCP 5200Comparative Political Parties
PLCP 521PLCP 5210Soviet and Post-Soviet Politics
PLCP 522PLCP 5220Comparative Budgeting and Economic Policy
PLCP 523PLCP 5230Politics of Eastern Europe
PLCP 525PLCP 5250Politics of Economic Reform
PLCP 531PLCP 5310Politics of Latin America
PLCP 533PLCP 5330Political Parties and Movements in Latin America
PLCP 535PLCP 5350Democratic Theory and Democratization in Latin America
PLCP 536PLCP 5360Role of the Military in Latin America
PLCP 541PLCP 5410Islam and Democracy in the Middle East
PLCP 551PLCP 5610Politics of China
PLCP 553PLCP 5730Politics of Japan
PLCP 555PLCP 5550Causal Inference in Comparative Politics
PLCP 563PLCP 5630Politics of Vietnam
PLCP 581PLCP 5810Politics of Sub-Saharan Africa
PLCP 583PLCP 5830Modern South African Politics
PLCP 584PLCP 5840Gender Politics in Africa
PLCP 595PLCP 5993Selected Problems in Comparative Politics
PLCP 700PLCP 7000Comparative Politics Core Seminar
PLCP 720PLCP 7200Comparative Political Parties
PLCP 741PLCP 7410Government and Politics of the Middle East
PLCP 801PLCP 8010Seminar in Comparative Political Systems I, II
PLCP 802PLCP 8020Seminar in Comparative Political Systems I, II
PLCP 805PLCP 8050Processes of Change Affecting Governments
PLCP 806PLCP 8506Topics in Developmental Politics
PLCP 811PLCP 8511Topics in the Government and Politics of Western Europe
PLCP 814PLCP 8140Origins of Democracy and Dictatorship
PLCP 820PLCP 8200Comparativ Legislatures & Electoral Institutions
PLCP 821PLCP 8521Topics in the Government and Politics of U.S.S.R. and Eastern Europe
PLCP 831PLCP 8531Topics in the Government and Politics of Latin America
PLCP 842PLCP 8542Topics in the Government and Politics of the Middle East
PLCP 851PLCP 8551Topics in the Government and Politics of China
PLCP 853PLCP 8553Topics in the Government and Politics of Japan
PLCP 861PLCP 8561Topics in the Government and Politics of South Asia
PLCP 888PLCP 888Rational Choice and Democracy
PLCP 897PLCP 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PLCP 898PLCP 8999Non-Topical Research
PLCP 997PLCP 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PLCP 999PLCP 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLIR 101PLIR 1010International Relations
PLIR 202PLIR 2020Foreign Policies of the Powers
PLIR 203PLIR 2030International Relations of East Asia
PLIR 205PLIR 2050Introduction to Political Economy
PLIR 301PLIR 3010Theories of International Relations
PLIR 305PLIR 3050Philosophy of International Relations
PLIR 306PLIR 3060Military Force in International Relations
PLIR 308PLIR 3080International Politics in the Nuclear Age
PLIR 311PLIR 3110International Law: Principles and Politics
PLIR 321PLIR 3210International Organizations
PLIR 324PLIR 3240Anti-Terrorism and the Role of Intelligence
PLIR 331PLIR 3310Ethics and Human Rights in World Politics
PLIR 338PLIR 3380Theories of International Political Economy
PLIR 340PLIR 3400Foreign Policy of the United States
PLIR 351PLIR 3610Western Europe in World Affairs
PLIR 355PLIR 3760Russia/USSR in World Affairs
PLIR 356PLIR 3770Russian-American Relations
PLIR 360PLIR 3600Political Economy of Asia
PLIR 365PLIR 3650International Relations of the Middle East
PLIR 375PLIR 3750South Asia in World Affairs
PLIR 415PLIR 4150Economics and National Security
PLIR 421PLIR 4210World Order
PLIR 422PLIR 4220Alternative Nuclear Futures
PLIR 424PLIR 4500Special Topics in International Relations
PLIR 425PLIR 4250Nuclear Proliferation and International Relations
PLIR 426PLIR 4260War and Peace in South Asia
PLIR 431PLIR 4310Contemporary Debates in Human Rights
PLIR 434PLIR 4340Feminist Theory in International Relations
PLIR 436PLIR 4360National Interests and Foreign Policy
PLIR 438PLIR 4380America in a World Economy
PLIR 444PLIR 4440Domestic Politics and American Foreign Policy
PLIR 463PLIR 4630Strategy, Conflict, and Causes of War
PLIR 480PLIR 4800International Political Economy of Africa
PLIR 498PLIR 4999Senior Thesis
PLIR 499PLIR 4990Honors Core Seminar in International Relations
PLIR 504PLIR 5040Nationalism and World Politics
PLIR 507PLIR 5070Norms and Value Systems in International Relations
PLIR 522PLIR 5220Conflict Management in International Law and Organizations
PLIR 525PLIR 5250Negotiating Arab - Israeli Peace
PLIR 538PLIR 5380International Political Economy
PLIR 539PLIR 5390Economics, Retional Choice, and International Security
PLIR 542PLIR 5420Patterns and Processes of United States Foreign Policy
PLIR 555PLIR 7760Russian/Soviet Foreign Policy
PLIR 562PLIR 5620Latin America in World Affairs
PLIR 563PLIR 5630International Relations Theory, Globalization, and the American States
PLIR 565PLIR 5650American Foreign Policymaking
PLIR 571PLIR 5710China in World Affairs
PLIR 572PLIR 5720Japan in World Affairs
PLIR 581PLIR 5810Asymmetry and International Relations
PLIR 582PLIR 5820Africa and the World
PLIR 595PLIR 5993Selected Problems in International Relations
PLIR 700PLIR 7000Core Seminar in International Relations
PLIR 706PLIR 7060The Development of Classical Strategic Thought
PLIR 708PLIR 7080Military Force in International Relations
PLIR 712PLIR 7120Theory of International Law
PLIR 721PLIR 7210International Organizations
PLIR 738PLIR 7380International Political Economy of Trade and Investment
PLIR 740PLIR 7400Foreign Policy of the United States
PLIR 741PLIR 7410Contemporary U.S. Foreign Policy
PLIR 752PLIR 7610Western Europe in World Affairs
PLIR 765PLIR 7650The Middle East in World Affairs
PLIR 808PLIR 8080Problems of Force in International Relations
PLIR 811PLIR 8511Topics in International Law and Organizations
PLIR 822PLIR 8220Institutional Trends in the International System
PLIR 831PLIR 8310Contemporary Debates in Human Rights
PLIR 832PLIR 8320Seminar in International Politics
PLIR 835PLIR 8350Normative Approaches to International Politics
PLIR 836PLIR 8536Ideological Topics in International Relations
PLIR 838PLIR 8538Topics in International Political Economy
PLIR 839PLIR 8539Advanced Topics in International Relations Theory
PLIR 841PLIR 8541Topics in United States Foreign Policy
PLIR 842PLIR 8420Comparative Foreign Policy
PLIR 843PLIR 8430The Far East in U.S. Foreign Policy
PLIR 845PLIR 8450American Foreign Policy: Cold War and After
PLIR 852PLIR 8552Western European Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 856PLIR 8556Russian and Eastern European Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 862PLIR 8562Latin American Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 866PLIR 8566Middle Eastern Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 872PLIR 8572Chinese Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 873PLIR 8573Japanese Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 876PLIR 8576South Asian Topics in World Affairs
PLIR 897PLIR 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PLIR 898PLIR 8999Non-Topical Research
PLIR 997PLIR 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PLIR 999PLIR 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PLPT 101PLPT 1010Introduction to Political Theory
PLPT 301PLPT 3010Ancient and Medieval Political Theory
PLPT 302PLPT 3020Modern Political Thought
PLPT 303PLPT 3030Contemporary Political Thought
PLPT 305PLPT 3050Survey of American Political Theory
PLPT 320PLPT 3200African-American Political Thought
PLPT 403PLPT 4030Democracy and Its Critics
PLPT 404PLPT 4040Hermeneutics of Political Theory
PLPT 407PLPT 4070Liberalism and its Critics
PLPT 409PLPT 4090Pragmatism, Religion, and Democracy
PLPT 420PLPT 4200Feminist Political Theory
PLPT 421PLPT 4210Evolutionary Theory and Human Nature
PLPT 424PLPT 4500Special Topics in Political Theory
PLPT 480PLPT 4800Political Economy
PLPT 498PLPT 4999Senior Thesis
PLPT 499PLPT 4990Honors Core Seminar in Political Theory
PLPT 501PLPT 5010Nature of Political Inquiry
PLPT 502PLPT 5020Basic Problems of Political Philosophy
PLPT 503PLPT 5030Marxist Theories
PLPT 505PLPT 5050Concepts of Law
PLPT 506PLPT 5060Plato and Aristotle
PLPT 515PLPT 5150Continental Political Thought
PLPT 522PLPT 5220American Political Thought
PLPT 595PLPT 5993Selected Problems in Theory and Method
PLPT 700PLPT 7000Introduction to Political Theory
PLPT 722PLPT 7220American Political Thought
PLPT 802PLPT 8020Problems of Political Philosophy
PLPT 803PLPT 8503Topics in Modern Political Philosophy
PLPT 821PLPT 8210Seminar in American Political Thought and Institutions
PLPT 897PLPT 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
PLPT 898PLPT 8999Non-Topical Research
PLPT 997PLPT 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PLPT 999PLPT 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
POL 121POL 1210Introduction to Polish Language
POL 122POL 1220Introduction to Polish Language
POL 221POL 2210Intermediate Polish Language
POL 222POL 2220Intermediate Polish Language


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PORT 111PORT 1110Beginning Intensive Portuguese
PORT 212PORT 2120Intermediate Intensive Portuguese
PORT 301PORT 3010Advanced Grammar, Conversation and Composition
PORT 402PORT 4020Readings in Literature in Portuguese
PORT 441PORT 4410Brazilian Literature
PORT 442PORT 4420Brazilian Literature
PORT 461PORT 4610Studies in Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature
PORT 462PORT 4620Studies in Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
POTR 427POTR 4270The Civilization of Brazil


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PPL 201PPL 2010Morality, Law and the State
PPL 401PPL 4010Research Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PPOL 500PPOL 5000Am Polt Institutions & Process
PPOL 510PPOL 5100Economics of Public Policy I
PPOL 511PPOL 7110Economics of Public Policy II
PPOL 515PPOL 5150Res Methods & Data Analysis I
PPOL 525PPOL 5250Intro to Policy Analysis
PPOL 701PPOL 7010Political History: Traditions and Legacies
PPOL 705PPOL 7993Independent Study
PPOL 716PPOL 7160Research Methods and Data Analysis II
PPOL 725PPOL 7250Summer Internship
PPOL 735PPOL 7350Summer Internship Experience
PPOL 740PPOL 7400Legal and Moral Reasoning
PPOL 745PPOL 5450Strategic Leadership and Public Management
PPOL 750PPOL 7600Thesis Project
PPOL 751PPOL 7610Adv Policy Analysis Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSCJ 431PSCJ 4310Organizational and Personal Development
PSCJ 432PSCJ 4320Management, Communication, and the Law
PSCJ 433PSCJ 4330Leadership and Criminal Justice
PSCJ 434PSCJ 4340Negotiation and Collaboration
PSCJ 435PSCJ 4350Individual and Organizational Effectiveness
PSCJ 531PSCJ 5310Organizational and Personal Development
PSCJ 532PSCJ 5320Management, Communication, and the Law
PSCJ 533PSCJ 5330Leadership and Criminal Justice
PSCJ 534PSCJ 5340Negotiation and Collaboration
PSCJ 535PSCJ 5350Indiv & Organ Effectiveness


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSED 601PSED 6501Special Topics in Leadership and School Improvement
PSED 602PSED 6502Special Topics in School Program Assessment
PSED 603PSED 6503Special Topics in Curriculum, Instruction, and Classroom Assessment
PSED 604PSED 6504Special Topics in Adult Education
PSED 605T PSED 6505Special Topics in Classroom Community, Student Success, and Special Needs
PSED 606PSED 6506Special Topics in Legal and Personnel Issues
PSED 607D PSED 6507Special Topics in Science Instruction
PSED 608N PSED 6508Special Topics in Mathematics Instruction
PSED 609PSED 6509Special Topics in Social Studies Instruction
PSED 610A PSED 6510Special Topics in English Instruction
PSED 611A PSED 6511Special Topics in Reading Instruction
PSED 612A PSED 6512Special Topics in Visual Arts
PSED 613A PSED 6513Special Topics in Music, Dance, and Drama
PSED 614A PSED 6514Special Topics in Foreign Language and ESOL Instruction
PSED 615BPSED 6515Special Topics in Library Media Specialist
PSED 616A PSED 6516Special Topics in Early Childhood Education and Human Development
PSED 617A PSED 6517Special Topics in Children's Literature
PSED 618A PSED 6518Special Topics in Using Technology for Teaching and Learning
PSED 619PSED 6519Special Topics in Higher Education
PSED 620PSED 6520Special Topics:
PSED 621D PSED 6521Special Topics in Education


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSEW 601PSEW 6501Special Topics in Leadership & School Improvement
PSEW 602PSEW 6502Special Topics in School Program Assessment
PSEW 603PSEW 6503Special Topics in Curriculum, Instruction, and Classroom Assessment
PSEW 604PSEW 6504Special Topics in Adult Education
PSEW 605PSEW 6505Special Topics in Classroom Community, Student Success, and Special Needs
PSEW 606PSEW 6506Special Topics in Legal and Personnel Issues
PSEW 607PSEW 6507Special Topics in Science Instruction
PSEW 608PSEW 6508Special Topics in Mathematics Instruction
PSEW 609PSEW 6509Special Topics in Social Studies Instruction
PSEW 610PSEW 6510Special Topics in English Instruction
PSEW 611PSEW 6511Special Topics in Reading Instruction
PSEW 612PSEW 6512Special Topics in Visual Arts
PSEW 613PSEW 6513Special Topics in Music, Dance, and Drama
PSEW 614PSEW 6514Special Topics in Foreign Language and ESOL Instruction
PSEW 615PSEW 6515Special Topics in Library Media Specialist
PSEW 616PSEW 6516Special Topics in Early Childhood Education and Human Development
PSEW 617PSEW 6517Special Topics in Children's Literature
PSEW 618PSEW 6518Special Topics in Using Technology for Teaching and Learning
PSEW 619PSEW 6519Special Topics in Higher Education
PSEW 620PSEW 6520Special Topics:


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSLS 400PSLS 4000Leadership Skills for Managers
PSLS 500PSLS 5000Leadership Skills for Managers
PSLS 500BPSLS 5001Leadership for Experienced Supervisors
PSLS 500CPSLS 5002Group Supervisors' Leadership Institute


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSMT 603W PSMT 6030Customer Relationship Management
PSMT 604W PSMT 6040Legal Aspects of eMarketing


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSPL 100PSPL 1000State & Local Political Ldrshp
PSPL 101PSPL 1010Democracy in Action
PSPL 301PSPL 3010State & Local Political Ldrshp
PSPL 302PSPL 3020State & Local Political Ldrshp
PSPL 501PSPL 5010Political Leadership Dev.


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PST 485PST 4850Core Seminar in Political and Social Thought I
PST 487PST 4870Core Seminar in Political and Social Thought II
PST 497Y PST 4998Thesis in Political and Social Thought
PST 498Y PST 4980Workshop in Thesis Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSWD 589PSWD 5890Workforce Development Professional Competencies
PSWD 590PSWD 5900Professional Assessment and Development
PSWD 591PSWD 5910Practicum: Workforce Development


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
PSYC 101PSYC 1010Introductory Psychology
PSYC 210PSYC 2100Introduction to Learning
PSYC 215PSYC 2150Introduction to Cognition
PSYC 220PSYC 2200A Survey of the Neural Basis of Behavior
PSYC 221PSYC 2210Animal Behavior
PSYC 222PSYC 2220Principles of Psychobiology
PSYC 230PSYC 2300Introduction to Perception
PSYC 240PSYC 2400Introduction to Personality Psychology
PSYC 250PSYC 2700Introduction to Child Psychology
PSYC 260PSYC 2600Introduction to Social Psychology
PSYC 305PSYC 3005Research Methods and Data Analysis I
PSYC 306PSYC 3006Research Methods and Data Analysis II
PSYC 311PSYC 3110Psychology of Language
PSYC 321PSYC 3210Psychobiology Laboratory
PSYC 341PSYC 3410Abnormal Psychology
PSYC 343PSYC 3430Psychology of Aging
PSYC 344PSYC 3440Child Psychopathology
PSYC 346PSYC 3460Psychological Study of Children, Families, and the Law
PSYC 352PSYC 3480Adolescence: Theory and Development
PSYC 353PSYC 3490Development in Infancy
PSYC 387PSYC 3870Seminar for Distinguished Majors
PSYC 395PSYC 3590Research in Psychology
PSYC 401PSYC 4125Psychology of Language
PSYC 404PSYC 4500Special Topics in Psychology
PSYC 405PSYC 4330Topics in Child Development
PSYC 406PSYC 4290Memory Distortions
PSYC 409PSYC 4111Language Development and Disorders
PSYC 411PSYC 4110Psycholinguistics
PSYC 412PSYC 4120Psychology of Reading
PSYC 415PSYC 4150Cognitive Processes
PSYC 416PSYC 4160Thinking About thinking
PSYC 418PSYC 4180Invention and Design
PSYC 420PSYC 4200Neural Mechanisms of Behavior
PSYC 425PSYC 4250Brain Systems in Memory
PSYC 430PSYC 4300Theories of Perception
PSYC 445PSYC 4601Introduction to Clinical Psychology
PSYC 446PSYC 4602Women's Issues in Clinical Psychology
PSYC 449PSYC 4603Sexual Orientation and Human Development
PSYC 450PSYC 4600Attachment and Social Development
PSYC 454PSYC 4604Family Relations
PSYC 465PSYC 4650Oppression and Social Change
PSYC 467PSYC 4670Psychology of the African-American Athlete
PSYC 468PSYC 4499Psychology and Law: Cognitive and Social Issues
PSYC 470PSYC 4700Flourishing
PSYC 475PSYC 4750Social Stigma
PSYC 485PSYC 4580Directed Readings in Psychology
PSYC 487PSYC 4870The Minority Family: A Psychological Inquiry
PSYC 491PSYC 4910Undergraduate Internship
PSYC 492PSYC 4920Undergraduate Internship
PSYC 493PSYC 4930Undergraduate Internship Program Supplement
PSYC 494PSYC 4940Undergraduate Internship Program Supplement
PSYC 497PSYC 4970Distinguished Major Thesis
PSYC 498PSYC 4980Distinguished Major Thesis
PSYC 515PSYC 5150Advanced Cognition
PSYC 516PSYC 5160Emotion and Cognition
PSYC 520PSYC 5200Seminar in Psychobiology
PSYC 521PSYC 5210Developmental Psychobiology
PSYC 526PSYC 5260Psychobiology and Memory
PSYC 532PSYC 5401Chemical Senses: Taste and Smell
PSYC 533PSYC 5330Neural Network Models of Cognition and Brain Computation
PSYC 535PSYC 5350Neurochemical Systems in Learning and Memory
PSYC 541PSYC 5651Special Issues in the Psychological Study of Children, Families, and the Law
PSYC 554PSYC 5320Theories of Cognitive Development
PSYC 555PSYC 5310Developmental Psycholinguistics
PSYC 560PSYC 5600Dynamical Systems in Social Behavior
PSYC 565PSYC 5650Psychology of Morality and Politics
PSYC 582PSYC 5500Current Topics in Psychology
PSYC 701PSYC 7010Theoretical Psychology
PSYC 710PSYC 7100Cognition
PSYC 711PSYC 7110Psycholinguistics
PSYC 715PSYC 7150Cognitive Processes
PSYC 720PSYC 7200Physiological Psychology
PSYC 736PSYC 7360Advanced Perception
PSYC 740PSYC 7400Introduction to Clinical Intervention
PSYC 741PSYC 7410Introduction to Clinical Intervention
PSYC 742PSYC 7420Psychological Intervention I
PSYC 743PSYC 7430Psychological Assessment
PSYC 744PSYC 7440Psychological Assessment
PSYC 745PSYC 7450Psychological Intervention II
PSYC 746PSYC 7460Research Methods in Clinical Psychology
PSYC 747PSYC 7470Experimental Psychopathology
PSYC 748PSYC 7480Community Psychology and Prevention Science I: Research and Consultation
PSYC 749PSYC 7490Community Psychology and Prevention Science II: Intervention and Research in Social Systems
PSYC 751PSYC 7640Research Methods in Developmental Psychology
PSYC 757PSYC 7650Behavior Disorders in Childhood
PSYC 758PSYC 7660Adolescent Development
PSYC 760PSYC 7600Social Psychology
PSYC 761PSYC 7610Advanced Research Methods in Social Psychology
PSYC 762PSYC 7620Social Cognition and Human Inference
PSYC 763PSYC 7630Nonverbal Communication and Deception
PSYC 771PSYC 7710Quantitative Methods I: Probability and Statistical Inference
PSYC 772PSYC 7720Quantitative Methods II: Experimental Design
PSYC 776PSYC 7760Introduction to Applied Multivariate Methods
PSYC 781PSYC 7810How to Do Things with Numbers
PSYC 791PSYC 7501Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 792PSYC 7502Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 793PSYC 7503Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 794PSYC 7504Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 795PSYC 7505Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 796PSYC 7506Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 797PSYC 7507Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 798PSYC 7508Contemporary Issues in Psychology
PSYC 804PSYC 8040Forum on Scientific and Professional Ethics
PSYC 805PSYC 8050Public Policy, Children, and Families
PSYC 846PSYC 8460The Minority Family
PSYC 847PSYC 8470Ecological Theory and Assessment
PSYC 848PSYC 8480Social Ecology and Development
PSYC 852PSYC 8650Social and Personality Development
PSYC 853PSYC 8660Family Relations and Human Development
PSYC 854PSYC 8670Cognitive Development
PSYC 855PSYC 8605Language Development
PSYC 860PSYC 8600Mental Health, Law, and Children
PSYC 872PSYC 8720Psycho-Epidemiological Methods
PSYC 881PSYC 8501Current Problems in Psychology
PSYC 897PSYC 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Thesis
PSYC 898PSYC 8999Non-Topical Research
PSYC 901PSYC 9501Topical Research
PSYC 994PSYC 9940Readings in Psychology
PSYC 997PSYC 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
PSYC 998PSYC 9980Practicum in Case Consultation
PSYC 999PSYC 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELA 275RELA 2750African Religions
RELA 285RELA 2850Afro- Creole Religions in the Americas
RELA 351RELA 3510African Diaspora Religions
RELA 389RELA 3890Christianity in Africa
RELA 390RELA 3900Islam in Africa
RELA 410RELA 4100Yoruba Religion


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELB 210RELB 2100Buddhism
RELB 212RELB 2120Buddhist Literature
RELB 213RELB 2130Taoism and Confuscianism
RELB 245RELB 2450Zen
RELB 254RELB 2054Tibetan Buddhist Culture
RELB 277RELB 2770Daoism
RELB 300RELB 3000Buddhist Mysticism and Modernity
RELB 315RELB 3150Seminar in Buddhist Studies
RELB 316RELB 3160The Religions of Japan
RELB 317RELB 3170Buddhist Meditation
RELB 319RELB 3190Buddhist Nirvana
RELB 500RELB 5000Literary and Spoken Tibetan I
RELB 501RELB 5010Literary and Spoken Tibetan II
RELB 502RELB 5020Tibetan Perspectives on Tantra
RELB 517RELB 5170The Dalai Lamas of Tibet
RELB 525RELB 5250Seminar in Japanese Buddhism
RELB 526RELB 5260Seminar in Tibetan Buddhism II
RELB 527RELB 5270Seminar in Chinese Buddhism
RELB 535RELB 5350Literary and Spoken Tibetan III
RELB 536RELB 5360Literary and Spoken Tibetan IV
RELB 539RELB 5390Tibetan Buddhist Tantra Dzokchen
RELB 543RELB 5430Sanskrit Religious Texts
RELB 544RELB 5440Sanskrit Religious Texts
RELB 546RELB 5460Seminar in Mahayana Buddhism
RELB 547RELB 5470Literary and Spoken Tibetan V
RELB 548RELB 5480Literary and Spoken Tibetan VI
RELB 549RELB 5490Religious History of Tibet
RELB 555RELB 5055Buddhist Philosophy
RELB 560RELB 5600Elementary Pali
RELB 561RELB 5610Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit
RELB 566RELB 5660Seminar on Indian Buddhism
RELB 568RELB 5680Pure Land Buddhism
RELB 571RELB 5715Seminar on Chinese Religion and Society
RELB 580RELB 5800Literary and Spoken Tibetan VII
RELB 581RELB 5810Literary and Spoken Tibetan VIII
RELB 587RELB 5870Colloquial Tibetan VII
RELB 588RELB 5880Colloquial Tibetan VIII
RELB 591RELB 5991Seminar in Chinese Buddhism
RELB 599RELB 5990South Asian and Inner Asian Buddhist Bibliography
RELB 700RELB 7000Readings in Japanese Buddhist Studies I, II
RELB 701RELB 7010Readings in Japanese Buddhist Studies I, II
RELB 702RELB 7020Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts I, II
RELB 703RELB 7030Readings in Chinese Buddhist Texts I, II
RELB 820RELB 8200Literary and Spoken Tibetan VII, VIII
RELB 821RELB 8210Literary and Spoken Tibetan VII, VIII
RELB 823RELB 8230Advanced Literary and Spoken Tibetan
RELB 831RELB 8310Advanced Sanskrit/Pali I
RELB 832RELB 8320Advanced Sanskrit/Pali II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELC 121RELC 1210Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
RELC 122RELC 1220New Testament and Early Christianity
RELC 150RELC 1050Introduction to Christian Traditions
RELC 200RELC 2000The Bible and Its Interpreters
RELC 205RELC 2050History of Christianity I
RELC 206RELC 2060History of Christianity II
RELC 233RELC 2330History of Christian Social and Political Thought I
RELC 234RELC 2340History of Christian Social and Political Thought II
RELC 236RELC 2360Elements of Christian Thought
RELC 240RELC 2401History of American Catholicism
RELC 246RELC 2460Aspects of the Catholic Tradition
RELC 303RELC 3030The Historical Jesus
RELC 304RELC 3040Paul: Letters and Theology
RELC 320RELC 3200Medieval Church Law
RELC 324RELC 3240Medieval Mysticism
RELC 325RELC 3181Medieval Christianity
RELC 326RELC 3231Reformation Europe
RELC 327RELC 3270Salvation in the Middle Ages
RELC 328RELC 3280Eastern Christianity
RELC 336RELC 3360Judaism and Christianity
RELC 347RELC 3470Christianity and Science
RELC 348RELC 3480Dynamics of Faith
RELC 350RELC 3055American Feminist Theology
RELC 355RELC 3550Faith and Reason
RELC 358RELC 3058The Christian Vision in Literature
RELC 361RELC 3610Female Saints in the Western Tradition
RELC 365RELC 3650Systems of Theological Ethics
RELC 368RELC 3680Social Problems of American Catholicism
RELC 369RELC 3690The Gospel and Letters of John and the Book of Revelation
RELC 370RELC 3700The Revelation to John and Its Interpretation Throughout the Centuries
RELC 379RELC 3790Augustine of Hippo
RELC 381RELC 3810Cultural Catholicism
RELC 389RELC 3890Christianity in Africa
RELC 391RELC 3910Women and the Bible
RELC 504RELC 5040The Apocalyptic Tradition
RELC 510RELC 5100Natural Law in Judaism and Christianity
RELC 511RELC 5110Phenomenology and Christology
RELC 512RELC 5120Development of Nineteenth and Twentieth Century Catholic Liberalism
RELC 513RELC 5130Being and God
RELC 519RELC 5190Theology in the Nineteenth Century
RELC 520RELC 5200Contemporary Theology
RELC 523RELC 5230Pentecostalism
RELC 530RELC 5300Early Christianity and Classical Judaism
RELC 531RELC 5310Early Christianity and Greco-Roman Culture
RELC 551RELC 5051Seminar in Early Christian Thought
RELC 552RELC 5052Seminar in American Catholic History
RELC 564RELC 5640Seminar in Modern Christian Thought
RELC 567RELC 5670Early Christian Ethics
RELC 580RELC 5800Advanced Exegesis of the New Testament I
RELC 581RELC 5810Advanced Exegesis of the New Testament II
RELC 583RELC 5830Love and Justice in Christian Ethics
RELC 711RELC 7110Seminar in Roman Catholic Moral Theology
RELC 724RELC 7241Popular Religion, 1300-1700
RELC 815RELC 8150Patristic Greek
RELC 841RELC 8410Seminar on American Religious Thought I: Edwards to Emerson
RELC 842RELC 8420Seminar on American Religious Thought II: Liberalism Through Neo-Orthodoxy
RELC 844RELC 8440Seminar in Reformation Studies
RELC 846RELC 8460Development of Catholic Social and Political Thought
RELC 847RELC 8470American Catholic Approaches to Religious Liberty
RELC 889RELC 8890Seminar in New Testament Theology
RELC 890RELC 8590Topics in New Testament Studies
RELC 892RELC 8920Seminar in Early Christianity


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELG 100RELG 1000First-Year Seminar
RELG 101RELG 1010Introduction to Western Religious Traditions
RELG 104RELG 1040Introduction to Eastern Religious Traditions
RELG 214RELG 2140Archaic Cult and Myth
RELG 215RELG 2150Religion in American Life and Thought to 1865
RELG 216RELG 2160Religion in American Life and Thought from 1865 to the Present
RELG 219RELG 2190Religion and Modern Fiction
RELG 229RELG 2290Business Ethics
RELG 230RELG 2300Religious Ethics and Moral Problems
RELG 238RELG 2380Faith and Doubt in the Modern Age
RELG 239RELG 2390Theism and Humanism
RELG 244RELG 2440Human Nature and Its Possibilities
RELG 263RELG 2630Business, Ethics, and Society
RELG 265RELG 2650Theology, Ethics, and Medicine
RELG 270RELG 2700Festivals of the Americas
RELG 305RELG 3050Religions of Western Antiquity
RELG 308RELG 3080Israeli Fiction in Translation
RELG 321RELG 3210Major Themes in American Religious History
RELG 336RELG 3360Religions in the New World
RELG 337RELG 3370God Since Cinema
RELG 340RELG 3400Women and Religion
RELG 347RELG 3470Christianity and Science
RELG 351RELG 3051Religion and Society
RELG 353RELG 3053Religion and Psychology
RELG 357RELG 3057Existentialism: Its Literary, Philosophical and Religious Expressions
RELG 360RELG 3600Religion and Modern Theatre
RELG 364RELG 3640Religion, God, and Evil
RELG 365RELG 3650Systems of Theological Ethics
RELG 366RELG 3660Issues in Theological Ethics
RELG 372RELG 3721Witchcraft
RELG 375RELG 3750Taoism and Confucianism
RELG 386RELG 3860Human Bodies and Parts as Properties
RELG 395RELG 3950Evil in Modernity: Banal or Demonic
RELG 400RELG 4000Majors Seminar
RELG 415RELG 4150Salem Witch Trials
RELG 422RELG 4220American Religious Autobiography
RELG 461RELG 4610Sex and Morality
RELG 481RELG 4810Poetry and Theology
RELG 503RELG 5030Readings in Chinese Religion
RELG 506RELG 5060Interpretation of Myth
RELG 507RELG 5070Interpretation Theory
RELG 508RELG 5080Seminar on Religion and American Culture I
RELG 514RELG 5140Seminar on a Major Religious Thinker
RELG 515RELG 5150Issues in Religious Ethics
RELG 517RELG 5170Seminar in History of Religions
RELG 518RELG 5180Seminar in Philosophical Theology
RELG 524RELG 5240Problems in Philosophy of Religion
RELG 537RELG 5370Feasting, Fasting and Faith: Food in Jewish and Christian Traditions
RELG 541RELG 5410Seminar in Social and Political Thought
RELG 563RELG 5630Seminar: Issues in the Study of Religion and Literature
RELG 569RELG 5690Contemporary Religious Movements
RELG 571RELG 5710The Victorian Crisis of Faith: Its Religious and Literary Expressions
RELG 573RELG 5730Theology of Culture
RELG 575RELG 5750Myth and Ritual
RELG 578RELG 5780Wallace Stevens and the Absolute
RELG 585RELG 5850Narrative in Ethics and Theology
RELG 590RELG 5900Ethics, Politics, and Rhetoric
RELG 592RELG 5920Theology and Politics
RELG 705RELG 7050Myth and Modern Drama
RELG 714RELG 7140Comparative Indo-European Mythology
RELG 720RELG 7200Wittgenstein and Philosophy of Religion
RELG 721RELG 7210Kant and Philosophy of Religion
RELG 722RELG 7220Rationality, Justification, and Religious Belief
RELG 725RELG 7250Kierkegaard and Philosophy of Religion
RELG 728RELG 7528Topics in Modern Religious Thought
RELG 745RELG 7450Phenomenology & Mysticism
RELG 800RELG 8000Negativity and Religious Imagination
RELG 808RELG 8080Principles and Practice of Bioethics Services
RELG 809RELG 8090Proseminar on Current Controversies in Bioethics
RELG 810RELG 8100Proseminar in Clinical Ethics
RELG 812RELG 8120Figures and Traditions in Philosophical and Religious Ethics
RELG 813RELG 8130Figures and Traditions in Philosophical and Religious
RELG 814RELG 8140History of Bioethics via the Great Cases
RELG 831RELG 8315Trinity
RELG 833RELG 8330Comparative Religious Ethics
RELG 834RELG 8340Contemporary Theological Ethics
RELG 840RELG 8400Historiography Seminar in American Religion
RELG 855RELG 8055Seminar in the Thought of Martin Heidegger


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELH 100T RELH 1000T Non-Uva Transfer/Test Credit
RELH 209RELH 2090Hinduism
RELH 211RELH 2110Popular Hinduism
RELH 314RELH 3140The Jain Tradition
RELH 344RELH 3440Gandhi to Terrorism: Religion and Violence in Modern India
RELH 371RELH 3710Hindu Traditions of Devotion
RELH 374RELH 3740Hinduism Through its Narrative Literatures
RELH 553RELH 5053Hindu Philosophical Systems
RELH 554RELH 5054Hindu Ethics
RELH 589RELH 5890Vedic Hinduism
RELH 717RELH 7170Hindu Cosmology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELI 207RELI 2070Classical Islam
RELI 208RELI 2080Islam in the Modern Age
RELI 311RELI 3110Muhammad and the Qur'an
RELI 312RELI 3120Sufism
RELI 367RELI 3670Religion and Politics in Islam
RELI 390RELI 3900Islam in Africa
RELI 540RELI 5400Seminar in Islamic Theology
RELI 541RELI 5410Islamic Theology: The Shi'ite Creed
RELI 542RELI 5420War and Peace in Islam: A Comparative Ethics Approach
RELI 710RELI 7100Islamic Religious Law
RELI 860RELI 8600Seminar in Shi'ite Theology


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELJ 111RELJ 1110Elementary Classical Hebrew I
RELJ 112RELJ 1120Elementary Classical Hebrew II
RELJ 121RELJ 1210Hebrew Bible/Old Testament
RELJ 201RELJ 2010Intermediate Classical Hebrew I
RELJ 202RELJ 2020Intermediate Classical Hebrew II
RELJ 203RELJ 2030The Judaic Tradition
RELJ 204RELJ 2040American Judaism
RELJ 221RELJ 2521Special Topics in Judaism
RELJ 223RELJ 2230Jewish Spiritual Journeys
RELJ 224RELJ 2240Jewish Ritual
RELJ 235RELJ 2350Jewish Ethics
RELJ 256RELJ 2056Classical Sources in the Jewish Tradition
RELJ 303RELJ 3030Historical Jesus
RELJ 307RELJ 3070Beliefs and Ethics after the Holocaust
RELJ 309RELJ 3090Israelite Prophecy
RELJ 310RELJ 3100Medieval Jewish Theology
RELJ 322RELJ 3220Judaism and Zionism
RELJ 330RELJ 3300The Jewish Mystical Tradition
RELJ 331RELJ 3310Jewish Law
RELJ 332RELJ 3320Judaism: Medicine and Healing
RELJ 333RELJ 3330Women and Judaism: Tradition and Change
RELJ 334RELJ 3340Jewish Medical Ethics
RELJ 335RELJ 3350Jewish Social Ethics
RELJ 336RELJ 3360Judaism and Christianity
RELJ 337RELJ 3370Modern Movements in Judaism
RELJ 339RELJ 3390Jewish Feminism
RELJ 343RELJ 3430Women in Judaism
RELJ 352RELJ 3052Responses to the Holocaust
RELJ 383RELJ 3830Talmud
RELJ 391RELJ 3910Women and the Bible
RELJ 505RELJ 5050Judaism in Antiquity
RELJ 513RELJ 5130Psalms
RELJ 522RELJ 5220Literary Approaches to Rabbinic Literature
RELJ 523RELJ 5230Modern Jewish Thought: From Phenomenology to Scripture
RELJ 528RELJ 5280Seminar in Israelite Religion
RELJ 529RELJ 5290Seminar in Hebrew Bible
RELJ 530RELJ 5300Early Christianity and Classical Judaism
RELJ 594RELJ 5940Judaism and Kantian Philosophy
RELJ 595RELJ 5950Midrashic Imagination
RELJ 888RELJ 8880Biblical and Jewish Palestinian Aramaic


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RELS 495RELS 4995Independent Research
RELS 496RELS 4998Distinguished Major Thesis
RELS 498RELS 4980Senior Essay
RELS 895RELS 8995Research
RELS 896RELS 8960Thesis Research
RELS 897RELS 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
RELS 898RELS 8999Non-Topical Research
RELS 997RELS 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
RELS 999RELS 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RUSS 101RUSS 1010First-Year Russian
RUSS 102RUSS 1020First-Year Russian
RUSS 201RUSS 2010Second-Year Russian
RUSS 202RUSS 2020Second-Year Russian
RUSS 301RUSS 3010Third-Year Russian
RUSS 302RUSS 3020Third-Year Russian
RUSS 303RUSS 3030Intermediate Conversation
RUSS 304RUSS 3040Applied Russian Phonetics
RUSS 305RUSS 3050Phonetics and Russian Word Formation
RUSS 306RUSS 3060Russian for Business
RUSS 401RUSS 4010Fourth-Year Russian
RUSS 402RUSS 4020Fourth-Year Russian
RUSS 491RUSS 4998Senior Thesis in Russian Studies
RUSS 492RUSS 4999Senior Thesis in Russian Studies
RUSS 493RUSS 4993Independent Study
RUSS 498RUSS 4990Senior Honors Thesis
RUSS 500RUSS 5000Reading Techniques for Russian Newspapers and Periodicals
RUSS 501RUSS 5010Readings in the Social Sciences
RUSS 502RUSS 5020Advanced Proficiency Russian
RUSS 503RUSS 5030Advanced Russian I
RUSS 504RUSS 5040Advanced Russian II
RUSS 505RUSS 5050Advanced Conversation
RUSS 509RUSS 5090Russian for Reading Knowledge
RUSS 521RUSS 5210The Structure of Modern Russian: Phonology and Morphology
RUSS 522RUSS 5220The Structure of Modern Russian: Syntax and Semantics
RUSS 523RUSS 5230History of the Russian Literary Language
RUSS 524RUSS 5240History of the Russian Language
RUSS 550RUSS 5180Russian Satire
RUSS 551RUSS 5190Russian Drama and Theatre
RUSS 552RUSS 5110The Rise of the Russian Novel, 1795-1850
RUSS 553RUSS 5175The Golden Age of Russian Poetry
RUSS 554RUSS 5120Age of Realism, 1851-1881
RUSS 555RUSS 5176The Silver Age of Russian Poetry
RUSS 556RUSS 5140Russian Modernism
RUSS 557RUSS 5150Russian Formalism and Structuralist Poetics
RUSS 558RUSS 5160Contemporary Russian Literature
RUSS 565RUSS 5060Stylistics
RUSS 573RUSS 5123Dostoevsky and the Modern Novel
RUSS 574RUSS 5124Tolstoy
RUSS 575RUSS 5170Russian Poetry
RUSS 585RUSS 5570Topics in Comparative Literature
RUSS 586RUSS 5580Topics in Comparative Literature
RUSS 591RUSS 5500Selected Topics in Russian Literature
RUSS 701RUSS 7010Proseminar in Russian Literature
RUSS 702RUSS 7020The Theory and Practice of Criticism
RUSS 729RUSS 7290Medieval and 18th-Century Russian
RUSS 730RUSS 7300Russian Literature of the Eighteenth Century
RUSS 731RUSS 7310Pushkin
RUSS 732RUSS 7320Gogol
RUSS 735RUSS 7350Turgenev
RUSS 736RUSS 7360Tolstoy
RUSS 738RUSS 7380Chekhov
RUSS 773RUSS 7730Graduate Seminar on Dostoevsky
RUSS 785RUSS 7850The Russian and West European Novel: 1790-1880
RUSS 786RUSS 7860The Russian and West European Novel: 1790-1880
RUSS 791RUSS 7500Seminar in Russian Studies
RUSS 792RUSS 7510Seminar in Russian Studies
RUSS 793RUSS 7993Independent Study in Russian Literature
RUSS 821RUSS 8210Advanced Structure of Russian: Phonology and Morphology
RUSS 822RUSS 8220Advanced Structure of Russian: Syntax and Semantics
RUSS 895RUSS 8999Master's Thesis
RUSS 999RUSS 9999Non-Topical Research, Doctoral


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
RUTR 232RUTR 2320America Through Russian Eyes
RUTR 246RUTR 2460Civilization and Culture of Russia
RUTR 247RUTR 2470Modern Russian Culture
RUTR 256RUTR 2400Russian Masterpieces
RUTR 273RUTR 2730Dostoevsky and the Modern Novel
RUTR 274RUTR 2740Tolstoy in Translation
RUTR 335RUTR 3350Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature
RUTR 336RUTR 3360Russian Culture of the Twentieth Century
RUTR 358RUTR 3370Russian Prose From 1881-1917
RUTR 368RUTR 3680The Russian Novel in European Perspective
RUTR 391RUTR 3500Topics in Russian Literature
RUTR 392RUTR 3510Topics in Russian Literature
RUTR 393RUTR 3520Case Studies in Russian Literature
RUTR 395RUTR 3400Nabokov


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SANS 101SANS 1010Elementary Sanskrit I
SANS 102SANS 1020Elementary Sanskrit II
SANS 201A SANS 2012Selections from the Mahabharata
SANS 201BSANS 2014Selections from the Ramayana of Valmiki
SANS 201CSANS 2016Selections from the Kathasaritsagara of Somadeva
SANS 202A SANS 2022The Bhagavadgita
SANS 202BSANS 2024Selections from the Upanisads
SANS 202CSANS 2026Selections from the Puranas
SANS 501SANS 5010Elementary Sanskrit I
SANS 502SANS 5020Elementary Sanskrit II
SANS 503SANS 5012Selections from the Mahabharata
SANS 504SANS 5022The Bhagavadgita
SANS 505SANS 5014Selections from the Ramayana of Valmiki
SANS 506SANS 5024Selections from the Upanisads
SANS 507SANS 5016Selections from the Kathasaritsagara of Somadeva
SANS 508SANS 5026Selections from the Puranas
SANS 701SANS 7010Classical Plays and Poetry
SANS 702SANS 7020Literary Theory
SANS 703SANS 7030Philosophical Texts I
SANS 704SANS 7040Philosophical Texts II
SANS 751SANS 7051Vedic Texts I
SANS 752SANS 7052Vedic Texts II
SANS 753SANS 7053Texts in the Science and Philosophy of Grammar I
SANS 754SANS 7054Texts in the Science and Philosophy of Grammar II
SANS 801SANS 8993Independent Study in Sanskrit


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SARC 600SARC 6000The Common Course


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SAST 110SAST 1100Introduction to South Asia
SAST 250SAST 2050Cultural History of South Asia
SAST 260SAST 2060Bollywood Dreams: Indian Cinema
SAST 355SAST 3450The Languages of South Asia
SAST 364SAST 3640Women & Politics in S Asia
SAST 755SAST 7450The Languages of South Asia


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SATR 200SATR 2000Introduction to South Asian Literature
SATR 201SATR 2010Remembering India's Partition through Literature and Poetry
SATR 211SATR 2110Travels in South Asia
SATR 300SATR 3000South Asian Literature Across Borders
SATR 301SATR 3010Colors of Loneliness: Literature of Diasporic Imagination
SATR 311SATR 3110Modern Urdu Literature
SATR 328SATR 3280Poetry of Passionate Devotion:The Ghazal


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SLAV 170SLAV 1700Liberal Arts Seminar
SLAV 171SLAV 1710Liberal Arts Seminar
SLAV 215SLAV 2150Magic and Meaning
SLAV 236SLAV 2360Dracula
SLAV 322SLAV 3220The Spy in Eastern Europe
SLAV 511SLAV 5310Slavic Folktale
SLAV 512SLAV 5320Slavic Folklore and Oral Literature
SLAV 513SLAV 5330Slavic Heroic Epic
SLAV 514SLAV 5340Slavic Ritual
SLAV 525SLAV 5250Introduction to Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 531SLAV 5350Slavic Folklore in America
SLAV 533SLAV 5510Topics in West Slavic Literatures
SLAV 536SLAV 5360Slavic Mythology
SLAV 537SLAV 5370South Slavic Folklore
SLAV 543SLAV 5520Topics in South Slavic Literatures
SLAV 555SLAV 5530Topics in Ukrainian Literature
SLAV 592SLAV 5500Selected Topics in Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 710SLAV 7500Topics in Slavic Civilization
SLAV 711SLAV 7110Balkan Studies
SLAV 742SLAV 7420Common Slavic
SLAV 743SLAV 7430Old Church Slavonic
SLAV 744SLAV 7440Old Church Slavonic
SLAV 793SLAV 7993Independent Study in Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 851SLAV 8630History and Structure of the East Slavic Languages
SLAV 853SLAV 8640History and Structure of the South Slavic Languages
SLAV 854SLAV 8650History and Structure of the West Slavic Languages
SLAV 861SLAV 8610Seminar in Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 862SLAV 8620Seminar in Slavic Linguistics
SLAV 897SLAV 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
SLAV 898SLAV 8999Non-Topical Research
SLAV 997SLAV 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
SLAV 999SLAV 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SLFK 200SLFK 2993Independent Study in East European Literature in Translation
SLFK 201SLFK 2010Introduction to Slavic Folklore
SLFK 203SLFK 2030Terror and Taboo in Russian Childlore
SLFK 204SLFK 2040Story and Healing
SLFK 211SLFK 2110Tale and Legend
SLFK 212SLFK 2120Ritual and Family Life
SLFK 213SLFK 2130Magic Acts
SLFK 214SLFK 2140Ritual and Demonology
SLFK 493SLFK 4993Independent Study in Slavic Folklore


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SLTR 200SLTR 2000Eastern Europe through Literature and Film


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SOC 101SOC 1010Introductory Sociology
SOC 195SOC 1595Special Topics in Social Issues
SOC 196SOC 1596Special Topics in Social Issues
SOC 200SOC 2000Gender, Technology, & Education
SOC 220SOC 2200Death and Dying
SOC 222SOC 2220Social Problems
SOC 223SOC 2230Criminology
SOC 226SOC 2260Sociology of Sport
SOC 232SOC 2320Gender and Society
SOC 247SOC 2470American Society and Popular Culture
SOC 252SOC 2052Sociology of the Family
SOC 255SOC 2055Law and Society
SOC 260SOC 2600Leadership Across the Disciplines
SOC 273SOC 2730Computers and Society
SOC 279SOC 2790Sociology of American Business
SOC 302SOC 3020Introduction to Social Theory
SOC 306SOC 3060Sociological Perspectives on Whiteness
SOC 312SOC 3120Sociology Research Workshop
SOC 313SOC 3130Introduction to Social Statistics
SOC 338SOC 3380Violence, Gender, and Poverty
SOC 340SOC 3400Gender and Sexuality
SOC 341SOC 3410Race and Ethnic Relations
SOC 347SOC 3470Sociology of Development
SOC 349SOC 3490Cities and Cultures
SOC 355SOC 3055Women's Social Movements in Modern East Asia
SOC 356SOC 3056Culture and Power
SOC 380SOC 3800Social Change
SOC 382SOC 3820Social Movements
SOC 395SOC 3595Special Topics in Sociology
SOC 396SOC 3596Special Topics in Sociology
SOC 403SOC 4030Sociology of Mind
SOC 407SOC 4070Sociology of Art
SOC 409SOC 4090Sociology of Literature
SOC 410SOC 4100Sociology of the African-American Community
SOC 414SOC 4140Sociology of Consumption
SOC 417SOC 4170Theoretical Sociology
SOC 419SOC 4190Work and Gender
SOC 422SOC 4220Contemporary Social Problems
SOC 423SOC 4230Deviance and Social Control
SOC 435SOC 4350Comparative Gender Stratification
SOC 442SOC 4420Sociology of Inequality
SOC 446SOC 4460Post-Communist Societies
SOC 450SOC 4050American Society
SOC 451SOC 4051Topics in Sociology of Work
SOC 452SOC 4052Sociology of Religious Behavior
SOC 453SOC 4053Sociology of Education
SOC 454SOC 4054Political Sociology
SOC 455SOC 4055Sociology of Law
SOC 457SOC 4057Family Policy
SOC 459SOC 4059Conflict Management
SOC 460SOC 4600Gender and Culture
SOC 463SOC 4630Eastern European Societies
SOC 464SOC 4640Urban Sociology
SOC 470SOC 4700Medical Sociology
SOC 471SOC 4710Sociology of Organizations
SOC 480SOC 4800Undergraduate Internship Program
SOC 481SOC 4810Undergraduate Internship Program
SOC 482SOC 4820Undergraduate Internship Program
SOC 485SOC 4850Media, Culture and Society
SOC 486SOC 4860Sociology of Religion
SOC 487SOC 4870Immigration
SOC 497SOC 4970Special Studies in Sociology
SOC 498SOC 4980Distinguished Majors Seminar
SOC 503SOC 5030Classical Sociological Theory
SOC 506SOC 5060Contemporary Sociological Theory
SOC 508SOC 5080Comparative Historical Sociology
SOC 510SOC 5100Research Design and Methods
SOC 511SOC 5110Survey Research Methods
SOC 512SOC 5120Intermediate Statistics
SOC 514SOC 5140Qualitative Methods
SOC 542SOC 5420Social Stratification
SOC 556SOC 5056Sociology of Culture
SOC 557SOC 5057Sociology of Family
SOC 559SOC 5059Sociology of Science
SOC 562SOC 5620Social Demography
SOC 572SOC 5720Nations and Nationalism
SOC 595SOC 5595Special Topics in Sociology
SOC 596SOC 5596Special Topics in Sociology
SOC 713SOC 7130Intro to Social Statistics
SOC 736SOC 7360European Social Theory
SOC 781SOC 7810Social Change, Devleopment & Globalization
SOC 801SOC 8010Issues in Social Theory
SOC 802SOC 8020Issues in Social Theory
SOC 803SOC 8030Sociological Issues
SOC 804SOC 8040Sociological Issues
SOC 810SOC 8100Gender Stratification and Feminist Theory
SOC 831SOC 8531Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 832SOC 8532Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 841SOC 8410Race & Ethnicity
SOC 842SOC 8542Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 847SOC 8470Sociology of Knowledge
SOC 851SOC 8051Sociology of Work
SOC 852SOC 8052Sociology of Religion
SOC 853SOC 8053Sociology of Education
SOC 854SOC 8054Political Sociology
SOC 855SOC 8055Sociology of Law
SOC 857SOC 8057Family Research
SOC 859SOC 8059Conflict Management
SOC 862SOC 8562Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 871SOC 8710Sociology of Organizations
SOC 872SOC 8572Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 881SOC 8581Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 882SOC 8582Selected Topics in Sociology
SOC 897SOC 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
SOC 898SOC 8999Non-Topical Research
SOC 901SOC 9010Directed Reading
SOC 905SOC 9050Research Apprenticeship
SOC 906SOC 9060Research Apprenticeship
SOC 997SOC 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
SOC 999SOC 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SPAN 101SPAN 1010Elementary Spanish
SPAN 102SPAN 1020Elementary Spanish
SPAN 106SPAN 1060Accelerated Elementary Spanish
SPAN 201SPAN 2010Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 202SPAN 2020Advanced Intermediate Spanish
SPAN 309SPAN 3200Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics
SPAN 310SPAN 3000Phonetics
SPAN 311SPAN 3010Grammar Review
SPAN 312SPAN 3020Composition
SPAN 313SPAN 3030Cultural Conversations
SPAN 314SPAN 3040Business Spanish
SPAN 315SPAN 3031Conversation Cinema: Latin America
SPAN 330SPAN 3300Literary Analysis
SPAN 340SPAN 3400Survey of Spanish Literature I (Middle Ages to 1700)
SPAN 341SPAN 3410Survey of Spanish Literature II (1700 to Present)
SPAN 342SPAN 3420Survey of Latin American Literature I (Colonial to 1900)
SPAN 343SPAN 3430Survey of Latin American Literature II (1900 to Present)
SPAN 411SPAN 4010Advanced Grammar and Composition
SPAN 413SPAN 4030Advanced Conversation/Cinema
SPAN 420SPAN 4200History of the Language
SPAN 422SPAN 4040Translation from Spanish to English
SPAN 423SPAN 4701The Inquisition in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 425SPAN 47111492 and the Aftermath
SPAN 427SPAN 4700Spanish Culture and Civilization
SPAN 428SPAN 4710Latin American Culture and Civilization
SPAN 429Z SPAN 4702Islam in Europe: Muslim Iberia
SPAN 430SPAN 4201Hispanic Dialectology and Bilingualism
SPAN 431SPAN 4202Hispanic Sociolinguistics
SPAN 432SPAN 4203Sociolinguistics
SPAN 440SPAN 4703Hispanic Intellectual History
SPAN 450SPAN 4400Spanish Literature from the Middle Ages to the Renaissance
SPAN 455SPAN 4401Spanish Literature of the Golden Age
SPAN 456SPAN 4402Don Quixote
SPAN 460SPAN 4410Spanish Literature from the Enlightenment to Romanticism
SPAN 465SPAN 4412Spanish Literature from Realism to the Generation of 1898
SPAN 470SPAN 4413Modern Spanish Literature
SPAN 473SPAN 4600Literature and Cinema
SPAN 474SPAN 4610Women Between Cultures: U.S. Latinas in Their Writing
SPAN 479SPAN 4620Hispanic Women Writers
SPAN 480SPAN 4300Latin-American Literature from Colonial Period to 1900
SPAN 481SPAN 4310Latin American Women Writers from 1900 to the Present
SPAN 485SPAN 4311Latin-American Literature After 1900
SPAN 486SPAN 4320Contemporary Latin-American Short Fiction
SPAN 487SPAN 4321Contemporary Latin-American Novel
SPAN 488SPAN 4420Spanish Contemporary Poetry
SPAN 489SPAN 4450Contemporary Latin American Novella
SPAN 490SPAN 4500Special Topics Seminar: Literature
SPAN 491SPAN 4510Special Topics Seminar: Literature
SPAN 492SPAN 4520Special Topics Seminar: Language
SPAN 493SPAN 4530Special Topics Seminar: Language
SPAN 499SPAN 4993Independent Study
SPAN 514SPAN 5200Applied Linguistics in Spanish
SPAN 523SPAN 5701The Inquisition in Spain and Latin America
SPAN 525SPAN 57111492 and the Aftermath
SPAN 527SPAN 5700Spanish Civilization and Culture
SPAN 528SPAN 5710Latin American Civilization and Culture
SPAN 529Z SPAN 5702Islam in Europe: Muslim Iberia
SPAN 530SPAN 5210Hispanic Dialectology and Bilingualism
SPAN 531SPAN 5202Hispanic Sociolinguistics
SPAN 550SPAN 5300Middle Ages and Early Renaissance
SPAN 555SPAN 5350Golden Age
SPAN 560SPAN 5600Enlightenment to Romanticism
SPAN 565SPAN 5650Realism and Generation of 1898
SPAN 570SPAN 5750Contemporary Spanish Literature
SPAN 580SPAN 5800Spanish America: Colonial Period to 1800
SPAN 582SPAN 5820Spanish America: From Romanticism to Modernism
SPAN 585SPAN 5850Spanish America: Modern Period
SPAN 610SPAN 6100Teaching the Authors on the Spanish AP List
SPAN 710SPAN 7100Literary Theory
SPAN 720SPAN 7200The Structure of Spanish
SPAN 721SPAN 7210The Phonology of Spanish
SPAN 730SPAN 7220History of the Language
SPAN 750SPAN 7230Medieval Lyric Poetry
SPAN 751SPAN 7240Medieval and Early Renaissance Epic and Prose
SPAN 752SPAN 7250Medieval and Renaissance Theater
SPAN 755SPAN 7260Golden Age Poetry
SPAN 756SPAN 7270Golden Age Drama
SPAN 757SPAN 7280Golden Age Drama
SPAN 758SPAN 7290Golden Age Prose, Non-Picaresque
SPAN 759SPAN 7300The Picaresque Novel
SPAN 760SPAN 7600Eighteenth-Century Drama and Poetry
SPAN 761SPAN 7610Romanticism
SPAN 762SPAN 7620Costumbrismo
SPAN 765SPAN 7650Realism and Naturalism: The Novel
SPAN 766SPAN 7660Generation of 1898
SPAN 770SPAN 7700Generation of 1927
SPAN 771SPAN 7710Literature and the Civil War
SPAN 772SPAN 7720Contemporary Theater
SPAN 773SPAN 7730Post-Civil War Fiction
SPAN 774SPAN 7740Modern Poetry
SPAN 780SPAN 7800Colonial Spanish American Literature
SPAN 781SPAN 7810Spanish American Modernismo
SPAN 782SPAN 7820Nineteenth-Century Spanish-American Literature
SPAN 783SPAN 7830Spanish-American Poetry
SPAN 784SPAN 7840Spanish-American Fiction
SPAN 785SPAN 7850Themes and Genres: Poetry and Drama
SPAN 786SPAN 7860Regional Literature
SPAN 787SPAN 7870Short Story: Twentieth-Century Spanish America
SPAN 788SPAN 7880Novel: Twentieth-Century Spanish America
SPAN 789SPAN 7890Essay: Twentieth-Century Spanish America
SPAN 821SPAN 8210Practicum in Teaching College Spanish
SPAN 850SPAN 8500Seminars: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance
SPAN 851SPAN 8505Seminars: Middle Ages and Early Renaissance
SPAN 855SPAN 8510Seminars: Golden Age
SPAN 856SPAN 8515Seminars: Golden Age
SPAN 860SPAN 8520Seminars: Enlightenment to Romanticism
SPAN 861SPAN 8525Seminars: Enlightenment to Romanticism
SPAN 865SPAN 8530Seminars: Realism and the Generation of 1898
SPAN 866SPAN 8535Seminars: Realism and the Generation of 1898
SPAN 870SPAN 8540Seminars: Modern Spanish Literature
SPAN 871SPAN 8545Seminars: Modern Spanish Literature
SPAN 880SPAN 8550Seminars: Spanish America: Colonial Period to 1900
SPAN 881SPAN 8555Seminars: Spanish America: Colonial Period to 1900
SPAN 885SPAN 8560Seminars: Spanish America: Modern Period
SPAN 886SPAN 8565Seminars: Spanish America: Modern Period
SPAN 895SPAN 8995Guided Research
SPAN 897SPAN 8998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Research
SPAN 898SPAN 8999Non-Topical Research
SPAN 995SPAN 9995Guided Research
SPAN 997SPAN 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
SPAN 999SPAN 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SRBC 121SRBC 1210Introduction to Serbian or Croatian Language
SRBC 122SRBC 1220Introduction to Serbian or Croatian Language


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
STAT 110STAT 1100Chance: An Introduction to Statistics
STAT 112STAT 1120Introduction to Statistics
STAT 212STAT 2120Introduction to Statistical Analysis
STAT 301STAT 3010Statistical Computing and Graphics
STAT 313STAT 3130Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys
STAT 500STAT 5000Introduction to Applied Statistics
STAT 501STAT 5010Statistical Computing and Graphics
STAT 512STAT 5120Applied Linear Models
STAT 513STAT 5130Applied Multivariate Statistics
STAT 514STAT 5140Survival Analysis and Reliability Theory
STAT 515STAT 5150Actuarial Statistics
STAT 516STAT 5160Experimental Design
STAT 517STAT 5170Applied Time Series
STAT 518STAT 5180Design and Analysis of Sample Surveys
STAT 519STAT 5190Introduction to Mathematical Statistics
STAT 531STAT 5310Clinical Trials Methodology
STAT 598STAT 5980Applied Statistics Laboratory
STAT 599STAT 5999Topics in Statistics
STAT 711STAT 7110Foundations of Statistics
STAT 712STAT 7120Statistical Inference
STAT 713STAT 7130Generalized Linear Models
STAT 714STAT 7140Multivariate Statistical Analysis
STAT 715STAT 7150Non-Parametric Statistical Analysis
STAT 718STAT 7180Sample Surveys
STAT 719STAT 7190Statistical Computing
STAT 720STAT 7200Advanced Probability Theory for Applied Scientists
STAT 721STAT 7210Advanced Linear Models
STAT 731STAT 7310Advanced Data Analysis
STAT 812STAT 8120Topics in Statistics
STAT 817STAT 8170Advanced Time Series
STAT 832STAT 8320Topics in Biostatistics
STAT 912STAT 9120Statistics Seminar
STAT 995STAT 9995Statistical Consulting
STAT 996STAT 9993Directed Reading
STAT 997STAT 9998Non-Topical Research, Preparation for Doctoral Research
STAT 999STAT 9999Non-Topical Research


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
STS 100STS 1000Introduction to Technical Communications for Non-Native Speakers
STS 101STS 1010Engineering, Technology, and Society
STS 200STS 2500Topics in Technology and Society
STS 201STS 2010Thomas Jefferson's Interests in Science and Technology
STS 202STS 2020History of Technology and Invention
STS 203STS 2030Humans and Machines: Visions of Tyranny and Freedom in 19th- and 20th-Century Literature
STS 204STS 2040Technology, Aggression, and Peace
STS 206STS 2060American Environmental History
STS 207STS 2070Utopias and the Technological Society
STS 208STS 2080History of Flight
STS 209STS 2090The History of Space Flight
STS 210STS 2100Technology and Social Change in 19th-Century America
STS 211STS 2110Values of Professionals
STS 212STS 2120Religion and Technology
STS 213STS 2130American Technological and Industrial History in the Twentieth Century
STS 214STS 2140Earth Systems Technology and Management
STS 215STS 2150Technology and the U.S. Civil War
STS 216STS 2160Intellectual Property, Engineering, and Society
STS 217STS 2170Scientific and Technological Thinking
STS 218STS 2180Invention and Design
STS 300STS 3500Advanced Topics in Technology and Culture
STS 395STS 3993Independent Study: Technology in Culture
STS 401STS 4010Western Technology and Culture
STS 402STS 4020The Engineer, Ethics, and Society


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SWAG 101SWAG 1010Gender and the American University
SWAG 177SWAG 1770Gender and Sexuality in Popular Media
SWAG 210SWAG 2100Introduction to Gender Studies
SWAG 224SWAG 2224Black Femininities and Masculinities in Media
SWAG 237SWAG 2537Feminism in America, 1910-Present
SWAG 258SWAG 2858Anthropology of Reproduction: Fertility and the Future
SWAG 309SWAG 3993Independent Study
SWAG 312SWAG 3120Women and Islam
SWAG 314SWAG 3140Border Crossings: Women, Islam and Literature in the Middle East and North Africa
SWAG 320SWAG 3200Women, Gender and Sports
SWAG 331SWAG 3310Women and Television
SWAG 365SWAG 3650East Asian Women: Self Portrayals
SWAG 381SWAG 3810Feminist Theories
SWAG 382SWAG 3820Feminist Methodologies
SWAG 405SWAG 4050Senior Seminar in Women's Studies
SWAG 414SWAG 4150Feminism and the Public Sphere
SWAG 424SWAG 4240Rights, Identity and Gender
SWAG 434SWAG 4340Feminist Theory in International Relations
SWAG 435SWAG 4350Comparative Gender Stratification
SWAG 442SWAG 4420Women and Education
SWAG 491SWAG 4998Women's Studies Senior Thesis


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SWAH 101SWAH 1010Introductory Swahili I
SWAH 102SWAH 1020Introductory Swahili II


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
SYS 201SYS 2001Systems Engineering Concepts
SYS 202SYS 2202Data and Information Engineering
SYS 204SYS 2004Data Management and Information Management
SYS 257SYS 2057Management of E-Commerce Systems
SYS 301SYS 3001The Art and Science of Systems Modeling
SYS 321SYS 3021Deterministic Decision Models
SYS 323SYS 3023Human Machine Interface
SYS 334SYS 3034System Evaluation
SYS 355SYS 3055Systems Engineering Design Colloquium I
SYS 360SYS 3060Stochastic Decision Models
SYS 362SYS 3062Discrete Event Simulation
SYS 400SYS 4000Financial Aspects of Engineering
SYS 421SYS 4021Linear Statistical Models
SYS 444SYS 4044Economics of Engineering Systems
SYS 453SYS 4053Systems Design I
SYS 454SYS 4054Systems Design II
SYS 455SYS 4055Systems Engineering Design Colloquium II
SYS 481SYS 4581Selected Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 482SYS 4081Human-Computer Interaction
SYS 495SYS 4995Supervised Projects in Systems Engineering
SYS 544SYS 5044Economics of Engineering
SYS 601SYS 6001Introduction to Systems Engineering
SYS 602SYS 6002Systems Integration
SYS 603SYS 6003Mathematical Programming
SYS 605SYS 6005Stochastic Systems
SYS 609SYS 6009The Art and Science of Systems Modeling
SYS 612SYS 6012Dynamic Systems
SYS 613SYS 6013Applied Multivariate Statistics
SYS 614SYS 6014Decision Analysis
SYS 616SYS 6016Knowledge-Based Systems
SYS 618SYS 6018Data Mining
SYS 621SYS 6021Linear Statistical Models
SYS 623SYS 6023Cognitive Systems Engineering
SYS 634SYS 6034Discrete-Event Stochastic Simulation
SYS 635SYS 6035Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Complex Systems
SYS 645SYS 6045Applied Probabilistic Models
SYS 650SYS 6050Risk Analysis
SYS 654SYS 6054Financial Engineering
SYS 664SYS 6064Applied Human Factors Engineering
SYS 670SYS 6070Environmental Systems Analysis
SYS 674SYS 6074Total Quality Engineering
SYS 681SYS 6581Selected Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 682SYS 6582Selected Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 693SYS 6993Independent Study
SYS 695SYS 6995Supervised Project Research
SYS 701SYS 7001System and Decision Sciences
SYS 702SYS 7002Case Studies in Systems Engineering
SYS 705SYS 7005Advanced Stochastic Processes
SYS 716SYS 7016Artificial Intelligence
SYS 721SYS 7021Research Methods in Systems Engineering
SYS 727SYS 7027Quantitative Models of Human Performance
SYS 730SYS 7030Time Series Analysis and Forecasting
SYS 734SYS 7034Advanced System Simulation
SYS 742SYS 7042Heuristic Search
SYS 750SYS 7050Risk Analysis
SYS 752SYS 7052Sequential Decision Processes
SYS 754SYS 7054Multiobjective Optimization
SYS 763SYS 7063Response Surface Methods
SYS 770SYS 7070Sequencing and Scheduling
SYS 775SYS 7075Forecast-Decision Systems
SYS 781SYS 7581Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 782SYS 7582Advanced Topics in Systems Engineering
SYS 793SYS 7993Independent Study
SYS 796SYS 7096Systems Engineering Colloquium
SYS 895SYS 8995Supervised Project Research
SYS 897SYS 6097Graduate Teaching Instruction
SYS 898SYS 8999Thesis
SYS 997SYS 9997Graduate Teaching Instruction
SYS 999SYS 9999Dissertation


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
TBTN 101TBTN 1010Elementary Tibetan I
TBTN 102TBTN 1020Elementary Tibetan II
TBTN 201TBTN 2010Intermediate Tibetan I
TBTN 202TBTN 2020Intermediate Tibetan II
TBTN 301TBTN 3010Advanced Modern Tibetan I
TBTN 303TBTN 3030Advanced Modern Tibetan III
TBTN 304TBTN 3040Advanced Modern Tibetan IV
TBTN 501TBTN 5010Advanced Modern Tibetan I
TBTN 503TBTN 5030Advanced Modern Tibetan III
TBTN 504TBTN 5040Advanced Modern Tibetan IV


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
TMP 351TMP 3051The Technology and Product-Development Life Cycle
TMP 352TMP 3052Science and Technology Public Policy
TMP 399TMP 3590Case Studies in Technology Management and Policy


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
UKR 121UKR 1210Introduction to Ukrainian Language
UKR 122UKR 1220Introduction to Ukrainian Language


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
URDU 201URDU 2010Intermediate Urdu
URDU 202URDU 2020Intermediate Urdu
URDU 493URDU 4993Independent Study in Urdu
URDU 501URDU 5010Readings in Urdu
URDU 502URDU 5020Readings in Urdu


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
USEM 170USEM 1570University Seminar
USEM 180USEM 1580University Seminar


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
YIDD 105YIDD 1050Elementary Yiddish Language and Culture
YIDD 106YIDD 1060Elementary Yiddish Language and Culture


Old Subject Code /
Course Number
New Subject Code /
Course Number
Course Name
YITR 346YITR 3560Topics in Yiddish Literature
YITR 353YITR 3452Jewish Culture and History in Eastern Europe
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