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CeDiploma FAQs

Where do I go to get access to my CeDiploma?

Can I obtain an electronic copy of my diploma if I graduated prior to Spring 2016?

Can I download the CeDiploma? Can I send it via email to others?

How do I know if the CeDiploma I received is valid?

Why does the certificate used to digitally sign the documents say CeCredential Trust?

When I pull up my CeDiploma on my iphone/ipad it only loads half way on the screen and then a line appears?

I am using a web browser to open the PDF, but it will not open properly?

Can I print my CeDiploma?

Can I view the Digital Signature on my Tablet or Mobile Device?

I am using Windows 8 and the most current version of Adobe Reader, but am unable to open the PDF with either Chrome or Safari?

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