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Fall 2020: FAQs for Community College Transfer Students

Will my class transfer and apply to my degree requirements if a grade of P+ is earned in spring 2020

Will a grade of P+ or P- be used when calculating my GPA for admission?

How will a grade of P+ impact me if I am applying to a competitive major?

How will a grade of P+ impact me if my major requires a grade of B or higher in a course?

How will a course with a P grade affect my GAA application? What if the GAA requires a letter grade higher than a C on any course?

If I earn a grade of P+ on a course that is a prerequisite course for a course in my major, will I still be able to enroll in that course?

Questions to help keep you on track for transferring this fall.

Can I still submit an application for admission?

When will I know if I am accepted?

How will I register for my fall classes?

Is my orientation cancelled and if so, what should I do?

When will I know if I get housing?

How is my housing assignment made?

Is it too late to apply for financial aid for the fall term?

If my financial status has changed significantly, can I apply for more aid? If so, how?

What if I cannot pay my admissions deposit when it is due?

Can I request an unofficial evaluation of my transcript to see how credits will apply to my prospective major? If so, how?

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