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Course Forms

Please note: we recommend the PDF forms for Mac users.

Instructions Course Forms Information and instructions for Course Catalog Forms
Course Catalog Information (CCI) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog Information (CCI) Form
CCI Form is used for creating, (in)activating, or modifying permanent courses
Course Catalog One Time Offering (CCO) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog One Time Offering (CCO) Form
CCO Form is used for creating one/first time offerings
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Form (.doc)
Course Catalog Topics (CCT) Form
CCT Form is used for creating topics courses
Core Competency Form (CCF)
- Definitions
CCF Form is used for adding core competencies to a course
Add Second Career Number Form (.pdf) This form is used to add a second career number in SIS for students currently enrolled and in 'Applied Status' for the current term going on from one degree program (masters) to a another program (PHD)
Course Numbering Scheme Review of the Course Numbering Scheme in SIS

Academic Related

Course Action Form (.pdf) Course Action Form is used by the dean offices and departments after the add/drop date each semester

Please note: The College of Arts & Sciences does not accept course action forms. Contact the department of the class you wish to add if you have questions or go to 101 Monroe Hall.

Enrollment & Degree Verification Request This form is used to request Enrollment & Degree Verification. (DocuSign form)
Late Enrollment Form Complete the Late Enrollment Form if your Spring 2021 term was cancelled due to Negative Service Indicators or lack of enrollment prior to the 5:00 p.m. Tuesday February 16th, deadline. The late enrollment process begins Wednesday, February 17th.
Authorization to pick up Official Document Form (.pdf)
Diploma Replacement Request Form (.pdf)
Transcript Request Form
Current and Former students (Post 2012)
Former Students (Pre 2012)

Personal Information

FERPA: Request Regarding Confidentiality of Directory Information This form is used to place or remove a FERPA restriction on your SIS academic record. (DocuSign form)
Gender Update Form This form is used to update your gender in SIS. (DocuSign form)
SIS Primary Name Update Form This form is used to update your primary name in SIS. Your primary name will appear on your diploma and official transcript. (DocuSign form)
SIS Social Security Number Update Form This form is used to update your Social Security Number in SIS. (DocuSign form)

Military Educational Benefits

Military Educational Benefits Request Form (web submit form) MEBR form used to request UREG school certifying official to certify enrollment to the Veterans Affairs office. Must be submitted each term an individual intends to utilize military educational benefits.
Military Priority Enrollment Request (web submit form) MPE form used to request a priority enrollment appointment time for the upcoming term. Approved based on eligibility.
Yellow Ribbon Application (web submit form) This form is used to apply for Yellow Ribbon benefits to assist with tuition not covered by the Post-9/11 GI Bill. Approved based on eligibility.

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