13: Continuing Education

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General Information

Thomas Jefferson envisioned that his University of Virginia would prepare the young citizens of the Commonwealth and the nation to pursue productive careers in public service, agriculture and commerce. Their education would improve the quality of life in Virginia. For ninety years students pursued higher education in buildings which Jefferson had designed.

In 1915 the University of Virginia organized a Bureau of Extension to deliver its academic resources to people throughout the state. Subsequently, the University added to its Statement of Purpose and Goals an injunction to provide public service activities and continuing education programs of the highest quality to the citizens of Virginia and the nation. Today, University of Virginia Continuing Education serves more than 30,000 individuals in credit and noncredit courses of study, as well as conferences, seminars, and training programs.

Continuing Education creates opportunities for adult students to learn the most recent advances in research and scholarship from those faculty members conducting the research or carrying out the scholarly studies.

Through Continuing Education, University of Virginia faculty members share the results of their inquiry, and test the implications of their findings with a variety of individuals from diverse backgrounds and with differing career and personal experiences and expectations. At the same time, program participants broaden their knowledge and hone such critical skills as strategic thinking and problem solving.

Continuing Education trains executives from business and industry, and professionals from many fields, to respond quickly and successfully to the ever-changing challenges in their work lives. Political and community leaders engage in focused study of significant public policy issues, examine the problems facing the institutions which they support or govern, and consider the assumptions about quality of life and civic responsibility which guide their communities.

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