13: Continuing Education

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Credit Courses

Continuing Education offers a broad range of credit courses to help adult learners meet their educational objectives. These courses, some listed elsewhere in this catalog under the appropriate schools and others developed by Continuing Education, carry the same credit as similar courses taught on Grounds. The seven Continuing Education regional centers distribute class schedules before the beginning of the fall, spring, and summer sessions which list the courses being taught in their area, the class locations, and class hours. Most credit courses meet in the evening or on weekends. Course offerings are primarily at the graduate level.

Within the limits prescribed by the residential faculty of the University and stated in the policies of each academic school and Continuing Education, qualified persons may apply credit courses taken at Continuing Education regional centers toward degree requirements.

Many students transfer course credits earned through Continuing Education to programs at other colleges and universities. Students also use credit courses for renewal of teaching licenses and other professional certificates. In such cases students should consult their school superintendent and the Virginia Department of Education or other certifying bodies for licensure requirements.

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