13: Continuing Education

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Noncredit Programs

The ever-growing number of people having bachelors, graduate, or professional degrees has increased the demand for noncredit programming, especially for career advancement and personal fulfillment. Noncredit programs are designed for individuals who want substantive intellectual activities but who do not need additional credit or degree study. Such programs often explore complex issues in formats which best suit each offering's distinctive educational agenda.

The flexibility of noncredit programming also permits faculty from different disciplines to share their insights on subjects in a way that would not be possible in a traditional class format.

Noncredit programming fosters collaboration between University of Virginia faculty and renowned scholars from other institutions; political, cultural, and business leaders; and noted artists and authors. Continuing Education program developers work closely with other University faculty and frequently with representatives of the client audience in designing these programs to ensure that the University extends its teaching and research resources productively to the citizens of the Commonwealth and the nation.

Organizational representatives and individuals are encouraged to discuss their education and training needs with Continuing Education program developers, who can respond rapidly and effectively to such needs. For further information, telephone any of the Continuing Education regional centers or program offices, or view offerings on-line.

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