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Citizen Scholar Program

The Citizen Scholar Program is a part-time, non-degree program offered by the University of Virginia. The program is administered through Continuing Education. The Citizen Scholar Program allows adults in Charlottesville and surrounding communities to be admitted to the regular, on-Grounds credit courses at the University. They study with the same renowned University of Virginia faculty, enjoy the same intellectual challenges, and receive the same credit for their work as do students enrolled in degree programs.

The program serves many purposes for adult learners. Citizen scholars pursue both professional and personal objectives. Some advance their careers by studying recent developments and innovations in their fields. Others satisfy the prerequisites for advanced study in medicine, engineering, or education, or they explore a graduate department's course offerings before applying to its formal degree program.

The Citizen Scholar Program does not grant degrees. Those who wish to earn a degree at the University of Virginia in Charlottesville must apply to the Undergraduate Office of Admissions or the appropriate graduate school of the University.

Candidates for the Citizen Scholar Program who wish to enroll in undergraduate-level courses must have completed a minimum of 48 semester hours of academic work at an accredited college or university with a C average or better. Those who already hold a bachelor's degree may enroll in either undergraduate or graduate courses. Students admitted as degree candidates at other accredited institutions of higher education may enroll in University of Virginia courses if similar offerings are not available at their school, and if that school consents to transfer the credits toward the students' degree.

After acceptance into the program, citizen scholars must obtain the instructor’s permission to enroll in each course. Some schools may require that the department chair and/or dean also give permission. Citizen scholars may obtain permission forms and guidance from the staff of the Charlottesville Continuing Education Regional Center.

Students enrolled in the Citizen Scholar Program may choose courses from departments and schools throughout the University with the exception of the schools of education, law, medicine, and nursing.

Citizen scholars may remain enrolled in the program for an unlimited number of semesters, but may take no more than two courses per semester along with dependent laboratory or discussion sessions. Once admitted to the Citizen Scholar Program, individuals remain eligible for continued registration by maintaining grades consistent with the expectations for graduate and undergraduate schools at the University. For graduate course work, grades must be a B- or higher to continue in the program. For undergraduate courses, students must receive a C or higher.

Citizen scholars with one incomplete course may not be permitted to register for further courses until that incomplete has been removed from their academic records. Citizen scholars who receive a failing grade in any course may not continue to enroll through the program. The citizen scholar program coordinator considers exceptions to this policy only in extreme circumstances.

Citizen scholars may take courses with the satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading option with the prior permission of the course instructor obtained at the time that they received written permission to enroll in the course.

A faculty member may on occasion decline to give permission for a citizen scholar to take a particular course. Reasons may include classroom overcrowding, lack of prerequisites, or similar limitations. In such cases, the student and the citizen scholar program coordinator may review course offerings and select an alternate course.

The application process requires the completion of an application form, the submission of official transcripts of previous college work, and a brief statement of personal goals. The deadlines are July 15 for fall semester and December 1 for spring semester. To receive a detailed description of the Citizen Scholar Program and an application form, contact Continuing Education, 104 Midmont Lane, P. O. Box 3697, Charlottesville, VA 22903-0697; (804) 982-4789.

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