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Virginia Consortium of Engineering and Science Universities (VCES)

Virginia Consortium of Engineering and Science Universities (VCES)

Old Dominion University, Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, the College of William and Mary, and the University of Virginia are involved in a cooperative program of graduate engineering and applied science education and research. Although this effort has significant focus on the needs of the NASA Langley Research Center, it is also intended to serve others in the peninsula region of the state. This consortium is intended to provide a fully resident graduate program which emphasizes study for the Ph.D. degree in engineering and applied science.

The program is an expansion of the Virginia Cooperative Graduate Engineering Program which already serves the region by providing graduate engineering education via television leading to the masterís degree. This new initiative expands the televised offerings to include Ph.D.-level courses to be broadcast to and from the peninsula region. The program also includes course offerings to be taught by resident faculty at our regional location in the ODU Peninsula Graduate Engineering Center. These efforts serve what is to be a research oriented graduate program in the major areas of thermal science and mechanics, materials science and engineering, electrical engineering, engineering management, and applied science.

With the consortium agreement, each university accepts up to 50 percent transfer credit of courses on a student's program of study when the courses are taught by a faculty of the member universities. Accordingly, students then receive their degree from the institution of their major advisor. Each of the member universities maintain resident faculty at the peninsula location. The degree requirements are the same as mentioned in the Doctor of Philosophy section with the exception of the residency in Charlottesville requirement. Residency in this program is served in the peninsula region.

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