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Admission Requirements

Applications for admission to graduate studies must be submitted directly to Graduate Studies, Office of the Dean, School of Engineering and Applied Science. The required application forms may be obtained from the Office of Graduate Studies, A115 Thornton Hall. Applicants are considered on the basis of their qualifications regardless of race, sex, religion, age, or national origin.

A non-refundable fee of $40 must accompany the application; an application will not be considered if this fee has not been paid. Furthermore, the application for admission must be supported by three letters of recommendation and an official transcript of the applicant’s entire academic record.

The applicant must have a baccalaureate degree from a recognized college or university. While this degree is usually in the same field of engineering or applied science which the applicant has chosen for graduate study, degrees in other fields may be acceptable. Undergraduate courses that may be required to remedy deficiencies must be taken without credit. The applicant should have a B average for admission into graduate studies.

Applicants are required to furnish results from the Graduate Record Examination prior to admission. Applications from students whose native language is other than English must include the results of the Test of English as a Foreign Language.

Deadlines for submitting complete applications for admission are: December 1 for January admission, May 1 for June admission, and August 1 for September admission. Students seeking financial assistance, however, should have a completed application submitted by February 1 for September admission. International students on visas (other than permanent residents or immigrants) have the following deadlines: a minimum of five months prior to the term for which admission is sought if applying from abroad, four months if applying from within the United States. This time is necessary in order for the International Student Office to review and process the necessary papers. A prospective international student must have appropriate, current, valid, and legal non-immigrant status before he or she can be offered final admission to the University. Also, all international students (other than permanent residents and immigrants) must provide bank certification of the amount of U.S. dollars they will have available for their first year in Charlottesville.

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