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Special Fellowships

The ARCS Fellowship was established in 1984 as an annual gift from the Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Chapter of the Achievement Rewards for College Scientists Foundation. The recipients are chosen from enrolled students nominated by the departments.

The Virginia Engineering Foundation Fellowship is provided through gifts from alumni and friends of the School of Engineering and Applied Science. The recipient is chosen from enrolled students nominated by the departments.

L. William Ballard, Jr. Fellowship is offered to a graduate student who has demonstrated academic excellence, leadership qualities, and financial need.

Carlos and Esther Farrar Fellowship provides fellowships to deserving students at the University of Virginia studying in disciplines and programs pertaining to studies of the universe, i.e, aerospace engineering, astro-physics, mathematics, etc. This fellowship is awarded on the basis of scholastic merit and financial need.

John H. and Dorothy W. Sidebottom Fellowship is offered to graduate students majoring in aerospace engineering.

GEM Fellowships   The University of Virginia is a member of the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering, Inc. While attending one of the member universities for graduate study leading to a masterís degree in engineering, a minority student accepted into the GEM program receives a stipend of $6,000 plus full tuition and fees. The School of Engineering and Applied Science supplements the stipend to bring the total to at least $9,000. Application material may be obtained by writing to: Executive Director, GEM, Box 537, Notre Dame, IN 46556, (219) 239-7183.

The Deanís Fellows Award was established in 1984 to recognize outstanding entering graduate students. This award provides a stipend of $2,000 per year for up to three years, which is in addition to the financial aid offered by the departments.

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