9: School of Graduate Engineering and Applied Science

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Aerospace Engineering | Applied Mathematics | Applied Mechanics | Biomedical Engineering
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Engineering Physics | Materials Science and Engineering | Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Nuclear Engineering | Systems Engineering

Course Descriptions

The course descriptions listed below are arranged alphabetically under the heading of the department or program offering the instruction. Courses offered jointly by two or more programs are described under each program involved and cross referenced.

Most graduate study programs include courses offered by departments other than the studentís major department. Students are urged to consider the complete list of course offerings in planning their programs of study.

Courses with 500 numbers are intermediate-level courses which may be taken by both undergraduate and graduate students. Courses with numbers between 600 and 699 are introductory graduate courses recommended for beginning graduate students or non-majors. Courses with numbers of 700 and above are recommended for advanced graduate students and doctoral students.

All courses are offered subject to adequate enrollment, and thus the offering of any course may be cancelled if enrollment is insufficient.

Unless otherwise indicated, courses meet for three hours of lecture each week. Each semester course in the School of Engineering and Applied Science carries separate credit, whether described separately or not. The number set in brackets following a course title indicates the number of credits granted for that course. Enrollment in courses listing no prerequisites or courses for which prerequisites are not met require the permission of the instructor.

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