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Students' Records

Compliance with College Regulations   Students are held responsible for selecting their courses in accordance with the course restrictions and policies printed here, in the College of Arts and Sciences Student Handbook, and in advising material distributed by departments. Only after the approval of the dean's office has been obtained in the form of a petition should a student enroll in a course which does not comply with the College's regulations.

Requests for Exceptions to the Rules and Appeals   Students who believe there is a valid reason for asking for an exception to any of the rules may file a petition to their association dean. In most cases the recommendation of a course instructor or advisor is required on the petition before it is filed. An unfavorable response from the dean may be appealed to the Committee on Faculty Rules. The College has established procedures to deal with requests for exceptions to rules in cases involving psychological issues. College students should contact their association dean for information about such procedures.

Accuracy of Students' Records   Students are responsible for verifying the accuracy of their academic records by the drop deadline and each time thereafter that they make a change in their schedule. Students who fail to do so are subject to various penalties as determined by the dean. Changes to the transcript are permitted only during the current and immediately following semester. Transcripts may be requested, upon payment of a nominal fee, from the Office of the University Registrar in Carruthers Hall. PACE reports are mailed each semester by the registrar, and grade reports are mailed to students at the end of each semester. Errors must be reported to the dean's office within the stated deadlines. After one semester has lapsed, a student's record is considered permanent. With official College communications to students being sent via U. S. mail, messenger mail, and now e-mail, students are strongly urged to check their mail on a regular basis and are expected to respond promptly to all notices from the College.

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