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Intra University Courses

For students offering the minimum 120 credits for the B.A. or B.S., at least 102 must be College (or College-equivalent) courses, thus no more than 18 credits from other schools of the University may apply. By faculty approval, the following courses are considered College-equivalent and may be applied to the area requirement in humanities/fine arts: AR H 100; AR H 101; AR H 102; AR H 150; and AR H 203.

The following courses may not count as area requirements, but are considered College-equivalent: ARCH 101; ARCH 102; ARCH 232; AR H courses (other than those noted above); COMM 320; CS courses; EDLF 545; EDLF 546; EDLF 564; EDHS 450; ENGR 207; L AR 312; L AR 313; MSE 201; TCC 300; TCC 310; and PLAN courses under 500, only if the minor in planning is completed.

Students in the special education part of the B.A.-M.T. Program are permitted to count the following additional six credits of Curry School courses as College-equivalent: EDIS 302 (or EDIS 500) and one of EDIS 510; EDIS 511; EDIS 512; or EDIS 515.

The following courses are considered non-College, counting among the 18 credits that may apply to the B.A. or B.S.: EDHS (other than 450 noted above and 341, 344, 350, and 351; see below); Physical Education (PHYE and EDHS 341, EDHS 344, EDHS 350, and EDHS 351, two credits maximum); LASE; USEM; PLSK (2 credits maximum); and ROTC (12 credits maximum).

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