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Changes in Schedule

Changes in students' class schedules are made via the ISIS telephone system. In the College, if admission to a course requires the instructor's permission, a Course Action Form signed by the instructor must be submitted to the department offering the course. Students taking the course are responsible for ensuring that this form has been properly completed and submitted. Students may add and drop courses through the deadlines stated in the Course Offering Directory.

Discontinuing a Course   Students who decide to discontinue a course in which they have enrolled must call ISIS to drop the course within the published deadlines. Students who fail to revise their list of current courses by calling ISIS within the well-publicized deadlines become subject, after one written notice, to penalties determined by the dean.

With the instructor's permission, students in the College may withdraw from a course with a grade of W for a period of eight weeks from the semester's (not the course's) first day of instruction. After this cutoff, students must either complete the course or, with the instructor's endorsement, submit a request for an incomplete to the dean's office. Students who discontinue a course at any point without complying with the proper procedure receive a failing grade.

For year-long College courses, the deadlines to add and drop are those for the first semester, and the withdrawal deadline is that of the second semester.

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