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Academic Standing

Good Standing   (For students entering in fall l985 and thereafter. Students who entered before fall 1985 should consult the dean's office for information concerning good standing.) Students are considered to be in good standing at the end of a semester if, in that semester, they have completed at least 12 credits of course work with at least a 1.80 semester average and have no more than one grade below C-. In order to enroll in a fifth semester, students are required to have passed at least 54 credits; passing at least 84 credits is necessary to enroll in a seventh semester. Students who fall behind in the number of credits required are obliged to make up their work in the summer session. To remain in good standing by the end of the fourth semester, students must either be in a major or have received permission from the dean's office to defer the declaration for one semester.

Academic Warning   Students who fail to remain in good standing are placed on academic warning. The notations "less than 1.8 GPA," "low grades below C-," and "reduced course load" are placed on the students' permanent academic records following the term in which they were placed on warning. Students on warning are expected to meet with their association dean no later than the add period of the ensuing semester. They are strongly urged to devote more time to their academic work and are referred to academic support service. Students on academic warning who withdraw or take a leave of absence are eligible to return upon application, but do so on academic warning and are subject to suspension if they do not attain good standing.

Suspension   Students are subject to suspension after two consecutive semesters on warning. Students who fail to earn at least nine grade points in a semester are also subject to suspension. One full fall term and one full spring term must elapse before they may return to the College. Application for readmission is considered upon presentation of evidence that the difficulties which led to suspension in the first place have been overcome.

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