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Appeals from Students in the College

Adds, Drops, and Course Enrollment Deadlines   Students appealing penalties attached to missed deadlines must see their association deans. Further appeals go to the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies, Garrett Hall 203.

Grading and Classroom Issues   Students who wish to appeal a grade must attempt first to resolve the issue with the instructor of the course. Absent a satisfactory outcome, the students consult with the faculty coordinator of the course, if appropriate, the Director of Undergraduate Studies, and then the chair of the department. After this path has proven unsuccessful in the resolution of the matter, the student writes to the Associate Dean of the College for Academic Programs (Garrett Hall 202). The final level of appeal is to the Dean of the College.

College Policies and Rules   Students whose petitions for exemption from College rules have been denied by the association deans may appeal to the Committee on Faculty Rules (c/o Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Garrett Hall 202). The committee consists of faculty members who are not association deans. If the negative decision is upheld by the Committee on Faculty Rules, the student's route of appeal is to the Associate Dean for Academic Programs (Stephen Plog, Garrett Hall 202). The final level of appeal is to the Dean of the College. The Associate Dean for Academic Programs, who is in the line of appeals, does not vote in the periodic meetings held by the association deans to address the academic standing of students in the College.

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