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Competency Requirements

Following matriculation, all competency and area requirements must be completed at the University of Virginia. AP credits from secondary school and transfer credits before enrollment for the first time may count as area requirements. Test scores cited in this section are the ones from the SAT II Subject Tests re-centered in April 1995.

Composition--3 credits, or exemption
ENWR 101 is required during the first year unless exempted; this course is graded A, B, C, or NC (no credit). A grade of NC indicates that the course must be repeated until a passing grade is achieved. Students may be exempted upon recommendation, a score of at least 720 on the SAT II Writing Test if taken before May 1998 or a score of at least 740 if taken during or after May 1998, or a score of 4 or 5 on the English Advanced Placement Test.

Second Writing Requirement--typically a 3-credit course. Students must complete in any department in the College, an additional course whose written work meets the criteria for this requirement. The course may carry one or more credits. There are no exceptions to the second writing requirement. Courses elected under this heading may also be counted toward completion of other segments of the area requirements, as well as toward a major or minor. A course offered for the second writing requirement must carry a grade of C- or better and must be taken in the College. The second writing requirement must be completed by the end of the sixth semester, with the necessary form filed by the same deadline in the Office of the Dean.

Foreign Language--0-14 credits, (through the 202 level; 212 in Portuguese; 201 for B.S. in Chemistry) or exemption, depending on previous work
Placement in a language sequence is by SAT II Subject Test score and departmental recommendation. Students are exempt who scored 660 or above on an SAT II Subject Test in French; scored 650 or above on an SAT II Subject Test in German, Italian, Latin, or Spanish; scored 640 or above on an SAT II Subject Test in Chinese or Japanese; scored 560 or above on an SAT II Subject Test in Hebrew. Students are obliged to follow the department's recommendations in the completion of the foreign language requirement. Once placement occurs, the foreign language requirement is fulfilled by the completion of each course in sequence (no skipping). Credit for introductory language courses is disallowed if it duplicates foreign language credits offered for admission to the College.

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