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Course Descriptions

CPLT 201, 202 - (4) (Y)
History of Western Literature From Homer to Milton and From Milton to Proust

Survey of Western literature from antiquity to the early twentieth century, with emphasis on the texts themselves, on the meanings of literature in personal and social life, and on a few recurring themes.

CPLT 351 - (3) (Y)
Topics in Comparative Literature

Explores a topic of broad scope that teaches students to develop a comparative approach to literature. The seminar topic changes from year to year. Required of third-year majors.

CPLT 493 - (3) (Y)
Seminar for Majors

Offered in the fall semester primarily for fourth-year majors. The seminar topic normally changes from year to year.

CPLT 497-498 - (6) (S)
Fourth Year Thesis

A two-semester course in which the student prepares and writes a thesis with the guidance of a faculty member. In the fall semester (497) the student develops a proposal and works out methodological problems in the form of a preliminary essay; in the spring (498) the student writes and submits the thesis in two drafts.

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