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Department of Drama

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Overview   The mission of this department is to teach the student what it is to be "a person of the theatre." Through exposure to a broad spectrum of theatrical expression and response, the drama department's primary aim is to provide a solid grounding in history, theory, and practice, while secondarily providing opportunities to develop individual talents through concentration in a special area.

Because it is essential that students be involved in every aspect of theatre, the department provides every possible opportunity. Students work as directors, actors, designers, stage managers, technicians, and playwrights. Majors are expected to participate in the production program and to attend all productions. Undergraduate students compete successfully in auditions for roles in main-stage and laboratory theatre productions. They complete studio and course assignment work in every production area. They work on a wide range of projects, from acting in scenes for directing classes to staging work to be taken to classes in other departments, and in some cases, working as a designer on one or more of the main season productions. The B.A. program provides its students with intellectual stimulation and a healthy creative challenge.

The Department of Drama has modern facilities which accommodate all of our classroom, studio, and production activities. The complex includes two theatres: the 595 seat Culbreth, with its large, well-equipped proscenium stage, and the flexible Helms which seats 160-200 people. Large and modern scene, costume, and property shops, as well as offices, rehearsal studios, dressing rooms, and computer labs, complete the facility. An excellent Fine Arts Library is only a few steps away.

Faculty   The department boasts a nationally known resident faculty with solid experience and an understanding of the demands of the professional theatre in its many manifestations. Guest artists often augment the resident faculty, so there is an on-going professional presence which gives the student immediate experience of the ideas and practice in today's theatre. All of the faculty spend significant time outside of the classroom working personally with serious theatre students.

Students   At any given time, there are approximately eighty drama majors or undeclared majors.

Requirements for Major   The prerequisite for the major is DRAM 201 and DRAM 202. The minimum passing grade for the prerequisites to the major is C.

DRAM 201Theatre Art: Image to Form3
DRAM 202Theatre Art: Acting I3
Core   Required of all majors, without exception:
DRAM 211Lighting Technology3
DRAM 213Production Lab: Lighting and Sound1
DRAM 221Scenic Technology3
DRAM 223Production Lab: Scenery and Properties1
DRAM 231Costume Technology3
DRAM 233Practicum: Costume and Makeup1
DRAM 305History of Theatre I3
DRAM 306History of Theatre II3
DRAM 352Stage Management1
DRAM 353Production Lab: Stage Management1-2
DRAM 360Modern American Drama3
DRAM 491Senior Seminar3
DRAM 213, 223, and 233 are corequisites of DRAM 211, 221, and 231, respectively.
Program Options Any three additional courses from our curriculum (listed below) except DRAM 101 and DRAM 102 for a total of 9 credits.

Total credits for the major (including prerequisites) is 41.

Requirements for Minor   A minimum of 21 credits in the Department of Drama including DRAM 301, DRAM 305 or DRAM 306, DRAM 353, as well as one course from the following: DRAM 211, DRAM 221, DRAM 231, DRAM 341, DRAM 351, DRAM 371, DRAM 416, DRAM 421, or DRAM 431.

Prerequisites for the minor are DRAM 201 and 202. The minimum passing grade for the prerequisite to the minor is C.

Drama majors and minors are expected to participate in the production program and to attend all theatre productions and departmental meetings. The minimum passing grade is C for all required courses.

Drama Activities   The activities of the drama department include the main season of major productions, the Studio Laboratory Theatre Series, and additional events: professional theatre companies, guest artists, ballet troupes, etc. In addition to these activities, the department sponsors each summer the professional Heritage Repertory Theatre. All production activity is presented in the Helms and Culbreth Theatres located within the Department of Drama building on Culbreth Road.

Additional Information   For more information, contact LaVahn Hoh, Undergraduate Advisor, Department of Drama, Drama Building, Charlottesville, VA 22903; (804) 924-8962 or (804) 924-3326.

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