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Service Physical Education

Course Descriptions

For information pertaining to special fee activities, contact physical education office, Room 203, Memorial Gym, (804) 924-3167, or service-pe@virginia.edu.

A student in the College of Arts and Sciences may present a maximum of two credits of service physical education to satisfy requirements for a degree, provided that:

  1. Such credits for service physical education are counted against the degree credits students may earn for courses taken outside the College.
  2. Only courses numbered 320 or higher in the Department of Health and Physical Education of the Curry School of Education are accepted for College credit. Such credits are counted against degree credits students may earn for courses taken outside the College.
  3. Neither participation in varsity athletics nor the completion of any other course in physical education is accepted as the equivalent of a course in service physical education.
  4. No grade other than credit or no credit is recorded for courses in physical education taken for degree credit.
  5. No more than one credit in service physical education may be earned in a single semester.
  6. Service physical education is under the supervision of the Dean of the College.

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