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Course Descriptions

PHYE 100, 101 - (1) (S)

Emphasis on learning basic stances, blocks and attacks, in addition to hand and foot techniques and practice in first forms.

PHYE 102 - (1) (S)

Emphasis on the fundamentals of skills and shots: rules and game strategy are stressed.

PHYE 104 - (1) (S)

Beginning, intermediate and advanced courses include fundamental strokes such as service, forehand and ground strokes drives and volleys; court positions and strategy for singles and doubles; rules, terminology, and etiquette. Classes will be divided into three groupsóbeginner, intermediate, and advanced.

PHYE 105 - (1) (Y)

Basic skills are presented, including dribbling, shooting, passing, heading, trapping and tackling.

PHYE 106 - (1) (Y)

Classes for beginning and intermediate, and advanced skilled persons. Fundamental skills and rules of volleyball as well as basic team play and strategy.

PHYE 107 - (1) (S)

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes emphasizing the fundamentals of grip, stance, and swing in addition to etiquette and rules. Special activity fee.

PHYE 109 - (1) (Y)

Beginning, intermediate, and advanced classes emphasize the fundamentals of dribbling, passing, shooting and rebounding: rules and game strategy are covered.

PHYE 110, 115, 116, 117 - (1) (S)

Beginning: designed for non-swimmers, emphasizing basic safety skills and basic strokes.

Intermediate: stresses the improvement of strokes, kicking and breathing. In addition, lifesaving techniques and deep water skills are taught.

Lifeguarding: designed for the student interested in obtaining the Red Cross Certificate.

Swimming Fitness: lap swimming with some instruction.

PHYE 118, 119 - (1) (S)

Certification upon completion of course. Special activity fee.

PHYE 131 - (1) (S)

Classes for beginning, intermediate and advanced riders. Special activity fee.

PHYE 139 - (1) (S)
Weight Training

Basic techniques and knowledge of weight training. Physiological responses to weight lifting and program set up will be covered in lectures.

PHYE 143 - (1) (S)
Jazz Dance

Introduction to basic skills and development of techniques.

PHYE 144 - (1) (S)

Introduction to basic skills and development of techniques.

PHYE 145 - (1) (S)
Aerobic Exercise

Emphasis on increasing endurance, muscle tone, and flexibility through various exercise forms. Class includes a warm up, vigorous movement to strengthen heart, the lower and the upper body, and a cool down.

PHYE 152 - (1) (Y)
Ice Skating

Introduction to basic ice skating skills; class held at Charlottesville Ice Park. Special activity fee.

PHYE 153 - (1) (Y)

Fundamentals of skiing including basic skills and techniques, safety, equipment care and purchase, and aspects of competitive skiing; class held at Wintergreen, Virginia. Special activity fee. Although skiing requires class time equivalent to a full semester's instruction, these classes are compressed into a five-week period.

PHYE 154 - (1) (Y)

Fundamentals of snowboarding including basic skills and techniques, safety, and equipment care and purchase; class held at Wintergreen, Virginia; special activity fee.

PHYE 155 - (1) (S)
First Aid

Certified American Red Cross First Aid class which includes CPR.

PHYE 158 - (1) (Y)
Self Defense

Teaches basic unarmed self defense.

Note   Activities in softball and badminton are also offered. Courses are co-educational unless listed otherwise. For additional information contact the departmental office, Memorial Gym, Charlottesville, VA 22903, (804) 924-3167.

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