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Course Descriptions

Note   POTR courses are given in English and may not be taken to fulfill the language requirement.

POTR 427 - (3) (Y)
The Civilization of Brazil

An introduction, with lectures and readings in English, to the development of Brazilian culture from 1500 to the present. No prerequisites.

Note   PORT courses are given in Portuguese.

PORT 111 - (4) (Y-SS)
Beginning Intensive Portuguese

Introduction to speaking, understanding, reading and writing of Portuguese, especially as used in Brazil. Enrollment limited to students with a working knowledge of another modern foreign language or with some previous knowledge of Portuguese. Five class hours and one laboratory hour. Followed by PORT 212.

PORT 212 - (4) (Y-SS)
Intermediate Intensive Portuguese

Prerequisite: PORT 111 or equivalent
Continued study of Portuguese through readings, vocabulary exercises, oral and written compositions, and grammar review.

PORT 301 - (3) (Y)
Advanced Grammar, Conversation and Composition

Prerequisite: PORT 212 or by permission
Study of advanced grammar through analysis of texts; includes extensive practice in composition and topical conversation.

PORT 402 - (3) (E)
Readings in Literature in Portuguese

Prerequisite: PORT 212 or by permission
Study of readings from the chief periods of Brazilian and Portuguese literature.

PORT 441 - (3) (IR)
Brazilian Literature

Study of leading figures and movements from Colonial times to 1900.

PORT 442 - (3) (IR)
Brazilian Literature

Study of leading figures and movements from 1900 to present.

PORT 461, 462 - (3) (SI)
Studies in Luso-Brazilian Language and Literature

Prerequisite: One course at the 300 level or higher, or permission of instructor
Study of topics in Portuguese or Brazilian literature or in Portuguese linguistics according to the interests and preparation of the students.

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