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Studio Art Course Descriptions

ARTS 100 (3) (S)
Purpose and Practice in Art

In this team taught course, five areas within contemporary visual art are examined by artists/professors who practice in those areas. Each presents a series of classes designed to examine the particular concerns and craftsmanship of their art. Each both introduce their field and place that field in a historical context. Each also present a workshop in their specialty, and students are required to attend one workshop of their choice. None of the workshops, or the class as a whole, requires any special skills or previous art experience. (Does not count toward major or minor credit.)

ARTS 161, 162 - (3) (S)
Introduction to Drawing I, II

Introduces the materials and techniques of drawing, provides training in the coordination of hand and eye, and encourages development of visual analysis. Emphasizes understanding form, space, light and composition.

ARTS 222 - (4) (S)
Digital Media I

Prerequisites: ARTS 161, 162
A project-based introduction to tools and methods of digital media and a design class which examines how the new tools can contribute to the activity of the artist.

ARTS 251, 252 - (4) (S)
Introduction to Photography I, II

Prerequisite: Three credits in art history
Independent and group exercises exploring still photography as a means of communication and expression. Lab sessions cover necessary technical aspects of the medium, lectures introduce the photographic tradition, and discussions focus on student work. Course content varies from semester to semester. May not be taken on a pass/fail basis.

ARTS 263, 264 - (3) (Y)
Life Drawing I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 161, 162; and three credits in art history
Drawing from the living model in various media. Topics include artistic anatomy, figure and portrait drawing.

ARTS 267, 268 - (4) (S)
Introduction to Printmaking I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 161, 162; and three credits in art history
Introduction to basic black and white etching techniques, basic black and white plate lithography, and techniques of stone lithography. Printmaking professors and course content vary from semester to semester.

ARTS 271, 272 - (4) (Y)
Introduction to Painting I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 161, 162 or permission of instructor
An introduction to the basic oil painting techniques and materials with an emphasis upon perception and color. Assignments are designed to assist the student in understanding the creative process and interpreting the environment through a variety of subject matter expressed in painted images. Encouragement is given to individual stylistic development.

ARTS 281, 282 - (4) (S)
Introduction to Sculpture I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 161, 162; and three credits in art history
The sculptural process is investigated by modeling, carving, fabricating and casting. Traditional and contemporary concerns of sculpture are examined by analyzing historical examples and work done in class.

ARTS 322 (3) (Y)
Digital Media II

Prerequisite: ARTS 222
A project-based course that examines three areas of digital media: designing for paper, three-dimensional modeling, and robotic sculpture.

ARTS 351, 352 - (3) (Y)
Advanced Photography

Prerequisite: Six credits in art history
Requirements: Basic black and white lab techniques. Creative camera work with 35mm and larger-format cameras. Students who need review in lab techniques should take the introductory course. Portfolios must be submitted at first class meeting.

ARTS 367, 368 - (3) (Y)
Intermediate Printmaking I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 267; and six credits in art history
Relief printing, advanced lithography techniques, including color lithography, color etching, monoprinting, and further development of black and white imagery. Printmaking professors and course content vary from semester to semester.

ARTS 371, 372 - (3) (Y)
Intermediate Painting I, II

Prerequisite: ARTS 271, 272; and six credits in art history
Exploration of contemporary painting materials, techniques, and concepts, as well as the continuation of the basic oil painting processes. Assignments are designed to assist the student in developing their perceptions and imagination and translating them into painted images. Direction is given to the formation of personal original painting styles.

ARTS 381, 382 - (3) (Y)

Prerequisite: ARTS 281, 282; and six credits in art history
A continuation of ARTS 281, 282 with greater emphasis on the special problems of the sculptural discipline.

ARTS 407 - (3) (S)
Advanced Projects in Art I

Prerequisite: Only open to Studio majors with permission of the studio staff
Investigation and development of a consistent idea or theme in painting, sculpture, or the graphic arts. The course may be taken more than once under the same course number(s) by students who are sufficiently advanced in studio work.

ARTS 432 - (3) (S)
Digital Media Projects

Creation of individual and group projects using digital tools. Projects are intended to enhance traditional disciplines or extend the study of new technology for the artist.

ARTS 451, 452 - (3) (S)
Distinguished Major Project

Prerequisite: Admission to the Distinguished Major Program
Intensive independent work using either sculpture, photography, printmaking, or painting as the primary medium, culminating in a coherent body of work under direction of a faculty member.

ARTS 453, 454 - (3) (Y)
The Photographic Sequence

Prerequisites: ARTS 251; and six credits in art history
Study of the advanced problems of making a structured body of photographic work. Emphasizes new solutions to new problems in this mode.

ARTS 467, 468 - (3) (Y)
Advanced Problems in Printmaking

Prerequisites: ARTS 267, ARTS 367; and six credits in art history
Designed for students who have completed two or more semesters of study of a specific printmaking technique (woodcut, etching, or lithography) and wish to continue their exploration of that technique.

ARTS 471, 472 - (3) (Y)
Advanced Painting I, II

The capstone of a three year study in painting. Continues the investigation of oil painting as an expressive medium and stresses the development of students' ability to conceive and execute a series of thematically related paintings over the course of the semester. Painting professors and course content vary from semester to semester.

ARTS 481, 482 - (3) (Y)
Advanced Sculpture I, II

Continuation of the sculpture sequence with greater emphasis on developing a students individual voice. Advanced projects in moldmaking, metal casting and non-traditional sculpture materials are assigned. The creation of a sculptural installation are also assigned. Sculpture professors and course content vary from semester to semester.

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