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Sample Program for Physical Education Teachers with Health or
Athletic Training Option (150 Credits)

Year One
Fall Semester
ENWR 101or Equivalent3
BIOL 201Introduction to Biology (with lab)5
Mathematics (110 or above)3
American History3
Humanities elective3
Spring Semester
BIOL 202Introduction to Biology3
PSYC 101General Psychology4
Literature (American/English)3
Electives (liberal arts)6
Year Two
Fall Semester
HIEU 201Western Civilization I or
HIEU 202Western Civilization II4
Natural Science elective3
EDHS 353Human Anatomy3
EDIS 201Teaching as a Profession3
EDIS 288Field Experience1
EDHS 351.1Individual Sport Skills I2
Spring Semester
Non-Western Studies4
EDHS 451Emergency Medical Care4
EDHS 354Kinesiology/Biomechanics3
EDHS 351.2Individual Sport Skills II2
Health Education3
Year Three
Fall Semester
EDHS 546Assessment in Physical Education3
EDHS 344Gymnastics, Rhythms and Dance2
EDLF 301Learning and Development3
EDLF 345Introduction to Educational Technology2
EDHS 350.1Team Sport Skills I2
Health Education3-4
Spring Semester
EDHS 445Motor Development3
EDHS 377Teaching Assistant Program in Adapted Physical Education 1
EDHS 543Social Processes in Exercise and Sport Psychology3
EDHS 545Adapted Physical Education3
EDHS 350.2Team Sport Skills II2
Health Education3
Year Four
Fall Semester
EDHS 760Adapted Physical Education: Developmental Disabilities3
EDHS 356Elementary Physical Education Pedagogy2
EDHS 357Teaching Elementary Physical Education1
EDHS 441Exercise Physiology3
EDIS 502Instruction and Assessment2
EDIS 488Field Experience1
Spring Semester
EDHS 542Motor Learning3
EDHS 359Secondary Physical Education Pedagogy2
EDHS 358Teaching Secondary Physical Education1
EDHS 450Contemporary Health Issues3
Elective (Health or A.T.)6
Year Five
Fall Semester
EDHS 771Teaching Associate: Elementary Physical Education6
EDHS 772Teaching Associate: Secondary Health and Physical Education6
EDHS 770Physical Education and Health Seminar3
EDIS 586Seminar: Multicultural and Health Issues1
Spring Semester
EDHS 846Adapted Physical Education: Physically and Sensory Impaired3
EDLF 710Contemporary Issues3
EDIS 788Field Project3
EDHS 563History, Principles and Philosophy of Physical Education2
Elective (Health or A.T.)3

Students receive both an endorsement in health and physical education, and may earn the necessary course work to be eligible for NATA certification with at least 1500 hours of practical experiences. Additional requirements for graduation include attending a professional conference, membership in a professional organization, and an outdoor education experience.

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