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Sample B.S.Ed. Program For Communication Disorders (120 Credits) [1]

Year One
Fall Semester
ENWR 101or equivalent3
BIOL 201Introduction to Biology3
MATH 111(or above)3
American History 3
PSYC 101General Psychology3
Physical Education activity course1
Spring Semester
English Literature3
Social Science elective3
Humanities elective3
BIOL 202Introduction to Biology3
Year Two
Fall Semester
Humanities elective3
Social Science elective3
Social Science elective3
EDLF 315Introduction to Child Growth and Development or
PSYC 250Child Psychology3
Elective [2] 3
Spring Semester
PHYS 106How Things Work3
EDLF 316Introduction to Educational Psychology3
EDHS 450Contemporary Health Issues3
Entry into Communication Disorders Professional Program.
Year Three
Fall Semester
EDHS 501Clinical Phonetics3
EDHS 505Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Hearing Mechanisms3
PSYC 411 Psycholinguistics or
ANTH 341 Sociolinguistics or
ANTH 240 Language and Culture3
Electives[2] 6
Spring Semester
EDIS 302Exceptional Learner3
EDHS 502Speech and Hearing Science3
EDIS 504Assessment Techniques3
EDIS 512 Characteristics of People with Mental Retardation or
EDIS 513Characteristics of People with Severe Disabilities3
Elective[2] 3
Year Four
Fall Semester
EDHS 504Clinical Process2
EDHS 508Introduction to Audiology3
EDIS 510Characteristics of Students with Emotional Disturbances or
EDIS 511 Characteristics of People with Learning Disabilities3
EDLF 545Instructional Computing3
Elective[2] 3
Spring Semester
EDHS 515Introduction to American Sign Language I3
EDIS 521Introduction to Language Development3
Electives[2] 10
[1] 40 credits in the CDIS professional training area are required. 120 credits are required for graduation with B.S.Ed. degree.

[2] Suggested elective courses for interdisciplinary education:
EDHS 518American Sign Language II
EDHS 533Communication Skills: Interpersonal Process Recall
EDHS 542Motor Learning
LING 325Introduction to Linguistic Theory and Analysis
PHYS 121Science of Sound
PHYS 201Principles of Physics
PSYC 215Introduction to Cognition
PSYC 250Introduction to Child Psychology
PSYC 311Psychology of Language
PSYC 346Psychology Study of Children, Families, and the Law
PSYC 352Adolescence: Theory and Development
PSYC 353Development in Infancy

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