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Sample B.S.Ed. Program in Sports Medicine (120 Credits)
(Pre-Physical Therapy or Athletic Training)

Year One
Fall Semester
ENWR 101English Composition3
PSYC 101General Psychology3
MATH 111(or above)3
CHEM 141Introductory College Chemistry or
CHEM 121Concepts of Chemistry3
CHEM 141LIntroductory College Chemistry Laboratory2
PHYE or EDHSPhysical Education activity1
Spring Semester
ENLT 248Contemporary Literature3
Social Science or Humanities3
SOC 101Introduction to Sociology3
PHYE 106Weight Training1
CHEM 142Introductory College Chemistry or
CHEM 122Contemporary Chemistry3
CHEM 142LIntroductory College Chemistry Laboratory2
Year Two
Fall Semester
EDHS 450Contemporary Health Issues3
Social Science elective3
PHYE or EDHSPhysical Education activity1
BIOL 201Introduction to Biology3
BIOL 203Introduction to Biology Laboratory2
Humanities or Social Science elective3
Spring Semester
Humanities elective3
Social Science elective3
BIOL 202Introduction to Biology3
BIOL 204Introduction to Biology Laboratory2
EDHS 355Introduction to Sport and Exercise Psychology3
Year Three
Fall Semester
EDHS 353Human Anatomy3
EDHS 546Assessment in Physical Education3
PHYS 201Principles of Physics I4
PHYS 201LBasic Physics Laboratory I1.5
PHYE or EDHSPhysical Education activity1
Spring Semester
EDHS 354Kinesiology/Biomechanics3
EDHS 545Adapted Physical Education3
EDHS 451Emergency Medical Care4
EDHS 553Nutrition3
PHYS 202Principles of Physics II or
PHYS 102Concepts of Physics3-4
PHYS 202LBasic Physics Laboratory II1.5
EDHS 457Sports Medicine Conference3
Year Four
Fall Semester
EDHS 544Athletic Injuries and Laboratory4
EDHS 441Exercise Physiology3
EDHS 446Practicum in AT3
EDHS ___EDHS elective3
Spring Semester
EDHS 524Substance Abuse in Society3
EDHS 542Motor Learning3
EDHS 445Motor Development3
Statistics (recommended) or elective3
BIOL 207Human Physiology and Anatomy II3

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