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General Education

All students in the B.A.-M.T. program must complete the general education requirements specified by the College of Arts and Sciences, or in the case of B.S.Ed. candidates, those requirements specified exclusively by the Curry School of Education. This liberal arts core includes foreign languages for all B.A. candidates, and must also include the following specifications in order to meet licensure requirements. Candidates for the B.A. degree must have completed a total of 102 credits from the College of Arts and Sciences.

ENWR 101 (or equivalent)3
Literature (English or American)3
Fine Arts/Philosophy/Religion3
Foreign Language for all B.A. degrees (not required for B.S.Ed.)0-14
The second writing requirement
Natural Sciences and Mathematics:
Science (two classes of a single science)6-8
Mathematics (110 or above)3
Mathematics or Science3
Social Sciences:
Western Civilization (one semester)4
American History3
Non-Western Studies3
Physical Education:
Physical Education (Activity)1

Echols Scholars   For Echols scholars in the B.A.-M.T. program, the general studies component should be a well-planned sequence of courses and experiences that must include theoretical and practical knowledge gained from studies in mathematics, natural science, social science, U.S./American history, English communication, literature, and other humanities.

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