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Professional Education Courses

Students in teacher education pursue advanced course work in a specific discipline as well as professional education experiences. Prospective teachers begin professional studies during the second year through an exploration of teaching as a profession. Specific content includes knowledge about the function of schools, characteristics of professions, communication skills, and practical experiences in schools.

During the second year, students participate in a course called Teaching as a Profession (EDIS 201) and in field-based experiences in schools (EDIS 288). Rising third-year students declare a specific content major, and may be officially accepted into the teacher education program. At that time, students are assigned two advisors, one representing the major in the College and one representing professional education (physical education majors have only one advisor). Students must meet with each advisor each semester.

Professional courses continue throughout the third, fourth and fifth year, and include the following courses:

EDLF 301Learning and Development3
EDLF 345Introduction to Educational Technology2
EDIS 302The Exceptional Learner3
EDIS 388Field Experience1
EDIS 501Curriculum and Instruction2
EDIS 502.1Instruction and Assessment (Elementary and Special Education)
or EDIS 502.2Secondary Instruction and Assessment2
EDIS 488Field Experience -- associated with EDIS 501-5022
EDIS 588Teaching Associateship (Student Teaching)12
EDIS 586Multicultural & Health Seminar1
EDIS 589Classroom Management and Conflict Resolution1
EDLF 710Contemporary Educational Issues3
EDIS 788Field Project3

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