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Speaker Presentations

Attendees are welcome to view the following slides from our speaker presentations. If you have specific questions about the materials, please email

A Forensic Look at Causes and Effects of Drugs on Sexual Misconduct

Drugs Facilitate Sexual Assault
The Forensic Examination in Drug-Facilitated Assault

Catherine Lhamon

Speech and Q&A

Causes and Effects of Alcohol on Sexual Misconduct

How Do We Talk About Alcohol Without Victim Blaming?
Alcohol Information for Sexual Misconduct Judicial Boards

Hooking Up: A Closer Look at "Sex Without Strings" on Campus

Hooking Up: The Tangled Web of Sex with No Strings (Note: password required.)

Salamishah Tillet

Beyond Triage and Title IX: Transforming College Rape Culture

President Teresa Sullivan's Opening and Closing Remarks

Welcome Address
Closing Remarks


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