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Welcome to the SOURCE Information Portal
SOURCE Mobile is a lightweight site for quickly requesting your events.
Need to access the SOURCE Desktop version (25Live Pro)?
Please visit: SOURCE Desktop
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Take me to SOURCE Mobile (25Live Scheduling)


Intramural-Recreational Spaces are now reserved via The SOURCE!
For more information, please see the the "Intramural-Recreational Sports Spaces" link on the left side of the page (within "SOURCE News"). You may also Click Here.

Express Scheduling
You are now able to use a new feature known as "Express Scheduling" to self-schedule racquetball, tennis and squash courts through Intramural-Recreational Sports. Please note that the new feature allows you to book the space without the assistance of a department scheduler. More information about using Express Scheduling may be found within the "How Do I ..." section to the left. You may also Click Here.

SOURCE Information

When you select the "Take me to The SOURCE" button you will be directed to the SOURCE Mobile site also known as "25Live Scheduling". It is the preferred site for simply requesting space or searching a location's availbility. It offers quicker website response times and a more streamlined experience when searching for a suitable location, or submitting and reviewing your event requests. It was designed for mobile devices but "25Live Scheduling" is compatable with most internet browsers so it is the preferred version for desktop and laptop users who do not need the complex functionality of the full site. For more information on how to use the site, please see the "How Do I... links on the left side of the page.

  • Source Express Search Source Express Search
    Source Express Search

Please note that the this site does not give you the ability to create customized searches. If you need to accomplish more advanced tasks you will need to use the SOURCE Desktop Version (25Live Pro).

To access the full SOURCE Desktop site, click the link titled "25Live Pro" located at the bottom of the "25Live Scheduling" home page or Click Here. Please use Firefox or Chrome when using SOURCE Desktop.

Who can use The SOURCE?

All current UVA faculty, staff, and students who represent a registered student organization.

For more information please see the links within the "How Do I...." section to the left.

Why is there a delay in confirming my events at the start of the term?

Please note that there will be a delay in approving event requests at the start of each major term. This is due to academic courses being added, dropped, or moved to spaces more suited to their capacity or requirements.

Spaces requested for non-academic events are typically assigned 1-2 days before the start of the event or the next event occurrence. Your event requests will be processed in a much more timely manner approximately one week after the add/drop period is complete.