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Welcome to The SOURCE Information Portal
25Live Mobile is now the preferred site for requesting your events.
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Submit an Event Request using the Event Wizard

NOTE: We recommend you use this method if you know the space or building you would like to use and if the space is available. 
If you are unsure, use the instructions for Search for a Location and Submit an Event Request.

  1. From your Home Page, select “Create an Event” near the upper right corner.
    Event Repeats
  2. The Event Wizard will appear and complete all fields with a red asterisk.
  3. Pay close attention to the “Event Repeats” section if your event will have multiple occurrences. 
    • Event Repeats Event Repeats
      Event Repeats
  4. Enter the name of the building or space you wish to use. 
    Note that you will not know if the space is available until you select it.
    • Events Location Events Location
      Events Location
    In the example below CAB 027 was available
    • Location available Location available
      Location available
    CAB 032 had a conflict.
    • Location conflict Location conflict
      Location conflict
  5. Complete the remaining required fields and click “Save”. That’s it! An event scheduler will be contacting you once your event has been confirmed.
    • Affirmation Affirmation