Research Regulations

The University is committed to conducting the highest quality research. We want to help each of you to work within the restrictions to accomplish your research.

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Foreign Influence on Federally Sponsored Research

The U.S. Government is taking steps to increase oversight and protect U.S. research investments from undue foreign influence. They want to make sure that those seeking to compromise U.S. national and economic security, undermining our primacy as a global leader in research and technology development, are not successful.

Export Controls and Sanction Compliance

There are many federal laws and regulations that govern the export of controlled items (e.g. material samples, equipment, software/source code and prototypes) and information, as well as the provision of certain services to foreign parties in the U.S. or abroad. Normal university activities, or regulated services, items and information used in or produced by university activities, can be subject to export controls. The Office of Export Controls is responsible for providing support for university activities subject to federal export control and sanction regulations.

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  • Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI)

    Consistent with its strategic goals, the University of Virginia is rapidly growing and diversifying its research portfolio, creating extraordinary opportunities for the University to increase its societal impact in areas of applied and translational research. A prerequisite to successfully competing for and conducting such research is UVA's ability to demonstrate its commitment and capabilities to appropriately safeguard CUI to federal, industry, and foundation sponsors and partners. The CUI standards are the minimum requirements deemed necessary to safeguard non-classified information requiring protection under U.S. law, regulation, or government-wide policy (e.g., critical infrastructure, export controlled, financial, intelligence, law enforcement, privacy, and proprietary information).

    Classified Research

    It is the policy of the University of Virginia to encourage the greatest possible freedom of communication of ideas and information in all areas of academic endeavor. However, in some instances, academic inquiry produces results, the full and immediate disclosure of which would be detrimental to the national security of the United States of America. In such cases, it may be appropriate for the University to accept certain limitations on the communication of research results.

  • Each proposed classified research project will be considered on its own merits. The process by which the University shall decide whether to approve a particular classified research project proposed by a member of its faculty is included in this policy. Among the factors to be considered in determining whether a particular classified research project is acceptable to the University are the academic merit of the proposed research, the compatibility of the proposed research with the mission of the University, the nature of the restrictions placed on communication of research results, and the contribution of the proposed research to the benefit of humanity.