Compliance & Ethics

The Vice President for Research (VPR) serves as the chief research officer for the University and, consequently, is the signatory official on numerous documents insuring compliance with federal research regulations. The office is responsible for the management and staffing of Institutional Review Boards and various safety committees, develops and negotiates human and animal welfare assurance documents with federal agencies, develops policies on conflict of interest and handles investigations on issues of research integrity.

NOTE: The U.S. Government is taking steps to increase oversight and protect U.S. research investments from undue foreign influence by those seeking to compromise U.S. national and economic security by undermining our primacy as a global leader in research and technology development. Click HERE for additional information and UVA guidance.

Compliance Program Contact Information

If you're not sure who to contact then reach out to Cheryl Wagner,

Compliance Program Name Title Email Phone
Animal Care and Use Institutional Animal Care & Use Committee 434.924.0405
Animal Care and Use Silva LaRue Director 434.243.9429
Controlled Substances Sanford Feldman Center for Comparative Medicine Director 434.924.5058
Human Subjects Richard Stevenson, M.D. Institutional Review Board Chair 434.924.0245
Human Subjects Institutional Review Board IRB for Health Sciences Research 434.924.2620
Human Subjects Institutional Review Board IRB for Social & Behavioral Sciences 434.924.5999
Export Controls Office of Export Controls 434.924.0855
Enviromental Health & Safety Tom Leonard Official Responsible Director 434.982.4928
Enviromental Health & Safety Marlin Phillips Asbestos & Lead Safety 434.982.4912
Enviromental Health & Safety Ericka Pearce Biosafety Infectious Waste 434.982.4911
Enviromental Health & Safety Clarissa Lynch, Chemical Safety 434.982.4311
Enviromental Health & Safety Adam Peters Hazardous Materials 434.982.4908
Enviromental Health & Safety Marianne Yencken Employee Safety 434.243.1725
Enviromental Health & Safety Gerald Drumheller Fire Marshall 434.982.4914
Enviromental Health & Safety Kristy Davis Industrial Hygiene 434.982.4909
Enviromental Health & Safety Debby Steva Radiation Safety Officer 434.982.4917
Enviromental Health & Safety Vaughn Kowahl IT-Director (Chief Technology Officer) 434.982.4906
Office of Export Controls Kelly Hochstetler Director Finance Outreach and Compliance 434.982.5725
Conflict of Interest Committee Patti Tereskerz Biomedical Ethics Associate Professor 434.243.6659
Research Integrity Dave Hudson Senior Associate VP for Research 434.243.0900
Research Integrity Dave Hudson Research Integrity Officer 434.243.0900
Office of the VP for Research Cheryl Wagner Chief of Staff 434.243.1100