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Accreditation & Grant Information

The University of Virginia is FULLY ACCREDITED by AAALAC, International!

  • Date of most recent AAALAC accreditation: 11-22-2016
  • Date of first AAALAC accreditation: 02-15-1980
  • Copy of AAALAC accreditation letter (pdf)

The University of Virginia has a PHS Assurance on file with the Office of Laboratory Animal Welfare (OLAW).

  • PHS Assurance # A3245-01
    Valid through 06-30-2019

The University is a USDA registered research facility.

  • USDA Registration # 52-R-0011
    Valid through 08-22-2020

  • Copy of USDA Registration certificate- valid through August 22, 2020 (pdf)


Protocol Verification for a Grant:

If you require a protocol verification for a grant, please allow adequate lead time for this document to be completed and for the ACUC Office to obtain the necessary signatures. E-mail your request, with an explanation of what you need and when, to acuc@virginia.edu. Be sure to include the following information:

PI Name
Protocol Title
Protocol #
Grant Title
Grant PI (or Co-Investigators)

Again, we can’t stress enough - Please PLAN AHEAD !!! Allow at least 3-5 days for completion.

NIH grant information for researchers

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Instructions for Completion and Peer Review of the Vertebrate Animal Section (VAS) in NIH Grant Applications and Cooperative Agreements