Institutional Review Board for Health Sciences Research (IRB-HSR)

Special Issues

Department of Defense ( DoD) Funded Research

Research funded by the Department of Defense must be reviewed by the IRB under an additional set of federal regulations  32CFR219.  This set of regulations is similar to 45CFR46 Part A. DoD  does  follow protections in 45CFR46 Subparts B-D.  In addition to the regulations, the DoD distributes guidance documents called “Directives”.  Additional information regarding review for a DoD funded study may be found in the Directives. 

How do I know if my research involves the DoD?
Research involves the DoD when any of the following apply:


Department of Defense components include, but may not be limited to:
- Department of Defense
- Navy
- Office of Naval Research
- Naval Academy
- U.S. Naval Observatory
- Army
- U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
- Military Academy (West Point)
- Air Force
- Air Force Academy
- Marines
- Coast Guard
- Coast Guard Academy
- National Guard
- Missile Defense Agency
- Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)
- Pentagon Force Protection Agency
- Defense Intelligence Agency
- National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency
- National Security Agency
- National War College
- Other DoD facilities

DoD Resources

Office of Naval Research Website

The web site above lists additional DoD references, which includes the following: